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With the increasing popularity of virtual reality and other devices that allow users to view 360-degree content easily, it’s no wonder that content creators are flocking to the latest generation of affordable 360 camera options to take their videos to the next level. Technology that would have been prohibitively expensive only a few years back is now in reach for only a few hundred bucks. 

Even better for creators looking to make the next viral action video, the ultra-wide angle of a 360 camera offers more advantages than the ability to create full 360 pictures and video. For instance, an action camera with a 360-degree lens can offer stabilization features that regular action cameras could only dream of.

All About Buying Cheap 360 Cameras

Even before the dust on the GoPro action camera settles, there’s a new photographic and video technology known as 360. It lets you capture photos and videos in a full 360-degree panorama. These cameras use multiple fisheye lenses that provide the immersive experience offered by a 360 camera.

YouTube and Facebook support the uploading of 360-degree videos and photos. Now you just have to know the features to look for to shoot the best content to indulge your fans and followers.

It’s so much fun shooting with a 360 camera. Here are some of the benefits of 360 cameras.

They Support Virtual Reality

More and more people are using virtual reality either for fun or professional work. With a 360 camera, you can shoot your content, which you can watch later using a VR device. There’s an increasing demand for virtual reality content, so you can take advantage of a 360 camera to bring your content to users looking for new material.

They Give an Immersive Experience

Video hosting sites like YouTube and Facebook are great ways to share your experiences. Shooting with a 360 camera makes it more memorable, making it more popular if you are looking to get more subscribers.

It Is the Future of Filming

3D TVs turned out to be a fad, but 360 cameras are taking off fast. You can spot a few films that have used this technology, and this is just the beginning because as technology advances, professional 360 cameras will be more affordable.

Type of 360 Camera

There are two types of 360 camera available, monoscopic and stereoscopic


These are the most common types seen in consumer models. They are mostly used to create video hosting content that has flat renderings. They do not perceive depth, but you can move around the space. The filmed video involves shooting with one camera and then stitching the field of view from other cameras to create the full image.


This camera uses two lenses for each eye, which creates a 3D experience. It separates the input for each, which results in a more immersive video and shot. This content can be viewed using VR devices. The 3D aspect is what creates the depth perception and makes VR watching lifelike.

Support Firmware

This is a useful aspect of 360 cameras since you need all the support you can get to utilize all the specs of your camera. This is in terms of the supporting software that turns your video into shareable content. Reading reviews will come in handy here because you will get first-hand information about the experience of other users.

Converting Features

Most 360 videos will need editing. The process needs to be fast and straightforward, whether it happens on the camera or using a smartphone or computer. It should be a painless experience, so watch out for cameras that are good on paper but will give you a headache when editing your content.

Where Will the Content Be Viewed?

VR reality is a popular stage for viewing your 3D content since you only need to tilt your head and feel like you are really in the action. YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Whatsapp, and Facebook allow uploading of 360 videos on their sites. The viewers navigate the footage using a mouse after you have modified it.

360-degree videos can also be viewed on your phone by tilting it in different directions. 

Recording Features

The shooting of videos and taking shots are the basic features of a 360 camera. But you can have more features like stabilization, slow-mo and timelapse, live streaming, 3D sound, etc.


The places you take your camera will determine which camera you take. Even if yours may come cheap, at least look for robust bodies and dust resistance. Some will even offer splash resistance and water-resistance covers for water excursions.

Final Words

We can all agree that finding a 360 camera can easily be a process of trial and error. But we want you to get it right the first time with these best cheap 360 cameras. You will get to capture the world as you see it and enjoy lots of ways you can engage your 360 camera.

We did not count on these cameras to have bleeding-edge specs, but they wowed us in ways we never imagined. You can start capturing life in 360 with a practical and affordable 360 camera.