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What Makes a Great Cheap EDC Knife?

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If you’re the kind of person who can’t picture spending a day without using your pocketknife, you need a reliable EDC knife. Short for “every day carry,” what this means is a knife that is small enough to fit in your pocket or on your belt, but large enough to help with a wide variety of tasks. Today, we’ll run down the many uses of an EDC knife and some tips for you to follow when shopping for your own.

Why Should You Carry an EDC Knife?

You have everything to gain by having an EDC knife. They are extremely useful in opening packages as well as preparing meals. Here are some of the most common uses of an every day pocketknife.

Self Defense

The number one reason for carrying a pocket knife is self-defense. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel your life is in danger, pulling a knife can get you out of distress unscathed. Hopefully, you will not have to use it, but an assailant will be deterred if you hold a knife against them. It’s also important to know how to use a knife in case you need to use it for self-defense.

Opening Packages

Most items are wrapped in plastic. I don’t think you want to dig your nails in the plastic or even use something like your teeth. Instead, having a small knife with you will make quick work of opening every package.

First Aid

Knives are very useful in emergency situations. In a car wreck, for example, seat belts tend to jam and restrict the passenger. With a knife, you can free a victim from their seat and save their life in the process. The same knife will also help to cut fabric when you need to dress a wound.

Another way of using a pocket knife in emergencies is when prying through windows and doors that get stuck.

Building a Fire

If you are a survivalist, or you get caught out in a storm, you will need a fire to keep you warm. An EDC knife allows you to make tinder and collect material that will help to build a fire.

Preparing Food

Skinning meat cannot be done without a knife. If you are a hunter or like camping, a pocket knife will help you accomplish such tasks as slicing meat, and turning it as it roasts over a campfire.

Which Criteria Is Best in Choosing Your Ideal EDC Knife?

Know Your Purpose

Knives are treated as weapons even though they are they are oldest tools humankind has ever known. EDC knives, in particular, are useful in survival and tactical situations. If you are a hunter, emergency practitioner, paramedic, plumber, mechanic, or electrician, you will need a good EDC knife.

Familiarize Yourself With Local Laws

As we said, knives can get you in trouble in states where it is illegal to carry one. The last thing you need is confiscation, fines, or being faced with jail time for breaking the law. If your state permits carrying a knife, bring a copy of knife laws in your purse or pocket. If you are unsure of its legality, do not carry the knife.


Always go for a lightweight knife. You don’t want a knife that announces its presence every time it’s in your pocket. Your EDC knife should not exceed 5 ounces. This is because, for an EDC knife, you expect it to fulfill only some purposes but not everything.

Length of the Blade

You will need to tailor the blade length to your needs. This means not going with the longest blade available. Remember that if it’s going to be in your pocket, it may jab at you when walking. Most EDC knives have a length from 2-5 inches. A long knife will give you more reach, but it is harder to control than a short knife.

A Quality EDC Knife at a Good Price

Buying a cheap knife does not mean sacrificing on quality. The essence of sticking to a budget is to know the quality features presented by each brand. In the knife world, brand is a thing since some brands are known to offer affordable but well-made knives. Steering clear of cheap unbranded knives is essential.