Best Cheap Toasters 2020 (Under $50)


One of the most important kitchen appliances to have in a home is a toaster. It is important if you value varieties in your meal. The good news, however, is that the best toaster does not have to be expensive. There are cheap and good toasters that will last you for many years under the right maintenance.

Our best cheap toaster review will shed light on the most durable toasters available in the market under $50. We have done thorough research on the most affordable toasters in the market. After reading through customer reviews and user experience, we are confident that you will find our review helpful. We revealed what we liked about each selection in addition to the main feature, and the pros and cons of each. There is also a detailed buying guide that will explore the major things to consider before buying a cheap toaster.

In addition, there is a detailed FAQ section that will take care of major concerns you might have as you use the toaster. We are confident that all the products we chose will be of great value to our readers and will perform a good job.

Features to consider in Good Toasters

In your quest for the best cheap toaster under $50, there are important things you need to consider. We will discuss this extensively in the main buying guides in some sections below. For now, we will provide a summary of what they are.

These factors include the number of the slots which determines the number of slices you can toast at a time. The automatic control is also important as it determines if your toaster will pop up the toast when it is done. This not only saves your food by preventing burning but also conserves energy. The presence of a crumb tray is also vital as it allows you to clean the toaster easily.

This and many more are the factors you need to consider before buying a toaster.

But before then, we must consider some of the benefits of having a toaster in your kitchen.

Uses of a Toaster

Many advantages come with using a toaster. It is an incredibly versatile machine that can do much more than toasting bread. It is like a small version of the conventional oven. It saves time and energy, in addition to bumping up your cooking skills.

Convection Cooking and Baking

This is a new feature that is common to many new modern-day toasters. With the use of a fan, it can circulate hot air in the oven. This gives a thorough and even cooking of your meal on all sides. Many people prefer this to a microwave oven because it makes food hard. This is a feature common to full-size ovens. However, toasters have the advantage of size and efficiency, which we will see in other points below.

Energy Efficient

One of the benefits of investing in an oven is that it saves energy. It is energy efficient compared to conventional ovens that consume more energy. When you consider the amount of energy consumed by toasters, it saves money now and in the long run.

Easy to operate

Operating a toaster is not rocket science. There are electrical outlets that can power a toaster in most kitchens. You can use it on the counter, on the floor or stool depending on the position of your power source. It does not have to be connected to gas lines like conventional ovens making it affordable for everyone. Besides, the buttons and other functions on it are straightforward.

Versatile in operation

One of the strong points of a toaster is that one can use it for many purposes. Many modern toasters come with a wide temperature range giving them the ability to handle varieties of dishes. Some come with touch screens and rotisserie hooks. There are others with an extra heating element on top. With this, users can warm and cook at the same time.

The best toasters, the ones we explore in this review, will handle all your toasting, baking, broiling, defrosting, and warming needs.


No one enjoys waiting too long to have their food done. This is one of the cons of conventional ovens. Toasters, however, come with quick heating capacity, removing the need to wait too long for food. Because ovens come in small sizes, heating up does not take too much time. Many people prefer this to conventional ovens that take time and energy to heat up.

Browning Capabilities

One of the strongest points of toasters is the ability to brown food. This is due to the presence of the boiler component, which makes this easy. It also can brown faster as well, reducing the time you have to wait for your food.

Toasters are multi-functional kitchen appliances that are inevitable for every home. They are cheap, versatile, easy to use, and save time. They are a viable replacement for conventional microwave ovens.

Without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy as we take you through this best cheap toaster under $50 review.

Best Cheap Toasters 2020 (Under $50)

1. Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel 2-Slice Extra-Wide Toaster

Why we like it: Hamilton beach toaster is one of the top-rated toasters in this review. We love the easy to use dial control and the fact that it toasts very fast. It small, light in weight, and gives a consistent toast. We also love the auto shut off and cancel button.

Editor’s Rating:

This is the perfect toaster to handle bread of various sizes, thanks to the extra-wide slot. With this, you can easily toast your English Muffins, frozen waffles, and other types of bread. The shade selector allows you to chose how light or dark you want your bread to be, giving it the exact crispness you desire.

The high lift toast boost brings the food up to your reach when it’s done. This is perfect for small food like buns and English Muffins.

This is a two-slice toaster that features wide toasting slots. This makes it perfect to handle bagels and thick bread. It is also the perfect match for other food items like English Muffins and frozen waffles. Even though this blender does not perform well with thick items, you can adjust the setting to give a even toast.

Should the bread get jammed, the toaster’s heating element will go off automatically. This makes sure you get your food in good condition. This is a good feature for those who get easily distracted while cooking. The fear of getting burned bread is out of the way.

There is the cancel button that can stop the toasting. The toaster is made of high-quality material that will last many years to come.

  • Small, can be stored easily
  • Light in weight
  • Fast operation
  • Great aesthetic
  • Does not handle thicker items well

2. Yabano 4 Slice Toaster, Retro Bagel Toaster

Why we like it: Yabano 4 slice toaster is the top on our best toaster under $50 for many reasons. We love the 7 bread shade settings available and other accessories like four extra-wide slots, warming rack, and the defrost or bagel function. We love the strong material used in making the toaster.

Editor’s Rating:

With a wattage of 1800, this is a 3 in 1 toaster with a high-quality compact design. Made from high-quality steel, it is the perfect addition to give your kitchen a modern look. It features a huge slot measuring 1.5 inches by 5.75 inches slot that can toast not only bread but buns, bagels, homemade bread, and English Muffins.

Yabano comes with a 7 shade setting from light to dark. It can automatically pop up when the bread is done. It features a light lever with which you can remove slices of bread. You also get to monitor the progress of your bread in time.

There are various modes to give your food the perfect finish. With the bagel mode, you get to toast the cut side of bagels and warm the outside. The defrost mode allows you to toast food items like pastries and toaster waffles. Reheat mode allows you warm food without toasting, and the cancel section stops any of the functions and allows you to pop whatever you have in it.
We expect the manufacturer to work on making the temperature marking a bit visible.

It features a dual control knob that can allow you to use one side at a time. For instance, you can toast bagels on one side and buns on the other. On the other hand, users can toast two serves at once.

  • Does not overheat
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality construction materials
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Reasonably priced
  • Toast fast
  • Great design
  • Temperature mark on adjustment knob not visible

3. 2 Slice Toaster CUSIBOX Wide Slot Toaster

Why we like it: We loved this toaster because it performs smoothly without any serious issues. Whatever type of bread you want to toast – sliced, flatbread, or round, it gives the perfect taste. It comes with various toasting modes that allow you to spice things up in the kitchen.

Editor’s Rating:

If you are considering a cheap and thoughtful gift for a friend, this 2 slice toaster CUSIBOX Wide slot toaster is a good choice. With abundant accessories and features, it is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

It comes with a self-adjusting toasting slot that can be configured to the specific width of the bread, keeping it in perfect shape for the toasting. Also, users can choose between six different shades of color to suit your taste. Hence, if you want a golden brown finish, go for 3-4, while setting 1-2 gives a light color. If you want a dark color, the 5-6 setting works best.

Users get the reheat function that reheats your bread without burning. The defrost function allows you toast frozen bread while the cancel function stops all toasting operation. There is an automatic pop function that ejects the toast once the bread is done. This way, you can remove your bread without touching the hot slot.

This high-quality toaster is designed with stainless steel, which gives it a smooth finish. In addition, it gives an overheat protection. There are black parts of the toaster that is cool to touch in addition to multihole thermal design, which keeps you safe while toasting. Whatever issue you encounter, there is an after sale technical service ready to attend to you.

The toaster comes with rubber feet, which gives a secure fit with the ground while toasting. This makes it safe for use on the countertop. Also, the power cord can be wrapped and stored at the bottom of the toaster.

  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to store
  • Ideal as a gift item
  • High-quality material
  • Gives an even toast
  • Anti-heat protection
  • Possibility of weak spring after a while

4. KEEMO 2 Slice Retro Small Toaster with Bagel

Why we like it: We love this toaster because, in addition to the beautiful design, it is better than most other brands. All the settings work well, giving a distinct toast quality. It toasts bread evenly on all sides with the heating element performing as expected.

Editor’s Rating:

With a toasting slot of 1.5 inches, KEEMO toaster is perfect and well equipped to handle all your toasting needs. It can handle thick sliced bread, English Muffins, bagels, and so on. The slot can adjust to fit both thin and thick slices without stress.

In addition, it features a one-touch LED indicator button, which reveals when the toaster is in operation. There is also the high lift lever, which allows you access to your bread without burning your finger. This feature helps bring small slices of bread to your reach for safe retrieval. In addition, it allows you to monitor the progress of the toasting.

Also, there is a 6-shade setting that allows you to give the perfect finish for your bread. With the various toast setting, you can get a light, dark, or crispier toast depending on your preference. You also get two distinct settings to suit your cooking needs appropriately.

The bagel setting, for instance, gives the outside a warm touch while toasting the inside of the bread. With the defrost function, you can defrost your food and bread appropriately. The cancel function halts all the toasting function whenever you want.

With the indicator light, you can see the settings you select at a glance.

KEEMO 2 slice toaster is made of retro and compact stainless steel. This is in addition to a turquoise blue color that gives it a beautiful appearance. It does not take much space, can fit your countertop perfectly, and is practical.

The 18/8 stainless steel housing allows for swift toasting and rapid cooling. It is durable; lasts longer and easy to clean. We, however, expect the manufacturer to work more on making the button of this soundless.

  • Safe to use
  • Rustproof
  • Durable
  • LED indicator light
  • FDA and ETL approved
  • Superior quality construction
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Some users complained of the sound of the button

5. Evening Toaster 2 Slice, Stainless Steel Toaster Toasters 2 Slice

Why we like it: It is practical, easy, and suitable to use for everyone. We love the seven baking stalls available. It gives quality output, and the design is superb.

Editor’s Rating:

It can accommodate bread of various sizes and types. This is due to the1.4 inch wide slot, which allows you toast muffins, pastries, bagels, and many more with ease. With this toaster, you get the perfect toast as it gives an even heat. There is the automatic pop-up function that ejects the food when it is done as well.

In addition, the 7 shade setting can suit your taste and cooking needs with ease. It features heating wires on both sides of each slot, giving an even and perfect toasting experience.

This is one of the simplest and easy to operate toasters out there. It comes with user-friendly buttons making it easy to use. It saves time and also has a bagel and Defrost setting. The bagel mode allows you warm the outside and toast the interior while the defrost function helps toast frozen bread.

This high-quality evening toaster employed the unique design of food-grade stainless steel. This gives it an overheat protection. The material is non-toxic and BPA free, making it safe and healthy for use. The stainless steel allows for rapid toasting and faster cooling.

It features a removable crumb tray beneath the toaster. With this, you can easily clean and dispose of bread crumbs without having to move the whole toaster. It saves time and is convenient. Even though the cord is short, it can be managed with an extension cable.

  • High-quality material
  • Faster toasting saves time
  • Beautiful design
  • Gives even toasting
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Non-toxic
  • Comes with a short cord

6. Ifedio 2-Slice-Toasters Bread Stainless Steel Compact Toaster Extra-Wide-slot

Why we like it: It is a simple toaster that can be used by anyone. The heating coils are evenly positioned on each side, giving an even and perfect toast each time. We love the classic design, which gives it a vintage look.

Editor’s Rating:

It is made with high-quality material that features the EU standard aluminum plated inner cavity. This gives it an even heat distribution in addition to providing a longer service life. It is strong, lightweight, and made of food-grade brushed stainless steel. It cooks faster and is the perfect addition to take care of all your toasting needs.

There is a slide-out crumb tray located beneath the toaster that you can remove. This gives a quick and convenient cleanup, ensuring your countertop stays crumb-free.

Ifedio 2 slice toaster is the perfect solution to all your toasting needs. With large slots, it can accommodate big loaves of bread, doughnuts, a thin slice of bread, and much more. You can adjust the temperature according to your needs taking care of all your toasting needs.

Users can also have 7 distinct shade settings from the lowest (light toast) to the highest (dark and crisp toast). The high lift toast boost brings your bread up to you without hurting your fingertips.

There is the light indicator that allows you to see the current setting be it defrosting or bagel setting, and the cancel function.

Toaster switches off automatically and pops out the toast once the desired setting is achieved. This gives way for safe retrieval. It also features cooling slot on both side of the toaster which helps dissipate heat fast.

Whatever issue you encounter on using this toaster, the warranty period will ensure the manufacturer takes care of major repair works, and if possible, replacement.

  • Impressive customer satisfaction
  • 3 years warranty
  • Easy to clean and use
  • BPA free stainless steel
  • High lift lever
  • The aesthetic could use some improvement

7. IKICH 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster Best Rated Prime, Stainless Steel Bread Toasters

Why we like it: We love the super sleek design that can be stored neatly on one side of the kitchen. It gives an even browning on both sides and toast deliciously. It can toast various bread types, irrespective of the size.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a 4 slice toaster equipped with 10-inch slots to accommodate both small and large bread size. With an evenly spaced heating element, you get a fast and even toast of your food item.
There is a high lift feature that allows you to monitor your toast. In other words, you can check it halfway without touching the toast or the machine, keeping your fingers away from burnt.

The removable tray allows you to clean the toaster easily without moving it. Since the body is made of stainless steel, you can easily wipe with a cloth after use, allowing for easy clean.

In addition to the superb and distinct features, it comes in retro classic stainless style. With this, the toaster performs excellently with the ability to handle all your modern toasting needs.

The modern stainless steel design allows for superb performance, in addition to beautifying your kitchen. There is a fuss-free cord neatly tucked underneath the cooker. You can use this to manage the power cord after toasting securely. The toaster cools faster as well, thanks to the high-quality stainless steel design.

It features a built-in warming rack that keeps your toasted bread warm always. All you have to do is push down the lift lever behind the toaster, and you can put your bread, pastries or waffles on the warming rack for reheat.

Unlike many of the toaster we have reviewed, it comes with six distinct settings, all with varying results. For instance: setting 1 gives the bread slight browning and dries it out completely. Setting 2 gives the bread a little brown, and setting 3 gives a golden brown setting. Setting 4 gives your bread a deep light brown, and setting 5 gives a dark brown. You can get a deep dark brown setting with setting 6.

It gives an even toast without any danger of some part overheating. We do hope that the manufacturer works on making the toaster portable.

  • High-quality construction material
  • Safe for use
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to clean
  • Cord storage capacity
  • Easy to use controls
  • Gives even toast
  • Toaster might be too big for some people

8. Hosome Toaster, HoLife 2 Slice Best Rated Prime Toasters

Why we like it: This is one of our favorite toasters as it is easy to use with a classy and elegant look. We love the stainless steel finish as it makes it glossy and allows it cool faster. It toasts faster as well with different toasting modes for your bread based on your needs. We love that it is easy to clean also.

Editor’s Rating:

Hosome toaster features high quality brushed stainless steel material. This gives it an elegant and exquisite appearance. Making it blend perfectly with your kitchen appliance. There is an extra warming rack to take care of pieces of bread and other toast of irregular size.

Cleaning is simple and straightforward as all you have to do is slide out the tray from the bottom and dispose of the crumbs. The cord can wrap underneath the toaster allowing for better storage.

One of the distinguishing factors is the extra-wide slots measuring 5.6 inches by 1.8 inches. This accommodates bread of various sizes like waffles and artisan bread. There is a warming rack that you can use to keep the bread warm without supplying excessive heat to toast.

The toaster features a timer that notifies you when the food is done. In addition, there is an extra lever on the back which pops up the toasting rack. This allows you heat awkwardly shaped items.

Users get six distinct bread shade settings to give the ideal toast that you need. There are other functions like reheat, which keeps the toasting going if unsatisfied with the result. Defrost is used for frozen foods while bagel will brown a side of the bread and leave the other side untoasted.

Also, there is a blue LED digital countdown timer, which displays the time the toast will pop up. It toasts pretty fast, and you can also warm your toast/bread with modes 1 or 2. Modes 3 and 4 take care of the actual toasting. Even though it might not handle bagels, it does a good job of toasting appropriately.

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy cleaning and storage
  • Comes with countdown timer
  • Stainless steel design gives a sleek look
  • 6 toasting levels
  • Presence of warming rack
  • Does not have an extra slot for bagels

9. Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless

Why we like it: One of the things we love about this toaster is that it gives an even toast without spoiling your bread. It comes in a small, compact size and will not take much space on the countertop. We also love the reasonable price and the adorable aesthetic of this toaster.

Editor’s Rating:

Cuisinart features a classical beauty and strong performance, the perfect addition to your kitchen. It comes with strong stainless steel in combination with black steel, which brings out its classic design. This is a 4 slice toaster which features a smooth brush stainless housing.

There is a removable crumb tray which makes the toaster easy to clean. Users can wrap the cord underneath for clean and storage.

Cuisinart compact toaster comes with 1.5 inch slots that allow you toast various sizes of items like toaster pastries, bagels, or French toast. Once the bread is done, there is a toaster carriage that pops the toast up. This allows for easy access to the bread without burning your fingertip. We hope the manufacturer will improve on the knobs and make it more user friendly.

This toaster gives users access to various toasting functions. Toasting function applies to normal bread and other foods. Bagel function will help to toast the upper half of your bread. Defrost function takes care of frozen pieces of bread, and reheats function helps reheat bread without burning or browning.

In addition to this, the shade setting allows you to explore various browning options for your toast. For the least shade of toast, use settings 1-2. This applies to thinner frozen items like frozen pancakes. And for a medium shade of toast, use settings 3-4, which applies to toaster pastries and refrigerated bagels and French toast. Finally, for dark shade, use settings 5-6, which applies to frozen items like bagels or thick French toast.

With the bagel function, you get to heat the upper half of the bagel, which gives a crispy top and a soft bottom.

  • Strong and durable material
  • Gives an even toast
  • Compact and portable size
  • Affordable price
  • Beautiful design
  • Flimsy knobs

10. Keenstone Retro 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel Toaster with Bagel

Why we like it: This is a nice quality toaster that gives a nice even toast on all sides. It comes with a solid retro design and a fascinating color. We love the fact that it is easy to clean, as well.

Editor’s Rating:

Keenstone Retro is a 2 slice toaster that comes with a 1.5-inch slot that accommodates bread of various sizes, giving an even toast all through. The bread pops out automatically when it is done, and users can retrieve it with the high lift level. This allows for safer and easier access, even small size toasts.

The toaster is easy to use, as all you have to do is put the bread inside and chose the desired shade setting. In this case, there are three distinct shades giving light, medium, and dark shade of toast. This takes an average of 95 seconds, 155 seconds, and 207 seconds respectively, depending on the level you select. After selecting the shade setting, put the lift lever down and leave. The bread will pop out automatically when done.

Like many of the top-rated toasters above, this comes with three functions cancel, bagel and defrost function. If you need one-sided toasting, use the toasting function. On using the bagel function, it heats a single side of the bread, performing one-sided heating. The bagel indicator function lights up and takes care of your bagel.

The defrost function, on the other hand, helps toast frozen bread. The defrost function indicator light comes up, which takes care of toast.

Compared to cheap toasters out there made of plastic, this toaster is made of stainless steel. This gives it a nice finish and classic design. In addition, it is approved by FDA and ETL certification making it safe for use.

With a weight of 4.35 pounds, it is light in weight and will store nicely on your countertop without taking much space. The warranty period will take care of any major issue that might come up while using the toaster.

  • One year warranty
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to clean
  • FDA certified
  • Great design
  • Toaster heats up too fast

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Toaster

We provided a comprehensive review of the 10 top toasters under $50. This will help you narrow down your choice when you want a cheap toaster. In addition to this, there are other factors that you should consider before getting a toaster.

This is the aim of this section. We will explore several factors to keep in mind before as you are on the hunt for the best cheap toasters. Before going in-depth, we must examine the type of toasters available in the market.

Types of Toasters

There are three main types of toasters. These are:

  • Pop-up toasters
  • Conveyor belt toasters
  • Toaster ovens

We only considered pop toasters as they are the ones recommended for domestic use. In addition, they are simple and designed for everyday use. Conveyor belt toaster, on the other hand, is a toaster meant for commercial purposes as it is used in bakeries. The toaster oven is like a small microwave oven that is used for baking and convection cooking.

Having explored the types of toasters, shall we consider the things to consider before buying a toaster.

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying A Toaster

With the best toaster, you can brown your bread and give it the perfect customization to suit your taste. Here are the most important factors to consider before buying a toaster.

Number of Slots

The number of slots determines the number of slices you can toast at once. Generally, toasters come with 2, 4 or 6 slots. Depending on how you will use the toaster, get the toaster slot that serves your need. In addition, the toaster slot should be wide enough to accommodate toast of various sizes.

Automatic Control

The implication of this is that your toaster should pop up your toast once it is done. Not only this, it should switch off automatically. This will save power and prevent you from having a burnt toast.

Browning Options

This is the color you want for your bread, which determines how brown it will be. This is one of the most vital features in a toaster. Do you want your bread brown, dark brown, gold, soft, light gold, etc.? This is the feature that determines if you will get your desired output.

In buying a toaster, make sure you buy the ones with simple heating options and levels to allow you to achieve the desired texture and customization you want for your bread.

Presence of Crumb tray

This is a feature peculiar to almost all types of toasters. The crumb tray is important to prevent bread crumbs from accumulating inside the toasters. It makes your toaster easy to clean as all you need to do is remove and empty the tray.

Reheat and Defrost Feature

There are times we might want to heat or toast frozen bread. The reheat feature allows you to heat frozen bread without making it too dry. The defrost option also helps defrost frozen bread without heating it or toasting it. It will be nice for your toaster to have this capacity. Luckily, some of the best toasters we consider in this best cheap toaster review has this feature.

Hi-Lift Feature

If you are toasting pieces of bread with a small size, this feature will come in handy. It will lift the bread for easy retrieval. It is important to prevent your fingertips from getting burned.

Progress Indicator

There are some toasters with a digital screen that shows you the countdown of the time needed before your toast will be ready. We reviewed some of them in this post.

The FAQ on Best Cheap Toasters (Under $50)

What is the best material for a toaster?

The best toasters are made from a combination of metals, mostly stainless steel. This gives them a pleasing aesthetic and boosts longevity, as well. Also, the steel body allows the toaster to cool down fast. There are good quality toasters that come with strong plastic and other durable materials as well. It depends on the manufacturer.

How much power does a toaster consume?

Normal bread toaster does consume up to 800 to 1500 Watt of energy when in use. However, the average power consumption of a toaster is 1200 Watt under normal circumstances.

How does a Toaster Work?

When in use, electrical energy flows through the wire to the toaster. It heats the thin filaments, and they become red hot. These filaments reflect heat to the bread and other items you might want to toast.

What Other food items can you toast?

Many people might think bread is the only item that can be toasted. However, that is wrong as there are other food items that you can enjoy when toasted. Examples are grilled cheese sandwich, garlic bread, reheated pizza, Panini, French fries and onion rings, etc.


Choosing the best cheap toaster does not have to be a challenge anymore. Also, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket before buying the best toasters. We hope this best cheap toaster review will guide you in making the best choice and the most suitable one for your needs.