Cheap Xbox One Headsets for Xbox Live

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One of the most exciting parts of being a gamer in the era of broadband internet is the ability to have a conversation with whomever you’re playing with no matter where in the world they’re playing from. With hundreds of multi-player enabled titles, the Xbox Live gaming service makes connecting with new opponents and teammates easier than ever before.

To unlock the full potential of Xbox Live, a headset for voice chat is a requirement. Not only is voice chat the preferred way of trash-talking in competitive games like Madden NFL, but coordination by voice is also a necessity for games requiring teamwork. Because Xbox controllers feature a standard headphone jack, you won’t need to buy any propriety equipment either. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before buying a cheap Xbox headset.

How-to Guide on Buying an Xbox One Gaming Headset

Finding the right gaming headset is a tricky affair, considering the jargon involved in literally establishing the right fit. As you search for an Xbox One gaming headset, first consider the functionality you desire. Though it is sad to say, the budget is the deal-breaker in anything, not only headsets. So, even though you are on a budget, be careful when selecting your gaming headset.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered in terms of the things to consider before you buy a gaming headset. Stay with this guide, and we will take you through the muddy waters of today’s world of gaming-gear.

What Is a Gaming Headset?

A gaming headset enables you to block out the world around you so that you can get immersed in games as you dial in your skills. A gaming headset is becoming a necessity for all categories of gamers. Sure, having a booming surround sound system may help you get immersed in your favorite game, but you get more bang with a gaming headset. Also, a multi-player gamer would prefer a high-quality mic that comes with gaming headsets for communicating with colleagues.

Factors to Consider in a Gaming Headset

A quality headset entails more than just being a way of chatting with colleagues. It should offer ultimate immersion and accuracy that allows you to discern background explosions as well as approaching footsteps. It should be very comfortable and provide crystal-clear communication.

Comfortable Fit

Among the essential attributes to consider when buying a gaming headset is how comfortable it feels when you wear it. If you feel the headset crushing or constricting your ears in a way that is uncomfortable, it does not matter how pure the sound is; you will feel like you squandered your money.

Look for a headset that you feel will be cozy when wearing for long gaming sessions. If it is impossible to try in person, check out for adjustability attributes on the headband or earphones of different sizes that suit your ears. Also, choose if you need closed earphones, which provide better privacy and successfully mute sound in the headsets, or open earphones, which leak some of the audio but are generally cooler.

Though not the most feature-filled headset on this list, you can’t beat the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset when it comes to comfort.

Durability and Quality

If you can test the headset in person, carefully check out the headset build material and quality. Cheap attachment points, thin cables, or plastic parts that appear flimsy may break or wear down. Nobody wants to buy a headset that will be useless after a few months. Look for a headset that is solidly constructed with strong cables and soft, quality earphones.


Check out for headsets that will fit your style and do not embarrass you on your desk. There are various looks available, ranging from modern, sleek, and modest to flashy RGB lighting. So, pick what fits your personal aesthetic and is right for your setup. Some might prefer a flashy headset like the Beexcellent Gaming Headset , while others might like the simplicity of the HyperX Cloud II.

Noise Isolation

A headset’s seal considerably affects the sound quality. Poor isolation can alter what you hear, especially for games with slight directional sound cues. Some headsets are equipped with the noise-canceling capability to filter background noise to ensure your sound output is clearer. Even when playing at home where it relatively quiet, this attribute can help ensure annoying family or roommates do not cause a lot of interference. Hearing distant gunshots and footsteps from various directions may save you from wandering in the fatal fields of a game. If you play competitively, you’ll definitely want something with excellent noise isolation like the ONIKUMA Pro Stereo Gaming Headset.

Surround Sound

These headsets use stereo drivers that produce multi-positional sound to offer a surround audio effect in your ears. Some do so using software, while others include multiple physical drivers in each cup. In both cases, they offer great sound quality—in budget headphones, you can’t really tell the difference between virtual and true surround sound setups.

Final Words

As you can see, it is not too difficult to locate a good gaming headset for far less than the price of a high-end option. Whether you prize comfort, sound quality, or aesthetics, there’s an excellent option for you no matter your price range. As long as you consider the highlighted attributes of a quality gaming headset, you will end up with a quality headset for your budget.