Best Cheap Electric Razors 2020 (Under $50 / $100)


A good performing electric shaver should give you a smooth and clean-shaven look every time. Right? Unlike hand razors, electric shavers are versatile, easy to use, and safe on the skin. They come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. A branded high-end model can cost up to $600 or more. However, you don’t need to spend exuberant amounts to get a decent shave.

You can get a good quality shaver under $50, but if you don’t mind paying for a little bit more convenience, you can get up to $100. In this guide, we will look at the best cheap electric razors under $50 and $100 that are reliable and convenient. To get the best deal, here are crucial factors to consider when buying an electric razor.

Features to Consider in Cheap Electric Razors

Electric shavers come in a wide range of features. Whether you’re upgrading from an older model or buying for the first time, you need to make the right selection based on your needs. Let’s dive in and find out the features.

Foil or Rotary Shavers

Electric shavers fall into two major categories; foil or electric models. Both operate in the same way to achieve the same goal, although they have slight variations.

Foil blade razors feature several angled and fine blades that move quickly from side to side and prevent your skin from getting irritated. They include a thin curved metal foil that pulls the hair to cut it off from the face and neck area. Additionally, they’re easy to clean and an excellent choice for people with short, thin beards and those with sensitive skin.

Rotary shavers utilize circular blades with three or four floating heads. The heads move in a circular motion to adjust to facial contours to give you a close shave. They’re an ideal option for reaching tricky spots on the face. Furthermore, they are suitable for men with long hair who want to trim their to the desired length instead of completely cutting it off. A dual or triple rotary head can give you an exceptional shave on the neck or under the lip.

Wet or Dry Shaving Capabilities

It’s important to consider whether your pick can shave wet or dry. Some men prefer to use a wet electric model as it allows them to use together with shaving cream or lotion in the morning. Besides, shaving creams are known to soften hair and minimize irritation on sensitive skin, making it easier to shave.

If convenience is a top priority when it comes to purchasing an electric shaver, then a dry model would make an excellent pick.

Blade Replacement

When you’re planning to purchase an electric shaver, you need to know how fast you need to replace the blades. However, modern electric razors include a self-sharpening feature that sharpens the unit as it runs.
Find out if your shaver includes replacement blades or you’ll need to purchase them separately. Most manufacturers recommend changing them yearly. Additionally, if you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll need to find out if your package comes with other accessories like a pouch, a lubricant, a cleaning brush, among others.

Powerful Motor

An electric shaver should have a powerful motor so that it can perform at its optimal level. Shaving dense and stubble hair requires serious cutting power to offer a smooth, clean, and good looking shave.


Most men will generally pick leading brands in the market as they’re known to offer quality and durable products. Brand names like Remington, Phillips, Braun, among others are trustable and reputable.
In addition to durability, a high-quality unit from a trustworthy brand is efficient and worth purchasing in the long run.


Although a warranty might be the least of your concerns, with an electric razor, you may need it if the device develops faults and needs to get fixed or replaced. Choose a quality product and check out the manufacturer with the longest warranty.

Best Cheap Electric Razors 2020 (Under $50)

1. Braun Series 3 Proskin 3010s Electric Razor for Men

Why we like it: This Braun Series electrical foil shaver is our top pick. It includes a combination of advanced features such as the pressure-sensitive blades that automatically retract to protect your skin. It’s an excellent choice for men with delicate and sensitive skin.

Editors Rating:

Design Features
The Series 3 shaver from the Braun brand boasts a patented SensoFoil technology. It minimizes skin irritation and includes three specialized shaving elements that work collectively for a close shave every time. Additionally, the device features an ergonomic grip with rubber dot patterns that provide excellent handling when wet shaving. It also features high-quality alloy and plastic housing for durability.

Braun Series 3 is 100% waterproof so you can rinse under running water to sanitize it after use. Also, you can use this electric razor to shave wet or dry for smooth skin. When it comes to the overall execution, you don’t need to circle over the same spot twice thanks to the ultra-sharp blades.

Convenient Features
Series 3 shaver includes a robust NiMH battery that will give you 1 hour of cordless shaving. Braun added a Micro Comb technology which is an effective blade system that catches more hair with every stroke. It’s an excellent choice for ultimate precision and faster shaving for men with dense beard.

The inbuilt precision head makes it easy to reach difficult areas like under the lip and nose. Adding to its full range of capabilities is the Smart Plug system that includes automatic 100-240 voltage adjustment. Besides, a 5-minute quick charge is enough to give you a close shave when needed.

This Braun Series 3 shaver works well on men with delicate and sensitive skin. Additionally, this electric shaver is a versatile choice for the frequent traveler who likes to shave regularly for a close and gentle shave every time.

  • Smooth and very close shave
  • Comfortable handle
  • Shaves both dry and wet
  • Easy to clean under running water
  • Convenient cord and cordless design
  • The foil head could be improved

2. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Why we like it: The F5 foil shaver from the Remington brand pre-trims longer hair for efficient and quick shaving process. It’s an excellent pick for people who want to address thick, coarser hairs in different parts of the face and body.

Editors Rating:

Design Features
Remington F5 foil shaver includes Pivot and Flex Foil technology that adjusts to the contours of your skin surface to reach difficult areas like the neck and jawline. It’s a high-efficiency electric razor that provides fantastic value for the money.

The razor comes with a pop-up trimmer that allows you to shape up precise and detailed mustache and sideburns. The F5 foil shaver features stainless steel blade for increased durability to last you a long time. Additionally, with proper care, the unit will stay sharp for close-cut shaves.

Convenient Features
The F5 foil shaver features a rechargeable battery that will offer you 60 minutes of cordless runtime, making it an ideal option for people who travel. Besides, you can use it while corded for a great shaving experience.

Remington included a simple design that allows you to clean the shaver under the faucet for sanitization and general maintenance. It features a lightweight design and is easy to handle fitting perfectly in your hand for extended use. There’s also an LED battery gauge to indicate when the battery is running low and a 5-minute quick charge that allows you to continue shaving.

The F5 foil shaver is an ideal pick for the older man looking for an affordable electric razor for a smooth and close shave. Besides, the lightweight and cordless feature make it an excellent travel companion.

  • Long battery life
  • Reasonably priced
  • Consistent close shaves
  • Easy to handle and comfortable
  • You need to change the blades and foils every six months which can be expensive

3. Phillips Norelco Shaver 2100

Why we like it: This electric shaver features a rotary razor with 4-direction flex heads that move in a circular motion to shave carefully on every contour on your face and neck. It’s an ideal pick for men with a bald head thanks to the decent performance at a budget-friendly price.

Editors Rating:

Design Features
Phillips Norelco Shaver 2100 with a tri-head design will give you’re a close shave although not as close as a manual razor. However, it includes a close cut blade system for a reliably close shave every time. The heads move independently in four directions, adjusting to every contour on your face, neck, and hard to reach areas.

Additionally, Phillips included durable self-sharpening blades that will serve you hundreds of hours if adequately utilized. The Lithium-Ion battery is sturdy and long-lasting. It will offer you 35 minutes of runtime and 8 hours of charge. Also, the LED battery gauge indicator will notify you when the razor is running low on charge.

Convenient Features
Phillips Norelco Shaver 2100 includes a simple but comfortable design that allows you to operate in a corded or cordless mode, meaning you can shave just about anywhere. There’s also a pop-up trimmer for maintaining a mustache and trimming sideburns.

It’s easy to clean and sanitize this electric razor. You only need to pop open the head and run it under a faucet. The shaver also features a rounded and curved shape that gives you excellent grip when shaving for long hours.

Phillip Norelco Shaver 2100 is an entry-level electric razor best for people with constant ingrown hairs. The 4 Direction flex heads follow every contour on your skin for a smooth shave, especially on hard to reach areas.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Stays sharp for a long time
  • Convenient pop-up trimmer
  • It’s quiet compared to competitors in the category
  • Dry shave only

4. Flyco Electric Razor Shaver

Why we like it: This electric shaver from Flyco delivers a smooth finish thanks to an intelligent anti-clip control system. The design prevents pulling of hair, nicks, and cuts but gives you a close shave for supple and smooth skin.

Editors Rating:

Design Features
The Flyco electric shaver features Advanced IPX7 waterproof system for wet and dry shaving choices. It also includes an automatic grinding technology that makes the shaving system durable. Additionally, the self-sharpening blades ensure that you get clean, smooth cuts every time.

Flyco included a dual-track design that increases the contact area on the skin to tackle the most stubborn hairs on the face, neck, and jawline. The 3D shaving heads rotate individually to adjust to all contours. There’s a pop-up trimmer allows you to shave the sideburns and mustache for a complete grooming experience.

Convenient Features
The electric shaver comes with an incredible micro USB cable with a 110V-240V universal voltage making it an excellent travel companion. The device is lightweight and features an ergonomic and comfortable handle, which makes it easy to operate when shaving for long hours.

Additionally, Flyco electric shaver included a waterproof design that allows you to rinse it off under running water for long-lasting performance. The overall design will provide you with a safe and smooth shaving experience.

Flyco is a wet-dry electric shaver that comes with a 3D rotary shaver and a double anti-skid line design for a quick and clean shave.

  • Affordably priced
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Dedicated USB charging unit
  • The side trimmer is rigid

5. Remington PF7500 F5 Comfort Series Foil Shaver

Why we like it: The PF7500 is a foil shaver from the Remington brand that features Intercept Shave technology that allows you to trim and cut long coarse hairs. It’s an ideal pick for men and women with long thick hair.

Editors Rating:

Design Features
The Pivot and Flex shaver head included in the Remington PF7500 adjusts to the facial and neck contours to give you a smooth and clean shave. The QuietDrive motor is much faster than the conventional electric razor that makes the shaving experience fast and smooth. Additionally, this shaver doubles up as trimmer to detail your beard and sideburns with precision.

A two-hour charge will give you 60 minutes of cordless operation thanks to a powerful Lithium battery that provides long-lasting power and torque.

The ConstantCountour feature allows this electric shaver to move along the contours on your skin to pick stray hairs for a uniform shave. The shaver features a Pivot and Flex design that helps to keep close contact on hard to reach areas like the jawline and neck.

Convenient Features
Remington PF7500 comes with a corded or cordless operation to allow you to shave using your favorite shaving cream. It’s also lightweight and easy to use for long hours while the sleek handle provides grip when cutting in a wet bathroom or shower.

Additionally, it’s easy to clean as you only need to rinse it under a faucet for proper sanitization and maintenance. The razor is compatible with all standard voltage types.

Remington PF7500 electric shaver with a pivoting and flex head that cuts hairs at all nooks and corners of your face efficiently.

  • Automatic voltage conversation
  • Pop up trimmer
  • Quick and clean shave
  • Quiet motor
  • The trimmer is not very efficient

Best Cheap Electric Razors 2020 (Under $100)

1. Phillips Norelco Shaver 4500

Why we like it: This is a mid-range shaver with advanced features that give you a close and quick shave with minimal irritation. It’s a suitable choice for men who don’t want to compromise their shaving experience and those with sensitive skin.

Editors Rating:

Design Features
Phillips Norelco Shaver 4500 features a patented Super Lift and Cut technology that allows you to shave flat-lying hairs from the base for a close shave. The Pivot, Flex, and Float system offer speed and comfort when in contact with the skin.

The razor also includes an AquaTec seal that makes the device 100% waterproof for a dry or wet shave. Additionally, this fully washable design helps you to keep the shaver clean after every use. There’s also a useful pop-up trimmer that allows you to maintain a well-trimmed mustache and sideburns.

Convenient Features
Phillips Norelco Shaver 4500 includes a quick charge option that takes 3 minutes to charge for one cordless shave. Additionally, there’s an LED battery indicator that allows you to know how much charge is left. An 8-hour charge will give you a runtime of 50 minutes on a full charge.

To keep the device clean, rinse it under the faucet for long-lasting performance. Phillips also included a two-year warranty and a 45-day risk-free trial. It comes with a frustration-free packaging if you want to gift it to someone special.

Phillips Norelco Shaver 4500 includes three shaving heads that you can use with a dry or wet system to confidently take care of your shaving needs. It’s an ideal pick for the money.

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Comfortable handle
  • Low friction heads for added protection
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • A little heavy on the hand

2. Panasonic ES8243A ARC4 Electronic Shaver and Trimmer

Why we like it: Panasonic ARC4 Electronic Shaver and Trimmer feature an ARC Shaving system that provides a closer and more precise shave. It’s a suitable pick for men and women for sensitive areas like the underarm, groin and the face.

Editors Rating:

Design Features
This Panasonic ARC4 razor features a high-performance linear motor to give you a fast and smooth shave. Furthermore, the motor shaves at a speed of 13,000 cycles per minute throughout its battery life. It operates almost twice as fast as other razors in the category and delivering twice the cutting force.

Panasonic included micro-thin stainless steel foils and four sharp, 30 degrees honed blades for precision shaving. Similarly, the foils on this model are hypoallergenic, making the shave an excellent pick for people with sensitive skin.

Convenient Features
The head-on this shaver is gently curved to glide along the contours of your face and hard to reach areas like the jawline and neck. You can also move the shaver in a circular motion just like a rotary shaver without any irritation or bruises on the skin for maximum grooming comfort.

The shaver also includes a pop-up trimmer for your sideburns, goatee, and mustache. The advanced illuminated LCD allows you to check the various stats. It’s lightweight and comes with an ergonomic handle that helps you to shave for hours. The package comes with an AC adopter and a travel pouch for the frequent traveler.

Panasonic Electronic Shaver and Trimmer is a powerful and feature-packed razor that gently conforms to the skin contours to deliver close, quick, and smooth shaving.

  • Fast close shaves
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Great ergonomics
  • Takes a long time to charge

3. Panasonic ES8103S ARC3 Electronic Shaver and Trimmer

Why we like it: The ARC3 shaver from the Panasonic brand includes sharp Nanotech blades and ultra-thin Arc foil technology. The design lifts hair follicles, giving you a close shave for maximum comfort. This is our pick for women for shaving legs, underarms and the bikini area.

Editors Rating:

Design Features
Panasonic ARC3 electronic razor operates as a dry or wet unit thanks to a waterproof feature. It also includes a trimmer that you can pop up to maintain a mustache and shape your sideburns. The flexible pivoting electronic head glides effortlessly to shave contours and hard to reach areas with ease.

Panasonic employed a high-performance motor with a linear drive that maintains peak power to deliver fast and smooth shaves. There’s also a digital display indicator that lets you know when its time to recharge the battery.

Convenient Features
The shaver offers you wet shave or dry shave for additional convenience. The fast linear motor minimizes tugging and pulling while the pop-up trimmers help you to maintain an elegant looking sideburn.

Cleaning this electronic shaver is simple. Panasonic ARC3 electric shaver includes a vibration cleaning mode that allows you to quickly and efficiently clean stuck hairs. The package consists of a pouch and an AC charger, making it an excellent travel companion.

The Nanotech blades on this Panasonic ARC3 makes this model a smart electronic shaver for thick hair. It follows the contours on your skin with utmost precision for a smooth and close shave.

  • Delivers a fast and quick shave
  • Easy to clean stuck hairs
  • Smart digital display
  • Portable
  • Noisy motor

4. Braun Series 3 3010BT 3-in-1 Electronic Shaver

Why we like it: This Braun Series 3 3010BT is a three in one electronic shaver. It includes pressure-sensitive elements that allow you to shave hard to reach areas like under the nose and lip with utmost precision. It’s an excellent choice for men with a coarse beard.

Editors Rating:

Design Features
Braun Series 3 3010BT features an intelligent design with a thin precision head for reaching the neck contours, jawline, and other delicate areas. It includes wet and dry operation, meaning that you can shave with your favorite shaving foam or gel. The pop-up trimmer allows you to shape your sideburns or goatee.

Apart from giving you a close shave, Series 3 3010BT provides you with 1 hour and 45 minutes of cordless shaving thanks to a powerful NiMH battery. Besides, it offers you a 5-minute quick charge in case it runs low when you’re shaving.

Convenient Features
This Braun Series 3 3010BT shaver is 100% waterproof so you can conveniently run it under a faucet without worrying. It comes with five combs that allow you to choose preferred beard hair size to give you a neat shave.

The electronic shaver also features patented SensoFoil technology that protects your skin from bruises, cuts, and irritation. One intuitive stroke from this razor is enough to give you an almost close and smooth shave.

The 3010BT model is a 3-in-1 grooming tool with an advanced and effective shaving system that cuts hair from the base. It’s an ideal budget razor for a coarse beard.

  • The trimmer works well
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Waterproof
  • Doesn’t shave as close as a razor

5. Panasonic ES-RT97-S Electric Shaver

Why we like it: This electric razor form Panasonic includes a robust motor that delivers 10,000 rpm for fast and effective shaving. The ES-RT77-S version features a high-performance blade system for quick and smooth shaves.

Editors Rating:

Design Features
Panasonic ES-RT77-S version is a Slide-Up detailed shaver with a five setting comb attachment and a 45-degree trimmer for detailing your mustache and sideburns. It features a stainless steel hypoallergenic foil that glides smoothly over the contours of your face and hard to reach areas. It also includes a durable construction which will last you a long time.

Additionally, this Panasonic model includes a high powered motor that rotates at speeds of 10,000 rpm for quick and smooth shaves. It also comes with a wet or dry operation for your convenience, meaning you can use it in the tub, shower, or on the go.

Convenient Features
The product includes a Premium Automatic Cleaning and Charging station. At the touch of a button, you can keep your Panasonic ES-RT77-S clean and ready for use the next time. The cordless design allows you to carry this gadget when traveling and shave more efficiently.

Panasonic ES-RT77-S razor is lightweight and features a masculine design that gives it a sleek look. Similarly, the soft rubberized handle provides grip and control for remarkable shaving and trimming results. There’s an LED display with two indicators that shows you the level of power available.

Panasonic ES-RT77-S is a versatile shaver for men. It’s a nano-polished face shaver that cuts quickly and precisely with hypoallergenic construction for minimal irritation and comfort. It’s an excellent choice for men with flat-lying hairs and sensitive skin.

  • Hypoallergenic for the sensitive skin
  • Charges fairly quickly
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable to hold
  • The battery life could be improved

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Electric Razors (under $50/$100)

Unlike manual razors, electric shavers minimize blade cuts and skin irritation to give you a great shave with minimal hassle. Not all electric razors in the market can meet your needs. Depending on the purpose of your shaving, it’s crucial to understand the different features on the various types and essential requirements before making a purchase.

Difference Between An Electric Razor And Manual Shaver

When looking for a shaver, you need to pick one that is both versatile and effective to give you a close shave. Today electric shavers are the most popular as they cut down on shaving time, efficient and provide a smooth shave that lasts a long time.

A manual razor is available in tons of different options from straight shavers, cartridges to disposables, and more. They are easy to use and provide a close shave that lasts longer than the electric units. Although the blades need constant replacement, manual shavers are portable and come at a competitive price.

However, manual razors are less versatile than their electrical cousins since they require a wet operation. Besides, shaving takes a long time, and there’s a high chance of irritation, getting nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs.

On the other hand, electric shavers come as either foil or rotary. They are a versatile choice as they minimize the risk of cutting and bruising your skin. Additionally, they provide a fast way of shaving hair with more accuracy and precision than manual razors. You can use an electric unit for wet or dry shaving.

There are a few drawbacks with electrical models. For instance, they won’t give you a close shave like their manual counterparts, especially if you have a thick, coarse beard. Additionally, if not properly charged, they can stop in the middle of a shave. Similarly, they require particular attention when it comes to maintenance and sanitation. They are also more expensive to purchase although they can last you a long time.

Benefits of Purchasing an Electric Shaver

There are many benefits why one would opt to purchase an electric razor instead of a manual shaver. Most men find electric shavers safer than manual units. They also come with added versatility like shaving and trimming features, which means that an electric unit can give you more value for your money. With an electric model, you have a superior choice of getting a precise and neat shave.

Additionally, you get a comfortable grip and power to trim your hair and detail your sideburns, mustache, or goatee more efficiently. Furthermore, you save time and hassle associated with a disposable razor.

Electric units tend to last longer than manual razors, although the initial cost of purchasing and upkeep can be high.

Corded or Cordless Electric Shavers

There are two types of electric razors – the corded and the cordless model. Sometimes corded units can get in the way of shaving, but the cordless model will offer you excellent mobility. A cordless electric shaver would make an ideal choice for the frequent traveler, but if used frequently, recharging it might become a great inconvenience.
Similarly, if you’re looking for an electric shaver for home use, a corded razor might be a perfect pick. Although the cord can be somewhat restricting, you’ll appreciate the power it offers when shaving.

Multiple Cutting Elements

Today, electric shavers feature multiple blades that help in getting a close shave. Rotary units come with three cutting elements, while foil shavers can include almost five modules. More razors can cut flat-lying hairs that are close to the skin efficiently to yield satisfactory results.

Some brands that include extra cutters and foils align and capture stray hairs and longer hair. The more the number of blades, the better the performance. In addition to this feature, you need to ensure that your shaver remains sharp. The sharpness of the cutter can be affected by the type of beard and frequency of shaving.

Ease of Cleaning

As with any other gadget, keeping your electric razor clean is vital for hygiene. Some skin breakouts can result from unclean razors. The cleaning method of each unit is different while some shavers include a self-cleaning mechanism; others need thorough cleaning and oiling after use. However, both foil and rotary models are quick and easy to clean. Besides rinsing off hair and gunk from the device, you’ll need to apply sheen oil to keep the metal parts lubricated.

With some models, you only need to run it under a faucet while others require you to lift off the head of the razor and brush the whiskers with a clean brush. Additionally, apply a small amount of a lubricant while the unit is running. If you don’t have time to clean and oil frequently, you can purchase a unit that requires little maintenance.

Battery Life

An electric shaver fitted with long-lasting battery life is beneficial in every situation. Since batteries feature a watertight compartment, they offer mobility when fully charged and convenience due to the cordless feature.
Your shaver should include at least 40 minutes of run time on a single charge and give you 5 minutes of quick charge for one shave in the case the battery runs out. Likewise, the unit of your choice should have a battery indicator to warn you when the battery is low on charge so that you can gracefully finish your shaving.

Additionally, if you’re a frequent traveler, you need to know if your electric shaver can adapt to the international voltage without the aid of a converter.


Price is a huge factor when it comes to purchasing an electric razor. The overall value of the shaver you buy is closely related to its price tag. High-end electric razors are efficient, durable, and versatile. Although not everyone has the financial capacity to get a top of the line unit, it’s vital to buy what fits in your budget.
However, cheap electric shaves may compromise the efficiency and quality of shaving. Of course, you don’t want to spend your time and money on repairs and frequent replacement. Set a budget before shopping and get the best possible choice.

Your Facial Hair

Finally, your facial hair is the determining factor of the type of electric razor you purchase. A good shave can give you a signature look. It’s vital to assess the thickness and coarseness of your beard to determine which shaver will best suit your needs.

If you have a short, thin beard with lots of contours, you need an electric razor that you can precisely and efficiently shave for a smooth close look.


Are Electric Shavers Better for Sensitive Skin?

Electric shavers are better for people with sensitive skin. Unlike manual blades, with an electric shaver, there’s no chance for irritation, cuts, nicks, and burns.

Can an Electric Razor Shave As Close As A Blade?

Electric razors that feature a sturdy motor roll up the skin and shave hair faster than a manual shaver to give you a close shave.

How Long Do Electric Shavers Last?

With proper care and maintenance, an electric shaver can last between 5-8 years. However, some common replacement parts wear out within 6 to 12 months.

How Do I Avoid Ingrown Hair Bump?

Men with extremely curly hairs have a problem of ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair comes as a result of shaved hair falling beneath the skin and regrows, causing a bump. A foil shaver that features wet and dry operation would make an excellent pick.

Can Electric Shavers Be Used In The Shower?

Electric shavers that are waterproof up 5 meters are safe to use in the tub and shower. As long as the cord is not plugged in, there’s no risk of an electrical shock.

How Often Should I Shave My Beard?

How often you shave is a personal question. Different people have varying hair growth rates and can trim as regularly as they’d like.

Bottom Line

Although you can find electric shavers at every price point, very cheap models could disappoint you. When it comes to purchasing an electric razor, many factors come into play. We recommend you keep in mind the various features we’ve mentioned like the motor power, multiple cutting elements, battery life, among others. Ensure you purchase a quality model that includes all the features that you need.

Additionally, you can opt to choose a corded or cordless unit depending on the coarseness of your hair and frequency of shaving for adequate and best results. The five models from each of the categories under $50 and $100 will save you time and help you avoid blade cuts, irritation and offer freedom from extra costs.