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Bluetooth Speakers – Revolutionizing Music on the Go

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Only a few years ago, bringing your music outside with you was not easy. Playing music for a group usually meant bulky boomboxes that ate up batteries. It also meant between constantly changing CDs or tapes if you didn’t want to hear a commercial every 5 minutes on the radio.

Now that we can carry our entire music libraries on our smartphones, a Bluetooth speaker can help you bring the party more effortless than ever before.

Benefits of a Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers offer the convenience of taking them anywhere. You can grab them for a pool party, beach party, kayaking expedition, when you want to watch a movie at the campsite or even in a music studio. With many considerations to make it can be overwhelming picking just one model, especially now that the market is flooded with them. Here are some advantages to Bluetooth speakers.

Wireless Portability

The beauty of Bluetooth is that it does not need any wires to connect to an audio device. The small compact design of these speakers means that they are relatively portable.


These units don’t just play music. Some of them act as power banks for emergency situations. You can continue using your phone, especially if you are partying away from civilization.

Low Power Consumption

Although you may not notice it with other sound electronics, Bluetooth speakers are known to be the most energy-efficient. They can store their power for long hours, and they will consume even less when recharging.

Factors to Consider Before Picking a Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

Weather Resistance

These speakers are designed to be portable. As such, you will find yourself taking the speaker on every imaginable outdoor adventure. But does the model you choose keep up with the extremities? Some speakers can only withstand a few splashes while others are submersible for up to an hour.

You will need to consider how weatherproofed the speaker is before you undertake a long road trip to a ski resort.

Here’s a look at the UE Roll 2 in water.

Wireless Capability

Some will say Bluetooth is Bluetooth. But the differences in the versions brings you more convenience. If for example, you want the support of digital assistants, not just any speaker will support that possibility. It is thus vital that you check the compatibility of the speaker with the devices you intend to connect it with.

Form and Function

A Bluetooth speaker’s exterior is more than the aesthetics it brings. The form actually affects the sound quality. You will find that long speakers are louder than small round speakers.

Inputs and Outputs

Having auxiliary audio inputs allows connecting devices like the TV or audio gear that is not Bluetooth enabled. They provide you with possibilities of amplifying the sound even further by connecting the speaker to a subwoofer or an amplifier.

Signal Strength

Bluetooth speakers are affected by how far they are from the audio source. Some can only support a signal as far as 33ft while others are good for up to 100ft. If you plan to use the Bluetooth speaker outdoors when entertaining friends, you should look for a model that is capable of handling disruptions and greater distances.

Where Will You Be Using the Speaker?

Some speakers can do well indoors, but their sound is absorbed when you use them outside. The JBL Charge 3 is an example of a powerful Bluetooth speaker for both indoor and outdoor use.

Other Features

When you want to get more from your Bluetooth speaker, it is good to look for features like voice control, multiple speaker pairing, access to online music, and hands-free speakerphone functionality. These are somewhat luxurious features in a cheap Bluetooth Speaker. But why not enjoy the full capability of your model.

To connect your Bose Soundlink Color to multiple devices, watch this video. 

Final Words

With a Bluetooth speaker, it becomes easy to have your favorite tunes wherever you are. The speakers on this list offer the best sound quality at a budget price. They are keen to give you satisfactory performance while providing you with features that you need even if you are not digging too deep into your pockets.

Here, you will find waterproof speakers, multipurpose models, speakers built for the outdoors, and models that are highly portable.

It is your chance to get the ultimate performance. Invest in one of these brands for a truly memorable experience.