Best Cheap Freesync Monitors


Looking to buy a cheap FreeSync monitor? We’ve got a wealth of essential information to help you make the best decision.

The moment you switch to a FreeSync monitor, there are chances that you’ll love it. FreeSync technology helps sync the refresh rate of the monitor with that of the graphics rendering smooth visuals with no screen tearing, stuttering or input lag. More on this later.

AMD FreeSync requires no royalties, licensing or additional hardware, which is why monitors with this technology are usually relatively cheap. A budget below $150 will get you a couple of monitor options to choose from. Top up your budget up to $300 and you have access to a pool of FreeSync monitors with even better features.
Choosing FreeSync monitors isn’t as easy as selecting G-Sync monitors. Although you’ll find a few premium and high-priced monitors integrated with FreeSync technology, you’ll find the feature mostly in the low-priced standard monitors.

In regards to specs/features, these budget FreeSync monitors also sacrifice a lot to remain affordable. As such, it can be terribly confusing to choose a FreeSync monitor since you’ll have to pay close attention to the specs.
Our aim is to make your shopping experience to be as painless as possible. After spending hours scouring the forums and the internet, we found and reviewed a couple of budget FreeSync monitors with reasonable performance.