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Is a Cheap Hair Dryer Powerful Enough?

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There’s a reason that “watching paint dry” is a cliche way to describe a boring activity. Most of us feel the exact same way about our hair when it is wet. That’s why a hair dryer that makes your hair look great and saves a few minutes of excruciating boredom every day is worth its weight in gold.

Thankfully, you won’t need to pay that much to get your hands on an inexpensive hair dryer that fits your needs and dries your hair quickly. The following article will explain everything you need to know before shopping for a good deal on your next hair dryer.

How to Choose a Cheap Hair Dryer 

There are various types of affordable hair driers to consider at the moment. Not all of them are reliable, and there is not a lot of information on their durability. However, some of the proven names show that great hair driers can be produced at affordable rates.


The wattage can be an indicator of what users can expect. From 1.000 watts on the more compact designs to 1.875 or even 2.000 watts, there are a few options to consider. However, wattage alone is not a guarantee for actual quality results. It is the accuracy of the airflow, the heat presets, and the advanced technologies that work together with the motor to offer reliable products. Some of the more powerful hair dryers are also more expensive as they cost more to manufacture.

Temperature Presents

Temperature presets should not be overlooked; at least two should be present. The best hair driers even come with three presets. It is actually the temperature that can damage some hair.

Cold air can also be used at times. Since it is not really recommended to use cold air drying for long periods of time, users notice that this preset is actually only activated when the cold air button is held down on most hair driers. As a result, it is recommended to choose the hair drier with the most temperature presets.

Speed Presets

The speed of a hairdryer also needs to be considered during the purchase. At the time, users don’t even need the highest speed. Ideally, the product would come with three speeds, which should always be user-controlled. Furthermore, there are a few instances where even the best speed control cannot do much if the motor is not powerful enough. It is why the highest speed is so different in output from hair dryer to the hair dryer.


Not many people think about hair dryer weight. But some reviews even specify that users appreciate low weight designs after coming from more traditional hair dryers. Upgrading users don’t even know how much control can be gained with a low weight design.

Of course, weight on its own doesn’t mean much. It has to be balanced according to the hair dryer’s design. This is why it is important to look at how the hair drier acts while in hand. Even lightweight designs can feel unnatural when too much weight is found in the front.


The materials are generally based on plastics. The rare rubberized design can also be seen on a few hair dryers. However, it is also a matter of preference. There are no metal alternatives at an affordable price. The good news is that most plastic cases are actually durable. Of course, they might not survive a drop, but they should work fine in case of no accident use.


Some hair dryers come with included accessories. They can be valuable, especially if users go for a certain look. A simple quality diffuser can come as an aid for untangled or curly hair. At the same time, a narrower accessory can add extra flow for immediate results. Combs are also seen in this price range. They are useful for straight hair.

Power Cord

Power cords are usually first to fail. They can get tangled or stepped on. In many cases, power cords are actually quite reliable, especially if paired with a 360 rotation system. However, the power cord’s essential characteristic is the length. From 8 to 12 feet, the options are endless. Those with a power source nearby don’t really need a long power cord. Those who may only have a few power outlets in their home, especially far from the bathroom, are recommended to go for a longer alternative.

Advanced Technologies

Ion and infrared technologies are now the standards for the best hair driers. They can work independently or together. Their main role is not to deplete the hair of its natural oils, hydrate it, and protect it. Infrared technology plays its part in drying the hair from the inside out. In the long-term, it is believed these technologies can aid hair health.


Should I Use a Hair Dryer?

Normal hair can be dried with a hair dryer. However, plenty of exceptions apply to start with drying frequency to the quality of the used hairdryer.

I Have Abundant Hair, Is a Hair Dryer Right for Me?

Those with abundant hair are often recommended to use a hair dryer that dries from the inside with infrared or ion hydration technologies.

Are Hair Dryers Working on Batteries?

At the moment, most affordable hair driers only work when connected to a wall outlet.

I Travel a Lot, Is There a Hair Dryer for Me?

Traveling options are available. Platoms’ hair dryer comes with a folding handle, which makes it easy to fit in luggage.

Do I Need Ionic Technology?

Nobody needs any type of hair dryer technology. However, ionic technology is the top standard for hair protection at the moment. With a good hair care routine and proper nutrition, it may considerably reduce the chances of damaged hair from other causes than genetics in time.

Can I Buy Accessories Separately?

Accessories such as a diffuser or a hair dryer comb can be purchased separately. However, current deals come as more attractive when all of them are purchased in a pack with the hairdryer.

Why Is My Hair Dryer Getting Hot?

Most hair driers start to get hot after a few minutes. Unless they actually come with auto switch-off technology, they should be paused for cooling. This protects their inner-circuits from heat damage.

How Can I Avoid Burning My Hair?

To avoid burning your hair, the hair dryer should be used at its recommended distance. Temperatures should not be too hot, and the entire process should not be too long.

Can I Have Curls Using a Hair Drier?

To make curls from straight hair, it is recommended to use a brush-based hair dryer or a brush accessory.

Final Thoughts

Women and men are looking for hair dryers with modern designs. But these designs should also be based on powerful motors and upgraded technologies. Since they don’t cost too much, there is no reason not to consider an upgrade or even entering the world of hair dryers. Some users might not be looking to invest considerably in a hair dryer, mainly since affordable options also include ceramic infrared technologies.

The product is unlike many other electric products. It is rare for someone to upgrade a hairdryer if the technologies are up to date or if there’s no issue with the product. This is why future-proofing the purchase should include choosing a product that comes with all the modern technologies seen on the market.

Apart from the financial savings, this also ensures hair is properly protected and not actually damaged by the hair drying process. Many people do not think about its importance until the hair actually starts to look dry, burnt, or damaged.

Regardless of the chosen hair dryer, users should also feel free to choose a solution that can be used as much as needed. Fully reading the product’s instructions is mandatory. Each manufacturer has tailored recommendations, and it is a must-do immediately after the purchase.

Safety precautions apply to each hair dryer. It is also recommended for safety purposes to keep or to even use the hair dryer away from water sources or high humidity, such as in the bathroom. Users can also consider the best storage options to avoid any physical damage to the hair dryer.