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Keep Tabs on Your Health With a Fitness Tracker

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Providing insights into your health, a fitness tracker can be invaluable in keeping your body in peak condition. If you haven’t shopped around, you may think that the only fitness trackers worth buying are the expensive brand names like Fitbit. You may be surprised to learn that there are a lot of lower-cost options available as well. Keep reading for our tips on shopping for one of your own.

Picking a Fitness Tracker for You

There are a few considerations you need to make when shopping for the ideal fitness tracker. The objective is to find an affordable tracker that is under $50 or $100, yet has features of a model that is generally priced higher. Ultimately, you want to discover the best value for your workout needs.

Why Do You Need a Fitness Tracker?

It is not a good idea to get the first tracker that is within your budget. You first must ask “why do I need a fitness tracker?”

If you are starting your journey to improved fitness, you will want a basic tracker that counts steps, calories, distance, and sleep. Some people insist all fitness trackers are the same. However, it is not an opinion that we share.

Fitness trackers are really beneficial in helping you to become more physically fit. They provide details on your vitals and other exercise essentials while also serving as a motivational accessory and source of encouragement.

Once you progress to more demanding activities like aerobics, cycling, or swimming you may want to upgrade your fitness tracker from a basic version to a more sophisticated model. Some of the best cheap fitness trackers can automatically recognize the activity and adjust to monitor vitals important to said activity. 

Are Fitness Trackers Accurate?

Fitness trackers vary in accuracy and dependency. Of course, when you transition into affordable products in any industry, you are more prone to run into a few duds. However, that doesn’t mean all fitness trackers are inconsistent. The fitness trackers that made our list are all known for being accurate.

Additionally, the best fitness trackers can provide advanced metrics such as an accelerometer, barometer, and altimeter. It all depends on how sophisticated your exercise activities are and what you expect of the device.

Are Fitness Trackers Annoying While Exercising?

Some athletes that are used to a more old-school way of exercising are concerned that wearing a fitness tracker will inhibit or make working out more difficult. Though some models are annoying and uncomfortable to wear, the top brands and models on the market have sleek designs.

It allows you to comfortably wear the device all day and sometimes forget that you even have it on. Some devices are configurable into accessories so you can wear the device like a bracelet, pendant, or watchband. Other trackers are capable of being worn on the ankle or clipped to your clothes. Regardless, if it’s comfortable to wear, there is no doubt you’ll remain more prone to keep the tracker attached to your body throughout the day.

How Much Battery Life Do Affordable Fitness Trackers Offer?

How long does the tracker stay on before it needs recharging or a change of batteries? An energy-efficient device will not require recharging for at least four days. Replaceable batteries are favorable because some can power a device for up to a year. You will want to find a delicate balance between the functionality of the device and battery life.

Does a Fitness Tracker Keep You Motivated?

You bet. Sometimes you are so engaged in work that you forget to get a little break and stretch those muscles. A fitness tracker with reminders will nudge you and get you back on your feet. Built-in reminders in trackers is one of the most important features the device incorporates to enhance your workouts. 

Final Thoughts

It is not a walk in the park to find a great fitness tracker at a low price, especially with so many options on the market. As a result, we have rounded up what we consider the ten best cheap fitness trackers available for 2020.

These functional and practical models will fit any budget and keep you physically active. There are plenty of different designs and purposes, such as fitness trackers designed for walking, running, cycling, swimming, or playing competitive sports.