Best Cheap Hair Straighteners 2020 (Under $50 / $100)


If you can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars on hair straightening gear, don’t worry. We tested some of the most affordable hair Straighteners, mostly between $50 /$100, and came up with the following list of some of the Best Cheap Hair Straighteners under $50/$100 you can purchase online.

The affordable price doesn’t mean that it compromises on quality. We did our research and narrowed down to 10 best hair Straighteners we could find in the market. So, if you are searching for affordable yet effective hair Straighteners, this list is just what you need. We will be more than happy to recommend these products to you.

Features to Consider in Good Hair Straighteners

There are a few details about the features to expect and how they can make your hair better. For example, my mom has long curly hair; she goes for a hair Straighteners with larger plates because of her long hair. Another important consideration is the heating plates, what are they made of? Which one works for you? Here are five considerations that will help you make sense. Don’t miss out on the best cheap hair Straighteners under $50/$100 complete buying guide below.

Plate Material

Most cheap hair Straighteners come with plates made of ceramic tourmaline. This plating material is great at distributing the heat evenly when straightening your hair. Always go for hair straightening brands that come with ceramic tourmaline plates. Also, other Straighteners come with nano-titanium plates, which are much better than ceramic plates in the distribution of heat, but they are more expensive. This review focuses on cheaper hair straightening models, that’s why I don’t recommend hair Straighteners with Nano-titanium plates.

Plate Width

Most hair Straighteners that we tested had an average plate width of 1.25 inches, which makes them great for women with thick hair. The plates are primarily for straightening your hair, if your hair is much thicker, go for Straighteners with extra-wide plates. For your information, there are straightening devices which can be used for curling. The plate width is an important consideration when shopping for the best hair straightening brands.

Automatic Shut-Off

This feature is crucial for those who leave their houses in a hurry. You might forget to switch off your hair Straightener on the make-up table while hurrying for work. It is an extremely dangerous scenario considering some of these hair Straighteners can reach temperatures of 400 degrees. You will be counting losses on high energy consumption or even rebuilding your torched house. The automatic shut off switches off the heating plate when the device is not in use. It saves you on the energy bill as well as insurance costs in case your house catches fire.


We’ve encountered hair straightening brands with as many as 50 different temperature settings. What’s important is the minimum and maximum temperature it can reach. The maximum temperature in most hair straightening brands is about 400 degrees Celsius. The number of settings allows you to choose which temperature works best for your hair.

Best Cheap Hair Straighteners 2020 (Under $50)

1. HSI Professional Glider Flat Hair Straightener- Best for Curly Hair

Why we like it: According to the manufacturer, the HSI Hair Straightener is a 3-in-1 product which can flip, straighten and curl your hair. It’s great for those who love styling their hair often as it is a cost-effective brand.

Editors Rating:

Plate Material
In terms of heat distribution, only the Nano-Titanium plates rival the Ceramic Tourmaline plates. These plates evenly distribute heat through strands of your hair resulting in shiny straight hair. With each stroke, it instantly transforms your curly hair into long silky straight hair.

Plate Width
The HSI Glider comes with 1-inch plates, which are good for any hair length. One convenient feature is the curved floating plate’s edges, which can curl and flip your hair. We noted that these plates were flexible when straightening my hair, there were no instances of pulling, tagging and any breakages. The plate simply glides through your curly hair.

The HSI glider can reach temperatures of 410 degrees Fahrenheit. We liked the fact that it heats up pretty fast, with heat balance micro sensors that prevent hair damage and the temperature remains steady as you straighten your hair. Another convenient feature is the plastic attachment behind the plates, in addition to the gloves; they help accidental burns during the hair straightening process.

The 3-in-1 feature at that price is a good investment for your hard-earned cash. Plus the curved floating plates are flexible and they evenly distribute heat resulting in no hair breakages, every girl hats hair breakages. You cannot be wrong when purchasing the HSI Professional glider. We recommend the HSI hair Straightener for people with long curly hair.

  • You get extra stuff like hand gloves and a travel bag for free
  • It heats up pretty fast: suitable for those in a hurry
  • The curved floating plates can curl, straighten and flip hair at will
  • The automatic shut-off feature is a great addition for those in a hurry
  • It glides easily on your hair instantly transforming them
  • It runs out of stock quickly due to its high demand.

2. FURIDEN Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Why we like it: FURIDEN is a unique flat iron Straightener because it uses both heat and steam during the straightening process. It removes kinks and curls during the straightening process, resulting in a new look moisturized straight hair.

Editors Rating:

Plate Material
The plates are made of ceramic tourmaline which not only distributes heat evenly but also they come cheap. The plate generates negative ions which help straighten your hair with minimal damage to your hair. We was particularly impressed since we didn’t have to repeat any of the straightening passes, one was enough. This feature helps prevent over-exposing your hair to the heat that might damage and dry your hair.

Plate Width
It comes with one-inch plates which are great for people with thick long hair. One design feature of the plates is that there are no gaps, which reduces tugging and pulling of hair with each repeated pass.

The plates are capable of reaching a temperature setting of 450 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 seconds. This feature will not only save time during styling but also saves energy. The water tank can be refilled easily when the steam runs out. The heater automatically shuts off in 60 minutes when not in use. We came up with a list of the right temperature setting for different levels of hair:

  • For fine hair – use a temperature setting of 350-390 degrees
  • Carbon steel
  • For normal hair – use a setting of 390-410 degrees
  • For coarse hair – use a setting of 410-450 degrees

FURIDEN is a unique hair Straightener giving you the best salon elegance with every pass between your hairs. We recommend this hair Straightener for those with dry, damaged hair.

  • The steam straightens and moisturizes your hair, making it good for people with dry, damaged hair
  • You can travel with it since it comes with a bag and also comes with the dual voltage feature
  • It has an automatic shut-off feature
  • It comes with a 360 degrees swivel cord for maneuverability
  • The negative ions generated during each pass keep your hair straight for days
  • It becomes too hot at times. Try to wear the heat gloves before straightening your hair.

3. Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MicroPure – Best Hair Straightener for Curly Hair

Why we like it: it has a high-density Nano comb brush which not only straightens curly hair but also helps in massaging the scalp and stimulating the hair follicles for hair growth.

Editors Rating:

Plate Material
The MicroPure Nano comb brush is unique in its design and functionality. The plates come with brushes which straighten your hair. One advantage of using the MicroPure brush is that it has a double ionic generator which seals your hair cuticles giving them a natural smooth look.

Plate Width
In addition to the plates, this hair Straightener uses brushes to control the styling process of your hair. These brush’s bristles are long, as they can penetrate your hair through to the scalp. They are suitable for fine and wavy hair as they reduce static during the straightening process, giving you more control during styling. The brushes rely on metal-ceramic heaters when straightening your hair.

The digital controls on the LCD Display help you choose the temperature setting from the 16 settings available, with the highest being 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This Hair Straightener heats up in a record one minute thanks to the metal-ceramic heaters on the device. In addition to that, there is a temperature lock button in case you accidentally press a button and alter the temperature setting. This feature gives you peace of mind during the styling process. For those who are afraid of styling at a higher temperature setting, you will be happy to know that it comes with a pair of heat resistant gloves.

This scalp massage technology is relatively new, why not try it and see the benefits for yourself. We recommend this brand for those with scalp and hair growth issues.

  • Perfect for those with damaged and dry hair
  • The brush heats up in a record one minute
  • The LCD Display shows the temperature setting in use
  • There is an automatic shut-off feature after 60 minutes
  • The double ionic generator feature gives you a smooth natural hairstyle
  • Does not work with tangled hair; the brush pulls your hair as you straighten it.

4. GOLEEN Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener – Best Straightener for Travelers

Why we like it: the dual voltage feature makes it best for those traveling as it automatically adjusts to any voltage, either 110V or 240V. You don’t need to carry an electrical converter as you can style your hair anywhere in the world anytime.

Editors Rating:

Plate Material
It comes with ceramic tourmaline plates that evenly distribute heat in your hair during straightening, giving them a shiny look. One advantage of using GOLEEN Hair Straightener is the negative ionic technology, which allows water molecules to penetrate the strand giving them a silky look, instead of drying them preventing damage to your hair.

Plate Width
The plate dimensions are 25mm by 90mm with a thickness of 1 inch. These dimensions are great for all hair lengths and thickness. The plates also come in a round design that allows your hair to glide through it softly for a perfect straight hair.

The temperature range is 248-446 degrees Fahrenheit, so you have total control on the temperature setting that works best for your hair. We noticed the starting temperature was 356 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can adjust via the temperature control button. If you have thick hair, use a higher setting. For a great straightening look, separate your hair into section and place the Straightener very close to your hair’s roots. It only takes 60 seconds for the iron to heat up.

We loved the look of my hair, shiny smooth, thanks to the negative ion technology which drives water molecules inside the strands of hair. We highly recommend this Hair Straightener.

  • It comes with a 2-meter swivel cord for ease of maneuverability
  • Great for travelers as they can straighten hair anywhere in the world without the help of a power converter
  • The 3D floating plates give you straight hair without frizzes
  • The plates work with thick hair
  • There is a heat resistant glove in the package
  • It heats up fast thanks to the PTC Rapid Heating Technology
  • No automatic shut-off feature

Top 5 Best Cheap Hair Straighteners 2020 (Under $100)

5. LANPRO Flat Iron Hair Straightener – Best Hair Straightener for Afro Hair

Why we like it: say goodbye to hair damaged by exposing them to a higher temperature setting. LANPRO hair straightener comes with a C-Sensor which detects the right temperature for styling your hair and also adjusts the heater to match your salon styling, giving you unlimited styling options.

Editors Rating:

Plate Material
LANPRO comes with a unique heating plate coated with five elements: Tourmaline, Argan-oil, nano-silver, titanium, and ceramic elements. These elements play a role in the healing process since they not only aid even distribution of heat but also release favorable ions that aid in the moisturizing of your hair with no static or snagging.

Plate Width
The plate measures 1 inch in width, perfect for various styling options like curling and straightening, with no tugging or pulling of your hair in the process. The result is a silky straight hair or beachy curls.

Due to the C-sensor heating technology, this straightener heats up in a record 10 seconds to temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It helps preserve your power and also gives you unlimited salon styling options. We came up with a list of the best temperature settings to aid you in your styling options.

  • Destroyed and thin hair – 265 degrees
  • Tender hair – 300 degrees
  • Dyed hair – 340 degrees
  • Thick curly hair – 375 degrees
  • Thick hair – 410 degrees
  • Extra thick, frizzy, wavy hair – 450 degrees
These temperature settings can be adjusted via the 6 temperature location LCD Display. It also comes with an automatic shut-off feature.

The LANPRO 2-in-1 hair straightener scores highly with the C-Sensor heating technology which not only gives you a consistent temperature setting but also allows you unlimited styling salon options.

  • It is a 2-in-1 hair straightener for straightening and curling
  • The plate is coated with five elements which help lock natural moisture in your hair
  • The dual voltage feature makes it best for traveling
  • You get unlimited styling options with consistent temperature settings
  • The LCD temperature display looks good
  • You have to be cautious when straightening fine hair as it heats up pretty quick, always set the temperature setting first.

6. CHI G2 Straightening Hairstyling Iron – Best For Those With Frizzy, Curly, And Thick Hair

Why we like it: it comes with an LCD digital color-coded temperature display: blue for temperatures below 370 degrees, green for temperatures below 395 degrees and red for temperatures above 425 degrees Fahrenheit. It makes it easy for you to know the right temperature setting for you.

Editors Rating:

Plate Material
The CHI straightener comes with a ceramic plate that is infused with titanium. It not only strengthens the plate but also makes the styling process completely snag or pull free as it offers one of the best gliding of hair.

Plate Width
The plates are larger in this straightener, as they are 1.25 inches thick. This thickness makes it suitable for styling longer, thicker hair. Plus the floating plates provide a tug and snag-free hair gliding, reducing damage to your hair.

You can never go wrong with the color-coded temperature display setting. Those with thick coarse hair should opt for a red color display, as it denotes the maximum temperature setting. The only problem I found is the heating time; the plates take 40 seconds to heat up, making the styling process longer than usual. I believe CHI can correct this anomaly.

The CHI scores highly with the titanium infused ceramic plate for ease of gliding preventing hair damage and also the color-coded display which shows the precise temperature setting for your preferred styling option. You can never go wrong. We recommend this straightener for those with thick curly frizzy hair.

  • Durable smooth plates since they are titanium infused
  • 60 minutes Automatic shut-off feature when not in use
  • Color-coded digital display LCD function for precise temperature setting
  • Two years warranty period
  • A dual voltage which is good for travelers
  • The plates take 40 seconds to heat up, making the styling process longer
  • The swivel cord breaks easily

7. NITION Professional Hair Straightening Flat Iron

Why we like it: you don’t have to press any button as you can control settings like powering on and off and also increase and decrease temperature settings with clockwise and anti-clockwise movements.

Editors Rating:

Plate Material
The plate comes infused with titanium, Argan-oil, tourmaline and Nano-silver elements which are great for locking the moisture in your hair by emitting favorable negative ions. The hair becomes moisturized and shinier, making this straightener best for people with dry damaged hair. The Titanium makes the iron smooth and helps prevent hair snagging.

Plate Width
The one-inch plate allows you to curl and straighten your hair depending on your preference. It allows bunches of hair to pass through it freely with no cases of tugging or pulling.

The maximum temperature setting is 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is good for those with thick curly hair. You can precisely control and set the temperature without pressing any button. You only need to rotate the straightener in an anti-clockwise direction to decrease the temperature or rotate it clockwise to increase the temperature. You can monitor this temperature setting on an LCD Display for a concise styling process.

I highly recommend this straightener to people with dry and damaged hair, since it helps lock moisture in your hair using the negative ion technology.

  • Titanium infused plates for durability and smoothness
  • It comes with hair clips, a salon comb, a travel p[ouch and heat resistant gloves
  • It heats up fast (10 seconds) thanks to the MCH heaters
  • You can control the temperature without the press of a button.
  • The C-sensor feature automatically calibrates the temperature setting for your hair for lasting styling
  • You must use a heat-protective spray if you have fine hair, as it heats up quickly.

8. 2-in1 Pro Hair Straightener and Curler – Best Straightener for Frizzy Hair

Why we like it: We liked the titanium plates that the 2-in-1 Pro came with, they can automatically adjust the strength of the hair Straightener depending on the thickness of the hair strands. This feature helps reduce damage and friction during the straightening session.

Editors Rating:

Plate Material
The 2-in-1 Pro comes with a ceramic tourmaline plate for even distribution of heat when straightening or curling. A good addition to the plate is the infra-red technology which makes it easy to straighten and wave your hair at will.

Plate Width
The plate has a width of 3cm which makes it great for people with short even hair. This width allows you to make your hair wavy or straight, depending on your preference. The 3D Floating plates automatically adjust its strength preventing hair damage in the straightening process.

The maximum temperature on this hair Straightener is 420 degrees Fahrenheit. The plates heat relatively fast, during our testing; it reached temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 seconds, thanks to the advanced MCH Ceramic heaters. It reduces your overall hair straightening and styling time, especially for those in a hurry.

We highly recommend the 2-in-1 Pro hair Straightener to people with frizzy hair because it comes with infra-red technology that easily straightens frizzy or curly hair.

  • The LED Display function is great when controlling the temperature setting
  • The 3D Floating plates help reduce hair damage
  • It heats up fast because of the MCH Ceramic heaters; best for styling and straightening your hair in a hurry.
  • It is lightweight: you can carry it anywhere
  • The negative ion technology ensures that your hair is hydrated, making them shinier
  • It comes with an automatic shut-off feature
  • They could have included heat resistant gloves since this hair Straightener can reach temperatures of 420 degrees Fahrenheit

9. Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1 Ceramic Flat Iron

Why we like it: the hollow cooling design is relatively new in this field and it helps cool the hair straigthener’s surface through improved dissipation of heat. It reduces instances of burning your scald.

Editors Rating:

Plate Material
The Furiden Professional Straightener comes with a ceramic tourmaline plate which evenly distributes heat reducing instances of burnt or damaged hair stuck on the plates.

Plate Width
The plates measure 1 inch, making them suitable for all kinds of hair lengths. The floating plates are a great addition since they constantly adjust their angles depending on the size and thickness of your hair. This feature helps avoid hair snagging and pulling.

The FURIDEN Straightener heats up to a temperature setting of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, in about 15 seconds. The temperature lock system is good in preventing accidental altering of the temperature setting. What’s more, it comes with a one-button control knob which gives you a precise temperature setting during the styling process. People with thick hair strands have to use a higher temperature setting to avoid repeating every pass.

The reason we gave the Furiden a 5/6 rating is because it doesn’t get rid of frizzy flyaway’s near your face. The plates are not wide enough to reach that area. Overall, it gives your hair that smooth glossy look after straightening. We recommend this Straightener to people with thick curly hair.

  • The hollow cooling design helps prevent damaging your hair and scalp
  • The one-knob temperature control gives you a precise temperature for styling
  • It heats up in 15 seconds thanks to the metal-ceramic heaters
  • The 3D floating hair plates help you avoid snagging your hair
  • The 360 degrees swivel cord allows for a wide range of movement
  • Wear gloves as the device gets pretty hot at a higher temperature setting.

10. Rusk Engineering Professional Straight Iron

Why we like it: there is a comb-like attachment on one end of the plate which is good for hair separation while styling. This feature is perfect for people with curly long hair. The plate width is also wider than most Straighteners we’ve reviewed, which gives you quick long passes.

Editors Rating:

Plate Material
The Rusk straight iron comes with a ceramic tourmaline plate that gives you an even heat distribution which prevents heat damage to your hair and also gives your hair that natural silky smooth look after straightening.

Plate Width
It comes with 1 ½ inch plates that are wide, if your hair is long like mine, then you’ll find the Rusk straightener good when making the hair passes. One pass is enough for a thick portion of hair. One observation is that the plates cannot reach hair near the roots as they are wide.

The maximum temperature setting you can reach with the Rusk Straightener is 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it good for people with coarse thick hair. You will also find the digital temperature display LCD convenient as it gives you a precise styling temperature setting for optimal efficiency. Those with fine hair will find this dial convenient if they set it to a mid-temperature range. Another feature is the infra-red heat technology which penetrates your hair for frizz-free shine.

This hair straightener works well for people with long curly hair, as the plates are wide and the comb-like attachment is great for hair separation when styling.

  • The cord is extra-long for maneuverability
  • It comes with an adjustable temperature dial for unlimited styling options
  • Wide plates for people with long hair
  • The infra-red technology gives you a frizz-free hair look
  • It is budget-friendly
  • The wide plates don’t reach hair near the roots when styling

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Hair Straighteners (under $50/$100)

To get quality and effective results when using a straightener, you need to know what features to look out for in a hair straightener. The information below will help you make the right choice before committing to buy.

Which plate material works best for your hair?

Is it ceramic tourmaline, nano-silver plates or titanium-infused ceramic plates? These elements all have different performances. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • Ceramic Tourmaline – this material is cheap and effective, and it heats up pretty fast. Tourmaline minerals are capable of producing negative ions which help reduce static when styling and also lock moisture inside the hair strand. You get shiny, smooth and healthier hair after the straightening process.
  • Titanium infused plates – titanium metal strengthens the plate and increases its lifespan. We also found titanium infused ceramic plates to be good for gliding hair as they are smooth and slippery; there will be no instances of tugging and snagging of your hair when using these plates.

Does the straightener work well with your hair length and type?

It is important to know small details your hair type and length, as these Straighteners are specific to certain hair length during the styling process. That’s why we included the plate width subheading in the review section. Wider plates are good for longer and thicker hair with curls, as they evenly distribute heat to avoid burn-spots. Am talking about a plate width of 1 ½ inch and above. Thinner plates (Usually 1 inch) are best for styling fine and normal hair of any length. Look at the plates, if they are wider, they will work faster to straighten your hair than shorter plates. Look out for the plate width in the review section and also the straightener specification to make a good choice.

Which temperature setting is right for you?

Most Straighteners come with metal-ceramic heaters that speed up the general heating time, saving both energy and time per styling process. Check out the minimum and maximum temperature setting when making a choice, also know your hair thickness. For people with thick hair, choose Straighteners with a maximum temperature setting of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. At these temperatures, the straightener works well in styling your hair as they need more heat. Any straightener with a minimum setting below 200 degrees Fahrenheit is a no-buy. It will do a shoddy job even when styling normal and fine hair which requires a temperature setting of 370 degrees and above. Most hair Straighteners come with recent technology like the C-Sensors which automatically calibrate your preferred temperature setting. Also, the infra-red Straighteners help heats the hair strands resulting in a short straightening period. Check out this YouTube Video link for more information.

Swivel cord rotation and length

Most hair straightening brands come with a 360 degrees swivel cord; the only difference arises from the length of the swivel cord. Always go for lengths of 2 ½ meters or more as you get maximum maneuverability at these lengths, giving you more styling options without limiting the movement. Now, the 360 degrees cord aids in the rotation, it reduces cord breakages by twisting and turning, making the swivel cord better for styling and also increases the Straighteners lifespan.

Is your hair dry?

If yes, then you’ll be happy to know that there are wet-to-dry hair Straighteners that use steam technology and also the negative ion technology to drive and preserve moisture in your hair. We’ve included one straightener in this review that uses steam during the straightening process. The results are great; you get shiny, silky and smooth hair to the envy of your colleagues. Plus they help prevent scalp and hair damage even with repeated passes.


Yes, the size of the hair straightener matters during the straightening process as the size is directly proportional to the weight. Pick a size that is lightweight so that you don’t get hand-fatigued during the straightening process. This feature works well for those with long hair since it takes a considerable amount of time to fully straighten your hair well. Also, check the dimensions of the Hair straightener brand, if it’s too long, it becomes a problem when fitting into your palms, making the straightening process tedious. The grip is an important factor to consider since it determines the comfort and ease of use of the product.

What about safety?

Safety is paramount when styling, especially for people who style their hair late and rush out forgetting to switch off the straightener in the process. The heater may cause an increase in your monthly electricity bill, or even worse, a fire. Always go for hair Straighteners with an automatic shut-off feature which I highlighted in the review section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other features should I consider when buying flat irons?
It depends on the brand; We tried digging deep and came up with the following features which are specific to certain models, which is why we didn’t mention some of them in the review section.

  • Combs – some Straighteners come with built-in combs that aid in straightening curly locks. If your hair has those stubborn curls that just won’t go away, purchase Straighteners with built-in combs.
  • Cordless flat irons – these work on batteries, though they don’t last. We won’t advise you to get one of these since you have to foot the costs of replacing the batteries often.
  • LCD Display – you get the correct styling temperature on a digital LCD which helps you when setting the temperature.

Should I purchase flat straightening irons with interchangeable plates or not?

The concept of interchangeable plates helps you convert your flat iron plates to crimping and wave irons. We recommend this concept to people who are fond of styling their hair differently on a weekly or daily basis. We like this idea since it is a cost-effective decision. Go for it.

Do I use hair protection spray before straightening?

We recommend using hair protection spray before straightening because of two major reasons. One, it helps reduce the overall damage to your hair by heat. The hair protection spray ensures that there are no smells of burnt hairs as you make repeated passes. Two, most hair protection sprays come with ingredients like PVP/DMPA acrylates and also Hydrolyzed wheat proteins which help strengthen your hair structure making it healthy and stronger to withstand the heat.

Wrap up

In this Best Cheap Hair Straighteners under $50/$100 review, we’ve researched and almost exhausted factors you should consider before purchasing the best hair straightener for your styling process. Our top pick is the HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron which is a 3-in-1 straightener equipped with micro-sensors. This feature helps prevent hair damage during the straightening process and also as a 3-in-1 product; you can straighten, flip and curl your hair making it a cost-effective decision for the price. Also, try out the MicroPure Hair Straightener Brush. It’s great for people with scalp and dry hair issues. Plus it’s a budget-friendly brand. Check out our blog for more articles on hair beauty products that work best for your hair.