Nerf This: The 10 Best Cheap Nerf Guns


The best cheap nerf guns under $30 reach firing distances of 90 feet. They can load multiple nerf darts and they can be easily used with blast fire functions. Some of these nerf guns also come with flip-to-open designs that allow quick nerf dart loading.

Types of Cheap Nerf Guns

There are a few types of cheap nerf guns categorized by firing capacity. The more nerf darts such a toy gun can load, the better the chances kids have to shoot their targets in case of missed shots. Here are the main options.

5-6 nerf dart guns

With a loading capacity of 5-6 nerf darts, these nerf guns are mainly recommended for shooting from a close distance. It’s difficult to miss the shot from a close distance. Used indoors and on shooting ranges, these guns are normally small