Best Cheap Lipsticks 2020 (Under $10 / $20)


Lipstick was discovered centuries ago by the Sumerians. They crushed gemstones to make lipstick. Over the years, the lipstick making ingredients have changed. Some Egyptians crushed bugs while the Asians used red ochre. Lipstick was viewed as a symbol of status and wealth. This has however changed.

Today, lipstick use has gained popularity. Worldwide, the majority of women do not leave the house without applying some lipstick. From vibrant colors to nude shades, there are plenty of options to choose from. It is an essential part of facial make-up.

However, with so many shades to choose from, it may be daunting to find a lipstick that suits your complexion. Some brands may also be too expensive. How can one find a quality yet cheap lipstick? Below are features to consider in cheap lipsticks.

Features to Consider in Cheap Lipsticks


Whether you have dry or moist lips, a moisturizing effect is critical. Ensure the lipstick has moisturizing ingredients to avoid flaky and dry skin. Also, find a lipstick that can last for hours without the need to re-apply it.


It is important you find a lipstick that is protective rather than harmful. Look for a UV protective shade or one that protects from cold and winds. Besides, ensure the ingredients are not harmful on cracked lips.


Some lipsticks have nourishing ingredients like Shea butter, Omega oils, Vitamin A, C, D, and E. These ingredients are not only healthy but also have a hydrating effect on your lips. Other chemicals are extremely harmful to your lips and should be avoided. These include Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, and Parabens.

Contents in the package

For $20, one may find a company with one product while another rival company has 10 pieces of lipstick. If they have both met quality standards, it would be wise to go for the product with different shades. This way, you can experiment on different shades.

Non-transferable lipstick

Some lipstick brands leave proof behind for example on mugs or when giving someone a peck. Instead, look for a non-transferable lipstick that keeps your lips hydrated.

Customer service

You may invest in a lipstick that may not be fit for you. Ensure you identify if the manufacturer has either a warranty period of a refund in case you are dissatisfied with the product. Also, learn how fast they responded to other consumers. This showcases to what extent they value their clients.

Best Cheap Lipsticks 2020 (Under $10)

1. Beauty Glazed 6pcs Matte Liquid Lipstick Set

Why we like it: this matte liquid lipstick can be used for multiple occasions. It comes in six pieces that can be worn for office, party, shopping or dating look.

Editor’s Rating:

What’s included in the package
The shades in the Beauty Glazed Matte Liquid lipstick include Exposed, Candy K, Koko K, Dolce K, Kristen, and Leo. The Exposed, Candy K, and Koko K are nude colors while Dolce K, Kristen, and Leo are vibrant shades.

The Beauty Glazed 6pcs Matte Liquid lipstick set is elegant, exquisite, and silky. With 6 colors to choose from, it is perfect for all seasons. From office look to summer partying, the liquid lipstick will come in handy.

This matte lipstick has moisturizing ingredients. This gives you’re a comfortable, silky feel. Your lips will not dry out after using this liquid lipstick.

This lightweight lipstick is easy to carry to the office, on your date or while traveling. It is also easy to apply. Just one shade is enough for a glowing look. Besides, it is long-lasting and waterproof. It will be comforting to learn it has a matte effect.

The package box presented with the Beauty Glazed 6pcs matte lipstick makes it perfect to gift this set to a loved one.

The main ingredients used on this 6pcs set are beeswax, vegetable oil, and vitamin E. The beeswax help lock-in water for a moisturizing effect. This, in turn, gives you a beautiful matte lip color.

This 6pcs Matte Liquid Lipstick is worth the purchase. Whether you love nude or rich colors, this set has something for you.

  • Includes 6 colors
  • The colors can be used on multiple occasions
  • It is lightweight to carry around
  • It is waterproof and long-lasting
  • A perfect set to gift a loved one
  • Can be sticky when applying thick coats. You can, however, change this by applying light shades.

2. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipcolor, Saucy Mauve

Why we like it: made with rich, nourishing ingredients, the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipcolor leaves your lips ultra-hydrated. This luxury lipstick has rich colors and lasts for long.

Editor’s Rating:

The ingredients used on this L’Oreal Paris lipstick are plenty. L’Oreal Paris Riche lipstick contains Vitamin E, Omega 3, and Argan Oil. When combined, the ingredients condition and soften your lips. The long-lasting rich color is perfect to wear on all occasions.

Apart from the nourishing ingredients, the lipstick has sesame seed oil, beeswax, Rosa Canina fruit oil, lanolin wax, lanolin oil, and fragrance just to name a few.

The lipstick is both easy to apply and remove. This Saucy Mauve lipstick works perfectly with olive and dry skin. It has a smoothing and supple effect on lips.

For a lasting, rich look, apply the Riche Lipcolor from the center to the edges. The contours of your lips should guide you when applying.

For the money, the L’Oreal Paris is perfect for olive and dry skin leaving it supple and soft. This luxurious lipstick is a must-have.

  • Includes rich, nourishing ingredients
  • Have a soft, moist, supple effect
  • Ideal for olive and dry skin
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Does not last all day but it has a supple effect while it lasts.

3. Milani Color Statement Lipstick, Tropical Nude

Why we like it: even with minimum makeup, the Milani statement lipstick makes you stand out. It is enriched with Vitamin A and C.

Editor’s Rating:

The Milani color statement lipstick is lightweight to carry to the office or on vacation. You can apply it easily when in a hurry for a polished look. A single swipe is enough to look classy. The tropical nude shade is great on light skin although it is versatile.

The texture on the lipstick is smooth. Just like the advertising image, the tropical nude lipstick will have a supple and moisturizing effect on your lips that will last a whole day.

Besides, the lipstick does not stick. It also has a bonus scent that is mild on any user. This high-quality lipstick does not melt in the sun. If you are worried about the taste, it does not have any bad one.

For a moisturizing look, Milani Tropical Nude Lipstick is enriched with vitamin A and C. It also includes synthetic wax, mica, and polyethylene among other ingredients. Some of the ingredients may have an allergic reaction on users. These include Manganese violet, Titanium dioxide, and Iron oxides. It would be better you avoid the lipstick if you are allergic to this.

Despite this, the Milani Company has never tested its products on animals. It is a cruelty-free Company which has been certified by PETA.

Since the Milani Statement lipstick is easy to apply even in a hurry, it should be the next item you add to your make-up collection. With the nourishing ingredients in it, your lips will no longer look dry.

  • Contains Vitamins A and C
  • Lasts all day long
  • Has a smooth effect on lips
  • Great for light skin
  • All Milani products are certified by PETA
  • May have an adverse reaction to some users. However, the majority of consumers have had no effects so far.

4. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Made for All Lipstick

Why we like it: This Maybelline lipstick leaves no room for guesswork. It has been tested on 50 different skin tones. This implies that the sensational effect obtained from the tests will be the same results on you.

Editor’s Rating:

The most recognized ingredient is the honey nectar. It gives your lips a smooth, comfortable effect. Besides, the Maybelline sensational lipstick also includes Shea butter, silica, honey, synthetic wax, sesame seed oil, beeswax, lanolin oil, and hydrogenated castor oil among others.

It may also include Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxides. The company, however, does not issue any safety warning.

This lightweight, Sensational lipstick has a smooth and hydrating effect on dry lips. It is also creamy and has no weird taste. Satisfaction is guaranteed for this lipstick, the numerous tests done leave no room for doubts.

The Maybelline lipstick has a matte finish. It is perfect for light skin women. Even without any other make-up, this lipstick will make your face glow. It is easy to apply and leaves no mess.

How to apply
On the upper lip, apply the New York sensational lipstick generously from the center to the edges. Follow keenly the contours on your lips. When you are satisfied on the amount on the upper lip, rub it on the lower lip.

A lipstick should have a comforting effect on any skin. The Maybelline sensational lipstick exceeds this. The honey nectar gives you a smooth, comforting, and hydrating effect. This lipstick is worth buying.

  • Perfect for light skin
  • The honey nectar has a smooth, comfortable effect on lips
  • Hydrates the lips
  • It has been tested on 50 different skin tones
  • Guarantees satisfaction
  • Does not have a weird taste
  • Does not last all day. Nevertheless, it gives you a sensational look for about 4 hours.

5. Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick, Boho Chic

Why we like it: The minute you wear it on your lips, it has an instant moisturizing and velvety effect. This is thanks to the Shea butter, Vitamin E and aloe.

Editor’s Rating:

For an all-day color, the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick is what you need. With a suede finish, this lipstick is ultra-hydrating. It even exceeds the other best lipsticks under $10 since it is food proof. Even after completing your meals, the Revlon lipstick will still be intact. There is no need to visit the bathroom to re-apply it!

This suede lipstick has an instant hydrating effect. 92% of the Revlon users said their lips felt instantly comfortable and creamy.

This lipstick just needs one swipe for a soft, classy, matte finish. It is easy to apply and dries off quickly. If you have any dry or flaky patches, it is advisable you wipe them off before applying the Colorstay lipstick. You can apply a lip balm as a base before applying the lipstick.

This Revlon Lipstick lasts for hours. It is the best lipstick for busy moms who do not have time to re-do makeup.

The 3 main ingredients are Aloe, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E. They are mainly responsible for the instant moisturizing and hydrating effect. There are other ingredients like fragrance, leaf extracts, and benzoic acid in the lipstick.

How to use
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede works best on clean lips. Ensure your lips are smooth and clean for desired results.

Revlon Colorstay lives to its name. It retains the color for hours and delivers a suede polish. It is great for dry lips due to the hydrating and moisturizing effect. Try the Revlon lipstick today.

  • It is food-proof
  • Lasts a whole day
  • Contains Shea, aloe, and Vitamin E
  • Gives you a velvety and creamy feel
  • Instantly moisturizes your lips
  • One swipe is enough for a classy look
  • Does not have a glossy look after several hours. However, the color is still there. Considering other lipsticks that fade, this Revlon lipstick loses the glow but maintains the color.

Best Cheap Lipsticks 2020 (Under $20)

1. The Marvelous Super Lustrous Collection in Stand-up Nudes, Limited Edition Lipstick Set

Why we like it: There is no room for boring in the Marvelous Super Lustrous Collection. Inspired by the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the lipstick is lightweight and moisturizing.

Editor’s Rating:

The Marvelous Super Lustrous lipstick can last for hours. During this time, it neither bleeds, feather nor bulge. It retains a matte finish without drying the lips.

When used in the movie, the lipstick captured the energy and color of the women in the picture. Rum Raising is great for olive skin while Blushing Mauve is perfect for medium skin. Just like the characters in the show, the lipstick will showcase a bold character in you.

What’s included in the package
The 3pcs in the Limited Edition Lipstick include Blushing Mauve (warm-pinky nude), Rum Raising (creamy mauve-y brown), and Pink Truffle (sheer pink-brown). These stand-up nudes are super vibrant, super creamy, and super lush. They prove that nude lipsticks are not boring.

The main recognized ingredients in the formula are avocado and Vitamin E. They are essential for the moisturizing effect found on this lightweight lipstick.

How to use
Ensure your lips are smooth and clean. If your lips are dry or flaky, use a lip balm before applying the lipstick. Also, if you need extra definition, use a Lipliner as a base. However, if you need a major shine, have a lip gloss at hand after applying the nude lipstick.

Any of the three shades of lustrous lipstick have a bold, moisturizing effect. The fact that they are standard nude colors should not deter you from getting these shades.

  • Lasts for hours
  • The three pieces include a warm pink, mauve-y brown, and sheer pink-brown colors
  • Ingredients include avocado and Vitamin E
  • Delivers a luscious look
  • Shades are perfect on olive and light skin users
  • Feel lightweight on lips
  • The lipstick is not smudged free. But this is only seen when your lips rub on something

2. NAQIER Matte Lipstick Set, 8pcs Nude Moisturizer Smooth Lipstick, Waterproof Liquid Lipstick

Why we like it: This is the perfect present to gift yourself or a loved one. There are 8 different shades on this NAQIER matte lipstick to choose from.

Editor’s Rating:

What’s in the package
There are 8 colors to choose from namely: Mary Jo K (01), Dirtry Peach (02), Passion (03), Exposed (04), Spice (05), Jetsetter (06), Maliboo 07, and Choker (08).

These 8 shades are easy to apply and remove. They are also waterproof and last for long. This matte lipstick will enable you to experience a sexy look.

The formula gives a healthy and sheen look on lips. The lips also enjoy a natural and moisturized feel.

The NAQIER Matte Lipstick set has Vitamin E which is a powerful oxidant. It also plays a vital part in hydrating your lips.

There are other new ingredients too. This, however, should not be cause for alarm. These ingredients do not contain chemical substances that can irritate or harm your lips. They are super creamy and work smoothly on lips.

How to use
On your lower lip, carefully draw a fine line on the edge of the lip. Then add a deeper color on the line. Step three should involve applying deeper color on the lips. Finally, blot your lips to smoothen the color.

This 8 set lipstick can work on all skin colors. From light skin to olive skin, the shades of color will work magic on you. At a pocket-friendly price tag, this set is a must-have.

  • Eight different colors to choose from
  • It is matte, waterproof lipstick
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals that can irritate or harm your lips
  • It is super creamy and smooth
  • Perfect gift for valentine’s, birthday, or Christmas day
  • The bottom of the lipsticks is labeled in numbers instead of colors. On the good side, all colors are different and can be differentiated from the looks.

3. Miss Rose Long Lasting Matte Lipstick set, 12 Multicolored Pieces

Why we like it: No matter how difficult it might be for you to find a perfect shade, there is one that will suit your skin tone in the Miss Rose Long Lasting Matte Lipstick Set. The 12 multicolored pieces are vibrant and easy to apply. They are suitable for any occasion.

Editor’s Rating:

What’s in the package
The 12 vibrant colors include: Belle (31#), Mimosa (32#), Orchid (33#), Marjorie (34#), Iris (36#), Passion (35#), Angelique (37#), Hannah (38#), Times Square (45#), Bel Air (47#), Beeper (48#), And Kiss me Stupid (56#).

You can wear these radiant colors on any occasion. From office, to party, school or a dinner date, these lipsticks will rise to the occasion.

You can apply the lipstick while on the move. It is easy to apply and lasts for hours. It does not need a concealer for a polished look. Due to its matte effect, it is advisable to let it dry before compressing your lips. If you compress your lips when wet, it will get sticky and smudge on surfaces that get into contact with your lips.

Besides, Miss Rose Long-lasting Matte Lipstick set is waterproof. It dries so fast and lasts a whole day without flaking. It is both safe and clean.

These rich colors lipsticks have a hydrating effect. They keep lips soft, supple, and smooth with a velvet matte feel.

These lipsticks are a non-stick cup and no rub off. When you need to remove this long-lasting Miss Rose Lipstick, use olive oil or any make-up removal oil.

It is, however, advisable that you use this product for external use only. Do not let it get to your eyes. Also, do not store it under direct sunlight nor in children’s vicinity.

Miss Rose 12 pcs Long Lasting Matte Lipstick is a gold mine. There are several colors from the set that will suit your skin tone. Besides, the lipstick is waterproof and lasts a whole day without re-applying. It is also lightweight and easy to apply.

  • There are 12 shaded to choose from
  • Perfect gift for a loved one
  • It is waterproof and dries fast
  • Does not cake nor flake
  • Easy to apply while on the move
  • Leave the lips feeling smooth, supple, and hydrated
  • Ideal for any occasion whether during the day or night
  • Melts when stored under direct sunlight. Instead, store it in a cool place
  • Can cause harm to your eyes.

4. BONNIE CHOICE Colors 10 Colors Moisturizing Matte Lip Pencil Crayon

Why we like it: The colors in this BONNIE CHOICE Moisturizing Matte Lipstick are popular and waterproof. They also last longer and have a velvety feel on lips.

Editor’s Rating:

What’s in the package
There are 10 colors in this set which include: Angry Cardinal (01), Leisurely Years (02), Femininity (03), Gothic Rose (04), Pomegranate Red (05), Molton Midnight (06), Love Joy (07), Magic Witch (08), Sweet Honey (09) and Carmen lover (10).

BOLTON CHOICE Moisturizing matte lipstick can be used on olive skin, light skin, and fair skin. It also poses no threats to sensitive skin.

This matte lipstick also features a moisturizing effect. The moisturizing effect is not only instant but also an all-day effect. Your lips will enjoy a silky, moist texture from this waterproof lipstick. When the silky texture glides on skin, it results in luminous shine and vibrant color.

How to use
You can choose to use one of these two methods. Apply directly from the tube to your lips. Alternatively, use a lip brush for more precision. For even better results, use a lip lock pencil to outline the lips.

Before purchasing the BONNIE CHOICE Moisturizer, check to see the manufacturing date. It has a 3-year shelf life. Pick the one with recent manufacturing date so that it can serve you for a longer period. Besides, do not use the lipstick for other purposes than the one intended. Also, store your lipstick away from children.

Do not look further for a moisturizing lipstick. The BONNIE CHOICE Matte Lipstick is the Best moisturizer for an instant and an all-day effect. Furthermore, it can be used on light, tanned, dark, and olive skin. This lipstick will be an added accessory to your make-up collection.

  • There are 10 shades to choose from
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Has an instant moisturizing and hydrating effect
  • Lasts a whole day
  • Give lips a silky, velvety texture
  • Designed for lip use only. It could have an allergic reaction when used on eyes. However, this should not be a problem since the lipstick has been designed to be used on lips.

5. COOSA 12 Colors Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick Set

Why we like it: the COOSA Nude Mate Liquid Lipstick is not only waterproof but long-lasting. It is a non-stick cup and can be used all year round.

Editor’s Rating:

What’s in the package
The 12 shades in the package are Silk Indulgent (01), Bustier (02), Pink Lust (04) , Confident (05), Lulu (06), Cupid (07), Faded (08), French Maid (09), Mondaze (10), Embellishment (15), Rose Nud (16), and Bear with Me (22).

One can apply the COOSA Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick on any occasion ranging from the office to shopping. The 12 colors will give your lips a silky, elegant look.

The lipstick is both waterproof and long-lasting. It is also non-stick on a cup and does not rub off. Applying the lip gloss is easy and needs cleansing oil to remove.

The ingredients used in this liquid lipstick are a natural formula. They include vegetable oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E. the beeswax locks in the moisture in the lips hence eliminating dehydration. It also gives you an attractive and elegant matte lip color.

Do not use the lipstick on bruised lips.

Not only is the COOSA Nude Matte lipstick pocket-friendly but also great at delivering soft, supple lips all day long. Purchasing this lipstick will be an advantage for you. Besides, it contains a natural formula which is healthy on your lips.

  • There are 12 shades to choose from
  • The lip gloss is both waterproof and water-resistant
  • Enriched with natural formulas
  • Has an all-day moisturizing effect
  • Suitable for multiple occasions
  • Harmful when used on bruised lips. Always ensure your skin is not damaged to avoid any further injuries.

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Lipsticks (under $10/$20)

Before purchasing any lipstick, make sure you understand your skin color, decide on which texture works for you, and choose the right brand.

Understand your skin color

Understanding your skin color involves identifying your skin tone and finding a color that works great in your skin color:

  • Know your skin tone – you can identify your skin tone by holding up a piece of white paper under your chin in natural sunlight. If the shadow produced is red, blue, or purple, you have a cool tone. However, if it is yellow, beige or brown, you have a warm skin tone.
    Alternatively, you can check the colors of the veins on your wrist. A cool skin tone has blue or purple veins while a warm tone tends to have green veins.
  • Find a color that works for you – your complexion matters a lot when buying any lipstick. You can be dark, medium or light skin.
    Red, pink, and peachy colors work best with light or fair complexions. You can also use bright and broad colors to complement your skin. On the other hand, nudes, red, orange and pink work perfectly for olive, medium, and tan complexions while purple, corals, mauves, and orange shades are suitable for dark skin.
  • Test the lipstick on your wrist – only when you are in contact with the lipstick can you tell how it will look on you.

Look for the right texture

On texture, learn about your lips’ dryness and the shades you need.

  • Lips’ dryness – do you have dry lips? A moisturizing lipstick is the best for you. However, if you do not suffer from flaky, dry lips, use a matte, shimmery, long-lasting lipstick.
  • Choose lipsticks for an intended purpose – cream lipsticks work well for casual looks while maintaining a hydrated look.
    Satin or glossy lipsticks are suitable for a long day and a shimmer finish. They also add volume to your lips while concealing any lines and wrinkles. The glossy lipsticks, however, are not best for dry lips since they dry pretty fast.
    Matte lipsticks are best at giving a velvety finish. They are long-lasting although not great for dry lips.

Find the right brand of lipstick

A good lipstick is one that is neither oily nor rigid but somewhere in between. It should also be stiff and slick. A crumbling and greasy lipstick will do you no good.

The next thing you need to check on is the quality of the package. If the cap is easy to move, that means the lipstick will break and mess your items.

Lastly, ask whether the brand has a return policy just in case the product does not mean your expectations. You can also ask if the store has samples for you to take home with you.

Shelf life

Most lipsticks have 3 years shelf-life. Do not take a product that has completed its first or second shell-life year. Choose a lipstick whose manufacturing date is much closer. This way, the product will serve you for longer.

Do not buy the same shade

It’s time you stepped out of your comfort zone. You may have one or two shades you love most. But after knowing your skin tone and color, you can easily try out other shades that will also complement your skin. Some cheap lipsticks listed above have more than 6 pieces. Why not purchase a set and try out new sophisticated looks?


Some lipsticks have natural formula while others have different chemical compositions. Do not just buy a brand because of its logo. Some ingredients like Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, and Parabens are a cause for alarm. They can have adverse reactions on you and it is important you avoid them.

Avoid replicas

Today, the market has both legit and fake products. The replicas look exactly like the originals. It is however important you read on reviews from other users before buying a product that looks just like the brand you are used to.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lipsticks

How do I apply lipstick properly?

Answer: First step is applying lip balm. This helps smooth your lips and reduce crevices. Then, apply a lip liner that looks like your lips. Alternatively, if you have dry lips, u can use an exfoliating lip balm to remove any dead skin or flakes.

Once you are done, apply the lipstick from the center of the upper lip to the edges. When you’ve achieved the desired look, blot your lips.

What do I apply before the lipstick?

Answer: if you have dry lips, it may make the lipstick look uneven and rough. Slough it off with sugar scrub or soft bristle toothbrush then apply the lipstick. You can also apply concealer or a lip balm.

What is a matte lipstick?

Answer: matte lipsticks have more wax and less oil. They have a rich, deep color. With less oil, the texture of the lipstick may feel dry and can in effect cause cracks and crevices on lips.

Is lipstick helpful on lips?

Answer: Absolutely. With the right ingredients, applying some lipstick may be helpful. Lipstick forms a protective barrier on the lips. They can protect us from wind and cold. Some lipsticks have elements to help repair damaged and cracked lips. It all depends on the type of your lips and the ingredients in the lipstick.

What is a nude lipstick?

Answer: there is no specific definition to a nude lipstick since we all have different skin tone. However, nude lipstick is one that resembles your skin tone or can be a little darker for visibility. It could be in matte brown or satin tan shades.

What are the features and benefits of a good lipstick?

Answer: a good lipstick should have a moisturizing effect on dry skin. On normal skin, it should have a matte effect. In both cases, the lipstick should be long-lasting and have a moist, silky, and velvety feel. Applying lipstick is also beneficial since it is a protective barrier against cold, UV light, and wind. Besides, applying lipstick gives you a radiant, elegant and vibrant look.

Can lipstick cause cancer?

Answer: No, that is just a myth. Rumors were going around the media that Butyl Benzyl Phthalate, an element in lipsticks, causes breast cancer. These rumors, however, are not true.

Can I apply lipstick without a liner?

Answer: yes you can by using the lipstick like a liner. Carefully draw a line using a cotton swab, a brush or the lipstick. No matter what you use, you will still create beautiful lips.

Wrapping up

The BONNIE CHOICE matte Liquid Lipstick is our best moisturizing yet luxurious cheap lipstick on this list. This is because it can be used on all skin types, from tanned to light-skin. There are 10 shades to choose from. There are a variety of nudes too that will let you enjoy a silky and hydrated feel for hours. It is easy to apply while on the move and does not necessarily need a concealer.

However, if this product has a higher price tag than what you have intended to let out, there are other options you can look into. Do not forget to purchase one that rhymes with your skin color and shade.

Take time to read this article extensively. Read other customer reviews. A good lipstick speaks volumes. It uplifts the look on your face and gives a positive first impression to strangers.

We hope this article helps you find the best yet cheap lipstick under $10 and $20.