Best Cheap Blu Ray Players 2020 (Under $100)


With high resolution, the best cheap Blu Ray Players improve the video quality normally available on a DVD. The main problem lies in their prices. But there is hope for all those high-resolution fans. Within $100, the best cheap Blu Ray players act as a real alternative for HD video on a budget.

Features to Consider in Cheap Blu Ray Players

When it comes to buying any type of media player, everybody seems to be looking at flagship models that require a considerable financial investment. However, cheap Blu Ray players are at least as reliable in video resolution as the most expensive alternatives.

High image quality

Moving up from a DVD player, even the cheapest Blu Ray alternative handles resolution up to 1920X1080. Ultra HD Blu Ray players increase this resolution even further to 3.840X2.160. Higher resolution means there are more details to enjoy in the videos.

Better video codecs

If DVDs are limited to MPEG2, Blu Ray players support various other codecs such as MPEG H, HEVC, and even 4K video. But it’s not all about video as even the cheapest Blu Ray player comes with better audio quality as well. The following players are proof that they can be found at affordable rates.

Best Cheap Blu Ray Players 2020 (Under $100)

1. Sony BDPS3700 Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi

Why we like it: With functions such as screen mirroring, app streaming, and Dolby Digital TrueHD, the player is a balanced performer.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Small and practical, the Blu Ray player offers everything users would expect from such an affordable design and even more. Its functions allow great video and audio quality. Storage might also work to its benefit. Being quite small, it does not require too much space.

Since it is made with remote control operation, there are only a few buttons to count on which further reduces its size. A power, an eject button, and a USB port are among the few additions to its designs. Apart from fully controlling it from the remote, it is one of the players which is also easy to dust.

At the moment, the player is not sold with HDMI cables. But any cable can connect it to a smart TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 or Fire TV. The player itself is not at its first generation. This means some improvements have been put in place by Sony. One of these improvements is the WiFi connectivity chip. With better stability, it allows streaming with few interruptions. The wireless connection is also faster with the latest release.

Convenient features
Blu Ray discs are among the options which allow users to what HD quality videos and movies. But streaming services are also integrated with the player. There are over 300 integrated services for this purpose. They include Netflix and Amazon services.

In terms of speed, the player is also in the same league with some of the more expensive alternatives. It only takes up to 30 seconds for it to boot up. At the same time, the easy navigation menu makes this a user-friendly design even for those who’ve not used such a service before.

A distinct feature comes with Screen Mirroring technology. It allows users to see HD images from their smartphones directly on the TV screen with no cables. However, this feature needs a bit of work for stability.

Packed with useful features the Blu Ray player works with classic discs as well as with many streaming services.

  • Suitable for Blu Ray discs and streaming
  • Includes access to online movie channels
  • Based on USB connectivity
  • Supports Dolby Digital TrueHD
  • Screen Mirroring function can crash at times

2. Sony BDPS6700 4K Upscaling 3D Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player

Why we like it: With 4K upscaling, this player can take many videos to nearly 4K quality and it supports multi-device pairing.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed to be the next best thing after 4K ultra HD, this Blu Ray player can improve the appearance of many videos. It is capable to read them better via Blu Ray-specific codecs. For the home user, this means enjoying better video quality, better audio quality and a range of extras which make it a device connected with the entire home.

From a design perspective, the player looks similar to many other Sony alternatives. It only includes an eject button and a power button on it as minimum controls. From other perspectives, it is quite similar when it comes to USB connectivity port’s placement, right in the front of the player.

Since it is so small, the player can easily be placed next to a TV. It can also sit on top of various consoles such as a PS4. However, it is what’s inside this player which makes the difference, completely unexpected at this affordable rate.

Convenient features
WiFi functionality connects the Blu Ray player to any type of smart TV. It eliminates the need for various cables and adapters and users can have a more clutter-free home together with other wireless devices. USB connectivity is still supported as an alternative.

Near 4K video, upscale and 3D video upscale is supported by this player. All videos can look better and more realistic. At the same time, all of these characteristics are not hidden in complicated menus. The same simple browser-based menus are implanted with the player, as with other products from the manufacturer.

Streaming services are also compatible with the player. More than 300 such services are already pre-programmed by Sony. However, those services which are paid, such as Netflix still require the user to pay its monthly fee. With the help of DLNA technology, all of these services can be shared with multimedia devices at home.

With near 4K video and 3D video up-scale, the player is the affordable method to enjoy high-resolution images.

  • Based on a compact design
  • Includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports 3D up-scale
  • Includes DNLA multimedia sharing
  • Not a 4K player

3. LG Electronics BP550 Blu-Ray Player with Wi-Fi

Why we like it: The leading option from LG’s BP family, the 550 Blu Ray player is equipped and ready for wireless connectivity.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
There are many reasons to why this is the affordable option to consider from LG. One of them is given by its physical design with ports such as USB which still allow more traditional methods of connectivity. The compact Blu Ray player also comes with an HDMI output. This connects it to smart TV as well as to the major gaming consoles of the moment.

Operated by a remote control or even by the smartphone, this player is not specifically button-packed. Its simple design means there’s no need to worry about dust attraction and it will stay cleaner even down the line. Even more, it can be integrated with any smart home via its DLNA certification.

Convenient features
Those with 3D-capable TVs love this player as it plays realistic movies and the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Those with such TVs know that a player as affordable as one of the BP series from LG could cost a lot more just for this feature.

Another convenient reason to consider the player comes with streaming options. Many users don’t buy Blu Ray discs anymore as they still prefer one of the premium streaming services from the hundreds of pre-installed leads from LG.

A private sound mode has also been implemented on the player. This means that this little device sends out the audio of a file to your headphones or smartphone wirelessly. It can be the solution to use which doesn’t disturb those resting in the house.

Packed with useful features, the player is ready for disc playback in 3D quality as well as to stream from premium video providers.

  • Includes a private audio mode
  • Supports 3D playback
  • Includes wireless, USB and HDMI connectivity
  • DLNA-certified player
  • User manual only available as an e-book

4. Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-ray Disc Player with Built-in Wi-Fi + Xtech High-Speed HDMI Cable

Why we like it: Those new to the Blu Ray world can find this pack as a good starter alternative to buying accessories separately.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Still, within the budget, this bundle is one of the fastest ways to ensure all of the current needs of modern entertainment are met right out of the box. If the sole player from Sony does not come with an HDMI cable, this pack offers everything right out of the box.

The high-quality cable supports Blu Ray video quality and it offers a real alternative to those who are TVs might not have the wireless capability. Even those worried about the health effects of too many wireless devices in their homes can consider this pack.

With an included remote control, operating the player is not complicated either. Programmable buttons, forward and reverse playback buttons are included on this compact remote control. Together with the WiFi capabilities, it creates a unique environment to which users can enjoy their best results in terms of audio and video quality.

Convenient features
One of the areas where Sony did a lot of research was with color reproduction. Even as part of the player’s list of technologies, Triluminos TV technology is something to be lauded. Its purpose is to offer more realistic colors, especially for nature images. As a result, reds, aqua greens, and emerald greens look considerably more realistic.

But the cheap Blu Ray player also integrates many wireless devices around the house. Based on the popular DLNA technology, the player uses the home internet network to stream audio and video files to other devices which support this technology.

Suitable for busy users, this pack includes an HDMI cable and even batteries for the remote control.

  • Sold as a starter pack
  • HDMI cable and the player support HD images
  • Included Triluminos TV color technology
  • Supports HD up-conversion
  • Not the quietest performer with Blu Ray discs

5. Samsung Blu-ray DVD Disc Player With Built-in Wi-Fi

Why we like it: The curved player from Samsung is recommended for those who already own BD Wise Technology products from the manufacturer.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
With a distinctive curved design, the Blu Ray player is one of the best in its category. It represents a viable name for those who already own other Samsung products with wireless connectivity, from TVs to audio speakers.

Apart from its unmistakable design, the player is also ready to deal with some of the most demanding conditions of the modern home. This is why it comes with HDMI connectivity as well as with wireless connectivity. Users also find a LAN port on its back, suitable for direct internet connection without any interruptions which may come from wireless alternatives.

Convenient features
Made with WIFi connectivity, the Blu Ray player represents one of the strong contenders to the multiple Sony and LG alternatives. It has a few features which let it compete with the big names in this class. One of the features is the BD Wise Technology. Implemented by Samsung, it allows simple device pairing with other multimedia solutions from the manufacturer. At the same time, it optimizes picture quality when playing videos from other devices.

Another worthy technology is the AllShare Play. This technology is made to deal with streaming from multiple devices. As a result, a good movie or cartoon from the PC can go through the player to the TV. The same goes for photos and videos from smartphones. Together with a digital coaxial audio output, both the video and the audio quality across multiple platforms can be improved with the player.

With its compact size, the player connects all wireless devices and it supports online streaming as well.

  • Made with a distinct curved shape
  • Includes a LAN port
  • Supports HDMI connectivity
  • Based on AllShare Play technology
  • Small remote control buttons

6. Oulin Blu-Ray Player

Why we like it: This external Blu Ray drive is suitable for computers and projectors.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The Blu Ray drive can be considered as one of the compact options for watching high-resolution videos on computers and laptops. It can also be connected to a projector via its USB connector. As a result, it is very lightweight and even portable.

Users can consider it when going on holidays with their laptops. Having a simplified design, the drive is also considerably quieter than many other alternatives. Unlike many other players, it represents a solution which works instantly, it needs drivers to be installed on a laptop and it’s compatible with all operating systems.

Convenient features
The player is mainly compatible with Windows and iOs laptops where it works instantly. It is recognized as an external drive and it only requires one USB port to work. However, it is not to be confused with a writer for the discs.

The plug and play design still require high video quality players installed on the computers. Some of them are free while others are paid. This software is not included with the Blu Ray player. However, even free software such as VLC can do their job well for general playback purposes.

Suitable for laptops, projectors and general travel purposes, this external drive can replace a larger Blu Ray player.

  • Thin profile
  • Based on USB connectivity
  • Compatible with Windows and iOs computers
  • Works with some projectors
  • Doesn’t work with TVs

7. LG BP175 Blu-Ray DVD Player

Why we like it: This simple Blu Ray player comes with an included HDMI cable in a starter pack.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Most Blu Ray players don’t include an HDMI cable. Users need to go to a store or order one online. But LG offers one with this player. A 6-ft cable inside the pack connects this player to the TV. The small player offers simplified use over other LG alternatives and it can be seen as an entry-level budget option.

This being said, it is still a capable product, even with its compact size. It features a large power button for easy bootup. It also comes with a USB port right in front for easier HDMI cable access. The player features a simple remote control. However, 4 of its buttons are user-defined which means it has some room for customization.

Convenient features
Audio quality is considerably improved with the player over a simple DVD alternative. DTS, DTS-HD, Master Audio and Dolby Digital Plus are part of this impressive quality. But the player also supports full HD videos at 1080p quality.

Some streaming services are also included. YouTube Premium, Netflix, and Pandora are included. When it comes to drawbacks, music fans need to know Spotify is not supported. At the same time, the app compatibility is considerably reduced apart from the services listed above.

However, the main advantage of this Blu Ray player lies in its simplicity. It is not a solution to replace other products with hundreds of pre-save streaming channels as it only works with the most popular services.

Highly affordable, the Blu Ray player may include an HDMI cable, but it also works with Netflix and CinemaNow.

  • Included HDMI cable
  • Supports 1080p HD video
  • Includes a remote control
  • Streams from Netflix and YouTube
  • Doesn’t support Spotify

8. Sony BDPS1700 WIRED Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player

Why we like it: The little brother of the BPS family, this player offers an affordable door into the Blu Ray world.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed to represent one of the most suitable solutions for its simplicity, the player is a stripped-down version of the popular UPB-X800. But it is also more affordable. Without any 4K up-scale, it represents a solution which still works great for several reasons as it plays Blu Ray quality videos.

Made with only a power button and USB connectivity, the player wasn’t designed with a wireless option. However, for most users, its USB port can be sufficient to connect to a smart TV. Furthermore, its compact design recommends it among the products which take up little space next to the TV.

As an affordable product, it still surprises many users with its audio quality. It can be connected to large speakers for a surround experience. However, it is its software capabilities which make it a unique solution to use at home for a competitive rate.

Convenient features
Based on its Ethernet LAN connectivity, the player can still connect to the internet. As a result, it opens up the world of high-quality video and audio online streaming. The same easy navigation menu takes users through 300 pre-saved streaming services. It allows full app streaming as well. Dedicated streaming apps considerably reduce the risk of lag while watching various movies.

Another considerable advantage of this player comes with its fast boot up. Unlike other products in this class which take up to half a minute to run, Sony’s player is ready for action in a second. It also backs some of the highest audio quality apart from the video as well. With Dolby TrueHD capabilities, it is ready to offer an immersive experience for many users.

However, those planning to purchase this Blu Ray player need to know that it doesn’t have any wireless connectivity options. As a result, they will need to purchase an internet cable which then needs to be connected to the network’s router.

This simple Blu Ray player offers one of the immersive experiences without too many extras to worry about.

  • Supports HD video and HD audio
  • Includes a remote control
  • Compatible with online streaming channels
  • Connects via USB
  • Doesn’t include a LAN cable

9. Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player with Built-in Wi-Fi

Why we like it: This previous generation player is now available at an affordable rate and it includes wireless connectivity capabilities.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The design of the Blu Ray player reminds of the older generation products. However, it is still reliable today and not much has improved in terms of design with the newer Sony BDPS series. With both wired and wireless connectivity, the player can be paired with any smart TV and even with other wireless gadgets around the house.

In terms of size, the player is very similar to those of the BDPS series. Its rectangular design is the only physical characteristic which differentiates it from the newer generation of Sony Blu Ray players. However, it has some advantages compared to the newer players. One of them is the included HDMI cable. This bundle includes a remote control and a connectivity HDMI cable for high-resolution video support.

Convenient features
The convenience of the player is comparable to newer Sony releases. It still gives users access to hundreds of online streaming channels. Furthermore, it comes with implemented technologies which allow these streams to be shared with other home devices as well.

Hulu, Pandora, Amazon, and Netflix are among the supported services. Unlike a few other older generation players, Sony’s design is capable to run hundreds of similar services, offering endless hours of entertainment.

Even if it is an older release, the player is responsive by today’s standards. It features 1-second boot up which places it among a select category of only a few devices with such responsiveness in the affordable range.

Sound quality is comparable to the best Blu Ray players as well. Lossless audio is based on the Dolby TrueHD codecs. However, being an older generation release, it has a few drawbacks. One of them is the slight connectivity delay whenever the HDMI cable is connected to the TV.

This capable product is finally available at an affordable price and it comes with impressive wireless responsiveness on streaming channels.

  • Solid physical construction
  • Includes an HDMI cable
  • Streams video from hundreds of channels
  • Features 1-second boot up
  • Slight delay on HDMI TV pairing

10. Philips BDP2501/F7 Blu-Ray DVD Player with Built-in Wi-Fi

Why we like it: Featuring one of the best-looking aesthetics, the Blu Ray player is one of the few Philips options for low budgets.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
With impressive looks, the cheap Blu Ray player can easily be stored next to any modern TV. Similarly to other compact designs, it only features an eject button for discs and a power button. Next, to them, a USB port allows classic HDMI connectivity, even if it also supports wireless connectivity.

However, it has the best remote control design of its class. With quick Netflix and Hulu buttons, it is a remote control specifically made for online streaming fans. Navigation buttons and a smaller quick YouTube access button make this remote control a design which is easy to use even for kids.

Unfortunately, the batteries for the remote control are not included in the pack. Users also have to find their HDMI cables if they decide not to rely on their wireless connectivity.

Convenient features
Apart from its appealing design, the Blu Ray player also supports various features which make the life of the user considerably easier. Among them, the DVD up-scaling feature allows slight video improvements to near HD images.

The Dolby audio quality is a good pairing with the impressive high-resolution images. But one of the convenient features of this player is that it supports reliable wireless connectivity. This is why it doesn’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

In terms of advanced features, integration with other devices is a priority for Philips. This can be seen with the implemented EasyLink technology. Practically, all devices connected via HDMI can be controlled with a single remote control.

This wireless Blu Ray player has quick Netflix and Hulu access and it features the unique EasyLink HDMI connectivity.

  • The impressive remote control layout
  • Suitable for online streaming
  • Controls multiple HDMI devices
  • Allows DVD up-scaling
  • AAA batteries not included


What is an HDMI cable?

An HDMI cable is specifically made to deal with high-quality video and audio data transfer. Such a cable is not included with most cheap Blu Ray players.

Does a cheap Blu Ray have a remote control?

Most Blu Ray players include a remote control. They are used to switch between streaming channels or to select the output method from wired to wireless.

What is video up-scaling?

Video up-scaling improves the quality of a video file to nearly HD resolution. It is a computerized adjustment which improves the standard video quality, mainly from DVD quality.

Can I connect a Blu Ray drive to the TV?

A Blur Ray drive is mainly used to connect to computers. They can’t be connected to a TV.

Is Spotify supported on a Blu Ray player?

Spotify can be supported by some players. However, many cheap devices do not support the streaming service and users are required to do the product research if they want to use Spotify before the purchase.

Do I need to pay a Netflix subscription to watch movies?

Even if a Blu Ray players supports Netflix, it doesn’t mean it also pays the monthly subscription for the user. It is still up to every user to set up the account with the streaming service.

Is my Blu Ray player slow?

If the player is slow, it is a sign of a lag. For example, on bootup, some players can take a few seconds to load. When connecting the player to the TV, users can also encounter lagging.

Guide to Buying the Best Blu Ray Players

It is not too complicated to choose a random cheap Blu Ray player. However, it is with specific requirements that the choice starts to get complicated. For example, several streaming services won’t work on some players at all. Others support hundreds of streaming services. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Size and design

The size and the design of a Blu Ray player are important. They can dictate the way it looks next to the TV. Most cheap Blu Ray players are smaller than regular DVD players so they won’t need as much storage space.

However, the design of the player is important, especially with wired products. Wireless Blu Ray players are known for their simple user experience. Wired options need to be stored in an area with easy access. At least 3 cables need to be connected to a wired Bly Ray player.

The first cable to connect is the power cable. The player also needs internet input via its LAN port. USB ports can also be used with HDMI TV connectivity. Connecting and disconnecting these cables requires time and easy access. Even if these players are small, they might still not be stored at the back of the TV due to the access requirements.

The design of the player also includes the design of the remote control. Unfortunately, many cheap Blu Ray players come with poorly-designed remote controls, which are considerably smaller to those used to control the TV.

Supported video and audio quality

Video and audio quality is the main driver behind a Blu Ray purchase. Not all users can enjoy the same video quality. Full HD images are supported and in some cases, higher resolution video is supported as well.

The same variable applies to audio quality. With different codecs, the audio quality can vary from device to device. However, a few other aspects can influence video quality. For example, a poor quality HDMI cable might not be the best solution for leading resolution capabilities. Even more, slow internet connect seriously limits the streaming capabilities and final results. Even the highest movie resolution is not going to go far if internet connectivity is slow.

Video and audio quality can also be improved with up-scaling technologies. Such tech is often included in some of the cheap Blu Ray players. However, it cannot make a substantial difference in most cases. What can be improved is streaming speed with lower quality video settings for those with low internet speed.

Streaming options

Streaming options are nearly the go-to characteristic for many potential Blu Ray users. All users need to most popular services such as YouTube and Netflix. However, only a handful of manufacturers offer support for these services on their entry-level products.

While there are different bypassing methods to stream these services, some Bly Ray players are not able to work with them at all. Furthermore, it is also advisable to check for the list of supported streaming channels, especially when looking for services which are not as popular as Hulu.

Integrating the Blu Ray player with multiple TVs is possible. However, it only streams from one channel and it shows the same video on all TVs. Most importantly, the streaming services advertised by many manufacturers are premium services and they require a membership.

Wireless and HDMI connectivity

Not all Blu Ray players come with wireless connectivity. Some of them only use HDMI cables to connect to a TV or a gaming console. At the moment, there are sufficient reliable options to choose a wireless Blu Ray player if this is a priority. However, in most cases, even those which feature wireless connectivity can still encounter various problems such as lag from time to time and even complete loss of signal which requires a hard reset.

There are options which are now packed as a bundle. Users can purchase a Blu Ray player together with a data cable together, as seen with the examples above. However, many of these cables can be short for the actual distance which needs to be covered. 6 feet is the average HDMI cable length offered in bundle deals. Acquiring a longer HDMI cable may still be required.

Smartphone apps integration

Some of the best Blu Ray players now come with smartphone integration. They can be controlled via various apps or they can simply be monitored on the smartphone. From selecting streaming channels to adjusting audio levels, these apps vary in functionality as well.

Sony’s SideView app is one of the advanced solutions in its class. It allows users to access content from other devices connected to the local network. This is why the streaming video may also come from other sources, not just the Blu Ray player itself. As a result, videos and photos taken by smartphones can be streamed as well. Those with various mobile online subscriptions can also transfer them on the TV with some of these apps.

Final considerations

Even the best cheap Blu Ray players are capable of going the distance when it comes to video quality. For a more immersive entertainment experience, many users prefer them to DVD players. As seen above, there are many reasons why they are superior.

The options listed above can also play DVD quality images. Some of them may even improve them with up-scaling features. But most of the current Blu Ray players are made to offer the most advantages in the smallest design.
This is why products which connect to online streaming services immediately open up content sources. Both wired and wireless players can do this. Those choosing a wired Blu Ray player need to add an Ethernet cable to their device to get it online.

When it comes to daily use, the sound level of these players seems to be the biggest complaint. This is the case specifically with Blu Ray discs. However, many devices are not louder than a traditional DVD reader. Others implement distinct technologies to keep the noise level and even the audio from disturbing other people in the house. For example, LG has the Private Sound Mode function which allows users to stream the audio directly to their wireless headphones.

This means there’s no more disturbing the family members while they sleep. All of these characteristics are already seen on premium Blu Ray players. But they go to show that even when using a budget solution, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy entertainment at high video and audio quality.