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A Cheap Soundbar Brings Movie Theater Sound Home

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If you want movie-theater quality sound but don’t want to deal with the cost and the hassle of buying and installing a full surround sound system, a soundbar may be just what you are looking for. Not only do these long, horizontal speakers put out loud, clear sound and booming bass, many also simulate the experience of full surround sound. If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to bring the cinema home, take a look at the guide below and shop for a soundbar.

Guide to Finding a Cheap Soundbar Under $100

Some of the best cheap soundbars of the moment are made to offer consistent performance at a high level. Even if it seems unlikely good sound can be enjoyed at such a low price, the products above prove this is not actually the case. Suppose the sound quality is comparable to what is offered by more expensive products. In that case, connectivity options are absolutely the same, and users don’t need to feel as if they are missing out from this perspective.

Speakers and Decoding

The speakers are the most important for audio quality. But the way they are used is important as well. It is not common to find Dolby Digital decoding on cheap speakers as it is not common to find high-frequency ranges. But a few exceptions apply, as with any unwritten rule.

Most soundbars use four speakers. Two of these speakers can be used for bass. But soundbars with extra subwoofers can be found as well. Many products don’t offer an additional subwoofer as this would defeat the soundbar’s purpose in the first place.

The real audio quality might not be like the premium soundbars, especially for the bass quality. Affordable soundbars are sufficient for watching movies, talk shows, or playing occasional games. They are mainly made for home use, and in a compact environment, they can provide enough audio quality to suit all needs.


Soundbars today are very different then what they used to be. They are more compact and better suited for all TVs as they come with a universal design. This is why they can easily fit into any room and on any type of furniture. Where there is no furniture, the soundbar can also be installed directly on the wall. Under normal circumstances, the soundbar is placed next to the TV.

When it comes to further capacities, the best soundbars come with premium-inspired features such as touch control and wireless connectivity. It is these features that allow the soundbars to remain as elegant as they are at the moment.

However, most soundbars also have at least one power cable attached. This cable is typically attached to the back of the soundbar. But another cable such as RCA can be connected as well. The more cables connected to the soundbar, the less it can be easily moved to another location. The soundbar location does impact the audio quality more than users might think.

Remote control designs are very different as well. But the best remote control can surprise many of those on a budget. These remote controls are fully able to control the bass, treble, or various audio profiles, not just the speakers’ volume. This is why remote controls are essential as they are the friendly interface between the user and the speakers.

Controls and Connectivity

Physical controls can be seen on many soundbars. They should at least allow the users to select the volume level and control features such as Bluetooth connectivity. Together with the remote control functions, it is the foundation of a good user experience. Connectivity options also have their own buttons on the remote control. Users can select the audio source on many remote controls with dedicated buttons for Bluetooth synchronization.

Other controls include a dedicated pause mode and an auto shut-off function. This is why the soundbar can be paused, and the audio source changed back to the one on the TV. At the same time, a few soundbars immediately shut off the speakers when not in use for a particular number of minutes.

Pre-Saved Audio Profiles

The best soundbars also allow users to choose from pre-defined audio profiles. Since not all products have this feature, it is advisable to understand their role. As with all types of speakers, the soundbar can be improved in audio quality depending on the kind of program on the TV.

Movies have a dedicated program with many soundbars. The result of this is a better audio interpretation of sound effects and soundtracks. News programs have a dedicated voice program, which makes speech easier to understand. More general presets are available for the rest of the programs on the TV. But they have their own clear advantages even if they can take a while to get used to.


Can I Connect a Soundbar to Any TV?

A soundbar can be connected to both older and new TVs. The best soundbars include all connectivity options to allow this.

Do I Need to Use Wires if I Have Bluetooth?

Those who do not want to use wired connectivity can link the soundbar to the TV via Bluetooth if their TV supports the technology.

Where Can I Install a Soundbar?

The soundbar can be installed under or above the TV. A few designs also allow wall installation.

My Sound Is Not Synchronized With the Image, What Can I Do?

This common problem can often be addressed from the settings of the TV. Consulting the user manual is recommended.

Last Thoughts

Some of the best cheap soundbars under $100 are now made to a high standard. They use quality materials that are never wood, but rather ABS plastic, known for its durability. In rare cases, users can also see leather insertions for a more prestigious look on the soundbars.

Most importantly, affordable soundbars are now made to offer better audio quality. This means they need to abide by the increasing demands of the users. While the speakers themselves can be similar from brand to brand, the decoding they use and the presets they come with can create different audio effects. It is also essential to choose the soundbar which can offer a surround audio experience. The good news is that all of these characteristics are found in a select number of affordable soundbars. Even Dolby Digital standards can be met by some of the soundbars.

Connecting the soundbars to the TV should not be complicated. All users should have the capacity to connect the two within minutes. Wired connectivity is easy, and it requires going over just a few installation steps. Bluetooth connectivity needs to be based on device pairing. The good news is that the memory function of the technology can remember the device for future use. Users don’t have to pair their smartphones to the soundbar on every use. Furthermore, most users can also have the capacity to reset all device pairing options and go back to factory or default settings.

With this type of versatility, the only discussion remains on the actual size of the soundbar. Simple guidance for this purpose involves choosing the soundbar which is comparable in size with the TV. But with more power from smaller speakers in the future, this will become less of a guiding criteria.