Project Your Dreams with The 10 Best Cheap Projectors


A projector can be useful both at home and at work. The best cheap projectors under $200/$100 can offer sufficient power in both scenarios. The best projectors are now made to offer reliable projections with improved durability, connectivity options, and higher supported resolution. Even 1080p HD images can be projected with some of the best devices in this category.

Features to Consider in Cheap Projectors

Making the right decision is often based on comparing a few projectors. But there are many features that can actually be included in a device and have a look at the most important ones can be all that’s needed.

Image resolution

For most home users, a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and a resolution of 1920X1080p offers a pleasant experience. It is suitable for movies and gaming, turning the home projector into a real entertainment device.

Lamp life

The lamp of the projector can be the first part to break in time. But it is recommended to choose an LED lamp which offers up to 50.000 hours of proven lamp life.

Cooling technology

Cooling the projector is crucial to keep it working in proper parameters. But the coolers inside the projector are also loud at times. Noise levels can be important for some users, especially when the projector is used every day.

Best Cheap Projectors 2021 (Under $200)

These projectors combine great compatibility with a strong lumen output. They are suitable for home use as they also come with built-in speakers. They also support HD image resolution.

1. Vankyo Leisure 510 Full HD Movie Projector

Why we like it: With a sharp image, the 3000:1 contrast ratio projector is suitable for watching movies at high image quality.

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Design features
With manual keystone and focus adjustments, the projector is as reliable as other top names in its class. It comes with a solid construction which can be relied on even when used to watch movies or play games on a daily basis.

The Vankyo Leisure 510 is among the projectors which can be connected to a large number of devices. One of the main concerns of those purchasing a new projector faces the compatibility options of the device. But users should rest assured it can actually be connected to a large number of devices. It works with popular gaming consoles such as PS3, PS4, and Xbox. It can connect to PCs, laptops, iPads, etc. These connectivity options really make it suitable for different uses, not just for watching movies.

Convenient features
With 3.800 Lux LED power, the projector is strong. It may not be the strongest on the market for light power, but it covers the needs of those planning to use it up to 18 feet away. Of course, the actual projection distance can depend on the room it’s actually used in.

Supporting 1080p HD images, the projector comes with a contrast ratio of 3000:1 to offer good contrast in changing light conditions. Up to 50.000 hours of LED lamp life hours can be achieved with the projector, which is significant given its low price point.

Other notable characteristics include the 2 X 3W built-in speakers which can be used as a base for a multimedia experience. If the previous release was a bit loud, this has been slightly improved with the current projector. The fans have been improved so that they perform at low noise. Uninterrupted use can go up to 3-4 hours before the projector needs to be paused, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Able to work with HD image quality, providing speakers, a long list of connectivity options and an improved cooling system, the projector is a popular choice for the home user.

  • Supports 1080p HD video
  • Connects to computers, smartphones, and consoles
  • Made with a lamp life of up to 50.000 hours
  • Installs in minutes
  • Not the loudest audio level

2. Tainidi Video Projector 3600Lux

Why we like it: With a low noise performance and an image resolution of 1920 X 1080p, the projector is suitable for home use.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
As one of the most reliable compact projectors, Tainidi now offers improved mechanics and optics which make it even more suitable for home use. With an improved cooling system, it manages to push hot air out more efficiently, towards the side. But its cooling system is not only improved in the way it handles airflow as it is also less noisy with the latest Tainidi release.

The projector comes with durable optics. Its lamp is made to resist up to 50.000 hours of use. Even protecting the lens from dust and scratches is a priority for the manufacturer. A lens-protection slide cover has been added to the front of the projector.

This extra protection could also make the projector suitable for use outside of the home. It can easily be taken to work where it would suit presentation in small rooms. It can also be used by students in smaller classrooms for excellent presentations.

Convenient features
Even if it comes with can be seen as a compact size, the projector is still viable in the parameters best products work. For example, it offers the first reliable results at a distance of 4.9 feet. The images remain qualitative up to a distance of 18.4 feet.

It has been claimed that the projector is 70% shaper over its previous release and this is true, within these distance parameters. There is a 2.000:1 contrast ratio which some users claim to be optimum for home use.

But since it can handle all types of videos, the projector is valuable for different uses. From watching movies to playing the most demanding latest games while enjoying top graphics, the projector is suitable for the purpose. It is why it actually comes with HD image support. Its native resolution of 1920 X 1080p recommends it for versatile use.

With improved cooling and a durable lamp, the projector can be used at home or in small meeting rooms.

  • Supports HD images
  • Made with improved noise levels
  • Designed with a slide lens cover
  • Suitable for light commercial use
  • Navigation menus can be simplified

3. WiMiUS P18 4000 Lumens LED Projector

Why we like it: With 16M colors and 4.000 lumens, the projector is suitable for daytime movie-watching.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Ready for a true multimedia experience, the projector is among the powerful products to consider at such a low price. It comes with an HDMI port, a USB port, and an AV port. The options which derive from these ports include laptops, tablets, PCs, DVD players, Chromecast, TV boxes, and gaming consoles.

All of these have a different demand on the projector. For example, a movie may last up to two hours while gaming can last even longer. But the cooling system of the projector should improve its performance as the hot air is dissipated efficiently in all directions.

There is a 3-years warranty on the projector. During this time, the manufacturer will fix any problems which might occur. The great news is that users have a dedicated 24/7 lines for any issues they might encounter.

Convenient features
The biggest strength of the projector comes with the 4.000 light strength. If at 2.000 lumens, many projectors are really suitable for dark conditions, the WiMiUS projector easily handles daytime projections. While it is still not the most powerful light on the market, it is still one of the brightest in the affordable range.

In terms of image quality and performance, the projector is up to standard with most of today’s requirements. It works well with full HD image resolution. From watching Netflix movies to watching high-quality YouTube videos, it is able to offer a clear and sharp image.

The projection size up to 5m is 50 to 200”. However, the recommended viewing distance is at about 3m for most users and types of playback. The good news is that at this distance, there is no need for external speakers. Regardless if watching movies or playing games, users can still take full advantage of their own multimedia experience with built-in speakers.

At 4.000 lumens and full HD support, the images are sharp and brighter. For this purpose, it would be useful to also consider the projector for light commercial use at the office, where it could be considered for daytime presentations where it’s light intensity allows a good viewing experience.

As one of the most durable designs in its class, the project also comes with bright images, suitable for different rooms.

  • Made with 4.000 lumens
  • Supports 4.000:1 image contrast
  • Works with 1080p HD resolution
  • VGA, USB and AV ports included
  • No lens protector

4. ARTlii HD Projector

Why we like it: With keystone and focus adjustment ring, the projector is suitable for most types of content.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The compact projector can be placed in various locations to enjoy a good viewing experience. It can be placed on a table, on a stool, on a tripod and even on the floor. Since it comes with all-around ventilation holes, it is recommended to keep it clear from objects to allow good air flow. It is why many users can prefer to use it at home while projecting their movies or games on a wall.

With an included keystone adjustment ring, users can create their own space for proper image alignment. At the same time, there is a front focus ring to use as well. Depending on the projection angle and distance, users need to adjust the focus to ensure images are not blurry and to also ensure maximum sharpness.

With 2 HDMI, a VGA and 2 USB ports, the projector can be used with a range of devices and computers. From a desktop computer to portable devices such as laptops, it works with different types of devices. But its main uses are in the areas of movies and gaming. Of course, it could potentially be used for office work as well, especially as it comes with such a compact size.

Convenient features
At 3.800 lumen, it is one of the most powerful solutions in its class. It represents a viable option for those seeking a bright image. It is also why it can be used in conditions which are not perfect. If a lower lumen projector would be used in dark rooms, the ARTlii projector can be used in different locations where natural light is more intense.

The durable lamp is capable to offer thousands of hours of viewing pleasure. It comes with an expected life of up to 45.000 hours, which means it can be used for long periods of time. Furthermore, there are other options for the projector apart from home use, as it could be used at the office for daily meetings. A helping feature for this comes with the included support for a micro SD memory card. As a result, all presentations can be loaded in this type of memory card and viewed on the projector.

Compatible with home use and light professional use, the projector supports movies, games, and presentations.

  • Made with 3.800-lumen strength
  • Supports 1080p videos
  • Included stereo speakers
  • Made with a micro SD port
  • Lamp life can be longer

5. GooBang Doo Abox HD Projector

Why we like it: With a suitable performance for evening movie-watching, the projector is suitable for home use.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made to connect to a range of devices, the projector can even work with smartphones. For smartphones to connect, users also need to purchase an HDMI adapter. Otherwise, it connects directly via the VGA and HDMI ports.

Practically, the projector is mainly suitable for laptops, computers and gaming consoles. It also works with BluRay or DVD players for watching movies before bedtime. This is truly possible as it already comes with low noise performance. With a maximum noise level of 15dB, the projector is suitable for families with kids, where there needs to be a low noise level at bedtime.

Remote control is also added to the pack. It comes with simple and intuitive controls. Users can choose to raise or lower the volume form the dedicated rockers. A mute button is added at the lower end of the remote control. Navigation buttons are also added to the remote control so that users can simply choose their desired videos in no time.

Convenient features
The projector comes with a native resolution of 1280 X 720. This means that it will also work with higher resolutions such as 1980 X 1200, but it will default back to it’s native 1280 X 720. For some users, this might not be enough for image quality. Others might consider it fine. Watching movies should still enjoy crisp and quality immersive images. Some details might be lost on 3D graphics when playing games, but this should not prevent an enjoyable experience.

At a contrast ratio of 3.000:1, the projector is among the quality options to consider in less than ideal conditions. For this reason, users can even feel comfortable watching movies or playing games during the day, when the natural light in the room is not as good.

Based on a good contrast, even the lower resolution projector can be considered for home use.

  • Made with 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • Made with a 50.000 lamp life
  • Included speakers
  • Low 15db work noise
  • HDMI adapter sold separately

Best Cheap Projectors 2021 (Under $100)

While it doesn’t seem possible to find a cheap projector under $100, most users can still choose one of the interesting choices below.


1. Vankyo Leisure 3

Why we like it: Made to connect to a large number of devices, the projector is suitable for movies and games.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Ready to be installed in minutes, the projector can be used at home even by kids. It comes with keystone adjustments and 2-way focus ring adjustments. This allows users to immediately find their own configuration for sharp images.

The projector ships with a protective bag which means it can be used for travel purpose. Kids can take it over to their friends’ home for parties or weekends to watch movies. The projector is also suitable for being mounted on a tripod. It is on a tripod that users have the most freedom to adjust the projector as high or as low as needed. But the tripod itself is not included in the pack.

Convenient features
With 60% added brightness, the 2.400-lumen projector works in most rooms. Of course, its best results are seen in low light conditions. The room doesn’t have to be completely dark, but it helps to block out some of the natural light coming in through windows.

With 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, most users can find their own proper image aspect depending on their files of the source and personal preferences. At a contrast ratio of 2000:1, the projector is suitable for many types of videos, and for the money, it actually comes with a bright performance.

While it connects to PCs, laptops and gaming consoles, the projector can take full advantage of its native resolution. By far, the most impressive characteristic of the device comes with its 1920 X 1080 full HD resolution. It allows all users to find rich and detailed images both in movies and with 3D graphics.

Supporting full HD images, the projector can work with the latest movies and TV series. It is also suitable for high-quality video streaming platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Kids can also use it to play their favorite games without losing too much video quality.

The projector connects to all devices around the house, even smartphones. It is mainly suitable for movies and presentations.

  • Offers a lamp life of up to 40.000 hours
  • Works with 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Based on a 2000:1 contrast ratio
  • Supports HD images
  • Tripod not included

2. DR. J Professional 1080P [Bluetooth] Supported Mini Projector

Why we like it: The portable projector is one of the top choices to use in various rooms around the house.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Not many portable projectors can be as reliable as the Dr. J Professional Mini Projector. It is specifically made to be smaller in size than the ordinary projector. It manages to pack a small body which is also suitable for use outside of the home. Users can take the projector to the office where it can be used for work presentations.

But its smaller size does not limit its actual capacity when it comes to features and connectivity. It comes with plenty of ports to connect to whatever can be connected in the home, starting with laptops and gaming consoles. Even with such a small body, it manages to connect all of these devices offering a true multimedia experience.

It also distinctly offers Bluetooth connectivity. This type of connectivity is mainly suitable for Bluetooth speakers. If users already have such speakers at home, they can enjoy an improved audio experience over what’s achievable with the built-in speakers of the projector.

Convenient features
Working at 3.000 lumens means the projector is brighter than most of its rivals at this price. It represents a solid performer even when the sun has still not gone down completely. Made with a projection display between 32” and 170”, the device supports the highest HD resolution in the class. At 1080p, it represents one of the simplest and most efficient designs to work with, even in the conditions in which users want to enjoy the full effects and graphics in modern movies.

There is 2000:1 contrast ratio which comes with the projector. It might not be the best contrast ratio and it may limit the effects of certain details such as true black during the day. However, it is still in line with what can be purchased at such a low price.

But the projector is still a durable choice. It is backed by a 3-year warranty, similarly to what other top brands have to offer. It also comes with a 40.000 hours lamp life, which is more than suitable in this segment. All in all, the projector is even a future-proof solution as long as users understand its actually performing quite well, especially when the ambient light is not the brightest.

With features such as a micro SD slot, the projector can handle a large number of uses including movies and games.

  • Compact and suitable for travel
  • Supports micro SD cards
  • Made with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works with 1080p resolutions
  • Loud for small rooms

3. DBPower Mini Projector

Why we like it: The full HD projector is so small that it can be held with a hand. However, it is suitable for home use.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
With one of the most compact designs in its class, the projector represents an interesting choice, worth taking into account. It comes as one of the products engineered for the home users who want to watch a movie and play a game from time to time. For these purposes, it comes well connected with USB and VGA ports.

Computers, laptops and gaming consoles can be directly connected to the projector. But the small device also comes with an SD card reader, which makes it even more versatile. Eliminating the need for cables, the memory card can even be a solution for those who travel with such a small projector. A weekend away can be enjoyed with a great movie which is stored on the memory card. Of course, it can also be used at the office for simple presentations with the same versatile memory card.

Convenient features
The projector comes with a full 1080p HD video quality. It is a solution worth taking into consideration, especially when seeking the best results in terms of video quality with HD videos. Streaming online videos can be enjoyed with high definition quality.

One of the limitations of the small projector comes with its 15000-lumen performance. For the new home users, this is sufficient. However, it needs lower ambient light in order to offer images which can be properly enjoyed. It is why watching movies without the night curtains during the day can prove difficult. However, those who see a simple solution without putting too much pressure on their budget can find it useful.

With a compact size and complete connectivity options, the projector is suitable for the new home user.

  • Supports HD video quality
  • Made with a compact design
  • Included HDMI connectivity
  • Included keystone correction
  • Only 1500 lumen

4. T TopVision Mini Projector

Why we like it: HDMI, VGA, USB, and Fire TV sticks are compatible with the compact projector.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
As one of the smallest projectors in its class, the Mini Projector has a lot going for it. As users can immediately notice, it is actually compatible with a high number of devices, similarly to what is seen on some of the top projectors on the market. At the same time, it establishes one of the leading solutions for connectivity options in the affordable segment.

It connects to a laptop or gaming console as well as to a DVD player, which are the main areas of use for the projector. It can also be an inspired gift for kids who can use it to enjoy their favorite cartoons, movies, and games.

Convenient features
With 2.4000 lux, the projector is compatible with other solutions in this class. It is not as bright as premium projectors, but it still offers a reliable design for most home users. For the best image quality, users can also take control of the manual knobs adjusting focus and keystone.

In terms of video quality, the small projector supports full 1920 X 1080p HD quality. This is why it is also suitable for many modern games which now come with impressive and realistic graphics. It is expected that the LED light of the projector lasts as long as the technology is capable of. Up to 50.000 hours of viewing times can be achieved based on this LED light.

Suitable for home use, the device has all the connectivity options needed for movies, cartoons, and games.

  • Made with keystone correction
  • Supports and LED long 50.000 hours of life
  • Included HDMI cable
  • Included 3-in-1 AV cable
  • No stereo sound

5. Ragu Z400 Mini Projector

Why we like it: The affordable mini projector is compatible with HD videos and it can be connected to iOs and Android devices.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The projector comes with a distinct black design, which is suitable for any home. It represents a viable option when it comes to video quality and physical quality. Its low price can determine some users to even consider it for their smartphones. But additional connectors need to be purchased for this compatibility. Android users need to purchase an MHL cable while iOs users need to purchase an HDMI cable and adapter.

But the projector itself offers quality built-in speakers and durability which expands up to 50.000 hours, which is comparable to what some of the best projectors can offer. While it is not the most advanced projector, its LED technology allows it to be more durable than expected.

Convenient features
Supporting full HD video quality, the projector is suitable for all types of movies. One of the small drawbacks of the device is represented by its single HDMI connector, as many projectors come with 2 HDMI ports. But for those new to projectors, this might not be a large problem.

With impressive 3.000:1 contrast ratio, the projector offers visible images even during the day. While it will not offer the brightest results in hard light, it may still be enough for presentations or movies with the right settings.

With an affordable profile, the projector can be an inspired first purchase for the home user.

  • Made for HD videos
  • Can be connected to smartphones
  • Offers sharp images
  • Improved noise level
  • Only has 1 HDMI port