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A Cheap Weed Eater Keeps Your Lawn Neat and Tidy

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Small enough to fit in places that your lawnmower can’t go, having a good weed eater is key to maintaining a well-manicured lawn. In fact, having clean and precise edges is one of the most noticeable aspects of a landscape. As their name suggests, these handy lawn tools are also great at taking out weeds and tall grass that could otherwise clog up a standard mower. Whether you are looking to save money on a weed eater powered by gas, outlet, or battery, you’ll want to read our tips for shopping below.

How-to Guide for Picking Out a Cheap Weed Eater

The ten models above have narrowed down your options. Choosing any of them is undoubtedly a smart choice. In this section, we will see the factors that should influence your buying decision. By considering these features, you will be better equipped to buy the best weed eater for you.

Type of Weed Eater

The mini buying guide has been deemed to be in-depth about the different kinds of weed eaters. Here is how it affects your buying decision.

Gas-Powered Weed Eaters

These models run on gas and generate plenty of power. If you have a large property, this is likely your best option. The gas-powered weed eater works without limits as long as there is gas in the tank. It might be slightly heavy, but it offers excellent mobility.

This type of weed eater is also the most common type on the market. As a result, there are several options you can choose from.

From our testing and reviews from other users, we recommend that you choose a gas-powered weed eater that has an adjustable handle. It is also smart to have indicators that will show the gas level of the tank.

Downsides of this type include being heavy, noisy, and fumes-emitting.

Corded Electric Weed Eater

If you have a small garden or yard and have an outlet nearby, the corded electric weed eater is an excellent choice. These models come with short cords. Thus you might need to get a compatible long extension cord. The corded electric weed eater’s main advantage is that it can be used indefinitely without requiring fuelling or charging.

Battery-Powered Weed Eater

These models are usually more expensive than the corded electric weed eater, but if you have a large property and want something quiet and friendly for the environment, it is an excellent choice.

Size and Design

It is essential to consider the size and the design of the weed eater. There are several weed eaters on the market, with each one coming with a unique design. For example, some weed eaters come with straight shafts, while others feature curved shafts.

The advantage of straight shafts is that it allows you to cut tight, hard-to-reach spots very efficiently.

Curved shafts are generally more comfortable to hold and use. Hence, it offers you better control of the machine. However, it isn’t great for tight spaces.

Whether your weed eater comes with a straight shaft or a curved shaft, it is essential to look out for adjustable shafts. The adjustable shaft allows you to customize the tool’s height, affecting the level of control and maneuverability you will enjoy.

Trimming Area

If you are trimming a large area, you require a weed eater to service the entire area quickly. In such cases, it wouldn’t be smart to buy a corded electric weed eater.

Even if you opt for a battery-operated weed eater, you must ensure that the battery capacity is enough to take care of large areas without constant recharging.

For folks with small, enclosed spaces, a corded weed eater might be the smarter, more effective, and cheaper choice.

Power Source

As earlier discussed, there are several means of powering the weed eater.

If you are looking for professional-looking lawns and need to clear extensive areas, you would be better served by a gas-powered weed eater. You should have a readily available supply of gas while using this machine.

As for the corded weed eaters, you must ensure that a power source is close by. Battery-powered weed eaters run on batteries, and these batteries have different runtimes. Hence, it might be smart to have extra batteries available so that you can continue working while charging.

Cutting Width

The cutting width is an essential consideration when choosing a weed eater. This factor refers to how wide the cutting area of the weed eater is. Some of the weed eaters on the market have cutting widths of as little as 10”, while others have cutting widths up to 18”. If you have a small space, it might be better to choose a weed eater with a small cutting width. However, for large areas, similarly, large cutting widths are recommended.


Since you will be carrying the tool throughout the time you use it, you must consider the weight. You should buy a weed eater that you can move comfortably, not just for a moment, but for extended periods.

Ease of Use

You should look for a weed eater that allows you to use it with ease. It can be difficult for seniors or those without much arm strength to start some weed eaters. Hence, consider buying weed eaters that have a smart start system. It will make your life easier. 

Final Words

Choosing the best weed eater under $100/$200 can be challenging. Thankfully, this review and guide contain the information you need to select the right model. Use it as you shop for your weed eater. You will be glad you did.