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Best Cheap Security Cameras 2019 (Under $100 / $200)


A surveillance system is a perfect addition towards securing your home. Wireless security cameras are the in-thing as they provide 24/7 connectivity. They give you live footage from the camera meaning you can check in at any time.

Every camera has some distinct features and what it brings to the table makes all the difference even in terms of price. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to get the Best Cheap Security Camera.

Features to Consider in Cheap Security Cameras

  • Connectivity
    Most cameras rely on Wi-Fi connectivity to deliver recordings to your phone. Wi-Fi is more reliable and easy to set up. You will also find cameras that incorporate Bluetooth for local control. With a wireless camera, it will have a companion app that allows you to get notifications on your smartphone, PC, or tablet.This way, you will be able to access the camera remotely and check in with your family members or just see what is happening in your home or office. Other cameras will support more connectivity like Amazon Alexa for voice commands and IFTT.
  • Video Quality
    Image quality is an essential feature that cannot be overlooked. Security cameras have a reputation for choppy images so you will need to look into the videos quality of the camera. At least 720p is what you want in a good security camera. For a camera that has up to 1080p, they have brilliant images, but they require ample space to store the footage and will also chew up your Wi-Fi.
  • Motion Detection
    When cameras are activated only when motion is detected they will help save on recording space. The camera detects movement and records what’s happening and sends you notifications right away. The alerts you receive will help you take action in real time instead of going back to investigate the happenings.
  • Night Vision
    A night vision feature comes in handy to help monitor even after dark. Some cameras will amplify ambient light to give you footage that you can see. Some more advanced cameras will use infrared light to improve on the ambient light in pitch darkness.

Best Cheap Security Cameras Under $100

1. Amcrest ProHD 1080P Wi-Fi IP Security Camera

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Why we like it: It is an indoor security camera that supports live streaming of footage straight to your mobile phone or PC using the Amcrest app.

Editor’s Rating:

With a 90-degree viewing angle, Amcrest Wi-Fi IP security camera is the easiest way to keep tabs on what you love. It is built for the indoors and is available in two colors; black and white. This way, it can blend in with your décor.

Using the Amcrest app, you can view live footage of what’s happening in your home. From keeping an eye on your babysitter to checking in with your kids, you will be able to have peace of mind when you are away from home.

This is a wireless security camera that is furnished with a Sony image sensor and an Ambarella chipset to offer the real HD 1080p footage. You won’t be guessing who is in your home and what is happening as you will see everything in real color.

Convenient Features
Amcrest proHD security camera offers smart notifications through text and email to your PC and smartphone using the motion detection feature. The footage can be recorded on Amcrest cloud, NVR, NAS, QNAP, Synology, Blue Iris, FTP, and an SD card. This way, you will never miss something.

Use the two-way audio to speak with your kids. The audio system is a nice feature since you can even scare away a burglar before they vandalize your property. Not to mention, you can monitor your home 24/7 using the camera’s Infrared LED night vision.

When it comes to securing your home or business, being able to have notifications is important. Amcrest offers this possibility so you can be more aware wherever you are. You will get excellent 1080p HD footage during the day and night vision of up to 32ft. This camera is an easy pick as one of the best cheap security cameras we have on the market.

  • It sets up by scanning a QR code
  • Records in true HD (1080p)
  • Offers two-way audio
  • Supports live streaming and recording of footage on various software solution
  • Offers indoor pan, tilt, and zoom
  • The angle of view is only 90-degrees

2. YI Dome Wireless Indoor Security Camera

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Why we like it: This camera offers 360-degree coverage using its advanced rotation. It protects your account by offering high-end encrypted videos before it uploads them to the cloud.

Editor’s Rating:

YI Technologies is a world-renowned tech and electronics company. The YI Dome Cam has a 112-degree wide-angle with bidirectional rotation range. This ensures it can cover 360-degrees without having any blind spots where mischief can happen.

The security camera is ideal for use both at home and office. Eight panoramic presets are just a click away on the YI Home app. It lets you choose up to eight favorite locations where you can always come back and view what has happened during the day.

What’s more, you can customize cruise periods and choose the auto-cruise mode to cover your bookmarks. You will get real-time alerts and notification using an advanced motion detection system that captures and tracks movement. The motion detector sends 10-second footage to your phone.

Convenient Features
YI Dome has integrated eight inbuilt 940nm infrared LED beads that increase and improve the viewing distance. It performs well in low light and such that it can provide excellent footage in any room. If you are going to be using it in the nursery, rest assured that it does not have any glare that will startle your baby as they sleep.

YI Dome is an incredible piece of electronics that you will be glad you invested in. It provides full 360-degree footage which is the unique aspect of this camera. It also encrypts footage before it is saved to cloud thus protecting your privacy.

  • Anti-noise filter on two-way microphone
  • Real-time alerts
  • Eight presets
  • Video encryption
  • YI cloud loop recording
  • Motion tracking
  • Videos are not of the best quality but are still viewable

3. TENVIS HD IP Home Security Camera

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Why we like it: Day monitoring on this camera is great but its night vision is even more excellent. With the help of infrared light night, vision can be up to 32ft.

Editor’s Rating:

24/7 home surveillance is now possible with the TENVIS HD IP Camera. This model provides crisp, clear 720p images in pitch darkness while giving relevant alerts about your home. It has a companion app that will deliver notifications when you are away from home.

This means you can watch loved one like kids and persons who need special care at all times. The camera installs fast like in less than an hour you will have it working. It has two-way audio that allows communication with those at home on your smartphone.

The motion detection feature is essential as it will come in handy when an intruder gets into the house. The camera will record any suspicious activity and send it via mail where you can access it immediately.

Convenient Features
Being able to see every angle of a room is a convenience enabled by the lens rotation. It can rotate vertically 120 degrees and horizontally 305 degrees. This gives you a clear view of every corner of the room where it is installed.

We like that the camera supports up to 128GB SD card that can record footage for up to 60 days. It is remarkable since not many cheap cameras can support 32GB SD cards.

TENVIS HD IP is a perfect camera especially if you are never at home. Knowing the status of your home will help run your days smoothly since you will never be worried about property being stolen or your loved ones being harmed. And for night purposes, the camera will automatically switch to night vision, giving you monitoring of up to 50ft.

  • Night vision monitoring up to 50ft
  • Supports smart Wi-Fi configuration
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Can support SD cards up to 128GB
  • Rotatable pan and tilt
  • No alerts when there is no WIFI connection

4. Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Security Camera

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Why we like it: It is a significant benefit to a smart home as it works with Alexa for faster viewing of places the camera is located.

Editor’s Rating:

If you are taking steps to have a complete smart home, having a camera that will work with virtual assistants is a must-have. Wyze works with Alexa such that you can ask Alexa to show you the locations of the room where the camera is installed. You can ask to see the kid’s room or the patio, front door, home office, and anywhere else where you have installed the Wyza camera.

This camera enjoys a flexible design such that it can point in the direction you want thanks to the 3-axis design. We like this design so much because it will not need drilling holes through the wall. The magnetic base works hand-in-hand with the metal plate and adhesive tape for straightforward installation.

You can always check in with your phone at any time and get live feeds of what is happening in your home using the Wyze app. The app will also give you real-time notifications of any motion detected.

Convenient Features
Wyze offers you night vision up to 30ft with the four 850nm IR LEDs. It can see in near total darkness so you won’t be caught off guard if anyone sneaks in the house.

The smart sound recognition is another thoughtful feature. It uses the camera’s advanced algorithm to identify distinct sound patterns of things like other monitors and the smoke alarm so that you can know what is happening exactly and be able to take the right action.

The Wyze Cam comes with unique features for the price. It works with Alexa, supports motion tagging, recognizes sound patterns, and it has screw-free installation. It has night vision capabilities that offer all night monitoring. Whether you want to look after your house from abroad or you have a baby you need to watch; the Wyze camera is a good bargain.

  • 3-axis design
  • Full HD 1080p footage
  • Smart sound recognition
  • Works with Alexa
  • Sends motion detection alerts
  • Free cloud storage for up to 14 days
  • Isolated complaint about the motion detection being inconsistent

5. Wansview Q3-S Wireless 1080P Wi-Fi Home Security Camera

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Why we like it: The camera supports a ton of software where you can access your footage. From iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows phones.

Editor’s Rating:

There are lots of Wi-Fi IP cameras on the market. Distinguishing among them can be tricky as you can see the Wansview is almost similar to the Tenvis. But other than the looks, everything else seems to be different on the two cameras.

The Wansview camera can record high-resolution videos in HD 1080p. It will give you contrasted images especially if you use the camera in a low-lit room. It is good as a pet camera or one for the kids’ room.

You will get a wide field of view since it can pan over 350 degrees and tilt over 76 degrees. It also offers up to 4x digital zoom, all on the app. You can choose up to eight presets to help monitor your favorite locations.

This camera has two-way audio that is clear even in noisy backgrounds. You can listen in and talk to your family members using your smartphone at any time.

Convenient Features
The camera offers night vision capabilities up to 20ft. It switches automatically to night vision which is in black and white. If you don’t like the black and white, you can always turn off night vision.

The Wansview app supports viewing of up to four cameras at the same time. You also be able to stream footage from one camera with up to four phones. You will love that it takes beautiful photos that you can always relive cute moments and laugh about with your family.

Beyond securing your home, you have an intuitive camera that you will be happy to have in your home. It can upload footage to your phone or PC without removing the SD card. It is designed to provide an effortless way of monitoring everything that is dear to your heart.

  • Crystal clear 1080HD videos
  • Wide viewing angle 350 x 76 degrees
  • Clear two-way audio function
  • Night vision up to 20ft.
  • Supports iOS, Android, and PCs
  • 3DP antenna for solid Wi-Fi connection
  • The alarm can be loud if used around babies

Top 5 Best Cheap Security Cameras Under $200

1. NETGEAR Arlo VMS3230 Security System Wire-Free 2-Camera Kit

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Why we like it: These cameras offer both indoor and outdoor monitoring. They are weatherproofed; thus providing a discrete way of installing them in any position for all-around tracking.

Editor’s Rating:

Surveillance is not enough if you cannot identify a suspect because of poor video resolution. That’s why NETGEAR uses powerful lenses that can shoot videos in 1080p. They give you crisp videos that come with the excellent details on its phone and PC app.

This camera system comes as a set of two wire-free cameras. They use magnetic mounts that make the installation process shorter and less painful. Being weatherproofed, the cameras can be installed in the outdoors since they can withstand extreme temperatures of summer and winter. Talk of snow and storms and your cameras will never let any action slip.

The 130-degree angle lens provides a broad viewing angle so that you will never miss a thing. And advanced PIR motion sensor detects movement and sends alerts via push notifications and email. It is a perfect way to perform DIY security on your home.

Convenient Features
NETGEAR saves you from wires by using a rechargeable battery to power your cameras. They can still stay plugged in, but for outdoor purposes, the batteries will serve you best. The night vision on Orla cameras turns o automatically once it detects low light. This way, you can have 24/7 monitoring.

This brand works with Amazon Alexa, IFTT, Stringify, and SmartThings. It falls right in with designing a smart home where little human intervention is needed to know the status of different rooms. And because, the system, is expandable, you can add more cameras for more coverage.

NETGEAR Orla is a stunning kit that offers weatherproof cameras. It’s no wonder why it is a top seller owing to their versatility. The cameras work with Alexa, have motion alerts, and can see in the dark. For the price, we don’t see why you should not have NETGEAR Orla monitoring your home.

  • Sharp 720p videos
  • IP65 weather-resistance rating
  • 100% wire-free design
  • Wide viewing angle using a 130-degree lens
  • Seven days of free cloud storage
  • Works with virtual assistants
  • Motion detection is limited to open spaces and not through glass doors and windows

2. Nest Security Camera

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Why we like it: This camera will stay guard in all weather conditions. It plugs into power to offers continuous monitoring when you are on a safari.

Editor’s Rating:

The Nest Security Camera oozes superior quality. It has a glass lens that can capture videos in true HD day and night. It never misses a thing with the 130-degree lens which gives you a wide viewing area of everything around the camera. It has 8x digital zoom that lets you zero-in on suspects for easier identification.

The Nest app through the Nest Aware records everything 24/7 and uploads it to the cloud for up to 30 days. If you ever miss anything, you can always retrieve it, save it to your phone or computer, or share it with neighbors and friends to keep create awareness of a certain burglary.

You can speak into your camera and listen to responses using the two-way mic. It allows you to scare away thieves or talk to someone on the front door like the delivery man.

This camera will be your eyes and ears. It will not only detect motion, but it will also alert you with a photo of the event as it happens. The nest app can send person alerts or activity zone alerts when something happens to be around a particular place.

Convenient Features
Nest has lots of features on the app. One, you can go back to the app and see any activity that you missed for the last three hours. It makes tracking easier more so if you are trying to trace an item that got stolen from the front of your house. Any action that is deemed relevant by the camera, it will automatically be zoomed in so that you can know if it’s worth the highlights.

The Nest Outdoor security camera is perhaps the best in this category. It will help you catch a burglar even before they enter your home. It provides clear images that will help identify suspects before they vandalize your property. It offers two-way audio, and it can tell someone from a thing making it all the more useful when sending only the relevant notifications.

  • It is completely weatherproofed
  • It plugs in directly to a power socket
  • Nest Aware provides a ton of features
  • Continuous footage of up to 30 days
  • Two-way mic
  • Offers retrieving of recent notifications
  • Wide-angle viewing
  • Previous alerts are limited to the last three hours

3. Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera for Amazon Alexa

cheap security cameras

Why we like it: Apart from working with Alexa, this camera gives you intelligent notifications. It can see clearly in the dark thanks to its night vision LEDs that can be turned on and off.

Editor’s Rating:

Amazon presents their unique intelligent indoor security camera that is controlled by a single app. This camera can be mounted on the wall or on a flat surface to give you 24/7 monitoring of your home. It will record everything in full HD 1080p so that you can see everything in brilliant colors.

Cloud cam has an advanced motion detection system that is always at work to capture everything as it happens. You will be glad to get alerts of any invasion when you are away to ensure that no one can mess with your property just because they can.

With the two-way audio, you can hear and be heard which you can use to scare away thieves or just check in with your kids after school. The camera has eight infrared LEDs that allow it to monitor in pitch darkness. The night vision activates once it senses dim light using its intelligent algorithms. Not to mention you can use the Cloud Cam app to turn night-vision LEDs on and off.

Convenient Features
Cloud Cam app is everything to this camera. Together with the security camera, it will give the advanced features on this camera. You can go back 24 hours and retrieve footage from the app. It allows you to access the camera at any time on your day.

The camera works with Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Fire TV, Fire Tablet, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. With Alexa, you can access the camera using any of these devices such that you don’t have to check out anything or go back to the app to see the live feed. It is a fast and easy way to be aware of what is happening.

Amazon Cloud Cam has so much to offer even if you are on a budget. It is an advanced model that offers everything you would ever want in an indoor security camera. It gives you quality videos, live feeds, smart motion alerts, and 24 hours footage on the Cloud Cam app. Who wouldn’t want such an intuitive camera watching over their home?

  • 24 hours of cloud storage of three cameras
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Works with Alexa-enabled device
  • Easy to install on a wall or shelf
  • Rotate 180 degrees
  • Eight infrared LEDs
  • Alerts for persons and choosing of zones requires a subscription plan

4. Ring Spotlight Wired Security Camera with Siren and Spotlights

cheap security cameras

Why we like it: It has a 110-decibel alarm that will alert people in your home and your neighbors about any suspicious activity.

Editor’s Rating:

The Ring wired security camera makes home security a breeze. This camera plugs in so it will never be off when something is happening. It allows access of your camera at all times using the Ring app that has a ton of other features. You will like that is a small and robust camera that can be installed outside too.

This camera uses its wide-angle lens to capture everything in its line of sight. This brand wants to stop crime before it happens that’s why with the motion detection sensors, the camera will send alerts to your phone. The built-in spotlights can light up a wide area to help you see what is happening in the hot zones of your home. And if you feel you see a suspect, you just sound the alarm, so you don’t end up a victim of home burglary.

The inbuilt mic and speakers also come in to provide two-way communication. Whether you want to talk down your pet from the top shelf to reminding your kids to their homework and even chasing off thugs, this camera has your back.

Convenient Features
This camera is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Mac. It sends valuable footage to Ring cloud meaning you can always retrieve the files you want. To start you off on the recording, you will get a one-month free subscription to start off your plan.

Ring provides advanced but straightforward home surveillance. It gives you day and night monitoring, and motion detection alerts are sent to your phone. You can use voice commands using Alexa to see rooms if you are unsure of the security situation. The camera has spotlights and a 110-decibel siren that is remotely activated. It is a nice touch if you are always on business trips.

  • 110-decibel, remotely activated siren
  • Motion-activated spotlights
  • Two-way audio uses noise cancelation technology
  • Plug and play design without any complicated setup
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Motion detection lights cannot be turned off completely

5. Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor Wireless Security Camera Battery/Solar Powered

cheap security cameras

Why we like it: This camera is designed for the outdoors. It is battery-rechargeable, but it supports solar power for continuous recording.

Editor’s Rating:

If you are not into DIYing, then you will not fancy poking holes into the wall to get the wiring right. That’s why, with the Reolink Argus 2, you get a rechargeable camera that will install fast and easy. It comes with a micro USB connector for the battery, and because it can also be solar powered via the Reolink Solar panel, the device will stay on through the most crucial moments.

This camera provides footage in full HD whether its day or night. Its night vision capabilities are up to 32 ft. With the starlight image sensor, it cannot miss a single action even in the dead of night.

The 130-degree wide-angle lens provides a broad field of view. With the help of the PIR sensor, this camera will send all the relevant notifications. It gives you alerts through push and email notifications from the Reolink Argus 2 app. There is also an inbuilt siren that also goes off once movement is detected.

Convenient Features
This camera has an SD card slot that can support up to 64GB storage. It offers a way of getting back important footage that you can use to ID suspects. It is a weatherproofed camera that can withstand harsh climate rain or shine.

You will get battery low alerts when the battery is at 10%. This way, you will never mean caught with a dead battery when you need a crucial live feed.

The Reolink Argus 2 will help secure your home in a cinch. Whether you want a camera for the indoors or outdoors, it is a multipurpose camera that is smart and simple to install. It can be powered by its rechargeable battery by a solar panel. You get to have remote access from anywhere.

  • It is 100% wire-free
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Provides intelligent alerts through push, email, and a siren
  • Wide field of view through the 130-degree lens
  • PIR motion detection sensor
  • Starlight night vision up to 33ft.
  • The solar panel needs to be purchased separately

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Security Camera

Whether you are a homeowner or looking for the ideal office security camera, you will need to have some considerations at heart.


The recordings on your camera will have to be stored somewhere. This will either be on an SD card or the cloud. Local storage offers full-time recording, but you will need to have several SD cards, transfer or delete the footage now and then because security camera footage needs lots of space.

The other option is the cloud. Some cameras offer free storage for a couple of hour or weeks while others need paying a fee to have the footage stored for a specific period. You can pay a monthly or an annual fee depending on your pocket.

  • Source of Power
    Security cameras either plugin or use rechargeable batteries. Plugged in cameras can be placed anywhere as long as you have a long cord. Cameras for use outside the house can be used with rechargeable batteries like the Reolink Argus 2 that is battery and solar powered.
  • Field of View
    What is the area of coverage for your camera? Some cameras offer 180 and 360 degrees of coverage. A large field of view is always a welcome feature on a camera. You will also need to keep an eye out for pan, tilt, and features.
  • App
    A wireless camera is accessible on an iOS or Android device. You will also find web apps that you can use to log in to your camera and see the same live footage as you would on your phone. Apps provide lots of possibilities with a security camera. They give you the sound and motion alerts, allow you to talk into the camera, activate the siren, and so on.
  • Two-Way Audio
    You don’t want only to see and listen in. You will also need to be heard. This way you can communicate with the person in front of the camera. It comes in handy when you want to talk to your kids, the delivery man, or scare off an intruder.
  • Style of Camera
    In our cheap price range, there are two types of cameras. These are dome and bullet cameras that are pretty obvious to an intruder. But with a dome camera, you can’t really tell where it is facing so it will instill doubt in an intruder and can actually deter them from proceeding with their mischief. What about Buying an Outdoor Camera?Indoor cameras are rarely weatherproofed. So if you need to install an outdoor camera, you will want it to be waterproof and be a be able to withstand extremer temperatures like in winter and summer.
  • Scalability
    If you need to increase more cameras, you will want to consider one from a brand that can have all the cameras connect to one app instead of having several apps to use with different cameras. Here, you will want to keep away from hard-wired cameras.

Final Words

An effective security camera will up your home surveillance game. You can keep in touch with the happenings in your home and be able to take action at the right time. We have researched the internet to find the Best Cheap Security Cameras. These are cameras that offer wireless connectivity, intuitive apps, advanced motion detection systems, and high-performance lenses.

Never miss a thing with one of these best sellers.