It’s Time for The 10 Best Cheap Smartwatches


Apart from smartphones, hi-tech wearables are the next popular thing today. Smartwatches, in particular, are so useful when it comes to giving you notifications right on your wrist.

Google OS is the operating system that runs most Android smartwatches. With the rebranding of Android Wear to Wear OS, now these smartwatches can run on Android and iOS devices. These smartwatches work like a mini computer since you never have to touch your phone.

They can support apps like Google Assistant, Gmail, and Messaging to keep in touch. They have fitness apps, and fitness tracking features, music streaming apps like iHeartRadio, Pandora, Play Music, Spotify, and have maps, calendars, and support apps like Uber.

Samsung also has the line of OS-Tizen smartwatches that can work with a range of Android smartphones. This includes the Gear S2 and S3. The S2 model is an affordable piece with great features worth considering for your next timepiece.

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