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Ready to Aim and Fire? The Strategy to Buying an Airsoft Gun

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Airsoft is paintballs grizzled older brother. More high-end, true to life and – let’s face it – dangerous than paintball, Airsoft is as close to a competitive real-world tactical warfare game there is.

If you’re looking to try your hand at this compelling, intense hobby and get onto the battlefield, the good news is that Airsoft guns don’t have to be expensive to keep you competitive as you play. This article will look at the core things to look for when choosing an Airsoft gun at a reasonable price – so you have cash left over for the body armour!

Play Location

Various airsoft locations can be found across the country. Most of them have plenty of obstacles and even various targets to shoot. Those who don’t have an airsoft field close by can simply shoot out in the open where it’s safe. This is crucial, as the location can determine the gun of choice.

Those predominantly shooting indoors might want to limit the amount of speed and force which comes out of the gun. There’s no need for the fastest speed and the best accuracy when playing indoors. This is why even a shotgun can be a good option.

On the other hand, shooting out in the open comes with its challenges such as distances and wind. As a result, even solutions such as a rifle can be a good idea.

For many, an in-between option such as a semi-automatic proves to be a bridge between the two as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Without too much effort, such a gun hits the target at some point. As a result, it is even recommended for beginners.

FPS – Feet per Second

FPS or feet per second is the measurement unit for the speed of the traveling BBs. This is a crucial indicator for users who need to know what to expect from their airsoft guns. While this is not the sole characteristic to look at, it can be very different from case to case.

With the guns above, FPS ranges from 200 to 500. However, it is also important to underline that the maximum speed as described from the manufacturer is achieved under ideal conditions. Users might come close to them at times.

But FPS is not only affected by the design of the airsoft gun and its spring. It is also affected by the size and weight of the BBs. This is the main reason new airsoft guns should always be tried out with different BBs. From 0.20 to 0.32, there are a few good options to consider.

On the same topic of BBs, users should also consider wearing appropriate protection and even protect the area their shooting at, as BBs can leave marks on surfaces wooden surfaces such as those of a fence.

Metal Gears

Metal gears are crucial, even for a budget airsoft gun. It’s what keeps them working for years and they are crucial when it comes to shooting hundreds of BBs every day or every week. But the best news is these metal parts can also be replaced in time if they fail.

One of the springs which tends to fail quickly is the one which brings the BBs closer to the barrel. But the good news is this spring is easy to replace if need be. On the other hand, a product warranty of at least 1 year should be considered as standard. It can set the tone for the entire use period of the airsoft gun, as there are a few manufacturing defects on cheap airsoft guns.


By far, the largest issue faces by cheap airsoft guns is accuracy. Many users simply need to find the right solutions from the start, without spending too much time trying to improve the gun’s accuracy. This can be best tested out shooting longer distances. When the BBs curve to one side, it is a sign that accuracy is low.

Some airsoft guns can’t be improved from this perspective and only replaced by the manufacturer. It’s fair to say many cheap airsoft guns can suffer from this issue. That said, it can create an enjoyable challenge for a budget user factoring the wind into their shooting.

Pistols and Rifles

Pistols and rifles are different in size but similar in how they perform in the airsoft world. Even a pistol can be fully automatic or at least semi-automatic. However, the way they are used should also be important when making a purchase.

In many tactical situations when joining an airsoft team, the user has a semi and a pistol. The pistol can be a quick alternative which can be at hand when needed. However, a pistol might also require better-aiming skills and beginners might have a harder time reading their targets.

Many airsoft rifles allow users to mount scopes. This is one of the airsoft designs made for pure accuracy. This is why a good rifle can often replace a pistol or an automatic. It can be accessories with a simple scope to make the right adjustments for the accurate shot, even when the BBs tend to sway to a side when leaving the gun.

Where Most Airsoft Guns Fail

Most airsoft guns fail when their moving mechanisms, such as springs or their case, do. Some guns are made from durable plastic which can last for years. Others might even fall from a small height and smash into pieces.

Therefore, reinforced plastic is always important on airsoft guns. Even cheap guns should have it. Their plastics should also come together properly. One of the areas where this is a huge problem is with the magazine, which doesn’t fit well and which makes users lose time. Over the years, airsoft guns have been developed and even cheap materials are now fitted better.

An airsoft gun should also be easy to disassemble. In case a metal part needs to be replaced, even the home user should be able to safely take the gun apart. From another perspective, durability is also important in teams, where multiple users can share the same gun and where its mechanisms are under stress for longer.


Are All BBs the Same?

Shooting BBs is different from gun to gun. However, even they come in different colors and sizes. The size of the BBs affects the shot by a large margin. Most airsoft guns can take different sizes BBs. However, users will certainly find their favorites after a while

Most range in weight from 0.20 grams to 0.32 grams. The heavier they get, the less accurate they become. It can be said that the best BBs are the ones which are somewhere in between the heaviest weight and the most agile small diameter.

What Is the Best Airsoft Gun for Beginners?

Beginners will use different types of guns. Ultimately, any gun can be good enough to get into airsoft. However, not all guns are the best to learn airsoft in a short period. This is why it’s essential to find the best solutions from the start and these are the more forgiving guns. Automatics and semi-automatics are great for such purposes.

Should I Choose a Rifle or a Pistol?

A rifle can be a great tool for those who want to practice perfect accuracy. Many of them come with bipods, as seen above. They allow the user to be grounded but they also require a bit more setup time. Shooting targets is great with a rifle. A pistol requires minimum setup and it can also be used in combat.

How Long Does an Airsoft Gun Last?

Airsoft guns should last for years. One of their leading characteristics is that they allow the user to enjoy them for years and easily replace their parts when needed. Even if most cheap airsoft guns are made from plastic, their inside components are made from metal.

Ready for Action

Even a cheap airsoft gun is truly capable in the right hands. Each different type of airsoft gun brings its own shooting challenges, and airsoft fans usually collect many of the year and use them for different tactical situations. When choosing a budget blaster, think about whether it’s your first gun or your picking up a new sidearm. A good, reliable, medium-accuracy airsoft gun can easily be found at a budget range, and it’s up to the wielder to make the most of it.