Best Cheap Webcams 2020 (Under $25 / $50)


Some of the best cheap webcams under $25 / $50 are to be considered for home use. With reliable image quality which sometimes reaches full HD resolution, these webcams might be all that’s needed to get online. Calling via Skype, playing online games, holding job interviews and even streaming live images on YouTube is possible with the best cheap webcams.

Some of the most most popular webcam manufacturers might not offer such cheap solutions. However, there are still a few brands that offer a good solution for the consumer who’s not willing to invest too much in such a device. Those who don’t have a laptop camera or PC users can consider such a cheap webcam device for their daily use.

Features to Consider in Good Webcams

Some of the best cheap webcams are now offered at very low prices so the risk with such a purchase is very low. But these cameras are also durable as they are not packed with features as other premium alternatives. When it comes to offering versatility, these cameras also stand out with their simple mounts. However, image quality and the features below are still important.

Megapixel count

The megapixel count is normally low with webcams. With cheap webcams, this becomes even truer. The typical pocket-friendly webcam only comes with around 5MP. The good news is that this is enough. Their sensors might be larger and they can capture enough light, especially during the day for any type of use.


The resolution is non-HD on many webcams. When users start to spend more, they will be able to choose between 720p and 1080p solutions. This means there are plenty of options to choose from, but the budget still dictates what resolutions users can count on.

Angles and orientation

The angles and the orientation of the camera are seriously limited on some cheap designs. This is why those who might even prefer to have the webcam installed in different locations need to do their best to find a design that fits at least some type of orientation needs. Here are the best cheap webcams to choose from.

Best Cheap Webcams 2020 (Under $25)

It seems impossible to find a webcam under $25. However, there are several options to consider and the following products have been selected to fit this tiny budget.

1. Logitech HD Webcam C310

Why we like it: Our first contender comes from Logitech and it is impressively-affordable for its 720p HD image quality.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
If there’s a webcam manufacturer everybody can recognize, that manufacturer is Logitech. Most buyers will be looking towards brands they know regardless of the features of a product, this is just basic shopping know-how. But this Logitech webcam is not only about its brand name, but it is also useful for this very low price.

In terms of design, this simple camera is made to be installed on the monitor. It does not have lateral angle adjustability. However, it is made with vertical adjustability and this may prove sufficient for most users. Even more, it’s worth noting there are a few categories where this camera still is a food design, such as aesthetics. It is known that many cheap cameras don’t look appealing or interesting at all. At least, Logitech has managed to create a modern-looking cheap camera.

Convenient features
With a universal clip that attaches to desktop monitors and laptops, the webcam is quick to setup. Like all webcams, it comes with a plug and plays design. This means it is ready for action from the start. But the most convenient feature of this affordable camera is that it comes with 720p HD video quality.

Having HD image quality on such an affordable webcam means that many users will be tempted to purchase it. When it comes to compatibility, the webcam will run on all modern computers as it’s not demanding at all. When it comes to drivers and setup, there’s no need to worry about when it comes to installing it on machines with Windows 7 or Windows 8. Some Linux users might need to spend a bit more time with the installation process, however.

With a built-in microphone, this webcam is one of the reliable options in its class. Even more, it represents a solution which can be used for those online games fans. For the price, it’s hard to find any drawbacks for the product.

Compact and versatile, this little webcam is suitable for stress-free home use.

  • Made with a universal support
  • Suitable for installation on monitors
  • Supports 720p images
  • Installs quickly
  • Attracts dust particles

2. Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Why we like it: Made with TrueColor technology, this webcam supports realistic image reproduction.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The design of the webcam would not entail it’s a cheap product. It even comes with a few interesting design characteristics such as the LED light which turns on whenever the camera is in use. It comes with a universal mount which means it will go straight on top of a monitor. However, this mount is also highly versatile for those who want to place the webcam directly on the computer desk. As one of the few free-standing cheap webcams, it can be an option for gamers, who need to live stream for hours.

The design of the camera is also quite simple. This is great for those who always love to keep their tech clean. There are many cameras which are nearly impossible to dust, an issue which is not often considered during the buying process. There is no left and right adjustability with the camera. However, users can still find options for vertical adjustability. This should be enough for those who want some type of versatility suitable for their height.

In front of the camera, the manufacturer placed a microphone. The directional microphone has good placement but apart from this, it is also made with noise-canceling technology. This is why it can be one of the best options for those who want to get better audio quality.

Convenient features
The small Microsoft camera support HD image resolution. This is why it can be among the best options when it comes to good overall versatility. Many users can simply find it to be one of the leading options when choosing image clarity as to the main driver of the purchase. It is not full HD image resolution and in comparison terms, it can be similar to what is offered today by HD smartphone cameras.

TrueColor has also been implemented by Microsoft in the webcam. This means that all images will be more vibrant. This is not necessarily the most realistic solution to view images but it is a good solution especially when the light is starting to fade away.

The compact Microsoft camera offers 720p HD videos and a design which allows it to sit freely on a computer desk.

  • Supports 720p HD video
  • Made with a freestanding design
  • Integrated TrueColor technology
  • Included front LED light
  • Not the most stable frame

3. Logitech C270 Desktop or Laptop Webcam

Why we like it: This Logitech webcam is made for laptops and it can even be considered a travel solution.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with an included microphone, the webcam is a small solution which allows users to record images or to stream them online. The microphone is placed right next to the camera sensor which means it will capture sounds efficiently.

The camera is situated slightly to the side and it is paired with an LED light. Suitable for all types of image recording needs, the webcam turns this light on whenever the camera is in use. This way, it offers a quick troubleshooting solution which allows users to see whether the camera is not working or whether the internet connection is not right, as there are many interruptions with online calls.

Made to be installed on laptops, the camera can’t stand on the computer desk on its own. It needs to be somewhere high up on the laptop’s monitor. Either way, a higher angle favors image angles.

Convenient features
There is a 720p image resolution offered by the camera. Most users can count on the sensor for decent images. A few technologies make it a suitable design for better overall image quality.

An internal software update makes the images sharper than what is seen on other similar cameras. On low-resolution images such as those captured by a small sensor, sharpness can improve image quality, especially since it might not capture too much light in the first place.

The device connects via USB ports. This is why it will need a free dedicated USB port to work at all times. There’s no wireless connectivity alternative to count on as with some other premium webcams.

With a compact design, the Logitech webcam is suitable for added image sharpness, perfect for online video calls.

  • Made with 720p image quality
  • Supports audio recording
  • Connects via USB ports
  • Made for sharp images
  • Can be easily knocked over

4. Frybrid USB 2.0 12 Megapixel HD Camera Webcam

Why we like it: Available in different colors, this cheap webcam can be a solution for better angle adjustability.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed to represent one of the suitable solutions for laptop use, this webcam is one of the few options in this price range that can move left to right. This is why it can be installed in other angles than most other webcams in its class. This might also recommend it for video calls in public spaces such as coffee shops since many prefer not to capture other people in their stream for privacy purposes.

Installed on the laptop or the monitor, the camera is one of the adjustable solutions which is easy to work with. It represents a product which can easily be used for better image quality. Based on a 12MP sensor, it offers one of the best image quality results in its class.

Convenient features
The webcam is available in red, blue, and black. There are not many webcams which come in different color options. But this means it can easily be matched with several laptops with various colors.

The webcam is easy to install. Once users find its best location, the webcam can be connected to a USB port to power it up. It is compatible with all types of video call software such as those offered by Skype and Facebook. Furthermore, its clamp installation is one of the quickest solutions to remove the camera and place it into storage if it’s no longer needed for some time.

With 360 adjustability, the webcam is among the suitable options for maximum angle versatility.

  • Made with a 12MP sensor
  • Includes a quick mount
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Includes a microphone
  • Doesn’t support HD images

5. Nykkola Generic U19-A Night Vision Webcam 12.0MP

Why we like it: This quirky webcam is an affordable design which can be installed both on monitors and directly on desks.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with a round shape, the webcam looks futuristic. It can fit any computer desk as a result. It has a stable base which allows it to sit upright on its own, without being installed on a monitor. However, the same support base transforms into a monitor support design. Most users can make this transition whenever they need to change viewing angles.

There are 2 small microphones included with the webcam. Their role is to simplify image recording as much as possible Furthermore, most users have the freedom to cut-off these microphones in favor of those built-in the laptop.

Convenient features
There’s an old-school 12Mp sensor inside the webcam. It does not support high definition images but it shows good results for general video calls. Those who are seeking a solution to start their own YouTube channel might need to look elsewhere with increasing video quality demands.

However, the webcam is good enough for video calls. Home users might not need much more when it comes to better overall image quality. Of course, any type of details which users want to record might not be captured, even with a high megapixel count.

Based on its design, the webcam is mainly made for those who want it to stand directly on the computer desk.

  • Made with a 12MP sensor
  • Stands on its own
  • Can be installed on monitors
  • Includes 2 microphones
  • Doesn’t support high definition images

Best Cheap Webcams 2020 (Under $50)

A larger budget also means users have access to better webcams. There are a few extra features to be offered on larger budgets together with better image quality. Here are the best cheap webcams to consider.

1. Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615 with Fold-and-Go Design

Why we like it: The versatile Logitech webcam comes with autofocus functions and 1080p HD video quality.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed to represent one of the most reliable solutions under $50, the webcam is a versatile product in its class with top image quality. One of the best design characteristics is its 360-degree rotation. This is why users have the freedom to simply choose the best angle for Skype calls, interviews or even live streams.

Fitted on monitors, the webcam can also be rotated up and down, according to user height. But its design doesn’t limit it to these types of locations as it comes with a self-standing stand as well. This is why the webcam is so versatile for all types of video needs as it can stand directly on the desk as well. As most Logitech webcams, it also features a front-facing LED which turns on whenever the camera is in use.

Convenient features
The autofocus system of the webcam is among the best for this affordable segment. It can detect and focus on the face of the user and it does this in a fraction of a second. The autofocus is reliable and it works from various angles, as does the built-in microphone.

Most importantly, the webcam features HD images quality at full 1080p resolution. This is why it can be one of the top solutions when it comes to the real needs of high-resolution images. Those who want to appear as professional as possible can rely on the webcam for the best HD images.

When it comes to other automatic adjustments, the webcam is also a top option for dim light adjustments. In low light conditions, it balances recording with higher ISO. For general purpose use, it manages to become a design hard to match due to its rich list of features.

With full HD images and fast autofocus, the webcam is among the best for those who want to appear professional.

  • Supports full HD images
  • Offers fast autofocus
  • Renders dim light
  • Made with an included microphone
  • Could use a tripod

2. Hermard Full HD Webcam

Why we like it: Suitable for gamers, the cheap webcam is one of the top options for quality optics.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with a 7-element lens, the cheap webcam is one of the most reliable products when it comes to image quality. Its high standards are what gamers are typically looking for. Even more, the webcam is one of the top solutions for better overall sharpness. The optics of the webcam come with sharp images and they also cover a field of view equivalent to 100 degrees.

In terms of other physical characteristics, the webcam is a leading design for stability directly on the desktop. This is why the webcam is a leading product for self-standing stability, even better than the solutions paired with mini-tripods.

Convenient features
Convenient features include full HD image quality. With 1080p video resolution, the webcam stands out with its top image quality. Even more, there are other physics elements which allow it to offer sharp images. This is why it is one of the cheap solutions used for live streams and other home recordings.

A built-in microphone is also added to the webcam. Although it is still one of the best products for audio quality, it may not rise to the expectations of gamers in terms of audio quality. A separate microphone might be needed for crystal-clear sound in addition to the quality images.

Another interesting characteristic is given by the fast autofocus function. The little webcam will focus on its subject at distances of up to 10m, which is great for those who sit further away from the monitor.

Made for easy setup, this crisp webcam works for Windows gaming and Linux server work.

  • Records HD images
  • Works on Windows and Linux
  • Made with dual-channel microphones
  • Low light image correction
  • Mostly suitable for desktops

3. Tedgem PC Webcam

Why we like it: With 30FPS recording at full HD, the webcam is a top candidate the position of a well-rounded product for online calls and live streaming,

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed as one of the most suitable products for a wide field of view under HD image quality, the webcam is reliable. It comes with a 90-degree angle which is a bit narrower than on what other cameras have to offer. At the same time, the cheap webcam is among the best solutions for those who seek a foldable design.

The folding design of the webcam allows it to be considered for travel or other mobility needs, such as when working in a coffee shop. At the same time, the cheap webcam is one of the best reasons to get into live streaming as it allows users an affordable way into what can be a very competitive entry barrier segment.

Convenient features
One of the most convenient features of the webcam is the fact that it offers high image resolution at an affordable price. Furthermore, it is one of the suitable designs for those who want an HD camera for mobile use.

Connected via USB, the webcam can easily be a solution to be used on various projects such as those which require traveling with a laptop. It even stands on its own which is valuable, especially when it comes to better overall convenience. With automatic light correction, the webcam is a top solution to offer those looking for clear images in different locations.

This highly-capable webcam is a good travel companion capable to offer full 1080p images.

  • Made with a folding design
  • Suitable for a 90-degree field of view
  • Uses a USB connector
  • Offers a built-in microphone
  • Poor audio quality

4. Jelly Comb Webcam 1080P Full HD

Why we like it: With 360 adjustability, the webcam supports plug and play functionality for simple installation.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The full rotation capacity of the webcam allows it to record images from various points of the room. However, it is mainly suitable for close subjects such as computer users. It can record images from all angles, especially for those seeking to capture themselves from tight angles. Vertical adjustability is also offered by the cheap webcam.

With an 80-degree field of view, the webcam is mainly suitable for narrow angles, specific to video calls and conference calls. Made for those who love live streaming such as gamers or those who make international video calls, the webcam offers immediate installation with no drivers needed.

Convenient features
Based on USB connectivity, the webcam offers plug and play performance. It is why it can be ready to go in a few seconds. Most users can also find it to be one of the best cheap webcams for its attachment design.

Installed on monitors, the webcam can be angled down for a good recording angle. Placed directly on the computer desk, the webcam can be orientated upwards to record the user quickly. With such adjustability and based on a large image sensor, the webcam is usable for all types of situations.

With a versatile attachment design and full HD images, the webcam can be a good option for proper image quality.

  • Made with 360 adjustability
  • Can be installed directly on a desk
  • Supports 1080p image quality
  • Includes a small microphone
  • Narrow field of view

5. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Why we like it: The Microsoft webcam is only suitable for video calls and it can be installed on any laptop monitor.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made to be one of the most compact webcams in its class, the webcam is one of the best solutions for those seeking the ultimate practicality. Of course, it is not one of the webcams to be used for online streaming, but it offers good-enough quality for taking video calls.

As many Microsoft webcams, it also comes with TrueColor technology. This is where its internal software does its job to offer vivid images which represent a more vibrant image, even when recording in low light conditions.

Convenient features
High precision glass has been used in the webcam. This means that its 720p image resolution offers quality results. Most users won’t even be able to tell the difference comparing it to a 1080p webcam.

When it comes to a complete webcam profile, it’s reassuring to know it also includes a small microphone for audio calls. It’s a shame that the positioning of the microphone is not the best. However, for general video calls, the microphone does its job and users don’t need to purchase an external mic for the job.

The compact webcam is a no-fuss solution, mainly valuable for it’s quality attachment’s design.

  • Recommended for small laptops
  • Made with a durable attachment
  • Included microphone
  • Records images at 720p
  • Not the best microphone positioning


Do I need drivers to install a webcam?

Not all webcams need drivers to be installed on a computer. Nearly all webcams can be installed with no drivers on the latest operating systems.

Are HD webcams worth it?

HD webcams offer superior image quality. It might not offer the same levels of details with what larger HD cameras can offer, but they are superior are capturing high-resolution images.

Which webcam do I need for Skype calls?

Any webcam will work for Skype calls. However, those who want to enjoy crisp results and detailed images will need to purchase an HD webcam. Even more, most users will find them to be the best even for other uses, such as live streaming.

Can I install a webcam myself?

A webcam can be installed without any help. Once connected to the computer, the webcam will install automatically. Even multiple webcams can be installed on the same computer with no extra help.

Which webcam can be fitted on my laptop?

When it comes to the right fit, the mounting accessories are the most important. This is why it’s only worth buying the webcams which have the most versatility on where they can be mounted, which varies from the actual computer desktop to the top of a monitor.

All are webcams connected via USB ports?

All modern webcams are connected via USB ports. This means that image transfer is quick and the quality of a video call is only limited by the actual internet speed.

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Webcams

Finding the best cheap webcams means navigating through many poorly-designed products. Many of them are simply not up to standard when it comes to proper long-term use, not even mentioning image quality. But cheap webcams cans still come with HD image quality. Both 720po and 1080p products can be found in this price range. This is why it’s worth finding the product which works best when it comes to personal image resolution needs. Image resolution and other features define the true value of an affordable cheap webcam.

Image resolution

As one of the cheap optical products, not much is expected in terms of image resolution. But not all products are made to fit the needs of those seeking maximum versatility in terms of crisp images.

Simply put, job interviews don’t look good for the candidate with poor quality images. Video calls aren’t at their highest potential with poor quality images either. This is why even a 720p webcam is superior to many other products. In most cases, it is also worth seeing which 1080p webcam fits the budget.

Image resolution has a few drawbacks which might not be visible from the start. For example, image resolution results in larger files. This is why those recording images with their webcam will end up with large files, which may take longer to share online. This is where compression software can be a solution. Another option is to simply select a lower resolution configuration, which is something most webcams can offer.

Design and adjustability

The design is directly responsible for the adjustability of a webcam. Users have the liberty of actually choosing a design which can be adjusted to 360-degrees, even if it’s something most users won’t ever use at the full potential.

One of the adjustability settings which are going to be used at full potential is the vertical adjustment of the webcam. In this case, users will have to find the right angle to center their face. According to the height of the user, there are a few webcams which can offer full vertical adjustability.

Those who don’t count on any webcam angle adjustability will need to get creative. One of the simplest ways to ensure a good recording angle is to simply place the webcam directly over the laptop’s monitor, right in front of the user. This might be something not many have the freedom to do, but even those with desktop computers can try this method by placing the webcam directly on the monitor.

Advanced image processing

Advanced image-improving software is sometimes included with webcams. Even if their sensors are small, most webcams offer a good solution when it comes to proper image quality in changing light. The light is responsible for poor image quality in most cases. Even more, good light can make the difference when it comes to poor image quality even with HD capabilities.

One of the image processing improvement is offered with high contrast images. Those who might be looking for a simple solution to rely on when they have the sun behind them will find this to be a practical addition.

Other in-webcam processing tools include sharpness adjustments. These are digital adjustments and not optical adjustments. However, one of the best parts about using the webcam at home is that not all images need to be as sharp as possible. It is when sharing the images publicly that sharpness starts to play a considerable role.

Size and portability

The size of the webcam has its role as well. If larger webcams are suitable for extra stability, smaller webcams are perfect for mobility. Those who take their webcams to work or freelancers working from coffee shops might only be looking for compact cheap webcams as a result.

When it comes to size, it is also important to note that larger webcams prove more difficult to protect against shocks when traveling. Even more, it is also worth finding the best design when it comes to home use as well.

It is known that computer accessories such as webcams and microphones attract dust particles. One of the design faults of cheap webcams is that they are nearly impossible to dust. This is why dust buildup can make them look old quickly. At the same time, it is also important to know that clean lenses on a webcam equal cleared images. This is why lenses which are hard to reach on webcams usually remain dusty in the long term.

Other important considerations should include the compatibility of the webcams with the laptop or computer. A cheap webcam only comes with a corded design. This is why a USB port needs to be free on a computer at all times. Even more, most users will have the ability to find the best solution if using a laptop or computer. They might need to purchase a USB splitter when working with laptops or tablets with no USB.

Final considerations

Getting the best cheap webcams under $25 / $50 is a matter of patience. There are good webcams to find in this category but buyers need to get through the poor designs first. Luckily, all the webcams above can be used for video calls. Some of them might even be used for web live streams.

Depending on the main purpose of the webcam, buyers can choose one of these designs. Those who want maximum image quality can go for a full HD webcam. Even more, those who want to watch their budgets can go one step below to a 720p webcam.

But one of the most overlooked aspects comes with the actual design of the webcam. With many products which are not even adjustable to the sides, there is no room for good user experience. Users might not be able to find a solid place to put their webcams on and this can be further limited by poor angle adjustability.

Some of the best cheap webcams of the moment are made with high-quality attachments, even when they are quite affordable. This is why they can be installed easily on a laptop. At the same time, these attachments can sometimes allow webcams to be installed directly on the computer desk.

Without investing too much, all types of users can find their best cheap webcam. Since they are now made with improving image quality, their design remains the only true differentiator. All webcams above are adjustable and they can be installed anywhere on the laptop or directly on the computer desk as a self-standing device.