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Best Cheap Fitness Trackers to Chart Your Progress


One of the most appealing parts of working out is seeing the results, and there’s no better way to track progress than to use a fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers represent some of the coolest innovations in recent years in the health and fitness industry. You no longer have to keep a handwritten log to evaluate your performance. Now you can have something as simple as a wearable tracker.

With the amount of high-end fitness trackers available it’s easy to think that you need to drop a whole wad of cash to track fitness progress, but that’s not the case. With the flood of new, inexpensive technology on the market, wearable fitness trackers are now available at inexpensive price points.

Today, we’re taking a look into the Best Cheap Fitness Trackers. These models are all well regarded for having good value for their price tag. The end goal? Save cash while staying fit.

Features of Cheap Fitness Trackers

Calorie Calculator

The calories you burn in a workout is essential to losing weight. Therefore, it is important to find an accurate tracker. It helps prevent you from eating more calories than necessary for the ideal daily intake. Finding an accurate calorie counter is very important.

Step Counter

One of the must-have features in a tracker is logging the steps you take every day. Some trackers offer full-day tracking while others only track steps over a specified period. Others track distance as well as steps. An accurate step counter is one of the most effective ways to accurately judge the energy spent during the day.

Companion App and Compatibility

You will want a new fitness tracker that integrates with a smartphone or computer. The integration helps provide a more detailed look at your performance for the day, week, or month. Workout apps also allow you to challenge friends, set goals, and keep up with the challenges you have established. Ideally the device will sync with Android, iOS, or Windows.


Since you will use the tracker to monitor results during every workout you need something that is durable. It is especially true if you spend a lot of time exercising outdoors, such as hiking, biking, swimming, or surfing. The tracker must withstand the elements you throw at it.

A tracker that has an IP67 water resistance rating is sweat, rain, water, and splash proof. You can now focus on the activity at hand with a durable fitness tracker.

Heart Rate Monitor

There are an increasing number of devices that are capable of monitoring your heart rate. Cheap fitness trackers sometimes provide this feature while other models cut costs by not incorporating it.

A heart rate monitor is useful for checking your cardiac activity. It is ideal for serious, intense athletes or seniors. The tracker also tracks the calories you burn more accurately. Some monitors will check heart rates 24/7, while others will simply record a resting heart rate in the morning before the device begins tracking.

Now you know the basics of fitness trackers, let’s look at some fitness trackers that don’t skimp on quality for their price. We have the best for under $50 and the best under $100 in this article.

Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $50

1. Lintelek Fitness Tracker

cheap fitness tracker

Why we like it: The Lintelek Fitness Tracker features a slim design that is also waterproof. The device also has its own built-in heart rate monitor. It accurately counts steps and calories with a pedometer. The tracker works well for people of all ages from kids to adults.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features
The Lintelek Fitness Tracker is an impressive fitness tracker considering it retails for way under $50. It costs more than that for two people to dine out these days. This fitness tracker automatically measures your heart rate and sleep habits throughout the day and night. The goal is to create a better understanding of your fitness and sleep patterns in order to improve overall well-being.

The device is considered incredibly accurate. Customers rave about dependable information regarding steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and other important fitness data. It helps keep you on the right path to reach your personal goals.

The tracker is designed with a slim look. It is very lightweight and compact, which is essential, as any fitness tracker wants to avoid a bulky, inhibiting look or feel. The screen is nearly an inch in diameter and is thus easy to read. The product is sold with a built-in USB plug to charge it with and it has dependable battery life.

Convenient Features
The Lintelek Fitness Tracker is really comfortable to wear. The straps are made of TPU and the soft material is comfortable to wear on your wrist. The lightweight build of this device almost makes you forget you are wearing it.

The device also features a photo function. It allows you to capture a photo of where you are exercising. All you need to do is shake the unit and then your phone will take a photo in three seconds.
The fitness tracker can also serve as a personal alarm clock. It will lightly buzz your arm, and is strong enough to wake you – yet not nearly as annoying as an old-school alarm clock. It stops you missing an alarm or other type of notification.

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker makes for a really great gift. It is extremely affordable, adjustable, and sold in three different colors.

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker is one of the most well rounded fitness trackers for under $50. The list of features is very impressive for a device so cheap. The tracker syncs with the VeryFit Pro app and also notifies you of incoming calls, texts, and social media feeds.

  • Very accurate tracking of fitness activity
  • Built-in heart rate monitor for constant readings
  • Extremely affordable device for all its features
  • Fairly lightweight and compact to take anywhere
  • Syncs with incoming calls, texts, and social media notifications
  • Built-in alarm and alert system is helpful
  • Not compatible with the popular Fitbit app

2. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor for Multi-Sport Tracking

cheap fitness tracker

Why we like it: The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is capable of monitoring 14 different sports and activities. The device also interacts with your phone to provide alerts, read text messages, and control the camera shutter feature on your phone.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features
The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is one of the few affordable fitness trackers that can track more than just steps. The device features 14 sports modes that can adapt to walking, running, hiking, swimming, and dancing. It can also adjust to more comprehensive sports such as basketball, tennis, and yoga.

The built-in heart rate monitor is essential for getting correct information in real-time. The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker can connect seamlessly to your smartphone GPS to provide detailed data about your route, pace, and distance. Your phone will help map out a route, which is really beneficial to walkers, joggers, runners, and cyclists.

The tracker also features an OLED display with a built-in clock. You can see the screen clearly when outdoors, even during the middle of the day. It will automatically light up as soon as you turn the screen towards you.

Convenient Features
The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker model is feature-packed. It has SNS, SMS, and call alerts. The screen is wide enough to give you information about incoming calls. Users may also access text messages directly from the screen. The device also controls the shutter feature on the camera of your phone for improved selfies.

The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker has a ton of features for only $30. The variety of Sports Modes is excellent. It also quickly syncs your workout data to a companion app. The app is reliable, but it only works with smartphones. The device provides accurate heart rate readings and activity level readings.

  • Tracks 14 different types of sports/activities
  • Shows alerts for SMS, SNS, and calls
  • Can control the shutter feature on your smartphone
  • OLED screen provides clear readings
  • The device uses wrist sense technology
  • Tracker only works with smartphones and not with tablets or a PC

3. LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

cheap fitness tracker

Why we like it: An inexpensive fitness tracker takes design cues from popular smartwatches and monitors multiple sports while also being compatible with multiple smartphones.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features
For costing well under $50, the LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker does a remarkable job of emulating much more expensive products. The product has a whole load of unique features and is able to connect to both Android and Apple smartphones to pair GPS, sleep, and push notification data. Along with being a fitness tracker, it’s one of the cheapest smart watches on the market in general, and as such has much of the functionality expected from an Apple or Samsung watch.

The device pairs to your phone through LETSCOM’s proprietary app. Note that setting up push notifications can be quite difficult due to the multiple layers of integration. GPS functionality is easy to use but not entirely accurate, and those who are looking to carefully track distances on off road trails might want to look elsewhere for a more accurate option.

The most accurate and easiest-to-use features on this watch are the simplest, like the sleep tracker and the heart rate monitor. Other features are a bit more finicky, and while the watch is based on the same form factor of other smart watches, it’s really more of a fitness tracker with a touch screen due to the fact that phone notifications all have to filter through a third party app.

Convenient Features
The 1.3-inch display is just about standard for the category, and the responsive touchscreen means that this is one of the easiest fitness trackers to use. The heart rate monitor is automatic and accurate, although it’s odd that LETSCOM doesn’t advise use while wet considering the sweaty nature of athletic activities. Battery life is great and the magnetic charger is quite convenient to use.

Costing well under $50 and coming in an attractive, smartwatch package which is based on watches from more expensive brands, this fitness tracker for anyone looking for a touchscreen-equipped fitness tracker.

  • One of the most inexpensive smart watches on the market
  • GPS compatible
  • Third party app gives access to push notifications from your smartphone
  • 1.3 inch touchscreen is bright and easy to use
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Phone data has to filter through third party app
  • LETSCOM doesn’t recommend use while sweaty

4. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Wristband Activity Tracker

cheap fitness tracker

Why we like it: The Original Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart is a basic band that’s quite breathable and comfortable to wear day and night. It’s attractive, slim profile means it’s good-looking enough for the office after finishing your workout.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features
The Original Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart is one of the best fitness trackers under $50. Some bands irritate the skin, but the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart is an exception. It is comfortable to wear even after the band gets wet.

The tracker records data for your steps, calories burned, sleep activity, and distance. Its heart rate monitor can be activated after select activities like walking and running. The device only tracks heart rate while working out, not while sedentary. However, there is no need to press any buttons, as all activity on the fitness tracker is recorded automatically. The information then syncs to the Mi Health app for reference.

The OLED display is bright enough that you can see the readings in direct sunlight. A scratch resistant glass keeps things readable for years of long, rough use.

Convenient Features
A button on the band allows you to toggle between the activities you have been tracking for the day. The sleep monitor can recognize your sleep activity such as REM, light, and deep sleep. It can establish a pattern that will give you information about your sleep quality.

The band is rated as water resistant, although not waterproof. As a result, the fitness tracker will not get damaged when exposed to direct water splashes, rainwater, dust, and cosmetics.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has useful features, but the app itself isn’t particularly great for pairing and analyzing data. Data must be transferred over to other platforms, and any tracking must happen via Google Fit and Apple Health.

With a sub-$40 price point, this fitness tracker is a great, smartphone enabled tracker with some higher end features, although it misses some features that more expensive trackers have.

  • It has a heart rate monitor
  • Provides detailed tracking of sleep activity
  • Works with most Android and iOS smartphones
  • IP67 water resistance rating
  • The device has a smart reminder for calls, texts, and social media notifications
  • The length of the band is adjustable
  • The app only has basic data provisions

5. MOOV NOW 3D Fitness Tracker for Personalized Training

cheap fitness tracker

Why we like it: The MOOV NOW 3D Fitness Tracker provides real-time audio coaching to assist with personalized training. It allows you to workout at your best time and easily measure your progress and performance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features
MOOV NOW is kind of like a personal fitness coach that you can take with you wherever you go for the day. It syncs with your phone and conveniently stays by your side during activities. The MOOV NOW 3D Fitness Tracker is an excellent pick for running, cycling, swimming, and aerobic exercises.

The model has three times the amount of sensors as other trackers. The sensors use 3D Omni Motion Technology which allows it to track your exact movement such as pace, laps, strokes, and type of sport (i.e. swimming).

The tracker is adaptable as you can wear it on the wrist or ankle. Users receive coaching and training. The training tutorials are fun, informative, and encouraging. The electronic coach will help build muscles, keep your body in the right form, and notify you when it is time for a break.

Convenient Features
The personal tracker is water and dust proof. It helps provide peace of mind for extreme athletes that exercise in all types of outdoor conditions and environments. The product also has a six-month battery life, so it is designed to last. Additionally, the MOOV NOW 3D Fitness Tracker can track sleep activity and deliver a detailed report the next morning.

The 3D motion capture is an innovative concept. MOOV NOW has executed it well to provide you with an intuitive way of meeting your fitness goals. Its audio coach also comes in handy to help you perform better since it gives you information about your form and movement in real-time.

  • Audio coaching produces better training results
  • It is ultralight and comfortable to wear all day
  • Battery runs up to six months
  • The device tracks sleep activity accurately
  • It is water resistant to a high degree
  • Can sometimes fail to track every part of very intense workouts.

Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $100


1. Fitbit Inspire HR

cheap fitness tracker

Why we like it: A sub-$100 model from category leader Fitbit integrates seamlessly with smartphones, tracks data accurately, utilizes an excellent proprietary app, and has great battery life.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features
The Fitbit Inspire is an advanced evolution of Fitbit’s original device, which was the first blockbuster fitness tracker, practically launching an entire category. That device was meant to clip onto clothing, while this wrist mounted tracker makes a huge improvement. Fitbit’s top-of-the-line models now have a half-wristband shape. We prefer this type of fit, with a watch band to lock the device in place.

Once fastened into place, it’s comfortable to use and has accurate heart rate tracking with up to five days of battery life. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

Vitally, this device is one of the least expensive fitness trackers with GPS capability, meaning that you can finish a workout and upload directly to workout tracking applications like Strava. Data is stored every second, which is a quick interval compared to other units that occasionally experience data dropouts.

Convenient Features
Along with the classic features we’ve come to expect in fitness trackers like calories and steps, the Fitbit Inspire HR contains some additional features that are a little harder to find: namely GPS and heart rate zones. Not only does the device display heart rate, but it calculates insights about how your physical condition changes via where your heart rate sits most of the day.

If you’re looking for a fully capable fitness tracker with GPS and heart rate at the lowest possible price, this is the best you can do. Sure, there are cheaper trackers that say they have the same features, but they’re simply not as reliable or accurate as this. Sure you can buy more expensive trackers, but at the end of the day, how much more do you really need? At the intersection of practicality, use, and price, this unit is one of the most popular fitness trackers for a reason.

  • GPS and heart rate capable for a low price
  • Quick tracking interval prevents dropouts
  • Full-wrist comfortable strap
  • Bluetooth capability and integrated app
  • Some fitness trackers have the same features for slightly less money

2. Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker

cheap fitness tracker

Why we like it: A fitness tracker that doesn’t monitor heart rate rivals its big brother, the Fitbit Inspire HR, by being almost as fully featured at a nearly 50% discount.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features
In large part, the design of the Fitbit Inspire is very similar to the Fitbit Inspire HR. The two bands come in different colors, with this version coming in sangria and black. It’s designed to be used 24/7 to provide insights about health and as such comes with a very comfortable matte finish with a silicon wrist.

The screen is big enough to read and operate, but small and unobtrusive enough that it’s barely noticeable on the wrist. Most interaction will happen via Fitbit’s proprietary app. It’s evident that this isn’t really a smart watch like the LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker, and that’s okay. This watch knows what sacrifices it needs to make to perform optimally, and it executes on those design decisions flawlessly.

Convenient Features
Aside from heart rate and GPS, the Fitbit Inspire has almost everything you could need. A step counter counts calories via your programmed weight and activity level, a sleep monitor automatically tracks your shut-eye. Milestones and goals automatically populate, you can also enable push notifications from your phone.

If you’re looking for a premium fitness tracker that knows what it’s good at, this is a great option. Those who need heart rate should look elsewhere, and it’s important to note that there are cheaper versions on the market that have the same capabilities as this tracker—but none of them are as pleasant to use as this device.

  • Tracks all the main features at an inexpensive price
  • Incredibly comfortable to wear, even 24/7
  • Great battery life
  • Connects to your smartphone via Fitbit’s app
  • No GPS capability to track motion
  • No heart rate monitoring

3. Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

cheap fitness tracker

Why we like it: The Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker has a heart rate monitor that provides more accurate results regarding the calories burned and current fitness levels. It can assist with tracking a variety of activities.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features
Garmin is a top-performing brand in the fitness industry. The Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker represents one of their most sophisticated designs. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will surely love this brand.

Garmin has created the Elevate Wrist Heart Rate Technology. It can track your heart from the wrist and does not need to get synced with a separate heart rate monitor. The device will accurately gauge your cardiac activity; thus giving you more precise results about the amount calories burned.

This device can recognize unique activities like climbing the stairs thanks to the barometer and altimeter. It can also show activity intensity and intense minutes when going all out in boot camp style activities. The advanced metrics not only detail that you exercised, but how extreme and intense the activities were for workout progress.

Convenient Features
We like Garmin vivosmart HR particularly because of its smart notifications. The transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) display is beneficial since you can see alerts even in glaring sunlight. The fitness tracker features vibrations for text messages, calls, Whatsapp, email, and other social media alerts.

It is straightforward to sync the unit with iOS or Android Garmin Connect Mobile. The app challenges you to beat your daily goal, share activity, and connect with friends. You can also sync your Garmin account with the Fitbit app where you can record your meals and have a good comparison of the calories consumed vs. calories burned.

Garmin is a band to behold thanks to the capability of accurate heart and calorie counting. It is your go-to model when you want to get more out of your tracker without putting a huge dent in your wallet.