Best Cheap Electric Skateboards 2019 (Under $500 / $1000)


Choosing the best cheap electric skateboard is one of the fun activities for an outdoors enthusiast. Regardless if you are purchasing your first skateboard or if this is an upgrade, there are many inspiring designs to consider. A skateboard can be a fun way to spend a day outside, it can help you in your commute, it can reduce stress levels but it can also simply be an alternative solution to get moving. Unlike a regular skateboard, an electric skateboard will help you reach speeds of up to 16 mph while also giving you a small boost when it comes to maintaining this speed.

Features to Consider in Cheap Electric Skateboards

Apart from the regular pieces such as the board itself, the wheels or the design, it is also recommended to have an in-depth look at:

Battery capacity

Since these skateboards are electrical, they are powered by regular Li-Ion batteries. A typical 36V battery can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. This then powers 10-11 miles of skateboarding. It proves to be a good solution if you are looking to tackle hills or similar uneven surfaces.

Top speed

The top speed of the skateboard can also make the difference. Since every design is different, you can choose solutions which work well when it comes to reaching 16-18mph. This allows you to experience the full electric potential of the design and it can be one of the main reasons to switch towards an electric design.

Remote control

The remote control is one of the most practical ways to handle a skateboard. Its wireless performance is what allows users to feel the full benefits of the electric power. You can flick the switch forward or in reverse using the Bluetooth technology which ultimately controls the skateboard.

Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Under $500

If you want extra freedom of movement, all the benefits of remote control operation and a design to be proud of, there’s no need to spend a fortune. Here are the leading choices to consider:

1. Atom Electric B10 Skateboard

Why we like it: With an elegant low profile design, the skateboard can be used for multiple purposes and multiple terrains.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features Even with a compact design, the board manages to reach impressive speeds. With up to 16mph, it offers most users the feeling of going downhill on multiple types of surfaces. Of course, having this much power on such a compact design can mean that the board can prove difficult to handle if you are just starting out. But the practical design allows it to be among the interesting solutions when it comes to the ultimate freedom of movement.

Convenient features
All users are interested in the electric side of the board and it is easy to understand their emotions. For many users, it is the first electric skateboard, but even so, its performance is remarkable. It is why it can handle speeds of up to 16mph in ranges of up to 7 miles. You can even take it uphill, as long as you are dealing with angles of up to 12%. Powered by a Li-Ion battery of 1.000W, the skateboard is not heavy either. Its compact design allows it to remain at 11lbs which can even recommend it for the commuting user. Even more, it also comes with a few advanced technologies such as the Atom electric. The technology charges the battery while braking.

Among the possible drawbacks of the skateboard, you will have to consider its performance with when starting from a standstill. It is why many users actually use the extra electric power when the board is already on the move.

With a compact design and a smooth controller, the board is fast and maneuverable, highly recommended within city limits.

  • Compact design
  • Li-Ion 1.000W battery
  • 2-hours charging time
  • Charges while braking
  • Somewhat limited when starting from a standstill

2. MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard

Why we like it: The 37” board is recommended for a quick ride around the city and a short charging requirement.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
With a 37” length, the board offers one of the most fun experiences in its class. It is not the longboard so many users look for but instead it offers a performance which is hard to match when it comes to the ultimate freedom of movement. Its anti-slip design also makes maneuverability easier, even when taking corners. Being skin-friendly, the grip tape makes the skateboard easy to carry as well.

Convenient features
The skateboard can handle a lot for its size. With climbs of up to 14% and a maximum speed of 22mph, it represents one of the most interesting solutions to work with. At the same time, with a charging interval of just 2 hours, it is recommended for the busy user. If you are using it for university or simply to get to work, it might actually make your life easier.

But most importantly, it feels smooth. Many people appreciate its smooth acceleration and deceleration which makes it a recommended solution if you are just starting out in skateboarding. Made with soft wheels, it also has the capacity to absorb some road shocks to offer that smooth experience so many users are after. For recreation or commuting, it is hard to match due to the combination of a compact design with a fast charging system.

The 83mm wheels are also durable. But the battery is what will give out in the end, as most similar alternatives. Even so, it comes with a battery life which should cover around 1.500 charging cycles. When you combine it with the beauty of the Canadian maple wood, you get a skateboard which handles easily and which is fast to charge.

As a compact board with a smooth riding experience, it is a top choice for the younger user.

  • Compact design
  • Made with Canadian maple wood
  • 13 miles range
  • Skin-friendly grip tape
  • Short for some users

3. Huracane GT 38″ Dual Motor Electric

Why we like it: With a maple and bamboo deck, the board is a top choice as a versatile solution for people of all ages.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made by hand with maple and bamboo, the board looks apart. It even comes with a design which allows you to carry it with ease. Making it a solution to be carried around with ease, the board is great for cruising the streets.
Since it has an appeal for the younger user, it also comes with a customizable look. You can choose the wheels you love which include bright green or distinct red. The 38” is not the most recommended when it comes to downhill adventures, but it can be used with ease in this situation as well.

Convenient features
As you would expect, the board comes with an ergonomic remote control. It is the remote control that offers you the full benefits of the electric power. It is also worth noting that this power comes from a hub motor which is free from belts. It is also one of the reasons why it can be considered a durable design. There are a few other reasons why the motor is a good future-proof solution. It comes with a quiet performance, especially when compared to a belt-drive alternative. It looks better. Even more, it allows you to kick the board even when the battery is out so that you have the peace of mind you will get home safely, no matter how far you have to go.

Controlled by a wireless remote, the board is recommended for all skill levels. It is why it comes with two speeds as to serve both the new and the experienced users. It also assists you when getting on and off the board. In figures, it allows you to reach speeds of up to 17mph. There is a 10-mile range to the board which is powered by a battery fully charged in 2.5 hours. With a maximum user weight of 250lbs, it is durable, even if it comes with a combination of layered maple and bamboo. In fact, it offers a combination of support and flexibility.

With custom wheels, light and supportive layered wood and a motor which runs easily, the board is recommended for users of all levels.

  • 7 layers of maple and bamboo
  • Available with a range of wheel colors
  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Made with a wireless controller
  • 2.5 hours charging time
  • Remote connectivity can be improved

4. Acton BLINK Lite

Why we like it: It is the lightest design in its class and it offers a perfect start in the world of electric skateboards for the youth.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
With a weight of just 7.7 pounds, it is indeed the lightest performer in its class. Made specifically for children and the youth, it offers one of the best solutions on the market when it comes to electric power on a reliable board. It can be used to cruise down the street but it can also go up to school or to ride around town.

Convenient features
It is hard to argue that a lightweight skateboard cannot be fast. In fact, the skateboard is really fast for its size as it comes with a top speed of 10mph. This speed can be fully adjusted from the remote control and it offers one of the leading solutions when it comes to ease of use.

With a charging time of only two hours, it becomes one of the designs required reduced maintenance, care or prep time which means your kids will be ready for fun in no time. The fully charged battery lasts up to 5 miles. It means that the board can work both around the house or when going to school.

Its major advantage remains in the electrical power functionality. The remote can move you forward or in reverse, just as the designs for adults. It can be taken around town for this reason. As 7.7 pounds, it is also highly maneuverable which means the youth will love its handling as well.

With a distinct design with a matching log and wheels, it also looks apart. But even if it is made for the youth, it can still handle the weight of up to 130lbs. Furthermore, it is recommended for those into apps and tech. For this purpose, it can show you your cruising speed in its dedicated app. Even if it is a board made for to be budget-friendly, it manages to incorporate some of the most important features used on electrical skateboards and it offers a gateway for new users.

With a compact design and a short charging time, the skateboard is recommended for children and the youth.

  • Modern design
  • 2-hour charging time
  • 7.7 pounds weight
  • A range of up to 5 miles
  • Not the best wheel quality

5. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

Why we like it: With 6 layers of maple and a layer of bamboo, the board is recommended for its lightweight profile.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
While the board is made for users of up to 132 pounds, it can actually work if you are heavier as well. The potent motor works with users of up to 200lbs, although it is not really recommended by the manufacturer. Made with 7 layers of wood, it offers a responsive design which is highly recommended when looking for maximum freedom of movement, even with tight turns. With a battery of just 650g, it is lightweight across multiple surfaces.

Convenient features
Based on a 4.400mAh LG battery, the board is among the solutions which are the easiest to use. It comes with a 2-hour charging time which is quick, compared to most alternatives on the market. With a total weight of 4.5kg, it is a board which can be carried out when need. So when you encounter steps or when you want to take the board with your to classes you will not need to worry about its weight too much. At the same time, the board comes with an ergonomic remote which also has a built-in display for information such as speed.

As many designs in its class, it comes with a 6-months warranty. But even during these months, you will need to make small adjustments to the wheels. It is why the board comes with an included T tool for your daily adjustments. One of the drawbacks of the board comes with the wheels which can suffer, especially on difficult roads. It is why most users should learn how to replace the wheels as this will be needed at some point in the future.

With a top speed of 12.4mph and a 15% climbing angle, the board is comparable to other more expensive alternatives on the market.

  • LG Li-Ion battery
  • 12.4mph maximum speed
  • Remote control with a display screen
  • 6 layers of maple and one layer of bamboo
  • 500 battery cycle life

Top 5 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Under $1000 in 2018

If you are willing to spend more on your cheap electric skateboard, you can enjoy faster speeds and unique designs. The electrical principles remain the same. Here are the top solutions to consider:

1. Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

Why we like it: With a kicktail shape and a maximum speed of 18mph, the board is recommended for ultimate smartphone integration.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
With one of the most versatile designs in its class, the skateboard proves to be a top solution for inner-city limits. It is made to be the more everyday alternative to the M1 and it represents a solution which is easy to live with. While it is not made for pure speed, it is still fast and it offers a design made for the average person. Depending on your weight, you will be able to achieve top speeds between 12 and 18mph. This also allows it to be a good design when it comes to multiple-user solutions. For this purpose, it can be used by all family members.

Convenient features
With a loading time between 3 and 5 hours, it is not the fastest solution for charging, but the performance in miles makes up for the longer charging time. Interestingly, the board is well integrated with its smartphone app. Using your smartphone, you can control its speed and overall performance. But you can also track your movement so that at the end of the day you know exactly the distance you covered.

Made to be a design which integrates modern technologies in a balanced product, it is a board to be used for everyday transportation. It is made for going to school or work. But it can also be one of the practical solutions to take with you on a walk in the park. With two riding modes, it can be a solution for the experienced user or for the new user looking to get into electric skateboards.

With a versatile design, the practical board is recommended for users of all ages, especially for the city streets.

  • Versatile design
  • Good app integration
  • Up to 18 miles per charge
  • Modern design
  • 3 to 5 hours for charging

2. Chige Electric Skateboard

Why we like it: With a combination of bamboo and fiberglass, the skateboard is among the solutions which are durable and flexible.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed with 4 layers of bamboo and 4 layers of fiberglass, the board is known for its elasticity. The materials do a good job of distributing the weight evenly, making for a balanced design. With moderate hardness, it is highly recommended for those seeking the ultimate freedom of movement, especially when it comes to tight turns. But the board is also designed with a USB interface. This allows quick charging for devices such as your smartphone. So if you need a bit of power on the go, it can offer this possibility.

Convenient features
With three speeds to choose from, it is recommended for all skills. If you are a beginner, choosing the lowest speed level is recommended. At 11mph, it offers help for beginners. If you want to cruise around the city, the beach or the park, selecting the 15mph speed is recommended. But if you fill fully confident you can handle the top speed, you can reach up to 24mph. This is based on the new 1.200W system which even works with hill climbs.

Since it is a powerful board, it also needs more power to work. It is why you need to charge it for at least 2 hours if you want full batteries. You also have the ability to take full advantage of the LG battery when it comes to durability, as it is known for its responsiveness in time.

Made with various speeds, the board is a solution if you want to learn and if you don’t want to upgrade when you are ready for top skateboarding speeds.

  • Impressive top speed
  • Speed settings for all levels
  • Made with bamboo and fiberglass
  • Universal USB interface
  • 1.200W power
  • Not the lightest design

3. FanLink Electric Skateboard

Why we like it: With a longboard appeal and two speeds, it is one of the cruising solutions for a relaxing day outdoors.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with a longboard deck of 0.7inches, it represents one of the recommended options for cruising fans. It may not be the most practical solution on the city streets, but it definitely represents a great solution when it comes to longer rides. Its design is durable as well. Its weight capacity stands at 220lbs and it makes it one of the recommended options when it comes to users of all ages.

Convenient features
Relying on a remote control operation, the board is easy to use. It comes with two speeds which are recommended when you are starting out. At 18.5 miles, it is not the fastest in its class, but its range of around 10 miles recommends it as a cruising solution. Based on the brushless motors, it works well in terms of durability also.

In the pack, you will also receive a T tool. You can use it to adjust the board for your needs. Together with the high customization of the remote control, it makes it a good basic pack for those who are looking to get their first electric board or for those who want extra help when cruising down the streets.

With a longboard appeal and variable speeds, the board is recommended for durability and comfort.

  • Dynamic shaped
  • Recommended for cruising
  • Reliable remote control
  • Up to 4 hours charging time

4. Ninestep Mountainboard Electric Skateboard

Why we like it: When it comes to dealing with uneven terrain, the skateboard offers an interesting solution with an extended battery.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made to tackle dirt roads and any other type of uneven surfaces, the design of the board speaks about its purpose. At the same time, it also works well on smoother surfaces. Some people use it outside city limits while others use it in the city, especially when they have to run through parks. With a design which is made to hold your feet in place and added springs, it represents a solution to tackle difficult surfaces which would not be possible with a regular board.

Convenient features
There are a few convenient features with the board which make it quite unique. One of them is the capacity to absorb shocks with the built-in springs and with the help of the large wheels, which should always be kept free from debris. On the other hand, the board reaches impressive speeds of up to 25mph which makes it a top solution for experienced users.

This power is backed by the impressive battery which takes at least 3 hours to charge. The battery also comes in two modes, similarly to the batteries on laptops or smartphones. The battery-saving mode can be used when you want a reduced speed but a longer battery life. With a range of up to 30km, it is hard to match from this perspective.

Made to tackle gravel and pavements, the fast board is among the recommended solution for the adventurous user.

  • Tackles dirt road
  • 11Ah battery
  • Up to 25mph top speed
  • Remote control operated
  • Needs constant cleaning

5. Magneto Revolution Electric Skateboard

Why we like it: With dual motors and carbon materials, the skateboard represents one of the most interesting solutions for speed.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed with dual motors, the skateboard is among the solutions which are recommended for torque. Since it easily reaches the legal limit of 20mph, it is among the most interesting options in its class. Even more, the combined 700W power makes cruising effortless for the board which can be considered for its durability.

Convenient features
The powerful motors recommend the board for uphill, downhill and traffic commute. With built-in regenerative braking, it produces power while you brake and it also represents a direction towards the future of the electric skateboards. Made with Canadian maple and carbon fiber laminate, it is also among the designs which are durable. This means that you can use it at full speeds for the entire 12 miles covered by the battery.

As a powerful board, it is mainly recommended for skilled users who are not afraid to tackle its impressive performance.

  • Dual hub motor
  • Carbon reinforced
  • Wireless remote control
  • Poor hill climbing performance

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Electric Skateboards

Even a cheap electric skateboard can be of great use compared to a regular board. The extra power means that you have the ability and the freedom to go further and even to tackle climbs. It is why so many users can feel an electric design can be a good upgrade, but they might not be sure of how to choose such a skateboard.

Deck materials

The deck is made using different materials. While each chosen materials has its own strengths and weaknesses, it is often up to the user to find the right solution on an individual level. For example, many users prefer the wooden decks to the detriment of plastic and carbon alternatives.

Made with designs which account for up to 7 layers of wood, the modern electronic skateboard deck can be seen as stiffer in many cases. But it also needs to be sturdy, especially since many users are tempted to take their boards on roads which are far from perfect due to the ever-increasing range.


The battery is crucially important for an electronic skateboard. Depending on the power of the motor and its speed, the battery powers the board for a number of miles. Batteries are also important when it comes to the day by day use of the board. It is why you want a solution which charges in a reasonable amount of time.

The charging time is vastly different from battery to battery. Smaller batteries are usually fully charged in two hours. Larger batteries can even take up to 4 hours to fully charge. It is why you need to choose the product which is right for you. If you only ride recreationally, a small battery can be the way to go. If you need to reach a daily target, such as with commuting, it might be worth investing in a larger battery design.

At the same time, all batteries have a charging cycle. The lower-end batteries can be guaranteed for 500 charging cycles. An average battery can be guaranteed for 1.500 charging cycles. After this point, many batteries start to lose power.

The type of terrain you tackle can have an impact on the battery as well. If you need an off-road solution, you will need the extra power to deal with the uneven terrains. But at the same time, some technologies can help even in this situation. For example, the technology based on charging while braking is one of the most recommended solutions to prolong the range of the board.


There are many wheels which are used in electric skateboards. They are sure to wear out over time, but their performance is essential. Road solutions can use standard wheels which can be replaced when the time comes. Off-road solutions use air wheels which are made to add a level of comfort and support for the difficult terrains.
Many manufacturers offer the possibility of even changing the profile of the wheels on the same board. Seen especially on the designs which are made to tackle off-road surfaces, the air wheels can often be replaced with regular wheels for the city streets. If you need such a board, it is often recommended to purchase additional wheels to cater to all the surfaces you plan to ride on.

Motor and speed

The top speed, the minimum speed, the cruising speed and the design of the motor are always evolving. A brushless design is highly recommended when it comes to the ultimate durability. At the same time, a motor which comes with adjustable speeds is recommended for all users and need. The lower speeds are great when just starting out. Higher speeds above the 22mph mark are often recommended for the thrill-seeking user. At the same time, it is also important to consider the risks you take with higher speeds. The simplest way to avoid them is to simply go through the learning curve and practice on the lower speed settings, which are available in most modern controllers.


The range of the skateboard is influenced by the battery life and on your weight. The heavier you are, the more the board needs to work to keep going. Furthermore, some of the best boards are simply made for the ultimate freedom and they offer maximum range in the detriment of other characteristics, such as good torque which is required to climb hills. Furthermore, it is also recommended to work with designs which are made for the streets and areas you live in. For example, if you live in an area with hills, your priority should be a board which can handle those hills and not necessarily the longest range.

Charging time

The charging time of the electric skateboard seems to be a problem for the modern user. With technologies such as fast charging on smartphones, you might also look for a solution which charges faster. But you will need at least two hours of charging time with most designs. Interestingly, since they can come with large batteries, modern skateboards can also come with USB charging. So you can use the board to charge your mobile phone when out of the house.

Hill climb

Hills climbs difficulty is measured in percentages. These percentages are normally indicated by the manufacturer. The total capacity of a leading board can be up to 15% climbs. But most solutions should be able to tackle these type of climbs if they come with powerful motors.

Hill climbs can also be more demanding on the motor. It is why battery life can suffer as well. The range of the boards is measured in perfect conditions which do not include climbs or difficult terrains in many cases.

Weight capacity

Depending on the size and on the materials, the modern electric skateboard can handle various weights. It is why those made for kids or the youth are the designs which can handle less weight. Adult boards should be able to carry all people, regardless of the materials used on the decks. Furthermore, it is quite important to see which of these recommendations you need to follow. Users report taking advantage of skateboards with a lower weight capacity as they might still work in some cases. However, using a board for a higher load might lead to you losing your warranty.

Top tips for electric skateboards

Before riding for the first time, it is recommended to fully read the user’s manual your board comes with. It is here that you find information on the maximum weight capacity or on recommended charging time. You can also find crucial information which might keep you from damaging the motor, such as on how to properly clean your wheels after every outing. But it is also important to know that you can find great solutions when it comes to proper long-term maintenance, which can involve essential tips on how to use your T tool, which often comes included in the pack. Other information might refer to spare parts such as spare wheels, which might need to be changed in the future.


Choosing the best cheap electric skateboard is not easy if you have never used one. But their practicality is hard to match and their performance is often what needs to be at the core of an informed decision. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to choose a design which you like, as this topic is often overlooked. The last thing you want is to not even use your board as you don’t like it.

It is why if you like wooden boards with various designs from your classic skateboard, you can choose a good electrical alternative with wooden materials such as maple. If you are a true modernist, plastic and carbon alternatives are comparable as well.

But essentially, the heart of the board lies in the motor and the battery. It is why powerful and adjustable solutions are highly recommended. Even more, it is also recommended to choose the options which are covered by good warranty policies which make your life easier in the future. With plenty of great designs to consider, the option is really down to what you really plan to use the board for. Speed, range, and maneuverability differ from board to board and this is why you want to evaluate your expectations before making a decision.