Best Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds 2020 Under $50


If you want to listen to your favorite tracks, radio or podcasts, the best cheap Bluetooth earbuds under $50 are a great alternative. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get good earbuds. Even if you are in love with the crystal-clear sound and good bass, you can still find quality solutions within your budget.

These types of earbuds can be used while driving as most states forbid using phones while on the wheel. You can also use them in the gym where cables could get in the way of your workout. The earbuds can also be used while out shopping or on your way to work. Their practicality cannot be denied.

Features to Consider in Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds

Since there are many options to consider, a good starting point involves having a look at.

Weather resistance

Weatherproof designs are now categorized. Most affordable options can fall under the IPX7 waterproof rating which means that the products are reliable in different weather conditions. They can work during the rain but they can also maintain their profile with no sweat damages in time. Depending on the activities you plan to have while wearing the earbuds, you should look for weatherproofing to protect the electric parts.

Battery life

Modern Bluetooth earbuds come with integrated and rechargeable batteries. Their performance is vastly different depending on their size and on the time you spend listening to music. An 85 mAh battery lasts up to 8 hours on average. The standby time is 240 hours for these batteries, on the average.

Charging time

If you use the earbuds every day, charging time becomes an important aspect. All users want the batteries to charge quickly. But most devices on the market fully charge in an hour. You should consider your charging time if you prefer to use the earbuds in the morning for jogging or going to the gym.

Best Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50

1. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Why we like it: Made with an elegant design, the earbuds have a battery life of up to 9 hours.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with a modern design and available in different colors for both men and women, the earbuds are among the leading solutions in the class of affordable solutions. But they are not made sacrificing crucial features for performance. Even more, they come with a waterproof design which means they are safe from rain and sweat.

In terms of comfort, the earbuds use memory foam which is one of the softest solutions on the market. Naturally following the contour of your ear canal, memory foam is one of the reliable materials even when you plant to wear the earbuds for long periods of time.

Convenient features
With HD sound and improved bass, they are made for all types of music. Podcasts also sound great with a rich bass. One of their biggest advantages comes with their range. Since they work up to 33 feet away from your phone or tablet, they are a good choice while in the gym. In many cases, gym-goers do not carry the phone on them on some exercises and this is where the earbuds can prove their real worth.

With a battery life between 7 and 9 hours, the earbuds can be the solution for multiple gym or running sessions. Cyclists can also use them a few times before recharging. With integrated hands-free and microphone, they are also a quick solution for taking calls.

Using them every day is not too complicated. They are comfortable to wear and easy to charge. It takes about one and a half hours to fully charge the earbuds.

With comparable audio quality to premium earbuds, the quality recommends them for the ultimate hands-free experience.

  • Made with a modern design
  • Waterproof design
  • Up to 9 hours of battery life
  • Noise-canceling design
  • Battery quality can be improved

2. Syncwire Bluetooth Headphones

Why we like it: With a single multifunction button, the earbuds can control the last number redial, the voice assistant answering or rejecting calls.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
With a modern design, the earbuds are up to date when compared to some top alternatives on the market. They have a sporty profile and are recommended for active people. If you like to run, hike, cycle or train at the gym, they can be among the recommended options to consider. Since they have a sporty profile, the also come with IPX7 sealing against water and sweat damage. Their design can also be customized to a certain degree. For this purpose, they come with 3 types of soft ear tips which are made to fit all sizes and to offer the much-needed comfort during physical activity.

Convenient features
One of the most convenient features of the earbuds comes with their impressive battery life. With a performance between 9 and 11 hours, they represent a real solution for many people. At the same time, they are among the few options with long life batteries so they can be used for other purposes beyond sport, such as commuting.

Another convenient feature comes with dual device pairing. You can listen to music from different phones, tablets or laptops and this makes the earbuds truly versatile in certain environments where you would listen to your own music or the music from other people’s devices, such as at the gym.

The multi-function button is worth considering as well. It comes with the last number redial, voice assistant, call audio switch, answering and ignoring calls functions. The simplicity of the system is what recommends the earbuds in busy environments. With 350 hours of standby time, the earbuds can be among the long-life solutions which are certainly recommended for longer workouts.

The earbuds are primarily recommended if you want a longer battery life and a simpler one-button operation.

  • Great comfort level
  • Fits all ears
  • Long battery life
  • Made to pair with multiple devices
  • Sound can be muffled

3. Littlejian Bluetooth Headphones

Why we like it: With physical volume rockers and a sporty design, the earbuds are easy to use even for the inexperienced user.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
With a profile aimed towards the sporty person, the earbuds are made for running, cycling, driving or walking. They are lightweight and it is why they can be worn even on long-running sessions where heavier alternatives come with a high degree of discomfort. One of the major design strengths comes with the bone-conductor engineering. Unlike similar options, they don’t need to go inside the ear as the sound is transmitted to the auditory nerve. It also means that they are highly recommended against ear damage.

Convenient features
The design of the earbuds favors sound loss and interference from exterior sounds. With DSP noise reduction, the earbuds are recommended for environments where you would deal with multiple sounds such as when traveling by train or in the gym where you might have ambient music as well.

The earbuds come with 5 hours of battery life. While it is not the longest battery life, it is enough for most users who need to cover their daily activities. However, with a 200 mAh battery, the performance could have been improved.

Made with Bluetooth 5.0, the earbuds are the perfect solution for practically taking calls. So while you listen to music, you don’t have to take them off to answer an incoming call. It is why they are also recommended while at work when you might need to deal with a large number of incoming calls.

The earbuds are made with a design which does not damage the ears, recommended for physical activity.

  • Unique design
  • Solid volume rockers
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Sweat-resistant design
  • Standby time of up to 10 days
  • Battery life can be improved

4. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Why we like it: The affordable earbuds are recommended for those seeking better battery life with HD sound quality.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed to last, the earbuds are among the affordable solutions which can be used every day. Even if they do not come with the same quality materials seen in more expensive alternatives, they offer HD sound which is what you need in the first place. With a comfortable wearing experience, the earbuds are recommended for all types of situations. Training while wearing them is indeed recommended.

Convenient features
With up to 9 hours of playback, the earbuds impress with their battery life. Even more, they manage to offer a wireless performance which is seen as impressive when it comes to sound quality. With the help of the integrated microphone, they can even work for taking calls or recording which makes them a good replacement for regular headphones.

The sweatproof design allows you to wear them while running or hiking. But even so, they manage to be a solution which can be used up to 30 feet from your smartphone. But in most cases, it is recommended to keep your mobile device close in order to avoid interferences. If you don’t mind the limited 1-year warranty, the earbuds can be your daily solution for listening to your favorite tracks.

With comfortable silicone materials and noise-canceling sealing, the earbuds are recommended for everyday use.

  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • 1-2 hours charging time
  • HD sound quality
  • Secure comfort fit
  • Not the best materials

5. Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones

Why we like it: HD stereo and the long battery life recommend the earbuds for most people who love outdoor activities.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with a waterproof design, the earbuds can be worn in all weather conditions. They represent one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to simplicity. This can be seen in the way the volume buttons are designed. With a subtle approach, they manage to go largely unnoticed and this can only be seen as a major plus, especially if you want to avoid tangling your hair in the buttons as with other designs.

There are three rubber earbuds to choose from. The choice is made according to the size of your ears as the manufacturer facilitates proper comfort for all users. The secure fit is also a matter of sizing in this case.

Convenient features
The 10mm speakers are capable to offer HD sound quality. It is often worth adjusting your volume levels as the memory foam tips can be quite close to your ears without having to listen to music at the highest volume settings. The built-in microphone also works to offer an improved overall freedom which can be seen in situations where you could not use your hands. Hiking, training at the gym or driving become easier with an integrated microphone.

Another convenient feature comes with the playback time. With up to 11 hours of playback time, the earbuds are highly recommended when it comes to long training sessions or long driving sessions. Even the standby time is impressive. With up to 350 hours of standby time, the earbuds are made for the time when you leave home, such as weekends away. With an improved transmission distance of up to 40 feet, they are also recommended for more freedom of movement.

The comfortable foam design and the extra battery life recommends the earbuds for all types of situations.

  • Up to 11 hours battery life
  • 30-40ft range
  • 350 hours standby time
  • Lifetime sweatproof warranty
  • Sound quality can be improved

6. Kissral Bluetooth Headphone

Why we like it: With a compact design, the Bluetooth headphone is recommended for busy professionals.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with a compact design and a single headphone, it is a recommended solution when on the go. Keeping your hands free is essential when at work or when traveling to work. But the compact profile also recommends the headphone while driving. There are many reasons to consider other types of dual headphones but the single design has a good appeal in many situations. With a weight of just 3.5 grams, it represents one of the most lightweight solutions and it is highly recommended for wearing all day long.

Convenient features
The sound quality is not the best but it is clear and this is mainly to the noise-canceling design. At the same time, the earbuds are recommended when it comes to better functionality. For this purpose, the single button operation proves to be a major plus.

It is also convenient that the headphone has a good battery life. Users can expect up to 8 hours of battery life with a charging time of up to two hours.

Other convenient features include the ability to pair it with multiple devices. You can connect the headphone to two mobile devices if needed. In this situation, the pairing can work with both your work phone and your personal phone. If you are using iOs, it also comes with a battery indicator which can be useful and which can be visible on both devices.

With a short transmission range, it is not really made for the gym-goer but rather for the professional who is always on the go and who needs a reliable solution for a hands-free experience.

The Bluetooth device is recommended for most people who prefer lightweight solutions with a weight of just 3.5 grams.

  • Can be paired with two devices
  • Lightweight construction
  • Long battery and standby time
  • Noise-cancellation design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sound quality can be improved

7. FeliSun Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Why we like it: With a stylish design, the earbuds are recommended for the design-orientated user.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made in different stand-out colors such as rose gold, silver, black or gold, the earbuds are among the most stylish solutions in the class. They are still affordable and they maintain a lightweight profile recommended in any weather. The waterproof construction recommends the earbuds even while walking in the rain. They are also protected against sweat damage which has been one of the biggest enemies of traditional earbuds.

Convenient features
With a range of up to 33 ft. they are among the solutions which can be used in different scenarios. Apart from the fact that they can work with both Android and Apple devices, they are among the solutions which can even be further away from the source device which allows better comfort and a simpler user experience.

Based on Bluetooth 4.1, the earbuds are actually quick to connect to many devices. At the same time, they offer a runtime of 3 hours at the highest quality. This is not the best battery life but it can be enough if you are not training or running for a long time or if you don’t need a solution at work for the entire day. The standby time of the earbuds is 40 hours so you will need to charge them after two days eventually.

However, the shorter battery life also has its benefits. Made with a smaller 50 mAh battery, the earbuds are also lighter which means they come with a more comfortable experience when compared to most of its alternatives.

As one of the lightest solutions on the market, the earbuds are recommended for a simple stand-out design.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Waterproof design
  • Compatible with Android and iOs
  • Original color range
  • Short battery life

8. XG-WIN Wireless Earbuds

Why we like it: Made with wireless charging, the earbuds are among the most practical solutions on the market.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with a compact and modern design, the earbuds are highly practical. Even the magnetic or wireless charging offers an impressive approach. They come in a case which also holds the charger. It means that you can simply place the earbuds into their location in the case to allow them to charge.

They are also designed with touch functionality. It replaces traditional buttons and it makes the earbuds more interactive. The way the system works is simply by touching one time to play, stop or answer a call. Touching the earbuds one time but longer will turn off the earbuds. The double touch works for selecting the next song or simply to reject an incoming call.

Convenient features
With a battery life of 5-6 hours for talking or 3-4 hours of playing, the earbuds are at the same level as the average solutions on the market. Another convenient feature comes with the integrated battery display. The way it works is that the earbuds indicate their battery charging level directly on your smartphone.

With touch controls and the ability to conveniently charge the battery, the earbuds are recommended for multiple activities.

  • Convenient charging interface
  • Integrated microphone
  • Sweatproof design
  • Hands-free calling
  • Tiny for some users

9. DENISY Bluetooth Headphones

Why we like it: With included equalizer software, the earbuds can be adjusted for a custom sound quality.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The earbuds are made with simple plastic and rubber materials. They come with small, medium and large ear tips which are recommended when it comes to the ultimate fit. At the same time, they are among the options to be considered when it comes to outdoor activities, as they remain in position regardless of your movements.

Convenient features
The earbuds offer good audio quality. While it is not at the same level with the best options in the affordable class, the audio quality can be fine-tuned directly from your smartphone. Using Bluetooth 4.1, it connects to your smartphone instantly for a good data transfer.

You can listen to your favorite tracks for up to 4 hours. Once the batteries are drained, you will need to recharge the earbuds for 2 hours. The good news is that the design facilitates noise cancellation and you will not need to listen to music at the highest volume for this purpose. With a weight of just 11 grams, they are among the lightest in their class and this recommends them if you have sensitive ears.

As one of the lightest solutions in their class, the earbuds are recommended when you only need a short battery life.

  • Lightweight at 11 grams
  • Compatibility with iPod, iPhone, and Android
  • Noise cancellation design
  • Built-in microphone
  • Not the best battery life

10. ZGuue

Why we like it: With an elegant design, the earbuds are recommended when you want to maintain a low profile in various situations.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with an elegant design, the earbuds are even hard to notice while wearing. They are recommended for work, training or while driving. While they are not as secure for fitness activities as some other designs, they are comfortable and many users can benefit from their simplistic design.

They even come in a charging case which ensures you will not lose them while traveling and which also ensure maximum charging practicality. Made to suit most ear shapes, they are very easy to take off as well.

Convenient features
With convenient connectivity, the earbuds can be used across a wide range of devices. Apple devices such as an iPod or an iPhone are easy to work with. But the earbuds can also be connected to Android devices such as phones and tablets. With ultimate freedom in terms of connectivity, the earbuds are highly recommended when it comes to better wire-free music listening experience across a range of devices.

The earbuds even come with 18 months warranty. This is considerably more than the average alternative as a testament to their durability. Available on white only, they can be the solution for all types of activities and outfits.

With a minimalistic design, the earbuds are made to be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices.

  • Included carrier and charger
  • Designed with LED battery indicator
  • Strong signal up to 30 feet
  • Comfortable for the ears
  • Not best for running

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds

Choosing your own earbuds is not too complicated. It should always be fun as you are going to use the earbuds for entertainment. In many cases, you might also use them for work and it is where call quality is important as well. But since the earbuds are useful while doing sports or while driving, it is important to have a safe design which remains in position and which is also hassle-free.


The comfort of the earbuds is highly debatable. This is mainly due to the fact that each ear is different in size. So if they feel comfortable for a certain person, it doesn’t mean they will be comfortable for you.

It is why you see many started packs which come with different size ear tips. They work great when it comes to the ultimate fit and they are recommended for all users. These tips are often categorized in small, medium and large. But they can also prove to be useful in case you plan to borrow your earbuds to a friend or to a family member.

The comfort is also influenced by the way they are designed. While some ear tips go into the ear canal, other earbuds use designs which transmit through the bone to the auditory nerve. It is why you need to pay attention to the design and to what is comfortable for your ears. In case you have narrow ear canals, you can even experience pain and irritation with large earbuds. The good news is that there are many great solutions to consider. Many users find the designs which use memory foam to be the most comfortable. But at the same time, even these designs can be categorized by size.

Battery life

Battery life is among the leading features to consider with earbuds. It generally varies from 4 to 11 hours and it is vastly different from design to design. Largely influenced by the physical size of the batter, the battery life is among your priorities as a user. If you are a regular gym-goer, having a battery life of just a few hours is fine. If you cycle for tens of miles, you may need earbuds with longer battery life. At the same time, if you plan to use them at work, you might need to go through a full 8-hour day on a single charge. It is why you should consider the options you have when it comes to the ultimate freedom and the ability to maximize your own battery performance with tips such as lowering the volume.

Audio quality

The audio quality is also highly debatable. Even devices which advertise HD sound quality might be lacking in true value. But some of the best cheap Bluetooth earbuds offer impressive audio quality which is comparable to what you can find in mid-range and high-range designs.

Some earbuds can even be adjusted through dedicated apps, especially when it comes to bass control. But most solutions on the market are not actually made for the most impressive sound quality but rather to offer a good return on investment with a balanced approach.

Audio quality can also be influenced by other factors. For example, it can be influenced by things such as exterior noises. It is why noise-canceling designs are so popular in this category. But other problems can arise from the actual range of the earbuds. It is why you will see most products struggling to maintain music clarity past the 30 feet mark via Bluetooth. While there are a few exceptions, it is really hard to find solutions to work with due to other wireless devices interfering with your own earbuds.


It is not really an issue with most solutions, but durability can be poor. The biggest durability enemy comes with sweat. It damages the earbuds over time and it can be one of the issues users struggle with. Water protection designs are recommended in this situation. It can also be a good solution to look for such designs if you are wearing the earbuds outside the house or the office. If you run outside, it is highly likely to run in the rain from time to time and you want to minimize the risks it comes with to your earbuds. Even more, it is also the case that they can fail in terms of sound clarity during the rain and it is why you want to invest in products which tackle this issue with proper sealing.


The versatility of the earbuds is a problem. While most sports designs are made for active people, not all solutions can be used in an office environment. At the same time, not all compact solutions made for the office worker can be used while in the gym. So what is the best solution for ultimate versatility? It is often recommended to choose the design which is made for the most demanding activity. If you plan to go to the gym after your office hours, it is recommended to choose a sporty design as they tend to stay on the ears better. If you only go to the gym sporadically, an elegant and compact design is recommended for an office environment.


Not all earbuds come with built-in microphones. You will need to establish if you really need one yourself. While the price difference is not considerable, it is often recommended to choose the solution which works best when it comes to your needs. Taking calls is very easy with the earbuds and you should only invest in a design with a microphone. At the same time, by doing so, you will not need to upgrade anytime soon just because you realized you don’t want to take your earbuds off when you have an incoming call.


With so many fantastic designs, it is even difficult to establish what works best for you. But it is time to choose the options which work for your needs and for your outfits as well. If you have a certain favorite sports outfit, you can pair it with your earbuds. Some manufacturers even offer earbuds in different colors for this purpose. It is also true that most designs are unisex and they can be differentiated by color.

Earbuds F.A.Q.

If you are still unsure about which earbuds to choose, there might be a few questions you have to get a better idea on your purchase.

How long do earbuds last?

Earbuds last for about 7 hours in average on a single charge. Most modern designs are made to be charged between one and two hours. While there are solutions which work great even longer, you will find that they might even struggle to maintain sound quality past this mark. It is often the audio quality which has to suffer as your batteries are nearly empty.

Can I connect earbuds to my Android phone?

Some earbuds can only be connected to Apple devices. Others can only be connected to Android devices. Each product comes with the compatibility information in the product description. If you have multiple devices on different operating systems, it is recommended to choose a versatile solution which can handle both systems.

How long do earbuds need to charge?

An average product can be charged in about an hour. In some cases, full charges are not required. But good battery practices involve charging fully every time. In some cases, the batteries can be charged within an hour, but it largely depends on each design to see a shorter charging time. Fast charging is not available in budget designs.

Can I connect multiple devices to my earbuds?

Most earbuds cannot be connected to multiple devices. But some designs can work with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. The principle is simple. You connect to the first device and then switch off the Bluetooth connectivity before pairing the second device. When the second device is paired, you can switch on the Bluetooth connectivity for the first device as well and you have two connected devices. It can be useful when you pair your personal phone and your work phone. At the same time, it can also be useful if you want to connect a tablet or a phone. It proves to be a great choice when it comes to handling multiple music, news or podcast sources.

How can I see the battery status of the earbuds?

Most devices come with some type of low battery indicator. It can come under the shape of an LED indicator but it can also come integrated into your phone’s display just as the battery of your smartphone. If you do not have a battery indicator, it is recommended to keep your batteries fully charged before using the earbuds.

Final thoughts

When it comes to the best cheap Bluetooth earbuds, it is worth having a look at the endless options on the market. Various designs and features make each product different. But in the end, you might need to make a choice based on what you actually need, rather than what other users need.

It is why the audio quality should reflect your expectations together with the battery life. The practicality should also be according to what you might be used from other devices. Simply charging the earbuds in their storage box is now possible. Furthermore, it is also recommended to work with solutions which allow you a good overall return on investment with balanced characteristics. It is why you have the ability to choose designs made with comfortable materials which do not damage your ears. Your earbuds should also come with a minimum product warranty. Having them covered by warranty also reassures you that the products are replaced in case of any manufacturing defects which can arise, especially in the affordable range. Most importantly, the earbuds should come with clear sound which is constant even on low batteries.