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Get Amazing Sound Quality With Noise Canceling Headphones

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Do you ever wish you had a mute button for people and things around you? Does loud construction at your neighbor’s house make it a pain to chill and relax? It’s probably time for you to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. These wonderful devices use state-of-the-art tech to counteract ambient noise, leaving the wearer in a serene cocoon of their own music or other audio entertainment. Despite what you may think at first glance, these headphones don’t have to cost a fortune. Today we’ll discuss how to pick the right pair of noise-Canceling headphones on a budget.

How to Buy Cheap Noise Canceling Headphones

There are times we want to enjoy the sound that resonates with the world around us. But at other times, we want some peace to ourselves away from all the buzz when you are living a modern life. That’s where noise-canceling headphones come in.

They tune out the noise you don’t want to hear so that you can concentrate on the sounds that you love or allow you to work or sleep in a noisy environment.

Advantages of Noise Canceling Headphones

Block Out Unwanted Noise

This is the most obvious and is also the most critical function of these headphones. If you are traveling in an airliner, you may want to catch some sleep, but it may never come with the constant humming of the engine. Although there are limitations, you will be glad they can drown out most sounds.

They Don’t Need to Be Used in High Volume

Headphones have been associated with causing hearing loss if you listen to high volumes for a long time. Noise-canceling technology prevents the element of competing with noise by raising the volume too high such that you can listen to audios at the low and proper volume.

They Have an Immersive Listening Experience

Because noise will not be interfering with the sound reproduction, noise-canceling headphones tend to provide rich and fuller sound that is more satisfying. You will be more than happy if you like good audio and instrumentals playing in your ears. This also means you can use them to watch movies and play games without compromising on the quality of sound.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Noise Canceling Headphones


Apart from noise-canceling technology, you will need to look at the core technology behind the headphones, which is the drivers. They are responsible for converting electric signals into audible sound. The technology behind the drivers dictates the kind of sound you will get from any particular headphones. While the size tells you how big sound can get.

In headphones, you are looking at 20-50mm drivers, so you can be able to relate the size of the drivers to the sound you will get.

There are two types of drivers used in headphones:

Dynamic Drivers

Also known as moving coil drivers, these are the cheapest and also the most commonly used in cheap headphones. They create sound through magnetism and electromagnetism to produce movement. They consist of a neodymium magnet, a voice coil, and a diaphragm. The resulting sound is filled with bass with natural mids and highs.

Planar Magnetic Drivers

These are used in open-back headphones and are also called orthodynamic drivers by Yamaha. They also create sound like in dynamic drivers, but they are super thin therefore commonly used in upscale headphones. Since they are thin, they have to use more magnets, which increases the weight of the headphones. They can replace huge amounts of air, which results in an excellent bass and low distortion of the highs at full volume.

Frequency Response

This is another piece of headphone jargon that you need to wrap your head around. Your headphones can achieve a set of sonic frequencies from 20-20,000Hz. To get deep and rich bass, headphones strive to remain in this range while stretching towards the ends of these ranges to give a more immersive sound.


Headphones are designed to be used with devices like smartphones, laptops, TVs, and other devices that do not amplify the sound at great levels. As such, the impedance denotes the power they need to run without blowing out. A high impedance indicates you can use them with dedicated amplifiers so they can handle the power-driven through their circuitry. This means you will not want to try out low-impedance headphones with heavy-duty woofers, as it is just a remedy for blowing up.

Final Words

Getting an excellent pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones is not easy peasy. It comes down to your preferences as qualities in different models can be as different as night and day. We have gone through the models that deserve to be on the top of the best list as they explore modern technologies without driving the prices to the extreme.