Eyeing up a Great Budget Mascara?

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Mascara is a beauty staple. As one of the major components of any stocked makeup bag, mascaras offer definition and volume to your lashes that help make your eyes striking and accentuate the natural beauty of your face. There are a huge range of mascaras on the market, and you don’t need to buy at the top of the range to get a great look. This article will consider what to look for when buying a great mascara at a great price.

Type of Brush

The type of brush is one of the main reasons women choose to upgrade their mascaras. In many cases, the lifting effect promises to be the best, but can be different in practice. The particular difficult areas include shorter lashes. It is with these lashes that women often need a second or third application – but this can also lead to the dreaded clumping effect.

The number of bristles has a direct impact on the lifting effect on the brushes. Every product comes with a different number of bristles and brush shapes. Popular options include straight brushes, corset-type brushes, and thick brushes. They are useful for most lashes and they can come with results from the first application. However, curved brushes can be popular as well.

The effects these brushes offer is somewhat different. Straightening brushes and exaggerated brushes are at the ends of the spectrum of brushes. Straightening brushes are used to give the lashes a more elongated look. Brushes like Essence’s I Love Extreme Mascara are used for a daring look. Their extreme lift is far from a natural lash look. However, it is mainly a matter of preference on how women want their lashes to look like.

Ingredients List

Arguably at least as important as the brushes themselves, the ingredients in mascaras also need to be chosen carefully. Some of the leading options of the moment are made to represent a sustainable product which may be used daily.

A few popular ingredients include paraffin and at least one type of wax such as beeswax. They have proven effects in maintaining the volume of the lashes. At the same time, in rare cases, women might be allergic to such ingredients.

Paraffin is a petroleum-based ingredient so it might not be suitable for those with sensitivity in this direction. Beeswax might also not be suitable for women with bee allergies. Luckily, there are alternatives for both of these ingredients. Mascaras without paraffin abound. At the same time, synthetic wax products can be found as well. They can offer an alternative to natural beeswax.

Interestingly, some of these top natural ingredients are still found in cheap mascaras. For this reason, the same effect can be achieved with these mascaras as with more premium alternatives in the right conditions.

Contact Lenses and Exceptions

Other ingredients to take into consideration include types of alcohol. In some cases, contact lens wearers need to place special attention to these ingredients. Some of the best cheap mascaras come with an ophthalmologist-tested formula. While this doesn’t have to necessarily mean the mascara is safe to use, it should be an extra reassurance on the ingredients in the mascara.

Women wearing contact lenses should always remove the mascara at the end of the day, together with the contacts. Since leaving the mascara on can cause irritation on top of possible discomfort from the contacts, it is advisable to keep an eye on how the eyes react, especially when changing mascara products.

During the first days with a new product, women should see if the skin around the lashes turns red or swells. Properly removing the mascara is important as well, not only for women wearing contacts. It represents a process where clean water needs to be used. Warmer water can make the process easier as well. Lashes should then be left to dry naturally.


Is Mascara Safe for the Eyes?

Most mascaras should be safe for the eyes. Apart from considering personal limitations such as irritable skin, mascaras also need to be made with safe ingredients.

Which Brush Is Best?

All mascaras have different brushes. As a result, they come with a different lifting result.

Are All Mascaras Tested?

Not all mascaras are lab-tested or even ophthalmologist-tested. It is always advisable to abide by certified products.

Can I Sleep With Mascara On?

Women can sleep with mascara on. However, for hygiene purposes, this is not advisable. To avoid clumps, it is advisable to remove mascara at the end of the day.

Final Considerations

Some of the best cheap mascaras of the moment are made to a high standard, even with an affordable price. Even top manufacturers offer cheap mascaras and it is up to the users to find the right product. But, as with any beauty product, choosing a product on paper is different from actually using it in person. It is why women should actually try different mascaras at the same time to see the difference in the lash look.

But choosing the best cheap mascaras is also a matter of innovation. Many of the brushes seen on the market come with a unique design. This means that the patented designs cannot be replicated by any other manufacturer. Together with the right number of bristles and the right ingredients, they can offer a unique look.

Since most women apply mascara in the morning, the effect should last through the day. It is why the ingredients of the product are at least as important as the actual brush design. It is also why it’s advisable to try different brushes and even different formulations with other ingredients. While the products themselves can be made to save money with measures such as not including second packaging, cheap mascaras are still very reliable for daily use.