By My Beard! A Guide to Buying a Beard Trimmer

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When you decide to grow a beard, it is reasonable to just use regular scissors or razor to trim it. However, when the beard becomes permanent, you are going to require a tool that will help keep it looking neat and tidy. Trying to trim it with a regular electric razor or a low-quality popup trimmer will not – ahem – cut it.

At this point, you require a real beard trimmer. The beard trimmer may not make you have a perfect look like a movie star, but it will definitely keep your beard neat. As you look for a beard trimmer, they may all look alike; however, they differ in performance. The best beard trimmer can handle a thick beard without losing its edge and most importantly without breaking the bank.

What Is a Beard Trimmer?

As the name suggests, a beard trimmer is specifically designed for trimming your beard. A beard trimmer has a compact design with attachments that accommodate facial grooming. Beard trimmers can be adjusted to come up with precise styles on beards, sideburns, chin stripes and goatees.

These cut hairs without hurting the skin. The blades in beard trimmers hover smoothly on the skin surface and trim hairs without touching the skin. Thus, you cannot have a close shave with a beard trimmer. These will ensure you have a close trim that leaves you looking nice if you prefer not to shave your beard clean.

Electric beard trimmers are essential in maintaining facial hair. The best beard trimmers are intuitive and come with various settings that allow for precision touch-ups and general hair trimming. The latest development in rechargeable battery technology allows for cordless trimmers that can run for an hour or more. Most beard trimmers require very limited upkeep.

Types of Beard Trimmers

There are different types of beard trimmers available that provide various features ranging from cordless to corded trimers with different settings and number of attachments. Depending on your lifestyle, needs and budget, beard trimmers fall in two broad categories i.e. corded or cordless.

Some can be used as either since they let you use them when plugged in to trim your beard. They all do the same job of trimming your overgrown beard regardless of whether they are corded or not. The main difference is the long-lasting battery life afforded by the latest cordless models of beard trimmers.


Corded models tend to be more versatile since they can be used for long in case you need more detailing and change of your beard style. You won’t have to worry about battery charge. However, it limits your movements and the cord can be annoying especially when you require very precise movements to get your beard style right. Also, these limit you to use them next to the power outlet.


Cordless beard trimmers provide more freedom of movement. They can be packed and used anywhere. These are great if you one of those people who prefer to carry their trimmers. However, these can be frustrating if you forget to charge them and you need to use them immediately. You will have to wait for them to charge. Regardless of whether you decide to go for a corded or cordless beard trimmer, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Things to Consider in a Beard Trimmer

With a multitude of beard trimmers around, finding the right one can be a challenge. Below are some of the things you should consider in a beard trimmer. For more details, check this video.


Unless you are a barber or a stylist, a beard trimmer that costs less than $50 should do. There are decent ones at this price point. So, you should think long and hard before purchasing one beyond this price point. You don’t need an expensive beard trimmer to do the job professionally.

Power Supply

Usually, beard trimmers run on AC power by plugging into a wall. However, some brands rely on a battery to run their beard trimmers. If your preferred beard trimmer comes with a battery is important to establish if the battery is rechargeable using a power charging station or the batteries need to be replaced when drained.

Types of Blades

Beard trimmers come with different types of blades. The common types include:

  • Carbon steel – These are often very sharp but are prone to rust
  • Stainless steel – These are sharp, great for thick hair and do not rust
  • Titanium-coated carbon steel – These are very sharp and extremely durable
  • Ceramic – These are sharp and durable although they can break easily if mishandled

We recommend abstaining from carbon steel. Choose from the other options depending on your preferences. However, if you are clumsy, then ceramic blades are definitely not for you.


Ensure you avoid cheap plastic. Models crafted from cheap plastic are not going to last long. Although durability relies on your maintenance, purchasing a product made from high-quality material increases the life of a beard trimmer.

So, metal beard trimmers are the best but tend to be more expensive. There are models made from hard plastic that is capable of surviving bumps and drops. All in all, a good beard trimmer will last long if taken care of. So, maintain your beard trimmer and it may surprise you.

Running Time

For cordless beard trimmer, take note of how long it runs before requiring a full battery recharge. Most run long enough to trim your beard but it is good to ensure it can last a full trim of your beard nonstop.

Interchangeable Guard Combs and Adjustable Zoom Wheels

As people change, so do their style. In the future, you may desire to grow your stubble or shorten your beard. However, this will not be possible if your beard trimmer has only one length setting. Having interchangeable guard combs and adjustable zoom wheels let you select the power to select the length of the beard shave.

Adjustable zoom wheel allows you to take control of the shave length with just one finger flick. Trimmers with this feature come with only one guard comb, although you will be free to adjust it to suit your needs.


Some beard trimmers are equipped with useful accessory features from other gadgets. For instance, some beard trimmers come with attachments that let you trim your ear and or nose hairs. Others are equipped with blades that let you contour your beard with intricate shapes. Also, there are beard trimmers that come with vacuum systems that eliminate the need to clean up after shaving. As well, there are beard trimmers with self-sharpening blades.

Final Thoughts

There are various beard trimmers for you if you are on a $50 budget. The performance of some of the beard trimmers is among the best even for the premium-priced beard trimmers. $50 is enough to get you everything you need unless you’re a professional stylist, so make a smart choice and get a budget trimmer with everything you need.