woman applying highlighter makeup

Picking a Cheap Highlighter That Still Looks Great

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More women have decided to make applying a highlighter a part of their daily beauty routines in recent years. Previously thought of as an optional touch for special occasions, highlighters are now necessary to achieve that final polished look. By enhancing your complexion and defining the angles of your face, you can make sure you’ll always have the perfect dewy glow. The key to finding the perfect highlighter for you is trying enough different options until you learn what you like and what looks good on your skin type. Below are our tips for shopping for cheap highlighters.

Guide to Buying Cheap Highlighters

Choosing the best cheap highlighter suitable for your skin can be tricky. Although it doesn’t seem like a big decision, most of the highlighters on the market are similar by function, but they differ vastly in the results. Highlighters have glitter; sometimes shimmer, they have a variety of formulas and undertones to give you different results.

Traditionally, highlighters have been known to be effective on the high points of your face. This happens after you have already applied the makeup. However, for a subtle glow, you can switch it up. If you are using a powder highlighter or even a cream highlighter, you can start by applying the highlighter. This can also be done with the liquid highlighters, where you can mix it with your foundation and place a good amount to get a dewy glow.

Even better, you can walk tall after using more than one highlighter. There is no need to focus on one highlighter when you can give it more options or depth. Highlighters magically transform faces making people look young, dewy, and stunning. However, it’s nearly impossible to find the right one for your skin tone and skin type. While finding a worthwhile highlighter can be difficult, here is a mini buying guide to help you find the radiance glow.


All highlighters aim to add light to the face and a shimmer. There is no better highlighter to achieve this than the powder highlighters. Most of the high selling highlighters don’t have enough glitter particles, which is a major frustration for those going for a little sparkle.

Powder highlighters come in different shades to work on many skin tones. Using a lighter fingertip is ideal for applying these luxurious highlighters because they have a high concentration of color. They have large pans, which offset the high prices.


When it comes to selecting highlighters, the liquid ones are the most versatile you can ever find on the market. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or amateur; a single dab can glow a matte foundation.

They shimmer all over and define cheekbones. Most of the time, the liquid highlighters have affordable formulas. The other good news is that they can be used generously to get the radiance you are looking for.

Pot highlighters provide the easiest way to capture light into your skin. You don’t even need a base color to get a subtle shimmer. It works well on every skin tone.

Ease of Use

If you are looking for that amazing comfort from a highlighter, then go for a stick highlighter. They might not be very easy to use, but they utilize light to their advantage. By applying on some parts of the face, including under the brow bone and inner eye corner, you can get the most out of the light.

It doesn’t require a lot of blending when you apply this trick. The effect from the stick highlighters will boost your confidence with your stunning looks. Otherwise, the liquid or creamy highlighter is user-friendly.

Bottom Line

Taking care of your skin means you are now following a skincare routine. With a lot of highlighters on the market, it can be a hefty task to find the right one that suits your skin, but it doesn’t have to be like that. They have different prices and perform various functions, so you need to look at your skin tone and skin type first to find the right highlighter.