Best Cheap Strollers 2020 (Under $100 / $200)


You know that, as a parent, hauling children around from place to place can be a tough task indeed. What you don’t want to have to worry about is the overall quality of whatever kid-transportation device you end up purchasing. We’re here to help.

A lot of newer parents tend to think that baby strollers are going to be a high-ticket item when it comes to the overall price. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Many quality brands, such as Graco, make affordable baby strollers with excellent features and safety standards that make it easy for families on a budget to be able to afford a quality stroller for the little one in their life.

We’ve compiled a top ten list of the very best baby strollers on the market today. We’re going to be doing the reviews In two tiers. We’ve listed strollers for under $100 first, and after that, we have a list of strollers under $200.

Features to Consider in Good Strollers


Safety definitely has to be the number one priority with your child when it comes to purchasing something like a stroller for them. Does the stroller you are looking at come with standard safety additions, such as a five-point harness? What type of brakes does the stroller have? We’ll go over the safety features in each review.

Age Range

One of the first considerations that has to be made is the age of your child, which dictates the type of stroller that you need to purchase. Some strollers, such as lightweight/umbrella strollers for instance, are not suitable for older/larger children.


You’re obviously going to want something that lasts for a long time, not just a few months. Some models are so reliable and strong that they can go through multiple children of various different ages without breaking down. This is the sign of a solid product, and airtight design!


Does your family have a sizable van or SUV where the size of the stroller isn’t going to be an issue, or do you just have a regular-sized car where your space options are fairly limited? It’s important to take storage into consideration before purchasing a stroller. You wouldn’t want to end up with a large, bulky product that won’t fit in your vehicle’s trunk.

Best Cheap Strollers 2020 (Under $100)

1. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Why we like it: When you take into account all of the wonderful accessories, the lightweight frame, and the excellent safety features, this is the best choice for a stroller under $100 on this list.

Editor’s Rating:

Safety Features
This awesome baby stroller comes with a requisite 5-point safety harness for maximum comfort and protection. The wheels are all-terrain and have a decent front-suspension system ensuring that your child will have a smooth, relatively bump-free ride.

The truly excellent safety component here, however, is the three-tier canopy. This ensures your child has the maximum sun coverage needed to keep from getting a nasty sunburn. This is perfect for extended trips to Disneyland (which this stroller is 100% approved for) or just a long day in the local park. The canopy even has a built-in “peek-a-boo” window that allows you to see your child while you are pushing the stroller.

This is a feature-rich baby stroller option and is easily our top pick for the sub-$100 options on our list. Let’s start with the one-handed fold system, which allows for fast, efficient, and painless storage in the blink of an eye. There’s also a large storage basket built underneath, like most strollers, which is perfect for snacks, diapers, and anything else you think you might need for a journey.

When it comes to your baby’s personal comfort, this stroller has you covered. It comes with a reclining seat that has many positions and allows your child to sit back and relax (or get their diaper changed) or sit up and catch all the sights wherever they might be at. On top of that, your child has access to a holding tray (completely removable) that comes complete with a dual purpose cup/juice box holder.

Parental comfort is taken into consideration as well. This stroller also comes with a tray built near the push area that can accommodate two adult-sized drinks, cellular phone, keys, and anything else you may wish to store.

The only real cons we found with this stroller is that it’s not compatible with any car seats out there on the market, so definitely keep that in mind if you’re looking for an “all or nothing” option for your baby stroller needs.

  • Extremely light at 11.8 pounds
  • Wheels that can handle all kinds of terrain
  • Three-tier canopy
  • One-year warranty included
  • Comes in either Fire Red or Slate Grey colors
  • Not compatible with any car seats

2. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

Why we like it: With its 13-pound super-light frame, folding capabilities, and a storage capacity of up to ten pounds, this is one of the best stroller deals out there for under $100.

Editor’s Rating:

Safety Features
The adjustable canopy keeps UV rays off of your child’s skin. There’s also a pop-out sun visor to add an additional layer of protection as well. The five-point safety harness is adjustable to three different levels, so this stroller can continue to accommodate your child as they grow.

The wheels are extremely solid as far as safety features go too. The front wheels are anti-shock, which means that they absorb bumps and stalls without jarring your baby inside the stroller. On top of that, the back wheels are lockable, which is a fairly typical feature for most baby strollers.

Thanks to the all-aluminum frame, this is a lightweight and sturdy baby stroller at the same time. It’s easily foldable and even comes with a carry strap built into the frame. The seat is also impeccably padded and can recline fully, providing your child the utmost comfort. There’s also a huge amount of space underneath the seat for storage for all sorts of things which can hold up to 10 pounds of weight.

There are some downsides to this model, however. It doesn’t come with a built-in tray, and it doesn’t seem to allow for external tray models to be used with it. Additionally, the cup holder parts are pretty paltry, and won’t hold many things due to their small size. Therefore, it’s one of the worst strollers on our list for holding accessories like smartphones or drinks easily within reach.

  • Ridiculously lightweight at around 13 pounds
  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Huge storage basket area for toys/supplies/etc.
  • Extendable sunshade
  • Carry strap for quick fold up and go purposes
  • No tray built into the model
  • Small cup holders

3. Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller

Why we like it: This is an extremely lightweight, no-frills baby stroller that’s under $60. It’s perfect for the budget-minded parent that just wants the absolute basics.

Editor’s Rating:

Safety Features
This stroller comes with a 5-point harness for maximum child safety, as well as an adjustable canopy (which is removable) for very sunny days.

It has an included dual-foot activated brake system. This is perfect for all kinds of impromptu stop-and-go type situations.

This is a great introductory, lightweight baby stroller that can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds in size. One of the cooler features that comes with this stroller is the aptly-named ‘parent-organizer’, which is basically a tray near the stroller’s handle that comes complete with two built-in cup holders along with a general tray area that’s useful for many things. Excellent for your smartphone, car keys, portable MP3 player, etc. The stroller also comes complete with a basket area underneath for essentials such as diapers and bottles.

This stroller, however, is very difficult to fold and unfold, so this isn’t the most efficient purchase for someone who is in a constant hurry and has an airtight schedule that needs to be adhered to. Another potential issue is that the child’s seat is fixed. That said, it does have a decent and relaxed angle that is good for reclining as well as for sitting upright.

  • Comes in four different color options
  • Lightweight and can support a child up to 50 pounds
  • Foot-activated rear brakes
  • It comes with a parent tray/cup holder system near the handle
  • Has an adjustable as well as removable canopy
  • It can be difficult to fold up and unfold
  • The child seat is fixed and doesn’t recline

4. Delta Children LX Side By Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Why we like it: You absolutely can’t beat the price point of this stroller, especially for what you get. It holds two passengers and it costs under $100.

Editor’s Rating:

Safety Features
Like many good stroller models, this comes with a 5-point safety harness and extremely soft shoulder pads to boot. The canopy is wide and European-styled. However, it is not specified if it is UV resistant or not. The wheels are shock-resistant and have rear-brake capabilities.

This is a beautiful-looking baby stroller that can carry two little passengers as opposed to just one. You get four colors to choose from too: Black/Orange, Grey, Lime/Green, and Night Sky.
This stroller also boasts a typical umbrella-type fold for quick storage in any car trunk for the on-the-go parent. When fully extended, this stroller is narrow enough to fit through most 30-inch door frames, which is pretty astounding considering it holds two kids at once!

The accessories that come with this stroller are pretty neat too. There’s a cup holder specifically for mommy or daddy attached to the frame. Additionally, this stroller comes with two very sizable hanging bangs for all sorts of storage needs.

Some of the downsides to this stroller are somewhat obvious. It only supports children up to 35 pounds, so if you’ve got larger children this is not the stroller to consider. On top of that, the canopy section is paltry and could definitely be larger. The biggest problem we saw with this stroller, however, is brake safety. The brakes can snap off easily since they are made of plastic. This is a serious issue, and despite the cheap and cheerful double-up nature of this stroller, it hurts our estimation of it.

  • Umbrella fold for quick storage
  • Cup holder made especially for the parent in mind!
  • Comes with two very large storing bags that hang on the back area
  • The canopy could be larger
  • Can only support children up to 35 pounds
  • The brakes can snap off easily

5. Delta Children Jeep North Star Stroller

Why we like it: It’s an inexpensive, no-frills baby stroller that’s incredibly cheap even by the standards of this list.

Editor’s Rating:

Safety Features
This stroller comes with an extra-large extendable sun canopy for those very bright days. It even comes with an attached sun visor extra to keep solar rays from harming your child’s eyes as well. As far as mobility is concerned, this stroller has a front-wheel suspension system built into it, however, the wheels are made of plastic, which can definitely cause some traction issues depending on the terrain you are strolling on.

The biggest safety issue with this stroller, however, is the three-point safety harness, which isn’t nearly as safe as the typical five-point safety harness you find on modern baby strollers.

This is a simple, easy to put together barebones baby stroller that comes with the very essentials in order to get your child from A to B.

When it comes to your baby’s comfort, Jeep has some fantastic ideas with this model. The mesh design in the baby’s area allows for air to flow efficiently, keeping your child cool in the hot summer months. Additionally, there’s a built-in calf/foot support portion that allows children with longer legs to not have to dangle for hours on end!

The cons of this model are a bit glaring, however. The lack of a five-point safety harness is a big one, but on top of that, the fact that the wheels are made of plastic instead of some other quality material such as rubber keeps us from placing this product higher on our list. The storage basket is just a bit too small for our liking as well.

  • Jumbo extendable canopy with attached sun visor
  • Calf support/footrest for ample kid comfort
  • Front-wheel suspension system
  • Mesh design for maximum airflow
  • Removable parent organizer tray
  • Three-point safety harness
  • Plastic wheels
  • Small storage basket

Best Cheap Strollers 2020 (Under $200)

1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Why we like it: This is a super-cost effective jogging stroller model that has loads of great features.

Editor’s Rating:

Safety Features
This feature-laden jogging stroller comes equipped with a five-point harness system as well as an additional tether strap for top-of-the-line child safety. This goes in tandem with a comfortable padded seat that can recline back into several different positions. There’s also an adjustable canopy to keep your little one protected from the elements.

The front wheel can be locked into place for safe and efficient jogging while you push around your child. This is definitely useful if you are going over really harsh/uneven ground. The wheels can also be unlocked for all kinds of maneuvers that require precision. This stroller can turn on a dime!

Another awesome addition to this model is the footrest’s reflector pads, allowing your stroller to be seen during times of day when light is lower than usual.

This is a quality baby stroller option for the discerning parent on a budget, even if you aren’t an avid jogger. The wheels are literally made for all kinds of terrain, allowing you slick inner-city travel as well as being smooth in more rugged and less-level areas such as the countryside or state parks.

Comfort is a big factor here with this stroller, not only for your baby but for you as well. There’s a dual tray system, one for your child as well as one for you, complete with cupholders and space for putting essential items, such as keys, cellular phones, and etc. The pushing handle is even designed for maximum comfort due to its ergonomic design and rubber-coating, which allows for a soft yet solid grip.

With one click of the trigger release setup, this stroller can go from mobile to folded in the blink of an eye. On top of that, there’s a sizable storage basket area underneath for all sorts of items.

When you top off all of that with its super-durable steel frame, this is a tough and multi-purpose baby stroller that is an absolute steal.

  • Bicycle-like tires that are great for traveling on all kinds of terrain
  • Smooth control
  • Two trays, one for the parent as well as the child
  • Extremely durable construction
  • 13 available color combinations
  • Only accepts Baby Trend infant car seats
  • Not as compact as you would like it to be based on its size

2. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

Why we like it: This stroller boasts the ability to not only seat two children, but also allows them to stand up and let them stretch their legs!

Editor’s Rating:

Safety Features
This stroller is made of BPA free plastic, and comes with two five-point safety harnesses. It also comes complete with two canopies for maximum reduction of exposure to sunlight and other harsh elements. The front seat’s canopy is removable, while the back one is fixed into place. This stroller also has foot-activated rear brakes for impromptu stops that are, at times, necessary while in transit.

This stroller is an awesome piece of engineering that allows both of your kids to sit as well as stand up at a moment’s notice. The rear platform on this stroller is so that your kids can stand and stretch their legs on long walking trips, such as at a theme park. Be aware, though, that only one child can stand up at a time!

On top of being a low-cost dual stroller option, this product also comes with a number of options to help mommy and daddy out. With just a click of a button, this stroller goes from fully set up to folded in absolutely no time. There’s also a handy parent tray near the handle that can hold up to two drinks as well as keep smaller objects from rolling around easily. There’s also quite a bit of storage space in the basket below the stroller for all sorts of essential items you might need on an extended trip.

While this is a great product, there are some downsides. This stroller is nearly 33 pounds, so it’s definitely not a lightweight option. Also, if you have an older (and taller) child, it’s probably better that they sit in the rear section, as the front seat has significantly less legroom than the rear.

  • One of the lower-cost dual-seating stroller options
  • Comes in a multitude of color choices
  • One-hand folding system for fast storage
  • Two canopies
  • At nearly 33 pounds, it’s a bit heavy for some
  • The front seat has less legroom than the back one
  • Only accommodates Baby Trend car seats

3. Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller

Why we like it: This highly modular baby stroller is literally like having several different kinds of strollers in one set, provided you buy the extra car seat.

Editor’s Rating:

Safety Features
This product comes with a five-point harness system that can convert to a three-point harness with ease. A 3-point harness gives your baby a bit more breathing room and mobility while in the seat while sacrificing overall protection. However, you can restore it to a five-point harness at any time.

The four-position seat system is adequately protected by a canopy right above it, proving significant sun protection. Last but not least, the front wheels on this model are lockable, giving the person driving the stroller a greater ability to “power through” any rough terrain or obstacles they might come across.

This model of baby stroller is a three in one option. It’s not only a car seat carrier for an infant, but it’s also, independent of a car seat, a stroller for newborns as well as toddlers up to 50 pounds.

The reversible seat allows your baby to face you, giving you the ability to react quickly to your baby’s needs as well as have them be comforted with your presence at all times.

This stroller even reclines almost all the way backward, allowing your car seat to double almost as a bassinet-type setup. This is perfect for keeping your baby asleep as they are on their back in this position. You can also use it for diaper changes.

When you merge that on top of a handy and fast folding system with the click of a button, dual baby/parent trays with built-in cup holders, and a large carrying space underneath. You’re getting some serious value with this product.

The downside to this product is that it only takes Graco Click Connect infant car seats, and they’re sold separately, which is a significant extra cost. This allows for an easy one-click attachment. However, it doesn’t offer it a lot of versatility with other car seats on the market.

  • Reversible design allows your child to face you
  • The child tray doubles as an armrest
  • It has a three-position leg rest
  • The front wheels are lockable
  • Has multiple functions allowing the stroller to grow with your child
  • Only accepts Graco infant car seats
  • Seats sold separately

4. Gb Pockit Air All-Terrain Stroller

Why we like it: This super-light stroller is an all-terrain option while weighing under 11 pounds and being ultra-portable.

Editor’s Rating:

Safety Features
This compact baby stroller comes equipped with a 5-point adjustable harness system for the very best in safety standards. The straps of the harness are padded on the shoulders and the groin area, allowing your child a smooth and easy ride without straps digging into their body.

The safety features on this stroller model are pretty basic, but keep in mind it’s a small, portable, travel stroller.

This baby stroller’s claim to fame is that it breaks down into a small purse/handbag-sized shape in a matter of seconds, and can even be stored in an airplane luggage area. It’s that small! Despite its lightweight design, however, this baby stroller can support a child up to 50 pounds. Also another amazing factor, despite its size, is the storage area in the undercarriage. It’s not huge, but it will hold some basic essentials.

There are some downsides with this stroller, though. Many have reported it’s a bit flimsy, but this might be expected due to its overtly light and ergonomic design. Additionally, it’s difficult for some children to sit upright in this stroller due to the seat’s natural incline, and the seat isn’t adjustable. We also think the sun canopy could be a bit larger as well. Keep in mind, however, this is a very small stroller that’s easy to carry.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Double-wheel design allows for travel over all kinds of terrain
  • So small it can fit in an airline luggage compartment with ease
  • Mesh design keeps your child cool
  • It’s difficult for children to sit upright in this stroller due to a lack of an adjusting seat
  • The sun canopy is lacking
  • Not as durable as some other stroller options

5. Graco Fast Action Jogger Stroller

Why we like it: A more expensive competitor to our top pick that has all the quality you expect from this brand, but you need the additional seat to get the most out of it.

Editor’s Rating:

Safety Features
A five-point harness keeps baby safely tucked in as you tackle all terrains with this jogger stroller. The air-filled rubber wheels can handle just about anything they ride over, and are easy to re-inflate with a bicycle pump should they lose air.

A great stroller that only features so low down our list as it’s expensive – pushing close to the $200 mark. That’s not all. Although you can use this stroller by itself, to get the most out of it you’ll want a Graco car seat too, and that will certainly push you above the $200 mark.

Still, this is a fantastic jogging stroller. The wheels offer a smooth ride and are super durable. It folds very easily and quickly using only one hand and packs down small enough to be comfortably taken with you wherever you’re going. It’s not the lightest, but for the sturdiness of the frame and quality of the build, it is acceptably portable. Finally, the parent’s tray is well made, removable, and has room for drinks, phones and all the other essentials you need to hand.

  • Great build quality
  • Top Brand
  • Attaching a Graco car seat makes it versatile
  • Expensive for this list

Extended Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Strollers

Now that we’ve concluded with the product reviews, and you’ve got an idea about some of the best strollers out there today, here’s an extended buyer’s guide in order to go over any questions you might have before purchasing a new stroller product for your child.

Types of Strollers

There are several different kinds of baby stroller products for sale today:


These are the standard strollers that have been around for decades. They are multi-use, durable, and butter-smooth when it comes to maneuvering (due to their four-wheel design).

These kinds of strollers are going to be heavier, obviously, due to their enhanced durability and build. But, there’s no doubt that they will take a beating and keep on moving. The Kolcraft stroller at the top of our list is a traditional stroller.


Lightweight strollers, also sometimes known as “umbrella” strollers, are light, compact and foldable, which makes them perfect for storing in any size of vehicle you can think of.

The stroller seat is, ultimately, going to be smaller and less comfortable by design, especially for older children. This definitely isn’t meant for long-distance or even long-term use, but for short “get up and go” style trips to the grocery store and back. The GB Pocket A is a great example of this type of stroller.


The name may have tipped you off, but jogging strollers are made for the jogging/running parent in mind.

Most of these strollers have a three-wheel setup, with the front wheel being fixed for maximum safety. Lots of these strollers also have hand and foot brakes for easy stop and go action.

The main issue with these kinds of strollers is that the fixed wheel portion makes everyday use (that isn’t relegated to running down a sidewalk or in a straight and narrow line) kind of a drag. Additionally, they can be rather bulky in their design, and can usually be a bit too big for most car trunks. The Babytrend Expedition Jogger is a superbly priced jogger.


Frame strollers are, simply put, a frame for holding your child’s car seat that doubles as a stroller. It’s a great budget option for newer parents, and is fantastically lightweight and easily compact, which means it can fit well in most small-sized vehicle trunks.

It’s not a traditional model, but it’s a great starter setup for child-related locomotion, but your kid will probably outgrow it relatively fast as they generally only hold infant-sized car seats.


This is probably the one a lot of folks think about when they ponder on purchasing a double stroller option.

Simply put, this is a baby stroller that has two seats attached to one another in a side-by-side manner. The design gives it the advantage of being very maneuverable compared to a double tandem stroller. They also will usually have a good amount of storage space beneath the seats as well.

There are some disadvantages to this dual stroller setup, though. These are bulky contraptions, and most of them will not fit through any kind of doorway. On top of that, many of them won’t even fit in the trunk of a small family car that well either! If you’re looking for a budget double stroller, this one is our favorite.

Double Tandem

Tandem strollers are unusual-looking to say the least, but they have some serious advantages to a double stroller.

For one, because both children sit in front of one another, the tandem stroller is narrow by design. This allows the stroller to fit easily into doorways/narrow apertures with relative ease.

There are a few downsides to this particular kind of stroller. They can be a bit heavier than traditional single strollers, which is to be expected. Also, due to their overall length, turning a tandem stroller can be a bit of a pain when it comes to maneuvering them properly.

Another word of warning. Some of these stroller varieties also give the child sitting in the back limited leg space, so take that into consideration before making a purchase! The BabyTrend Tandem Stroller is the best cheap one available.

Travel System

Travel systems are literally the full package. These sorts of sets come with everything you need to get you and your child road-ready out of the box. Generally, they come with a car seat, a base for the seat to sit firmly in, and a stroller.

On top of that, everything is made together with each other in mind by the same manufacturer, so you don’t need to worry about whether piece X fits with piece Y. Although there are no travel systems on this list, the Graco purchased with any of their car-seats gives you a travel system.

Safety and Baby Strollers

Safety is a huge component when it comes to keeping your child safe and secure. This is doubly important when it comes to choosing the best baby stroller out there, especially if you are on a budget. Here are a couple of key points on baby strollers and some things you should look for as far as safety is concerned.

The Harness

The harness is probably the most important component of a baby stroller there is. Make sure it contains a five-point harness as opposed to a three-point one, as they are considered less safe nowadays, mainly because they do not attach snugly to your child’s hip area.

You’re going to want to constantly be checking the harness on your stroller on a regular basis for any concerns. A big one is making sure that the buckles of the harness snap into place appropriately, keeping your child safe and secure.

“Pinch Points”

Pinching one’s toes and fingers was a common occurrence when we were kids, but obviously, we don’t want our own children to go through the same wear and tear as we did.

Before getting a new stroller, be sure to check for key “pinch points” where your baby could possibly pinch themselves while you aren’t looking.

Is There a Canopy?

The sun can be a real nuisance for a child that’s restricted to a baby stroller. While you can apply sunscreen to their skin, it’s better to purchase a stroller with an adequate canopy for those overly sunny days.

Buyer beware, though, some canopy systems seem to block the sun at first glance, but don’t keep Ultraviolet (UV) rays from hitting your child’s skin, so be sure to determine that prior to making a purchase.

The Brakes

The brakes on a baby stroller are considered a pretty important standard feature to be concerned about. You don’t want your stroller rolling away with your baby in it!

The braking area on a stroller is generally located on the rear wheel area. Be diligent in checking the brake system on a somewhat regular basis in order to gain peace of mind.

Has It Been Recalled?

Child-related products are always being observed, tested, and re-evaluated for various issues. If you’re concerned about a particular purchase, be sure to check an authoritative source on recalls for all kinds of consumer-based products, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


We hope this list of the best strollers under $100 and $200 has proven informative and helpful for you and your quest to purchase the best product for your family. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a great baby stroller. These strollers are from quality brands with fantastic track records and they have all been road-tested time and time again.