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A Guide to Cheap Cameras for YouTube Creators

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If you’re trying to get likes and follows on YouTube with grainy video, forget about it. Nothing makes would-be subscribers click on a suggested video from another channel faster than low-quality video. It makes you seem unprofessional and ruins your credibility with your audience. If you want to be a successful YouTuber, you need a good camera.

Fortunately, technology has come quite a long way since webcameras were originally released, and finding the perfect camera for your production setup is not nearly as complicated and expensive as it once was. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips for finding the right camera for you, even if you’re on a budget.

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Cameras for Youtube Under $100

Choosing such an affordable camera is not too easy. New users are sometimes confused by complicated features, and this is why the top manufacturers simplify these cameras as much as possible without sacrificing the quality of the result. For this reason, it is important to find the minimum requirements of a reliable cheap YouTube camera.

Image Sensor and Video Quality

The image sensor remains the most important feature to consider, even with affordable cameras. Since there are not too many sensors to consider as they can be the same Sony sensors in many cameras, the options are simpler for the user to understand. But a large megapixel count is not necessarily a guarantee for better pictures. This is why it’s actually worth choosing the products which are easy to work with from the start, and these are those who also add great features to a good image sensor.

From 16MP to 24MP, the cameras above come with different megapixels. An unwritten rule states that the larger the sensor, the better the pictures. But this is not always the case, especially with many compact cameras where space is limited already. The standard lens can also dramatically improve the recordings’ quality, so users should also take a quick look at the lens their camera comes with.

With video recording capacity from 720p, 1080p, and even 4K on some action cameras, this price range offers multiple options. It is hard to establish which is better as the highest resolution is not always necessary. In many cases, a mid-way option is enough for most types of video content. Of course, the more artistic the content is, the more focus is placed on the image quality.

But in too many cases, YouTubers focus on video quality instead of first focusing on the content itself. Growing is mandatory regardless of the camera, but most users have too many unused features in their cameras anyway. It is also important to correlate higher quality recordings with the increased post-processing time and increased data transfer time.

Size and Ergonomics

Maybe more than in any other category, the camera’s size can dictate if users will buy it or not. This is due to the fact the YouTube requires all types of recordings usually. One day users could be recording inside the house, while another day, they might embark on a traveling adventure. This is why compact cameras are often the best. Compact cameras are also easy to hold. This is why it’s important to find the best route towards hand-held image recording, as this is the most practical most of the time.

A large camera might come with better image quality, but it also comes with extra weight. Vloggers don’t really like them as a result. But since cheap cameras mostly come in a small size, this can only be seen as an extra advantage by YouTubers.

Users can go even further and seek options that have built-in tripods. It is why, even in this affordable category, users might still be able to find products with practical designs and record buttons that can be reached with the same hand which holds the camera. This type of design is inspired by professional cameras, where the most important controls are placed closer to the grip and the least important buttons further away.

Data Transfer

Data transfer options are crucial in a world where information travels fast or it ceases to exist. YouTubers know this best. It is often a race against time to copy all the data from the memory card and prepare it for uploading.

From wired USB options, memory cards, and WiFi options, cameras differ from design to design. It is why most users should look for an option that suits them best. If not on the road, a wireless option is not as needed as many users might think. However, those uploading from a smartphone might find WiFi highly advantageous.

Automatic Features

From auto face detection to smile detection, automatic features can make cheap cameras better. Face detection is a must-have for modern cameras. It comes as a feature YouTubers can consider for their benefit. Finding and locking the focus on a subject is crucial. It is among the most important characteristics when it comes to continuous filming. Instead of fighting for the right focus, this characteristic can make the problem smaller, even if it can’t completely laminate it.

A timer function can also be important. It is known that YouTube allows top channels to select their pictogram, increasing the click rate if done correctly. It is why these recording cameras can also be used for still photos. A timer function allows delayed shutter trigger, which can produce interesting results. From photographing themselves to creating different effects, the timer function is useful even in these cheap cameras.

Another interesting feature comes with image stabilization. There are two types of stabilization. Physical stabilization and digital stabilization, stabilization can significantly reduce the shakiness of a camera. Simultaneously, the cameras may not wholly eliminate shaky videos, but they can make the difference between a good video and the best video. 


What Is a Compact Camera?

A compact camera is a small camera with a fixed lens. It is an affordable type of camera known for its many automated functions.

Do I Need a Memory Card?

Most cameras ship without a memory card. It is why users need to purchase a memory card separately. However, not all cards support the same type of memory cards; users should check compatibility before buying one.

Does YouTube Work With Any Camera?

All compact cameras record in familiar files which can be uploaded to YouTube.

Is There a Way to Improve the Videos?

All recordings can be improved in post-production. Video editing software can be free or paid, according to its functions.

Can I Use an External Flash With a Compact Camera?

Most compact cameras do not support an external flash, so recording in good light is a priority.

What Does IS Stand For?

IS or image stabilization refers to the technologies used by manufacturers to minimize the effect shaky hands have on the recordings’ stability.

Final Thoughts

Some of the best cheap cameras for YouTube are now made to high standards. While their sensors are not the largest on the market, they offer plenty of features to start recording and getting the basics right. Together with good lighting and useful content, they can be the base of useful YouTube videos.

The only real choice apart from the image sensor now remains in the battery system as these cameras still come with standard batteries alongside rechargeable batteries. In some cases, the first option is fine. In other cases, especially when filming constantly, it makes sense to prioritize a camera with rechargeable batteries. This is why it’s important to add this filter to the right product choice, as rechargeable battery cameras are cheaper to run and friendlier to the environment.

Other potential purchases that need to be made alongside the camera come with the memory card, which is not included with most cheap cameras. Memory cards are somewhat similar in nature, and their capacity should be as high as the camera allows. This will enable users to record as long as possible without having to switch to secondary memory cards.