Blending a Hand: Our Guide to Cheap Blenders

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A great blender as such a wealth of opportunities to your evening cooking and morning juices. A good blender can be put to use when making sauces, smoothies and stews. The ability to tenderize mixtures and coat your plat du jour or blitz your morning vegetable intake into a healthy brew allows creativity and practicality to reign supreme.

A good blender doesn’t need to be expensive. Quite the opposite is true. Unless you are looking for the most advanced features, a budget blender will adequately serve your needs. Let’s look at what those needs are and what to consider when buying one.


People today have become health conscious. Folks are ditching fad diets and ineffective supplements. This has led to the rise of healthy eating habits and exercises. A part of healthy eating is making smoothies which make blenders to play an integral role.

Blenders can function like juicers or food processors. If you want a gadget to make smoothies only or perform single tasks, then stick to cheap blenders that come with few settings. However, if you’re focusing on a multipurpose blender that can mix, grind, chop, and other tasks, pick a versatile one that has sturdy blades to perfume such jobs.


The pricing of blenders depends on various factors including the material used, features, versatility, and the brand. In most cases, Ninja brands are associated with high prices. Blenders with glass containers are highly priced since they’re considered durable as well as stain and scratch resistant. The plastic containers might be cheap, but they are prone to scratches and may not last long.

The more the functions a blender can perform, the higher the price. Despite all these factors, always pick a gadget that fits within your budget and satisfies your blending needs.


You can get blenders both online and in retail stores near you. However, not every vendor is in the market to offer quality devices. Before buying a blender online, visit the seller’s website and read both amateur and professional reviews. You can seek a recommendation from close relatives and friends.

For local retail, ensure the seller is a licensed supplier. You can also buy directly from the manufacturers. Amazon is one of the online stores where you can get the best cheap blenders.

Consider Its Power

Industrialists always indicate the blender motor speed. Most of the household blenders fall between 500 to over 2000 watts. High-powered blenders tend to be pricey compared to low watt counterparts. Wattage indicates the power consumed. The higher the watt, the higher the power consumption. It might increase electricity bills, but you’re guaranteed to smooth smoothies and drinks.

But there are three-speed blenders which will do everything you want. Some even expand their functionalities to making milkshakes, sauces, and juices.

Type of Blender

Each type of blender has a distinct purpose. There are general purpose and immersion blenders. The general type of blender usually cost less and are readily available in supermarket shelves. They are commonly used for making smoothies and milkshakes.

Immersion blenders are preferred by bakers and chefs. They are fitted with swirling blades. These types of machines are ideal for making purees, soups, mixing dough and chopping. Know what you want to enable you to choose the right blender that will meet your needs at an affordable price.

Blending the Rules

For starting out, a cheap, reliable blender will serve you well. Your self-made morning smoothies will feel sweeter and sharper to the taste after you go through the effect of making it yourself. As you move on to your latest sauces too, you’ll wonder how you ever did without one.