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How to Choose a Great Computer Desk

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Getting a great computer desk is one of the most exciting times for students or work at home professionals. They are your workstation, the place where the magic happens, the fortress of fortitude.

When looking for a desk, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Great desks are available at very reasonable price. Just a few things things in mind, including storage space, dimensions, and what it’s made out of. This article is here to help you do just that.


The materials of a computer desk are diverse. From particle boards to tempered glass, there are a few options to consider. Even if the materials are not the most expensive, they may still come with minimum protection, especially when it comes to water spills. Of course, the materials are also customized with a coat of paint or with a good stain.

There are a few studies made about work productivity and distractions can be one of the biggest issues to face. A considerable distraction can come with a cluttered work environment. This is why the materials of the computer desk should match the color of the furniture in the room or at least they don’t need to distract the user from work. The eyes should be on the monitor and not on the desk.

Alternatively, your work station can be an expression of your personality, and cam be a riot of colors and other ornamentation.

Stains and Colors

Various stains and colors are available, even for cheap computer desks. They can serve different office space designs. But is there a difference in the way they protect the materials in the long term? In theory, there should be no issues with durability. In practice, some manufacturers already treat these lower grade materials with anti-moist solutions to keep them in good shape for longer.

Some of the most versatile colors include all-black and all-white computer desks. These are the options to go for in case the user doesn’t know how to color match the furniture. At the same time, bright colors might need extra care when it comes to dirt and removing stains.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the computer desk are crucial. From the standard compact desk to the L-shaped desk, there are a few options to consider. Those with plenty of accessories or those working with multiple monitors need to choose the options which fit their needs.

In other cases, users seek the most ergonomic solution. Computer desks with separate keyboard trays can prove useful from this perspective. Even more, it is essential to find the products which suit the office chair as well. Many office chairs can be fixed and in this case, a keyboard tray can actually be an issue for taller users.

Storage and Shelves

The storage options and the shelves offered by a few products are worth taking into account. They might not store entire documents and archives, but they can help keep the actual desktop clear. By storing all the stationery close-by, users also save time being better organized.

At the moment, the only options remain a few shelves. There are no drawers to consider cheap computer desks. An alternative for those who do not want to have their documents in the desk is to use various open-top containers which can slide onto the shelves and maintain that organized look which is so popular with modern office spaces. 

Another consideration to make is that open space shelves need to be dusted regularly. Together with cleaning the entire desk, this means users need to be able to move their files and accessories away from time to time. A clean desk is only going to improve work productivity. 


Which Materials Are the Most Durable?

There are different materials used in the manufacturing of cheap computer desk. However, none of them are actually made from solid wood. Most affordable options are made from alternative materials, much cheaper to manufacture.

Does a Cheap Computer Desk Come Assembled?

None of the cheap computer desks above comes assembled. They need to be assembled at home. All nuts and bolts needed for assembly are included in the pack. Installation tools such as screwdrivers are not included.

What Is the Weight Limit of a Computer Desk?

All desks have various weight limits. However, they are not made to hold too many objects apart from a computer, a laptop or a printer. 

Does a Computer Desk Have a Power Outlet?

None of the cheap computer desks include a power outlet. Most users will need to purchase an additional power cord extension to power their computers. 

Final Words

One of the best parts about working on a cheap desk is that it shows the user what they want from their space. Before spending thousands on premium computer desks, users first get to experience these designs first hand.

It is with these desks that users know the type of height they prefer and the type of desktop surface they need. At the same time, these cheap computer desks can also be used by companies. Many offices need to bring in furniture for hundreds of staff members. It could be a wide financial decision to choose the most affordable bulk purchase.

In other cases, cheap computer desks are used at home. It is students and professionals working at home that can take full advantage of this system. Furthermore, many are going to enjoy the full benefits of the lower purchase cost with extra money to be spent on other accessories. A new monitor can help improve productivity further, for example.

Some of the best cheap computer desks also come with an included warranty. This is why, even if there are a few problems in the future, the user is protected. Most problems arise with moving parts such as keyboard trays. But these will be replaced in the warranty period for free. Given their low tech components, it is even rare to see keyboard trays or any other computer desk parts needing to be replaced.