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Sit Back, Relax, and Choose a Great Reclining Chair

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From newborns to adults, recliners provide great comfort and are a good addition to your home. They can serve as a bed, as a home theatre seat, as a place to play your video games, or as a rocking chair to help insomniacs and restless children. These multipurpose chairs can become a great focal point of any room.

When shopping on a budget, it’s possible to get a bad deal by choosing an inferior product In order not to get swindled and choose the best cheap recliner, there are factors that you should consider. A great recliner chair does not have to be expensive. This article will look at what to consider when getting one of these for your home or office.

Types of Reclining Chair

There are different types of recliners. The most popular types are:

  • Wall-Hugging Recliners
  • Massage Recliners
  • Rocker Recliners
  • Lift Chairs

Let us consider each of these types in earnest.

Wall-Hugging Recliners

If you have a small living room or space, these recliners are likely the best types of chairs for you. If you are comfortable with a chair that has a straight back and will make you sit up in, then this recliner is good.

Furthermore, if you have bad knees and need to keep your knees stress free, the adjustable height of wall-hugging recliners might appeal to you.

Massage Recliners

As the name implies, these recliners come with a massage function. They usually have remotes that adjust the different modes of vibration. Some massage recliners have a heat function along with the massage function.

When you sit in these chairs, they massage the calves of your legs and your back. If you have had a long day at your 9-5, the thought of coming home and sinking in these chairs is very comforting.

Since they have special functions, they are usually more expensive than the other types of recliners. However, you can still find quality massage chairs at reasonable prices.

Rocker Recliners

These recliners serve as rocking chairs.

If you find it hard falling asleep, the rocking motions of these recliners can gently rock you to sleep. Nursing parents view these chairs as essential. They can relax and lull their baby at the same time while in these chairs.

They can also have a swivel feature to complete the whole comforting experience.

Lift Chairs

These recliners are great for everyone, but they are especially great for folks that have orthopedic conditions. It has a motorized mechanism that lifts the chair from the bottom. Therefore, folks that have limited mobility can easily get up from these chairs.

Just like massage chairs, the added feature makes them more expensive than other types of recliners.


It is important that the recliner you buy has enough space to slot into your space. If they are too big, they can totally ruin the décor of your home and be the “elephant in the room.”

Therefore, before choosing a recliner, measure the dimensions and compare with those of your home. Measure the floor space, the width, height, and depth. You do not want to spend money on a recliner only to discover that it will not fit into your living room without becoming an eyesore.

Space also involves the measurement of the recliner when it is fully extended. Some recliners are sold with an ottoman. You will need to consider the ottoman too when allocating space.

It is highly recommended that you leave a space of at least 5” from the reclining chair to your wall.

If you realize you do not have enough space, then you might want to buy a wall-hugging recliner. As pointed out earlier in this guide, this reclining chair sits upright and takes up less space than the other types of recliners.


This is an important factor to consider before spending money on a recliner.

Leather looks premium and will look good in almost any type of décor. It is usually easy to clean and does not stain as easily as fabric. With this in view, if your home is usually messy, probably because of kids or pets, a leather recliner will hide stains better and is easier to clean.

Aside from how good it looks and the stain-resistance, leather is also more durable than fabric.

However, fabric also has its advantages. For example, fabric is usually more comfortable to seat in than leather. Fabric also comes in far more colors than leather. Therefore it is easy to find a fabric-covered recliner that will slot perfectly into your décor.

If you are living in a region with a warm climate, leather recliners might not be right for you. When hot, leather tends to become sticky and hot. This can make it very uncomfortable. Furthermore, although it is relatively stain-resistant, the same cannot be said about its ability to withstand scratches, especially from pets.

Fabric recliners require more maintenance than leather recliners. They are easy to damage and are not stain-resistant.

The most important thing, whether you choose leather or fabric, is that you feel comfortable in whichever upholstery that you use.


There are many choices of cheap recliners available on the market, and not all of them have the same durability. This can make it hard to choose the best cheap recliner.

Durability, next to comfort, is the most important factor to consider when buying a recliner. To buy a good recliner, it is wise to buy from a reputable brand. A reputable brand known for producing a high-quality of recliners is a safe bet.

Recliners especially need to be of high-quality. Unlike conventional chairs or sofas, they usually experience more movement. Therefore they have to be made of sturdy, durable materials that can safely withstand the stresses and “punishments” the constant moving puts on them.

There are some specific things to look out for. These include:

  • The cushion must be made of high-quality foam. The thickness of the foam and the cushioning will partly determine how long the recliner will retain its shape.
  • The material of the upholstery (could be leather or fabric) must be durable. 
  • The frame of the recliner should be made of metal or preferably hardwood.
  • The joints of the recliner must be firm and robust. They are the primary spots that experience the stress of movements. The stronger they are, the longer your recliner will last

The frame is the skeleton of the recliner. If the frame lacks strength, then your recliner is doomed to fail sooner rather than later. 


No matter how great a recliner looks, no matter how durable it is, and no matter how well it fits into space and your décor, if it is not comfortable, it is as good as useless.

The most comfortable recliners will allow your feet to touch the floor when the seat is straight firmly. If it has a headrest, ensure that this supports your head, neck, and your upper shoulders.

You should put into consideration factors like your height.

For maximum comfort, a tall person usually requires a recliner with an ottoman.

Aside from the considerations above, you also need to consider who will use the recliner the most. If you are buying it for just yourself, that makes it easier to choose one. However, if there are going to be multiple users, it might be hard finding one that will satisfy everyone.

In such cases, you could buy a big recliner with adjustable heights and controls. That way, everyone is kept happy.


Recliners are great pieces of furniture. They can make your home look great, improve your décor, and are super comfortable. There are many recliners on the market, and it is difficult to choose the right one. Just know that a cheap recliner does not have to be a bad recliner. As long as you’re willing to eschew a few features like massage-capabilities, you can get a great fit for your home.