Best Cheap Wireless Mouse 2020 (Under $50 / $20)


It feels good to navigate your laptop using a mouse. It’s better when nothing gets in the way, and you can move over every degree possible. In the wake of having a wire-free office, mice have taken center stage. They are the easiest to cut the cord except they are more expensive than regular mice.

Find out our choices for the Best Cheap Wireless Mouse to use in the office, at home, and one the go.

Features to Consider in Cheap Wireless Mice


You will find that these mice use dongles or nano receivers on 2.4GHz wireless networks while others connect via Bluetooth. Finding a mouse that uses both connectivity options is a nice balance as you will never have a lost connection if the 2.4GHz frequency is crowded.

Having trouble connecting your mouse? Here’s how.


If your mouse is too big, your middle finger may struggle to reach the buttons. Typical designs are sized at 4-5inches long to indicate the palm size. This is the average size of your palm.

If your mouse comes with a dongle, it is also important that it remains unobtrusive when sitting on your laptop.

Battery Life

The last thing you want is downing your tools because you have a dead battery that needs replacing. Knowing the battery life will help you remember when to replace the batteries before they die.

Number of Buttons

Every mouse should have at least two buttons and the scroll wheel. But if you want additional functionality, you will need to consider a mouse that comes with two or more extra buttons on the side of the mouse. These buttons allow you to scroll forward and backward through web pages as well as add more commands like keyboard shortcuts.

Operating Range

If you want to work freely like controlling the features of your computer away from its desk, the range is a vital feature to consider.

Best Cheap Wireless Mouse Under $20

1. Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse

Why we like it: This mouse gives you extra functionality by having additional buttons. The battery stays juiced up for 2 years.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Logitech is the name to beat when it comes to wireless mice. They have a huge chunk of the market, and that’s for a good reason. Like the Logitech M510, it represents every aspect of a good wireless mouse for daily use.

We start with the ergonomics. It comes in a contoured shape that will fit comfortably in your hand. This device has soft rubber grips that give your palm and fingers a soft landing such that you can work for hours without any element of fatigue.

It uses a high-precision laser-grade optical sensor that tracks on varied surfaces. The mouse offers flexibility since you don’t need to be stuck using it on a wooden desktop. It can be used on soft and rough mouse pads the same. Because it’s a laser-grade optical sensor, the mouse will not pick any unnecessary data that can cause jittery performance.

Apart from left and right click buttons, this mouse also includes two side buttons. The extra buttons give more edge and speed in navigation since you can browse the web and zoom in and out of photos fast and easy.
The mouse connects using a Logitech nano receiver that is small to maintain a neat laptop or computer. And when you need it for travel, the receiver can be stored in the mouse.

Battery Life
Logitech M510 has two years of battery life. It is such a long time to use a mouse without worrying about dead batteries. The mouse uses an ON and OFF switch plus a smart sleep mode that comes in handy to preserve the running time.

Logitech recommends using AA Polaroid batteries with this mouse.

Logitech M510 is a reliable wireless mouse that is up to the most demanding jobs. If you spend countless hours before a computer, knowing that your hand will be comfortable is a good thing. It has a contoured shape, extra buttons, and a long battery life that all indicate it is a productive model.

  • It has two extra buttons
  • Offers 10 meters of operating distance
  • Comes with a tiny nano receiver
  • It uses a laser-grade optical sensor
  • Compatible with Windows 7,8.10 and Windows RT, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Linux Kernel 2.6+, and Chrome OS
  • It cannot track on glass and mirror surfaces

2. VicTsing MM057 Optical Wireless Mouse

Why we like it: It is designed with gaming in mind while giving a longer working distance of 15 meters.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
VicTsing MM057 is an incredible device if you love gaming. The mouse plugs in and starts to work right away. It uses a 2.4GHz nano receiver that has a range of 15 meters. You can play on your favorite couch without experiencing any lags that can affect gameplay.

This mouse is more applicable to a palm grip because it has a thumb indent and a high arch. It allows you to relax the hand and still reach all the buttons without fuss. For accurate tracking, the optical sensor throws in superior sensitivity that warrants usage in high-speed games.

With five levels of DPI, you can go from the lowest at 800DPI to 2400 which is the highest. When you need high precision in First Person Shooter (FPS) games, a lower DPI is recommended, and you get it with this mouse with either 800 or 1200 DPI. This way, you will not miss a shot and blame it on the mouse.

Battery Life
This mouse has 15 months of battery life. It is way shorter than you get with the Logitech M510 but considering it is for gaming; we are not complaining. It needs one AA battery that is readily available. We would have loved if it was supplied with the first battery, so you don’t have to go back to the store.

Nevertheless, it provides you with other intuitive features like the means of knowing your DPI. By pressing the CPI button, you can tell the level by the number of times the red light flashes. Once means it’s operating on the lowest 800DPI while five means it’s on the highest level at 2400.

VicTsing MM057 represents a simple but practical wireless gaming mouse. It has the right connectivity, DPI, and programmable buttons that make it possible to play effortlessly. It may not make you a better player, but you will like how comfortable it is to use.

  • It has a compact receiver
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • It has an energy saving mode after 8 hours of inactivity
  • High-arch and rubber indents for comfortable handling
  • Quick to change the different CPI levels
  • Two programmable side buttons
  • It does not come with the battery

3. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse

Why we like it: Its ergonomic design saves the hand from fatigue and pain that can be caused by continuous use of a regular mouse.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
If you are a professional typist, chances are you spend over 8hours on your computer. Since the mouse is the most used computer accessory, there are possibilities of suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). To avoid all these, a vertical mouse saves you the trouble while remaining functional.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse encourages your hand to take on a handshake position. This is a comfortable and strain-free grip that allows you to use the mouse without suffering the consequences of long usage.

This mouse has three DPI levels on its optical sensor. This feature improves sensitivity such that you can use it on different surfaces with no trouble. It is easy to change the DPI levels as well as scroll web pages using the two buttons on the side.

The small nano receiver stores in the mouse for simple storage.

Battery Life
With two AAA batteries and average use of around 6-8 hours, you can have the battery running for up to six months. Considering that it has more functionality than mice like AmazonBasics, it is reasonable and reliable.

To preserve the battery life, Anker also includes an automatic power-off feature after 8 minutes of not using the mouse.

An ergonomic mouse never comes cheap and when its wireless, you get a winner. Anker 2.4G is a sure steal since it has a comfortable design that eliminates stress to the palm and wrist. It is not the lightest, but because of its strain-free construction, it is easy to navigate and lift.

  • Vertical design prevents RSI
  • Three levels of DPI
  • Five buttons including web browsing buttons
  • 8-minute auto-off
  • Four months of battery life
  • It has a power switch
  • It is too big for small hands

4. TechNet Pro 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Why we like it: It is available in different bright colors and using it is a breeze.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Most people agree that the TechNet Pro feels better than their ergonomic vertical mouse. This is mainly because it has a slight bump action on the scroll wheel which needs a light touch during use. It has two side buttons that speak of added practicality when using it.

With the help of TechNet’s TruWave technology, this mouse can track smoothly, responsively and more accurately. It suffers no lags and dropouts thanks to its advanced optical sensor. It will also connect automatically with the nano receiver up to a range of 15 meters if connection is lost during use. This is all thanks to TechNet’s Co-Link technology.

You get five DPI settings with TechNet Pro. It is a remedy for getting the ideal sensitivity when using it on sleek desktops and soft surfaces like jeans and cotton pants. The rubber grip also increases accuracy, and you will be happy with the indented dots on the other side for the thumb grip.

Battery Life and Convenient Features
If you are a heavy user, it runs for up to 12 months, but for occasional use, it can give you 18 months of battery life. This mouse will be useful for daily usage more so if you are a typist or if you game from time to time.

The nano receiver pairs right away after connecting it to the computer. If you are not using it but fear you could lose it, there’s a compartment at the base of the mouse when it can store easily. This allows you to travel stress-free since you will not be looking for the dongle in your luggage when you get down to using your laptop in a hotel room.

TechNet presents a durable mouse that is simple. It provides a stable connection using advanced technology that ensures you will never re-pair the device when a connection is lost at any time. The contoured rubber grip also indicates it is good to go for extended usage.

  • It is a plug-and-play mouse
  • It has a range of 15 meters
  • TruWave technology improves sensitivity
  • It maintains a connection using Co-Link technology
  • Five levels of DPI and five buttons
  • Soft rubber grips ]
  • Batteries are not included

5. AmazonBasic Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver

Why we like it: It is ultralight and small with an equally tiny nano receiver that can be stored in the laptop or mouse during travel.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse is pretty basic from the shape to the functionality. If you are looking for a computer mouse that you don’t need to use every day, you may be interested in this design. It follows the signature form of most mice with only three buttons.

The lack of side buttons makes it ambidextrous, so even lefties can have a go with it. It is light making it easy to navigate and lift at quick speeds. The surface is all rubberized so your hand will not be sliding when making right and left clicks. It also has four Teflon feet at the base that facilitate gliding.

This mouse uses a 2.4GHz dongle to establish a stable connection with your laptop, netbook, or desktop computer. It is compatible with Mac OS and Windows from 2000 to Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10. After plugging in the receiver, the mouse is ready to work with a distance range of up to 7 meters.

Convenient Features
AmazonBasics uses two AA batteries. Some people receive the mouse with the cells while others do not. We don’t understand why Amazon is not keen on that.

Its battery life at three months is average compared to other brands in this price range.

We find the optical sensor accurate for most activities but not gaming or drawing with Adobe software. It will also track well on a single color desktop or a plain mouse pad. If you have a glass or mirror surface, you can always get a mouse pad and use this mouse at your convenience.

The AmazonBasics design is as plain as they get when you want a dirt cheap wireless mouse. It can maintain a decent connection over a fair distance, and it is ultra-small. Without the extra features, it is ideal for basic home office or occasional use during travel.

  • It maintains responsive tracking on ideal surfaces
  • Easy to use with only three buttons
  • Rubberized surface prevents fingers from sliding
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows computers
  • Ultralight for simple navigation
  • Ambidextrous design
  • It has no additional functionality over lack of extra buttons

Best Cheap Wireless Mouse Under $50

1. Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

Why we like it: The trackball allows the cursor to move without moving the mouse. It can track on virtually any surface from the desk to the bed, and the receiver pairs with six devices.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Comfort is key with any mouse. And when you have little space to move the mouse, a trackball gives you the convenience of using your mouse like you would with a regular mouse that needs lots of tracking space.

Logitech M570 wireless tracking mouse is one of the most sought mice as it offers an ergonomic design. Your hand rests comfortably on the mouse, and your thumb moves the trackball effortlessly. It is not a big mouse so your hand can wrap around the device. This way, your fingers can quickly reach the navigation side buttons as well as the click buttons and the scroll wheel with no trouble.

You can use this mouse with up to six Unifying-compatible devices without switching out receivers. Say you have wireless keyboards; it is easy to pair with them so you won’t plug in multiple dongles in your laptop eating up USB space.

Battery Life Convenient Features
The advantage of having a tracking ball is that you not only get to use in on tight space desktops, but it can track on any surface. It can work on your lap as well as couches and rough benches at the park.

This mouse gives you 18 months of battery life when it is used regularly. With only one AA battery, not much weight is added to the device. It feels great in the hands meaning you get to use it for hours on end without additional fatigue.

You stand to benefit a lot with a wireless trackball mouse, and the Logitech M570 brings its A-game to the table. It provides a thoughtful way of using a mouse since your hand will not be moving. The mouse can be used for long periods allowing you to complete tasks fast.

  • All surface use owing to the tracking ball
  • Ideal for tight-space desktops
  • Ergonomic design ensures the hand is in a comfortable position
  • 18 months of battery life with only one AA battery
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, or 7, 8, & 10, and Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Up to 30ft wireless range
  • The trackball needs constant maintenance to work smoothly

2. Logitech M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse

Why we like it: It can pair with different Logitech peripherals while allowing hours of use thanks to the sculpted structure.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse comes in a sophisticated design that looks appealing for general use. For those who sit all day in front of a computer, it offers comfort to prevent injuries and conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is aimed at right-handers and helps the wrist achieve a neutral position such that it will not be a pivot point.

You will like that it has a broad surface that accommodates different hand sizes. This means it is shareable among family members. It explores a 3200DPI laser sensor that provides high sensitivity. It is coupled with a superfast scroll wheel that provides quick speeds when scrolling up and down long pages. It is the kind you pick if you read reports and need to keep referring back to pages.

The Logitech nano receiver is a distinct aspect of this mouse since you never have to remove it from your laptop. It uses 2.4GHz wireless frequency, and it can pair with up to six Logitech devices like other mice and keyboards. It has a decent working range of up to 10 square meters.

Battery Life and Convenient Features
This mouse has probably the longest battery life with only two AA batteries. It claims three years of running time which we are yet to see a complaint. A unique thing with this mouse is that you can use it with one battery which recalibrates its weight.

This means if you find 6.4 ounces to be too much to handle, you can install one of the batteries in the slot near the front or near the back. It is such a relief knowing you don’t have to contend with the weight if you want a comfortable mouse and the features offered by this model.

Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse is great in so many ways. From the 3-year battery life to the Unifying nano receiver and the unique ability to reduce the weight of the mouse, it stands out from the rest of the wireless mice in its class.

  • Superfast scrolling wheel
  • Unifying 2.4GHz dongle
  • It has a 10sqft. operating distance
  • Two AA batteries offer 3years battery life
  • Sculpted for comfortable right-handed use
  • The receiver can be left in the laptop during transport or stored in the battery compartment
  • There are two versions of this mouse that users have to watch not to get the less functional one

3. Microsoft Sculpt L6V-00001 Ergonomic Mouse

Why we like it: It is a remarkable entry-level ergonomic wireless mouse that can track on nearly all surfaces.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is a product every Windows user will love. It has a blue Windows button that is a nice touch for every user who begins each action from the start menu. It has an average size that is comfortable for most people except if you have large hands.

Everything about this mouse spells unique as it does not follow the typical design of computer mice. It has a circular shape coupled with a thumb scoop. This feature is critical since your thumb rests which helps the hand take on a natural position. The wrist is also catered for since you will be able to maintain a neutral posture.

With MicrosoftTrack technology, this mouse expresses superior tracking on all surfaces except glass and mirrored surfaces. It showcases excellent sensitivity such that your hand and the cursor will always be where you want.
You will love the scroll and zoom buttons on the side. Instead of clicking from site to site and continuously moving your hand, it provides quick navigating in and out pages.

Battery Life
With occasional use, it is easy to get twelve months from the two AA batteries, but if you are always at your desk, it can run for around five months. The mouse does not have an auto shut off feature, so if you leave it on, the battery will cut in as little as six months.

The good thing is that the first pair of batteries is included. If you find the battery cover popping out after you insert it, you probably have it inserted the back side upside down.

If you are having trouble with a regular contoured mouse, it is time to get a sculpted model that works to eliminate strain. Made for Windows 8, Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse is an easy pick for its comfort and tracking capabilities.

  • It has a thumb rest for natural hand positioning
  • The buttons are not loud
  • It has side scroll buttons
  • It uses MicrosoftTrack technology for use in most surfaces
  • 10ft stable wireless range
  • Two AA batteries offer a running time of up to 12 months
  • It leaves smudges on the surface

4. Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: It is a solid gaming mouse that experiences no lags. It can track on different surfaces thanks to Delta-Zero Sensor Technology.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Logitech G602 is built to last up to 20 million clicks owing to the microswitches. The Delta-Zero sensor is one of its kind as it represents excellent control, accuracy, and improved battery performance. It can track on most surfaces like polished desktops and multicolor counters.

This mouse is designed for right-handed users. It even has a thumb rest to help the hand relax naturally. For hardcore gamers, this is an excellent feature since you can play for as long as you would like and not end up with wrist pain.

You get six programmable buttons on one side that are all accessible by the thumb. This means you can create macros and assign key functions that you will want to employ on games. These buttons are all sculpted for easy recognition. They keep you concentrated on the game instead of looking down each time you need to enter a command.

The other five buttons on this mouse are all programmable to give you more gaming possibilities. It offers on the switch DPI changes from the lowest at 250DPI to the highest at 2500DPI. It provides accurate and speedy maneuvers to accomplish different roles like kill shots and finding hiding enemies.

Battery Life and Convenient Features
Logitech G602 uses two AA batteries that offer up to 250hours of endless gaming. If you are not using this mouse for gaming, you can switch from the performance to the endurance mode to get up to 1440 hours running time. It is also possible to remove one of the batteries to make it lighter if it feels heavy.

What’s more, this mouse employs a flashing LED when the battery is low so that you are never caught with a dead battery.

Logitech M602 is not just any other cheap gaming mouse. It scores well for general daily use, and gaming. With programmable buttons, it opens up possibilities for more functionalities. The thumb buttons are all easily reachable while you get uninterrupted performance owing to its Delta Zero Sensor.

  • 250 hours of gaming
  • Lag-free Delta-Zero sensor operates on the 2.4GHz wireless frequency
  • 20-million clicks using micro switches
  • Power saving mode and a long life endurance mode for general use
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • It has a thumb rest
  • It can feel heavy with two batteries, but it is manageable by removing one battery

5. Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball

Why we like it: is a compact trackball mouse that provides usage in small spaces. It is ambidextrous design for both right-handers and lefties.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball uses a gliding ball for precise mouse control. It allows usage around cramped desktops and easy portability since it has a small footprint. The mouse follows an ergonomic and ambidextrous look that helps reduce the effects of repetitive mouse use on the wrist.

This model has two buttons one of the right and the other on the left. These are programmable buttons where you can customize them using Kensington’s TrackballWorks software. It gives you more functionality since you can add keyboard shortcuts and adjust the scroll and cursor speeds.

The centered trackball uses a red optical sensor for accurate tracking. It allows touch scrolling on the outer ring of the ball for fast scrolling through pages.

The trackball connects to your laptop wirelessly using a small nano receiver that operates on the 2.4GHz frequency. The receiver is so tiny that it does not need to be removed from the notebook when you close it. The dongle also stores in the battery compartment for safe transport.

Battery Life and Convenient Features
The Kensington Trackball uses two AA batteries with a running time of about six months. This period is with heavy use so suppose you are using it for three hours a day and turning it off after use, it should go for as long as eight months.

It does not have a save power mode so you have to be keen to switch it off or you will have a drained battery before you know it. The good thing is that the cells do not add much weight to the mouse since it is already lightweight.

Known for their remarkable accessories, Kensington proceeds with precision in everything they touch. This particular Trackball Wireless Mouse has unique features that make it distinct among other similarly designed mice. It retains a high level of accuracy, and you get to customize the functions of the two buttons.

  • It is ambidextrous
  • 32mm trackball
  • Helps solve pain from repetitive mouse use
  • Allows touch scrolling
  • Uses an accurate optical sensor
  • Receiver can be stored in the trackball
  • Touch scroll has to be adjusted using the software for it to work correctly

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Wireless Mouse

A computer mouse is a simple device whose functions cannot be understated. If you choose to go wireless, there are a few considerations you need to remember.

Here’s how a wireless mouse works.

Why go Wireless?

A wireless mouse brings convenience. When you have so many cables around, a wired mouse is likely to get tangled among other wires like your headphones, especially during travel. With a wireless mouse, you have no worries about dragging other stuff around your desk or the cord being caught at the corner of the desk as you scroll.

What’s more, you don’t need to use the mouse around your laptop. You can use in on the couch and enjoy browsing or gaming from a comfortable position. This aspect works best if you have a TV that is also a monitor, so you don’t need to be next to it to navigate the functions.

Wireless mice also come with a versatile receiver such that it can be paired with other devices like keyboards. It goes a long way to keep a neat working space.

The compact design makes them more ideal for travel since you can stuff it in small spaces without damaging any components. Also, the dongle stores in the mouse.

Are there any Disadvantages?

The freedom of movement with a wireless mouse comes with dealing with a lost connection from time to time since they mostly connect over 2.4GHz wireless frequency which is the same frequency used by most machines and wireless devices.

Dead batteries is another issue if it occurs at the wrong time. Although most of them have at least a few months of battery life, we forget to replace them until it’s too late.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wireless Mouse


This is the most important consideration as it all comes down to the user experience. You will need to factor in your grip style, shape, weight, and size of the mouse.

Grip Style

There are three different grip styles. These include palm, claw, and fingertip grips. The palm style is the most common as it involves a relaxed method of holding the mouse such that you will use your entire arm and hand to move the mouse. For this style, you will need a high arch mouse.

Claw grip mouse users will need a lightweight mouse with a medium arch since you usually use the tips of index and middle fingers to click the mouse while your palm is near the bottom of the mouse.

Fingertip style although not common will also need a lightweight mouse but with a high arch since the palm is not near the mouse.


The way the mouse is sculpted speaks a lot about how it feels after using it for a long time. Here we are talking about things like a contoured or ergonomic design that either follows the curves of your hand or encourages the hand to achieve a neutral position. Some ergonomic mice have vertical shapes while others have a thumb rest. It will depend on your preferences.

Optical vs. Laser Sensors
Your mouse should be able to track on different surfaces by moving smoothly and registering every motion. All mice transmit optical data, but not all mice project the data using an optical sensor.

An optical mouse uses infrared or red LED that is focused onto a beam to transmit data while a laser mouse uses an invisible beam. Optical mice track well on rough or non-glossy surfaces like desktops while laser mice can track on glossy and non-glossy surfaces.

On tracking technology, you will also find exclusive sensors like the Blue Track used on Microsoft mice or laser-grade and Delta-Zero sensors used by Logitech.

Customizable Settings

Being able to control how fast the scroll wheel moves and the speed of the cursor are just as important to any wireless mouse. With support software, you will be able to customize the features of your device to give you personalized results with each use.


You will find that most of the wireless mice on the market are designed for right-handed use because of the two side buttons. Ambidextrous mice rarely have extra buttons so if you want more buttons on a left-handed mouse, you may stretch your budget to find one that works well.

Final Words

Get more hands on deck with one of our Best Cheap Wireless Mouse. We have researched the specs offered by each of these brands to pick only the products that have unique features. Whether you want an ergonomically designed model, for gaming, travel, or general use, you can depend on top choices.