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How to Find the Right Table Saw for You

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If you’re regularly doing carpentry or DIY woodwork projects at home, then investing in a table saw lets you take that work to the next level. They’re a quick an easy way to make professional cuts and a great centerpiece to any garage workshop. You don’t need to spend over-the-odds either to get a great saw, and by keeping the following things in mind, you’ll be able to make an informed purchase.

What to Consider When Buying a Table Saw

Intended Use

The intended use of the table saw should be a crucial factor in determining which table saw you get. You may need a table saw for a home-based light-duty applications or for more professional and more demanding situations. There are table saws design for light applications and others for heavy-duty applications.

For instance, a table saw with a small rip capacity may not be appropriate for professional applications where you need to cut thick pieces of wood. You need to consider the power, convenience and capacity of the table saw and compare it to your needs to determine whether it’s appropriate.


The best table saws handle well, that’s a fact. If they don’t handle well, then it makes your job a lot more difficult and a lot more annoying, because it takes more time and more energy to do what you want to. However, if a table saw handles well, then it means that it takes less time and less energy on your part, and the process is far quicker and more enjoyable. This is very important, especially if you’re a beginner.

Ease of Use

Without the ease of use, it might be a little too complicated and difficult for you to adequately operate this particular piece of machinery. This means that whatever you’re doing with the table saw will take longer and be more difficult due to the difficulty.


It’s important to appreciate that table saws are generally heavy items. The lighter the table saw, the more portable it’s likely to be. If you feel you may need to regularly transport or store your table saw, then make sure that the table saw you buy can be easily packed up and taken to the relevant location or stored neatly.

You should also have no problems setting it up again to begin cutting. Other features such as base wheels and carry handle to enhance the portability too. Some tables saws are heavy and have no wheels. You need to have the appropriate tools to move them. So only buy these if you plan to keep your table saw up and running at all times.


The key to a good table saw is precision. Power is important, but what’s more important is whether it can use that power to cut accurately. Make sure that the saw you choose can handle a variety of types of cuts accurately. It also shouldn’t show any signs of diminishing power over a period.


Producing the best products from your woodwork is important. However, your safety is more important. That’s why you should be keen to scrutinize the table saw you want to buy to find out whether it has the necessary safety measures.

A feature such as the anti-kickback is very crucial. It goes a long way in ensuring the wood doesn’t get thrown back at the operator. Safety also depends on your knowledge of the tables saw. You need to be in full control of the machine. Therefore, ensure that you have the necessary know-how of operating the table saw you intend to get.


The price of the table saw will vary significantly depending on where you’re buying the saw, the brand and the features it comes with. However, with a good budget, you can easily narrow down the options you may have. You’ll have a smaller range to work with and you’ll know what features to expect within that price range. Be keen not to compromise on the quality of the table saw just to save a few dollars. It would be a shame if you got a table saw that cannot live up to your expectations.


A warranty is an essential part of buying any tool. The longer the warranty the more confidence you can have in your table saw. Read the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully to ensure that there are no loopholes if something goes wrong.

The Different Table Saw Types

Table saws are easily classified based on their portability. Portable models are mounted onto a stand that usually has transport wheels. This, along with the folding action gives them good portability. The stands are impressive as they all have a unique and clever design.

Benchtop saws don’t come with a stand but rely on a table or a workbench for support. However, they’re still considered portable because of their small weight and dimension allows them to be picked up and carried from one location to another with relative ease.

Stationary saws include contractor, hybrid and cabinet table saws.

Contractor table saws are a source of confusion because the term is being used to refer to Jobsite table saws as well that are most rugged in construction, but still a far cry from true contractor saws.

Hybrid table saws are similar in some aspects to contractor saws, but also feature some stuff found on full-size cabinet saws that’s why most people often confuse the two. While they’re similar on the surface, it’s a different story beneath the hood.

Finally, cabinet saws are the largest, heaviest, most robust and powerful.

Final Thoughts

It can be tricky finding the right table saw due to all the options, brands, and models available. As always with tools, it’s important to identify your use-case and your needs. Most won’t need the most powerful saw and not everyone will need portability. Think about your needs and then you can shop for a table saw without thinking you need a top of the range model to carry out the tasks you want to perform.