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A Good Smartwatch Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot

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A smartwatch lives on the edge between fashion and technology. This means unlike many other consumer electronics, there is often a large premium price tag attached to the most recognizable brand names, even if they are not more advanced than their competitors. The good news for the budget-conscious among us is that you can find a smartwatch that performs just as well as the expensive choices without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Before You Buy a Cheap Smartwatch

The convenience of smartwatches is in giving essential notifications without turning to your phone. But how easy will it be to see those notifications? Can you have important apps always-on and can you filter messages?

You will want your smartwatch to support as many notifications as possible. This way, you will have it serve you for a very long time without the need to switch it.

Apart from the usual organization features, you will also need to know which other features to look for. These include things like Google Assistant, GPS, heart rate monitor, and answering calls. 


After the operating system, having a smartwatch that you can read easily is a top consideration. You will encounter OLED, AMOLED, LCD, and e-paper displays. LCD screens can be in color or monochrome. They tend to display beautiful colors, but their blacks usually appear gray.

E-paper screens are very easy to see in the sunlight. OLED and AMOLED have excellent blacks and consume less battery power than LCDs. AMOLED screens, in particular, can support large displays.

Fitness Tracking

If you want a fitness-based smartwatch, it will need to have a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sports mode, GPS, etc. This way, it will be more functional for a busy and active lifestyle than other models that only offer steps and calorie tracking.

Battery Life

As they say, the battery is the juice that runs your smartwatch. Monochrome smartwatches can have their batteries run for up to five days, but color screens barely get beyond two days. This is because most of them use AMOLED and LCD screens.

Except for the Pebble Time Steel that manages ten days because of its e-paper LED screen, you can expect to charge your smartwatch nearly on a daily basis. 

Final Words

When smartwatches were introduced on the market, there were only a handful of brands. But advancements have made it easy for more manufacturers to showcase their prowess. Now you can have one of the best cheap smartwatches that can support multiple apps for control and convenience at your wrist.

A smartwatch is the perfect addition to your lifestyle. These are handy devices that will fit in with your schedule and help with keeping up a busy schedule. You will find an easy pick for fitness, fashion, and productivity.