Best Cheap Gas Grills 2020 (Under $200 / $500)


As a fun activity, finding the best cheap gas grill under $200 / $500 is something to look forward to. At the moment, even these cheap gas grills are packed with features and accessories. Grilling meats and vegetables become easier as a result. Some of these cheap gas grills are made to last and they can even come with 10-year warranty policies.

Features to Consider in Good Gas Grills

When it comes to making an informed decision, it is important to consider which gas grill fits the general needs of its users. Families might look towards large options while outdoor fans might need to look at portable gas grills.

Number of Burners

The number of burners of a gas grill can be one of the few variables which define the types of food which can be prepared at the same time. Up to 4 burners can be seen on many cheap gas grills and some of them are controlled individually.

BTU Capacity

The power output of these burners is calculated in BTU. From 10.000 to a combined 40.000 BTU power, users should know what to look for. Some types of meat such as beef might need a bit more power for perfect grilling.

Best Cheap Gas Grills 2020 (Under $200)

Even within $200, there are a few gas grills that impress with their simple and durable construction. All of them need assembly and the following gas grills are made for long-term use.

1. Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Why we like it: With fast ignition at a push of a button, the Chair-Broil gas grill is ready for meats and sauces with its side burner.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Some gas grills are ready to do it all. This is the case of the Chair-Broil Classic which can freely be used at home for delicious outdoor cooking. While the meat cooks inside the porcelain-coated lid, sauces and other delicious foods can be kept warm on the side burner. This means that the gas grill allows users to prepare multiple foods at the same time.

Its design is complex. This is the main reason while the installation process is probably longer than many would consider. Furthermore, the gas grill is one of the top options for sturdiness, once fully assembled. It takes more than an hour to put everything together.

The good news is that the installation can take place anywhere. Its 6-in wheels represent the best solution for easy transportation, but not while the gas grill is hot. With added side shelves, transporting the gas grill while still hot is not recommended, as with most other similar products.

Convenient features
The cooking area is not small and it is sufficiently compact to deliver fast results. At 280 sq inches, it allows users to place a few burgers, a few buns and some sausages on the grill at the same time. All of the heat can then be rotates so that cooking is faster. The porcelain-coated lid ensures this is the case.

At a width of 20 inches, there’s plenty of cooking space for small families. However, this cooking space is further improved with the 8.000 BTU side burner. This can be one of the areas where users keep sauces warm or where they heat various delicious topping treats such as melted chocolate.

It’s also worth noting that there’s an option to purchase the gas grill without the side burner. However, in both cases, a lateral shelf is also added for the food to be kept on when ready. Both versions also offer easy start, based on the push button design. With durable plastic, the button is going to be the heavy-duty design needed for grilling.

Packed with practical features such as great primary and secondary cooking space, this grill can be a product to cook on for years.

  • Made with a 280 sq in cooking space
  • Supported by steel inline burners
  • Added porcelain-coated steel lid
  • Included 8.000 BTU side burner
  • Tedious installation process

2. Cuisinart CGG-306 Professional Tabletop Gas Grill

Why we like it: Suitable for large cuts of meat, this tabletop gas grill is a no complications choice for the home user.

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Design features
Made to deal with the thickest pieces of meat, the gas burner uses two burners. Each of these burners is controlled through its button. The good part is that meats of different size cuts can be cooked at the same time as a result.

But the biggest design advantage of this gas grill is its tabletop approach. It is one of the suitable options for traveling users who might also take it out to the weekend cabin or on a boat away from home. At the same time, it can also be used at home at all times, as long as it has a safe flat surface to lie on.

Apart from its legless design, the gas grill acts as any other similar option. It has a solid lid with an integrated temperature reader gauge. This is used by those who want to pre-heat or keep cooking at a certain temperature, according to recipes.

Convenient features
Made entirely from stainless steel, the grill offers a durable profile which is used as often as needed. Even those grilling multiple times per week can rely on its materials for best durability. Of course, these strong materials have another role. They are made to support high temperatures and high weights, specific to large cuts of meat.

The included temperature gauge also ensures the lid is not open to check on these large cuts of meat and losing heat every time. This is crucial as the grill reaches very high temperatures. Each burner has a heat output of 10.000 BTU. As a result, their combined grill power sits at 20.000 BTU.

An interesting aspect of all of these characteristics is that they don’t place unnecessary weight on the gas grill. At a weight of just 22lbs, it is one of the truly mobile designs to consider. With its integrated transportation handle, it is among the products which are the easiest to move to and from the car.

However, the stainless steel materials can also prompt some users to upgrade to the gas grill. They have a unique look and they also manage to hold up well in time. As a result, it is a type of grill which needs to future updates anytime soon.

Based on pure steel, the gas grill has the large advantage of being compact and lightweight.

  • Only weighs 22lbs
  • Easy to transport by the carry handle
  • Reaches a heat output of 20.000BTU
  • Designed with 2 independent burners
  • No side burner

3. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill

Why we like it: With the considerable advantage of creating a high heat output, the grill is recommended for large cuts of meat.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
This large gas grill is one of the strongest propane designs of its class. It also manages to offer a considerably larger design than the average alternative. Suitable for large families and parties, it is one of the grills which can handle continuous work for hours.

Its large cooking area is the equivalent of 680 sq in. Inside this cooking area, 3 independent burners are ready to deal with the most diverse grilling needs. From large cuts of meat to a bit of grilling on sausages or buns, it can handle all types of uses.

But its large design is also based on a bit of practicality. Sitting on 4 feet, the grill features 2 transportation wheels. It can be moved freely around the yard, even on uneven surfaces based on the design of the oversized wheel.

Convenient features
This large gas grill is one of the strongest propane designs of its class. It also manages to offer a considerably larger design than the average alternative. Suitable for large families and parties, it is one of the grills which can handle continuous work for hours.

Its large cooking area is the equivalent of 680 sq in. Inside this cooking area, 3 independent burners are ready to deal with the most diverse grilling needs. From large cuts of meat to a bit of grilling on sausages or buns, it can handle all types of uses.

But its large design is also based on a bit of practicality. Sitting on 4 feet, the grill features 2 transportation wheels. It can be moved freely around the yard, even on uneven surfaces based on the design of the oversized wheel.

Suitable for backyard grilling, this solution is the most powerful design made by Char-Griller.

  • Sustained by 3 independent burners
  • Made with a side burner
  • Only propane design in the manufacturer’s line
  • Backyard grilling-ready
  • Fuel line holder not included

4. Master Cook Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Why we like it: This narrow gas grill is one of the compact 3-burner home use designs.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with a narrower profile, the gas grill is still usable for families. But at the same time, it saves considerable backyard space in its cooking area. However, it is not as compact as many would expect from its pictures. With a width of 23 inches, it still needs a bit of room to get started.

At a height of 47 inches, the gas grill is ready to deal with demanding situations and to support all types of foods, from vegetables to meats. Its design is made so that it can be moved easily as needed as well. There’s a transportation handle to grab and the added 2 wheels on the end of its legs make it a solution which tilts and moves freely around the yard.

It’s cooking power is slightly above average as well. At 30.000 BTU, it is ready to deal with some of the most demanding situations and cooking temperatures. Users can consider various cuts of meat and fish for the tastiest results in minutes.

Convenient features
Apart from its high heat, the gas grill has also been made so that it doesn’t lose heat too much. Its gas efficiency is backed by a porcelain lid which traps the heat inside longer. The porcelain-enameled cooking grates also recommend the grill for all types of foods.

3 buttons are also attributed to the 3 burners inside the grill area. They control the heat level with simple adjustments, just as a classic gas stove. On the sides, the manufacturer has added two support areas where users can leave out trays, plates, cooker or uncooked meats.

A center-mounted thermometer completes this gas grill. It is one of the best designs in terms of long cooking time, specific to meats. Taking the guesswork out of grilling, it can even be recommended to beginners.

Suitable for home grilling, this 3-burner gas grill saves a bit of space without sacrificing heat output.

  • Suitable for all types of meat
  • Supports 3 independent burners
  • Made with porcelain-coated lid and firebox
  • Starts with piezoelectric ignition
  • Holes under burner let grease out

5. Thermos 265 2-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Why we like it: This gas grill is recommended for singles and couples and it is based on a 2-burner design.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed to offer some of the best features such as independent burners, this grill manages to offer a reliable product. Even if it is not entirely made out of metal due to its plastics lateral shelves, it’s still safe to use. At the same time, it is also considered under the budget, allowing for some extra cash to be spent on the first grilled foods.

There are two main variables of the gas grill. With or without a side burner, it can support all types of grilling. Even if it’s not the widest in its class, it can still deal with large cuts of meat efficiently. Part of this efficiency is based on the 2-burner system. Each burner has its control button, suitable for the perfect grilled foods. Another efficiency element is given by its porcelain-coated lid. Trapping heat inside, it does a great job with slow cooking as well, particularly useful for tenderizing meat.

Convenient features
a solid option for all types of needs, particularly for meats. But vegetarians can also consider the grill, especially since they have a large grilling area for their favorite vegetables.

The side burner helps as well. It can act to keep food warm but it is also used in the cooking process. With porcelain-coated grates, the gas grill is ready to deal with some of the most demanding needs of its class, especially with medium-rare meats.

The ignition system is piezo-based. This means it’s fast and there no time wasted pre-heating the grill. Cleaning is simple as well, especially since its design is quite compact. Those who can stomach its poor instructions find reliability is among its top strengths.

This versatile 2-burner gas grill is made for the occasional weekly use but it can work for more complex needs with its side burner version.

  • Made with 2 independent burners
  • Maximum heat output of 26.500 BTU
  • Made with a porcelain-coated lid
  • Extra support from 2 plastic shelves
  • Poor instructions

Best Cheap Gas Grills 2020 (Under $500)

With better materials and sturdier designs, these gas grills offer a premium feel and impressive grilling performance. Made to last for years, these gas grills still use the same propane to power their grilling. But the materials and designs are improved over the entry-level options.

1. Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Why we like it: Compatible with the iGrill 3, the E-310 is specifically designed to catch drippings and funnel away from the burners.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The gas grill is specifically made to offer the best results for those seeking the ultimate food control. It even takes drippings away and directs them to a grease tray. This means grease will not drip around the yard freely. Furthermore, it can also increase the smoky flavor of the food and help keep the grill cleaner in time.

Designed with a 529 square inch cooking space, it can support grilling for the entire family. There are 3 independent burners to count on and each of them is met by steel heat deflectors. The cooking grates are met by porcelain-enameled cast iron. This means that delicate foods such as fish are going to be properly cooked.

Storage is not bad either. An open cart design allows users to store all utensils freely and have them at hand as needed. There’s a folding side table for storage as well. Those who want to save a bit of space can still use this flip design to keep knives and forks in easy reach. Integrated hooks complete all the storage space for the cooking utensils.

Convenient features
A warming rack has been added to the grill. This is used to keep foods warm but not cook them as it is elevated higher compared to the cooking grates. But one of the most convenient aspects of the gas grill comes with the iGrill 3 compatibility. This system is specifically made to monitor food temperature via a smartphone app. It works by monitoring up to 4 temperatures in real-time and users only need to pair their smartphones with the grill to know when it’s time to get the food out.

Mounting the propane gas tank is easy as well. It is mounted from the outside easily. Furthermore, the grill also comes with personalization options. Available in 4 colors, it suits all types of backyards with its quirky looks. Reaching the maximum heating power of 30.000 BTU, the gas grills are powerful and connected, which means they are up to date with the latest materials and tech.

Made with a practical design, it grills and keeps the food warm, even showing its temperature on a smartphone.

  • Made with a 30.000 BTU power output
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Shows food temperature on smartphones
  • Includes porcelain-enameled parts
  • Assembly takes more than an hour

2. Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner Gas Grill

Why we like it: As a truly versatile product, the gas grill features 4 individual burners and an additional side burner.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
With sturdy materials and complex design, the gas grill is made for the serious user. Not many would make use of its extra burners. With a stainless steel finish, it lasts for years, even at the highest grilling temperatures. As many would already expect, the grill comes with a few extras which makes it a good upgrade form the classic entry-level alternative.

With 4 burners, there’s sufficient room to deal with different types of meat. From burgers to sausages, there’s plenty of room to grill different varieties. To the left side of the grilling area, users install an additional burner. This extra burner can be used to prepare various sauces or even to cook things like shrimp in a pan.

The combined grilling and cooking area is quite large. The grill area is 425 square in size with a length of 23 inches, just on par with some medium to large grills within the budget. Given its extended extra burner profile, the cheap grill is ready to prep food for small groups.

Convenient features
With 4 individual burners, the grill is mainly recommended for those who prepare various meats and vegetables. Users who only prep the occasional burger don’t need as much adjustability. Since multiple foods can be put on the grill, there’s an extra swing-away warming rack to count on. This rack is used to keep food warm until all other meats and vegetables which take longer to grill are ready as well.

Easy cleanup and mobility are possible for those who want to enjoy some of the best grills of the moment. There’s a drip tray to be removed and cleaned after every grilling. As a result, the grill won’t drip directly on the ground as a few other entry-level alternatives. With added transportation wheels, the grill is ready to be moved as needed.

4 independent burners, steel materials, and a small temperature gauge make this grill a complex option for multiple types of meats and vegetables.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Includes a swing-away warming rack
  • Based on 4 individual burners
  • Included extra side burner
  • Could use more utensils storage space

3. Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

Why we like it: This compact grill can sit directly on the ground while camping or on metal legs while at home.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Specifically made to grill with a reduced size, this gas grill is one of the leading options for portability. Unlike many similar designs, it does a great job at grilling with its smaller sizes. In figures, this smaller size refers to the 280 square inches of the grilling area. This is just a bit below the average size of the grills which fit the budget.

Two small working tables have been added to the grill. With one table on each side of the grill, they can hold food or they can even serve as prepping surfaces. Unlike many others in their class, the table is durable and they are placed at sufficient distance away from the grill not to get melted.

Convenient features
With electronic ignition and an included temperature gauge, the grill is in complete control of the user. Unlike simply cooking foods on a campfire, the grill offers the control needed to make the meat and vegetables just right. Based on propane gas, it transforms into a fixed grill while at home, with its foldable legs.

Its lid is made from cast aluminum and it is a bit lighter than most similar parts as a result. This also helps its portability, which is one of the main reasons for users to consider it in the first place. Both as a stationary grill and as a traveling grill, Weber’s design is made for practicality. Even if it is not the most powerful from the manufacturer, its strengths are based on the convenience of portability.

This 12.000 Btu gas grill easily folds away to prepare foods while away from home.

  • Suitable for camping
  • Includes electronic ignition
  • Offers a 12.000 BTU burner output
  • Includes support legs
  • Dripping tray system needs improvements

4. Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Why we like it: This open cart design only has 2 burners but it features popular characteristics, such as the flavorizer bars.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made to be the smaller brother of the E-310, the E-210 Weber grill is comparable in performance. However, it is a bit smaller, mainly due to the reduced number of burners. Even so, there are 2 individual burners to count on. They offer electronic ignition and one of the best solutions when it comes to total grilling control. One area of the grill can be used on meats and the other on vegetables as the grilling temperatures can be adjusted accordingly.

Together, both burners have a 25.600 BTU capacity which makes the grill a complete solution for individuals and families. But most importantly, its design already features popular elements, just as those seen on the E-310. These elements include porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates and a folding table. But most importantly, the design of the grill is open cart which means there’s plenty of storage space right underneath the main grilling area.

Convenient features
A warming rack has also been added to the grill. This rack moves with the lid, but it remains completely flat so that any food on it stays on it. Another convenient aspect is given by the flavorizer bars. Practically, all grease is directed away from the burners. Interestingly, the grease management system is also completely removable. This can be a distinctive element when comparing it to other 2-burner grills.

Accessories can make a difference. Luckily, there’s plenty of them to count on. From a folding table to integrated utensils hooks, there are a few practical accessories added to make grilling easier. Those taking grilling seriously can find they have sufficient storage space for all of their utensils.

This sold grill might be a smaller version of the E-310, but it holds up well while saving a bit of space.

  • Comparable performance to the E-310
  • Includes 2 individual burners
  • Made with a removable grease system
  • Added accessories for utensils
  • Poor folding table finishing

5. Char-Broil Performance 300

Why we like it: This steel gas grill is made for occasional use with 2 independent gas burners.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
With a 300 square inch primary cooking area, this small gas grill is a great alternative to the 4 gas burner designs. It sits well in any backyard as it takes a lot less space and it can be one of the compact options to install on a patio as well.

Made with a stainless steel lid, the gas grill is based on durable materials. It features a few premium characteristics. One of them is the warming rack which is still based on a swing-away design to save space in the cooking area.

Convenient features
Made with stainless steel burners, it feels like the grill is ready to deal with hours of cooking. Even the side shelves are made from metal which increases the grill’s safety further. They can be folded down to save space but they can also be used to hold food or ingredients.

Made with casters, the grill is easily movable on any type of flat surface. The casters are a distinct design which doesn’t require any tilting when moving, unlike many other 2-wheel alternatives. As a result, even the gas tank can stay in position while the grill is being moved.

This compact cheap grill comes with metal side shelves which fold down for extra maneuverability.

  • Made with stainless steel burners
  • Considerably smaller than the 4-burner Chari-Broil
  • Sits on casters
  • Includes a temperature gauge
  • The grill needs soaking after marinated meats


Do a gas grill’s cooking grates bend?

Cooking grates should never bend. They are an indication of poor quality materials and they should not be influenced by the actual gas grill even when cooking for hours. Stainless steel grates which are properly designs should not bend.

Which types of foods can be grilled?

Most users prefer to grill meats and vegetables. Depending on the types of grills, the actual cooking time can be very different. Before starting with a new grill, it is recommended to do a few grill tests with various foods.

Do I need to clean the grill after every use?

Cleaning the grill is important and it can even be a safety precaution. After every grilling session, it is advisable to clean the grates and the dripping area of the grease. Any other surfaces which come in contact with the food should also be cleaned.

What can I do with the excess grease?

Excess grease from food is biodegradable. It does not harm the environment. However, it can act as fuel when left out in the gas grill and it needs to be removed after every cooking session.

Do I need a temperature gauge?

A temperature gauge is not necessary, but it is a good addition. It can indicate the level of cooking and how the food is going to taste like. Those who’ve tried cooking based on a temperature gauge rarely go back.

Does gas grill come with grilling utensils?

Most cheap gas grills come with no grilling utensils. They are sold separately but they can be stored on the grill itself in some cases.

How long will it take to assemble a gas grill?

Assembling a gas grill can take between 1 and 2 hours. Full instructions are printed for each of the grills above. However, due to safety precautions, the process should not be rushed.

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Gas Grills

Using a gas grill is not dependent on electricity. A gas grill also controls the temperature inside the cooking space. Most cheap gas grills are made with the following parts.

  • A temperature gauge
  • A lid
  • A warming rack
  • cooking grates
  • One or multiple burners
  • Ignitor
  • Side tables
  • Side burner
  • Legs and/or casters
Depending on the chosen design, these parts can vary. But it is their design and their materials which ultimately determine its success. When buying a cheap gas grill, here’s what to consider.


Arguably the most important characteristic, the materials of the gas grill are a good start in the quest for the perfect design. They can vary from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. Some gas grills are further protected by thin layers of porcelain, which is mainly used to trap heat inside and to prepare the food faster as a result.

The materials are also important for durability. Since gas grills get hot, it is important to find the right product which allows all users to have something to count on for years. It doesn’t matter that gas grills are actually cheap and they still need to be durable.

Number of Burners

The number of burners is an important characteristic as well. It dictates the types of food which can be prepared at the same time. Having 2, 3 or 4 burners means having more adjustment freedom. In many cases, there’s plenty of room to deal with thick cuts of meat as it is for foods which grill fast, such as vegetables.

The number of burners can also be important for those planning to use the grill for the entire family. With extra heating power, the combined BTU of the burners can prepare all the food faster, for families or groups of people.

Temperature Monitoring Systems

Temperature monitoring is an essential part of a modern gas grill. Most products now have temperature gauges situated somewhere on the lid of the cooking area. However, as seen above, this is rapidly changing. Some gas grills now offer temperature monitoring via smartphone apps.

Of course, checking temperatures on smartphones might only make senses with large cuts of meat which take longer to prepare. Vegetables such as mushrooms or eggplants grill quickly and there’s no time to leave the grill unattended. Another important consideration comes with the actual gauges themselves, which still need to be cleaned properly for the temperature to be read correctly.

Size of the Cooking Area

The size of the cooking area is important as well. Most 20” and longer grills are mainly made for multiple users. Those who want to grill foods for the entire family need to choose some of the larger designs. In terms of gas consumption efficiency, singles or couples might only need a smaller gas grill which can be more energy efficient.

Camping and Sizing Considerations

Grilling out in nature is one of the best experiences for kids and families. However, a large gas grill proves impossible to transport outside of the backyard. This is why a few gas grills which are made to be used on tables or directly on the ground are the option.

Having the freedom to simply choose a design which works well for versatility also means saving money. Since there’s no need to purchase a second grill for the occasions where food prepared away from home, some of the traveling gas grills also come with legs to sit on while they are used at home.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best cheap gas grill is not complicated if these characteristics are respected. It is up to the users to find the right design and the right BTU power for the types of grilling to be planned. Chicken and vegetables don’t need as much power. Beef and pork need a bit more power if grilling time is important.

However, safely using propane gas as fuel for these gas grills is crucial. This is why it recommended reading the assembly instructions of the gas grill entirely before using it for the first time. In the right conditions, they can deliver the tastiest foods in just a few minutes.