Pouting On Your Best Fac

Pouting on Your Best Face: How to Recognize Great Lipstick

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Lipstick is the cornerstone of any great beauty regime, or any workday look. A reliable, gorgeous looking lipstick can uplift your mood and look and won’t smudge or fade over the course of a long day or longer night.

Of course, like all beauty products, lipstick can get incredibly expensive. However, a cheap lipstick need not be a bad lipstick, and this article will take you through the core considerations to keep in mind before you pick up your next stick.

Understand Your Skin Color

Identify your skin tone so that your lipstick works with your look not against it.

Know Your Skin Tone

you can identify your skin tone by holding up a piece of white paper under your chin in natural sunlight. If the shadow produced is red, blue, or purple, you have a cool tone. However, if it is yellow, beige or brown, you have a warm skin tone.

Alternatively, you can check the colors of the veins on your wrist. A cool skin tone has blue or purple veins while a warm tone tends to have green veins.

Find a Color That Works for You

Your complexion matters a lot when buying any lipstick. You can be dark, medium or light skin.

Red, pink, and peachy colors work best with light or fair complexions. You can also use bright and broad colors to complement your skin.

 On the other hand, nudes, red, orange and pink work perfectly for olive, medium, and tan complexions while purple, corals, mauves, and orange shades are suitable for dark skin.

Test the Lipstick on Your Wrist

The best and only real way to test your lipstick is by applying some to your wrist and seeing how it looks!

Look for the Right Texture

The right texture of lipstick for you depends on what you’re looking for out of your choice.

Do You Have Dry Lips?

Do you have dry lips? A moisturizing lipstick is the best for you. However, if you do not suffer from flaky, dry lips, use a matte, shimmery, long-lasting lipstick.

Choose Lipsticks for Their Intended Purpose

Cream lipsticks work well for casual looks while maintaining a hydrated look.

Satin or glossy lipsticks are suitable for a long day and a shimmer finish. They also add volume to your lips while concealing any lines and wrinkles. The glossy lipsticks, however, are not best for dry lips since they dry pretty fast.

Matte lipsticks are best at giving a velvety finish. They are long-lasting although not great for dry lips.

Find the Right Brand of Lipstick

A good lipstick is one that is neither oily nor rigid but somewhere in between. It should also be stiff and slick. A crumbling and greasy lipstick will do you no good.

The next thing you need to check on is the quality of the package. If the cap is easy to move, that means the lipstick will break and mess your items.

Lastly, ask whether the brand has a return policy just in case the product does not mean your expectations. You can also ask if the store has samples for you to take home with you.

Shelf life

Most lipsticks have 3 years shelf-life. Do not take a product that has completed its first or second shell-life year. Choose a lipstick whose manufacturing date is much closer. This way, the product will serve you for longer.

Do Not Buy the Same Shade Every Time

It’s time you stepped out of your comfort zone. You may have one or two shades you love most. But after knowing your skin tone and color, you can easily try out other shades that will also complement your skin. Some great brands have different colors of the same look. Why not purchase a set and try out new sophisticated looks?


Some lipsticks have natural formula while others have different chemical compositions. Do not just buy a brand because of its logo. Some ingredients like Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, and Parabens are a cause for alarm. They can have adverse reactions on you and it is important you avoid them wherever possible.

Avoid Replicas

Today, the market has both legit and fake products. The replicas look exactly like the originals. It is however important you read on reviews from other users before buying a product that looks just like the brand you are used to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply Lipstick Properly?

The first step is applying lip balm. This helps smooth your lips and reduce crevices. Then, apply a lip liner that looks like your lips. Alternatively, if you have dry lips, you can use an exfoliating lip balm to remove any dead skin or flakes.

Once you are done, apply the lipstick from the center of the upper lip to the edges. When you’ve achieved the desired look, blot your lips.

What Do I Apply First?

If you have dry lips, it may make the lipstick look uneven and rough. Slough it off with sugar scrub or soft bristle toothbrush then apply the lipstick. You can also apply concealer or a lip balm.

What Is a Matte Lipstick?

Matte lipsticks have more wax and less oil. They have a rich, deep color. With less oil, the texture of the lipstick may feel dry and can in effect cause cracks and crevices on lips.

Is Lipstick Helpful for Lips?

Absolutely. With the right ingredients, applying some lipstick may be helpful. Lipstick forms a protective barrier on the lips. They can protect us from wind and cold. Some lipsticks have elements to help repair damaged and cracked lips. It all depends on the type of your lips and the ingredients in the lipstick.

What Is a Nude Lipstick?

There is no specific definition to a nude lipstick, since we all have different skin tones. However, nude lipstick is one that resembles your skin tone or can be a little darker for visibility. It could be in matte brown or satin tan shades.

What Are the Features and Benefits of a Good Lipstick?

A good lipstick should have a moisturizing effect on dry skin. On normal skin, it should have a matte effect. In both cases, the lipstick should be long-lasting and have a moist, silky, and velvety feel. Applying lipstick is also beneficial since it is a protective barrier against cold, UV light, and wind. Besides, applying lipstick gives you a radiant, elegant and vibrant look.

Can Lipstick Cause Cancer?

No, that is just a myth. Rumors were going around the media that Butyl Benzyl Phthalate, an element in lipsticks, causes breast cancer. These rumors, however, are not true.

Can I Apply Lipstick Without a Liner?

Yes you can by using the lipstick like a liner. Carefully draw a line using a cotton swab, a brush or the lipstick. No matter what you use, you will still create beautiful lips.

Wrapping Up

Lipstick can be used on all skin types, from tanned to light-skin. It’s just about finding the one that suits you. Do not forget to purchase one that rhymes with your skin color and shade.s

A good lipstick speaks volumes. It uplifts the look on your face and gives a positive first impression to strangers.