Best Cheap Subwoofers 2020 (Under $100)


Whether you’re shopping for a car audio component or integrating a subwoofer for a home theatre experience, the trilling bass and crisp mid soundtrack are what you expect with the best sound subwoofers. There are many subwoofers in the market today with distinct points of construction and an output system that grabs you.

A subwoofer features the lowest of audiophile frequencies that give you movie theatre sound quality right in your home or in the car. If you’re listening to a Hollywood blockbuster or a recorded acoustic guitar, you need a good quality subwoofer for your home theatre system. The installation process should also be easy.

Choosing the right subwoofer can be a daunting task especially if you’re not familiar with the technical specifications and cabinet designs. If you want to own the Best Cheap Subwoofers Under $100, with heart-pounding thumbs and beeps and the rumbling roars that gets right in the gut, this guide will help you to get a good deal for lowest frequencies that shakes you up just like in the movie theatres!

Features to Consider in Cheap Subwoofers

There are some features that you need to keep an eye on when purchasing the best cheap subwoofers that will meet your needs and offer you the lowest audible frequencies.

Power Handling

Power handling is a critical feature that will allow you to get the most out of a subwoofer system. Every sub features an ideal amount of power that it can receive to reproduce surround sound and perform at its peak. Efficient power handling can improve the life of your subwoofer and provide you crisp sound for your entertainment needs.

Driver Size

The size of a subwoofer does not necessarily dictate power or output performance. The most practical and common driver size is a 10 inch or 12-inch unit that can keep up with any soundtrack while an 8-inch driver may not offer you an aggressively booming performance. If you want to go for earth trebling bass subwoofers, then 15-inch or 18-inch sub would be your best bet.

Passive and Powered Subwoofers

The primary distinction between a passive and powered subwoofer is the power source. A powered sub is power efficient and consumes minimal power with fewer sound distortions.

A powered sub has its power source while a passive subwoofer features an external amplifier and requires a lot of power to reproduce clean, crisp low-frequency sounds. At the time, a passive subwoofer can strain your amp and distort the sound.

Custom Sound

There are some subwoofers that you can purchase with an already pre-set mode and can customize the bass response based on the particular listening space. Additionally, top tier subs feature built-in microphones that allow you to take a sound sample of your environment and adjust the settings accordingly to suit that particular space.

On the other hand, some subwoofers can direct you on the best place to set them up for an aggressively booming performance. Also, a sub with a wireless remote control will allow you to adjust setting conveniently.

Enclosure Type

Most subwoofers will come in certain types of an enclosure and build. The nature of the enclosure system can affect the maximum output or completely alter the performance of a sub. A sealed enclosure system features tight sounding bass while a vented enclosure system offers a large, rumbling bass. Subwoofers that come with a port or a hole in the cabinet release air to increase bass performance.

Frequency Response

The frequency response of a subwoofer will allow you to know how low the speaker can go without distorting sound quality or putting a significant strain on the amplifier. Subwoofers that reproduce very low frequencies are incredibly costly but can go as low as 15Hz for earth-rattling bass.
Besides, if you’re on a budget buy, you can go for a quality subwoofer that can offer you with at least 35Hz frequency response.

Front-Facing Versus Down-Firing

The concept of front-facing and down-firing subs is simple.

Down-firing subwoofers emanate their bass downwards facing the floor while front-facing subs radiate the bass from the side of the subs enclosure. Neither of the two is better than the other; it all depends on a personal choice and individual application.


After all, is said and done, the most crucial thing is that the subwoofer that you pick for your entertainment needs should integrate into your home theatre system or other external speakers for a genuinely integrated performance. Some subwoofers feature high and low inputs that match the input sensitivity for source component output for speaker matching.

Top 10 Best Cheap Subwoofers 2020 (Under $100)

1. Monoprice 8-inch 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer

Why we like it: This is an 8-inch subwoofer with a frequency reaction array of 50 to 250HZ with lowpass cross over filter for a low audiophile frequency is a budget buy for people looking for the best cheap subwoofer under 100.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
This 8-inch subwoofer comes in a 12-inch attractive black wood cabinet body that corresponds to the type of sound that you want to hear in a home theatre system. The subwoofer has an inbuilt power capability for a corresponding integrated circuit which will not condense power productivity to the anterior speakers or affect the overall impedance capacity on the amp.

Additionally, the subwoofer features a pair of right and left line level inputs that allow you to adjust the amount of power the speaker is receiving for more crisp sound and improved life. There are other multiple input options on the Monoprice that allow you to use the speaker with any stereo or a 5.1 amp system.

Convenient features
The Monoprice subwoofer allows you to fragment the outputs and guide into two line level inputs by use of an RCA cable. The speaker features gain and frequency knobs that permit you to fine-tune the crossover filter and the power output. If you match out the power handling correctly, the subwoofer will perform at its peak.

With speaker level inputs and outputs, the Monoprice can be connected to any speaker system in and set in a corner, a shelf or in your entertainment center. Additionally, the unique configuration included in this subwoofer helps to maximize bass production for robust sound and superior compression circuitry.

The Monoprice subwoofer is an excellent choice for people looking for volumes for listening to an action movie or nightly news. It’s also a budget buy with a functional design and intuitive features for powerful sound without distortions even at maximum volume levels.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Good performance for surround sound
  • Excellent sound enhancer for home theatre systems
  • It produces a hum that can be a little annoying when it’s not playing music

2. Theater Solutions SUB8SM Slim Subwoofer

Why we like it: Theater Solutions SUB8SM is a compact 8-inch subwoofer designed to fit under most types of furniture with a 250watt peak power. The subwoofer produces a tighter, richer sounding bass and is an excellent option for people living in small apartments and want quality surround sound in their home theatre system.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Heavy metal music may sound enhanced and cleaner on Theatre solutions subwoofer that features 35 to 154Hz frequency response. The subwoofer features wood construction and sleek mahogany finish with cabinet feet and a hanging mount so that you can place it anywhere you desire. The sealed, vented enclosure system on the SUB8SM allows a maximum output of the subwoofer for tighter sounding bass for things like rock music.

This 8-inch features a 24Db per octave crossover for continued variation from 50-150Hz for full-bodied bass soft enough not to disturb neighbors with low speaker level inputs for a secure connection.

Convenient features
This 8-inch down-firing long-throw sub features a built-in digital drive amplifier push out 250watt peak power and an 8ohnm impedance. The gain controls included in the subwoofer allows you to connect to an external speaker set for total surround sound experience.

On the other hand, the slim design with high-density MDF enclosure system and advanced RfL bass reflex design mounted on any space in your house works perfectly for movies and rock music. The port allows smooth air flow in the subwoofer, increasing linearity, lowering distortion for a stable output.

Theater Solutions powered subwoofer features an optimized balance and interface between components to offer sound quality and durability. The use of high and low inputs allows the subwoofer to pair with any other external speaker.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Controlled bass response
  • Attractive mahogany wood finish appearance
  • Compact design for small apartments
  • Prone to develop rattles but can be tightened to avoid this

3. Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer

Why we like it: Polk Audio is a 10-inch powered subwoofer with 40-160Hz frequency response with a uniquely configured directed port that allows accurate bass for that extra punch and surrounds sound. This subwoofer is an excellent budget buy for people living in small to medium spaces.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Polk Audio features an inbuilt amplifier with 100watts of dynamic power suitable for producing accurate sound without distortion. You can enjoy clear, loud music with this subwoofer thanks to the additional power in the 50watt RMS amp for rich, deep sound even at low frequencies.

The subwoofer also features sophisticated engineering with resonating free driver materials for durability and extended life. There’s also a sleek detachable grill included in this solid black ash design subwoofer and line level outputs at the back for efficient power handling, which means that your system will give you crisp sound.

Convenient features
This 10 inch features polymer composite dynamic balance cone driver for no sound distortion while offering surround sound for listening to dialogue through your home theater or other external speakers.

Polk Audio features a powerful sound and superior compression circuity even at extremely high volumes. The subwoofer is easy to integrate with other existing systems although it blends best with Polk speakers. The Polk sub weighs 26 pounds and can comfortably sit on a shelf or place it at a corner in your living room.

Polk Audio is a potent subwoofer with a polymer-composite dynamic balance cone driver and a balanced, deep rich bass with a 3db frequency response that for loud, clear sound when at high volumes for games, movies, and music.

  • Easy to connect with any system
  • Deep, powerful bass
  • Tight and accurate sound
  • High quality at that price point
  • Distorts easily at high levels but a great option for deep, rich performance

4. Dayton Audio Sub-800 8″ 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer

Why we like it: Dayton Audio 8-inch SUB-800 powered subwoofer is a down-firing subwoofer that boasts a speaker mounted in a way that the sound radiates the sound downwards, towards the floor for excellent deep grumbling bass experience.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Dayton Audio is a heavy duty, long-throw 8-inch with a down-firing flared port design for a clean bass sound for movies and music. The subwoofer features a vented enclosure system that allows a maximum output in this speaker for music with more bass. Dayton Audio reproduces profound grumbling bass thanks to the variable 12db electronic low pass filter included this sub.

The built-in equalization with pre-set modes is highly useful in customizing the sub-bass response based on what you’re listening. Dayton included a solid textured black vinyl finish in this subwoofer.

Convenient features
There’s an independent volume control with an on and off switch that allows you to adjust settings for a more customized sub-bass response. Also, Dayton Audio features gain and crossover controls for even more intervention.

This subwoofer with full-bodied bass measures 12 3/8 inches by 13 ¾ inches is a perfect choice that ensures that you have quality sound in smaller spaces for watching sporting events and Netflix.

If you’re living in a flat, it’s not a good idea to have this down-firing subwoofer as it might disturb neighbors downstairs. However, if you’re looking for an accurate bass with a robust response, then we’d recommend Dayton Audio SUB 800.

  • Ideal for smaller rooms
  • Connects easily to other speakers
  • Great bass with unobstructed sound
  • Quality budget buy
  • High volume distorts the sound

5. Pioneer TS-WX1010A 10″ Sealed Enclosure Subwoofer

Why we like it: Pioneer 10 inch is an active subwoofer with a built-in 300-watt amplifier for high output and low distortion response bass. This cone features a compact design and is an excellent subwoofer that can be built in your wall or ceiling if space in an issue.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Pioneer new compact cone is a front-firing subwoofer that powers your home theatre system with high and low inputs which is what you want for heart-pumping fast-paced action movies and music. The TS-WX1010A features a high-efficiency amplifier and a frequency response between 20 to 250Hz.

The black ash finish won’t win any awards but quickly blends into the background. The long excursion cone reproduces deep and accurate bass response but soft enough not to disturb your neighbors.

Convenient features
If you have a small space and concerned where you can set a subwoofer, this 10-inch Pioneer series features a compact design that takes up minimal space and sounds great. This size is a sweet spot that offers more bass than what most people can handle on high volume.

The Pioneer TS-WX1010A features a tight performance spectrum with six controls in total with a 50 to 125Hz crossover bass boost of 40-100Hz for tuning to the desired volume of your choice. Also, the subwoofer featured a wired remote control and included knobs that allow easy adjustment.

Pioneer TS-WX1010A features 100 watts of power. This 10-inch Pioneer sealed enclosure active subwoofer with an inbuilt amp is easy to install with no distortion and acceptable level bass control for excellent, crisp, deep, tight, rattling sound.

  • Ideal for small rooms
  • Easy to install
  • Compact subwoofer at the price point
  • Easy controls and powerful app
  • More power is needed to move the subwoofer in high volumes

6. Acoustic Audio by Goldwood ACA8T Powered Amplified 8″ Car Subwoofer

Why we like it: Acoustic Audio ACA8T comes with a wiring kit and remote control levels and features a sealed enclosure engineering to reproduce a tight bass with a continuous output of 400watts making it a powerful and most affordable car subwoofer.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
There’s a separate mountable remote bass level control with built-in class AB Monoblock amp that features RCA low-level inputs while reaching bone-rattling levels of bass. This loaded tube speaker comes fully assembled out of the box and is easy to install.

The control functions feature 40-250Hz frequency response with powerful deep, full-bodied bass sound for rock music. Also, the Acoustic Audio ACA8T notably features a 1.5 inch ASV voice call, and polypropylene injected cone construction in a butyl rubber body.

Convenient features
This tube bass subwoofer features an appealing design with high and low-level inputs for installation into any car audio system. On the other hand, the multiple level controls provide the best sound customization for deep, clean bass.

Acoustic Audio ACA8T comes with a remote bass control module that provides excellent tuning to find a desired sweet spot. Acoustic Audio ACA8T is a powerful subwoofer with an aviation sealed tube enclosure to fit most vehicles that take up a considerable amount of space in your car.

The Acoustic Audio 8-inch powered subwoofer is a power loaded tube which is among some of the best in the industry. This sub is an excellent choice for installing in your car, but the price is what makes it stand out.

  • Integrates with almost all car systems
  • Works well with own low pass filter and equalizer
  • Perfect for between bucket seats in a small truck
  • The big enclosure takes a considerable amount of space in your vehicle.

7. Rockville RW8CA 8-Inch Under-Seat Powered Car Subwoofer

Why we like it: Rockville 8 inch Under Seat Active Powered car subwoofer features a slim design with a 600-watt peak power for loud grumbling surround sound. Rockville RW8CA is a compact sub that doesn’t take much space in your vehicle making it a great subwoofer under $100 that provides a genuinely integrated performance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Rockville RW8CA features 600watt peak power and a 150watt RMS continuous output making it an excellent, potent subwoofer and excellent filling bass. The 12-inch hyper excursion drivers can run on a 1000watt amp with level regulators for the volume, a subsonic sifter for really low frequencies.

There are high-level inputs that were included in the subwoofer giving no need to have a remote wire from your vehicle’s receiver to prompt the unit’s signal on and off. Rockville also added a low pass crossover filter for unexpectedly great sound. The subwoofer is CEA-2006 compliant to offer quality sound and a promise of durability.

Convenient features
The Rockville RW8CA is a low-end compact subwoofer that fits easily under the seat of your car for ample panel shaking bass. The subwoofer integrates well with most car systems and comes with intuitive control knobs for tweaking the bass at different volume levels or adjusting songs with poor recordings.

The subwoofer also comes with a nice solid connection block for the power and ground. Additionally, the Rockville RW8CA features inbuilt amplifier that allows easy installation and wiring.

The Rockville RW8CA is an excellent subwoofer for those looking for a reasonably priced but high performing and punchy under-seat sub that shines on digitized heavy metal and rock music.

  • Powerful, punchy sound
  • Allows you to control the volume from the stock head unit
  • Compact design
  • High tremble and rattling bass
  • Good option for small space but doesn’t punch much air

8. Creative iRoar Rock Docking Subwoofer

Why we like it: If you’re looking for a little more thumbing powerhouse audio presence, Creative iRoar Rock Docking subwoofer features BlasterX immersion technology that will provide you with clean and accurate bass and surround performance under $100 for your listening pleasure.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
iRoar Rock subwoofer is a powered subwoofer with a rapid-charging dock for clear, crisp and accurate bass that keeps you going listening to your favorite albums without going off. The subwoofer features a 3.7-inch driver that pushes air in rhythm to the music. There’s a custom equalizer featured in iRoar Rock subwoofer that modulates the bass.

Creative did not include volume and crossover knobs for volume adjustment. Instead, the mobile device that you tether using the Bluetooth function with this unit allows fine tuning and volume adjustment to your tastes. This 42watt power RMS with a frequency response of 40-200Hz does a wealth of good vocals with fresh lows and an impressive amount of bass.

Convenient features
The iRoar Rock subwoofer features a dedicated application for integration with both Android and iOS devices. The subwoofer shifts the output momentarily during docking but picks up the lows without missing a beat.

The rapid charging ability featured in the subwoofer cuts down charging hours from three hours to two hours. There’s a built-in internal battery that comes with different power cables for stability, simplicity and efficient charging. When it comes to where to place and face the iRoar Rock subwoofer for a listening position, you need to understand that it features a front-focus firing.

iRoar Rock subwoofer is an excellent recommendation for people who regularly park and use the iRoar in the same position. It has an impressive, robust bass backed by a clean face and best for use when playing PS4 games and rock music.

  • Stretched broad base with room-filling sound
  • Front focused content
  • Impressive amount of bass even in a flat configuration
  • A wealth of good vocals
  • Glaring design although it doesn’t have a speaker grill
  • Only works with iRoar

9. Sony SA-W2500 100 Watt Subwoofer

Why we like it: : If you’re looking for a dominant bass line and drum beats that no longer crowds the acoustics or the singing, Sony SA-W2500 Performance line subwoofer would be an excellent budget buy under $100.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The 10-inch mica-reinforced cellular woofer features full range fresh, clear lows thanks to the powerful 28-200Hz frequency response. This subwoofer also offers a broader range of tones compared to other woofers in its category. The SA-W2500 comes in an enclosure system that drastically improves the output performance of the subwoofer for high-resolution bass.

There are volume and crossover knobs for volume adjustment that allows fine tuning so that you can hear every rumble, every shift and every beat with from your favorite movie and music soundtracks. The SA-W2500 features 100watts with a down-firing port design for deep bass. Additionally, the high-level inputs and low-level inputs allow simple connection with external speaker set.

Convenient features
The iRoar Rock subwoofer features a dedicated application for integration with both Android and iOS devices. The subwoofer shifts the output momentarily during docking but picks up the lows without missing a beat.

The rapid charging ability featured in the subwoofer cuts down charging hours from three hours to two hours. There’s a built-in internal battery that comes with different power cables for stability, simplicity and efficient charging. When it comes to where to place and face the iRoar Rock subwoofer for a listening position, you need to understand that it features a front-focus firing.

SA-W2500 subwoofer with motion feedback technology is a certified refurbished neat 10-inch subwoofer. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for full-bodied, distortion-free output and earth-shattering bass.

  • Robust low weight bass
  • Great subwoofer for starters
  • Easy to set up
  • No apparent signs of wear or damage
  • Good rumble for movies but no heavy tones for music

10. Acoustic Audio PSW-8 300 Down-Firing Subwoofer

Why we like it: The Acoustic Audio PSW-8 300 8 inch down firing powered subwoofer is an unused compact sub that reproduces tight, rich sounding bass for heavy metal, fast-paced movies, and sport. The stylish design and robust sound quality is an excellent addition to any home theatre system.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
This Acoustic Audiophile series MDF bass reflect enclosure with internal bracing for impressive surround bass output. The subwoofer comes in a stylish ash black finish body that compliments most flat-panel displays. Besides, Acoustic Audio included a 300watt amplifier that radiates the bass downwards on the floor.

This 300watt subwoofer requires minimal power to reproduce low-frequency sound without putting a significant strain on the amp while improving bass accuracy and reducing distortions. The PSW-8 300 notably utilizes a long excursion cone for accurate response and raises the listening impact of your TV shows.

Convenient features
The high and low inputs allow easy and effortless connection to an external speaker for deep, low frequencies and thrilling effects. Also, the pre-set mode features a unique configuration that allows maximum bass impact while the resonance-free dynamic balance brings out a synergistic effect for clean, low, rumbling bass.

The ported enclosure system allows steady and stable volume levels for power efficiency and minimal distortion that eliminates resonances. Acoustic Audio included four sturdy stumble legs in the PSW-8 300 that can be placed in any corner of the living room or on top of a cabinet.

PSW-8 300 is an excellent option for someone looking for an in-wall or in-ceiling home entertainment with full-bodied bass and a down-firing subwoofer for deep, accurate response and clean, crisp bass.

  • A low-end sub that can play deep dynamic bass audibly
  • Reasonably priced
  • Suitable for small rooms and light usage
  • Easy to set up
  • You need to crawl around the room to check for a right spot to set it for loud, smooth bass

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Subwoofers

Choosing the right subwoofer for your home theatre or external speakers can offer you real quality listening experience. This guide will help you select the best unit for a surge of low-frequency punch. Here are some crucial factors to consider when shopping.

How to Choose the Right Subwoofer

The Subwoofer size

Size is an important consideration when you want to buy a subwoofer. The larger the surface area, the lower and deeper the unit’s response. Thus, a 15-inch sub will offer you with deep, rumbling surround sound.

Your current home theatre

You may be tempted to go for the most critical unit available, but it’s not always the best since it must blend with your current home theatre or other external speakers. If your system features compact satellite or bookshelf speakers, an 8 or 10-inch unit will match out perfectly. On the other hand, if you have prominent floor standing speakers, a 12-inch sub would pair nicely.

Size of the driver

If your driver is too big, it may not keep up with rapid drumbeats. On the other hand, if the driver is too small, you may not feel the tremble of your favorite action movie. An 8-inch would be a practical and economical size that will faithfully reproduce booming sound output.

Size of the room

Also, the size of the room which you want to place a subwoofer matters a lot. A large living area would work well with a large unit to move air and produce more bass while a small room will require a smaller subwoofer for tight, clean and crisp bass so that you don’t overwhelm your space.

How Much Power Do You Need?

When you’re shopping for a subwoofer pay attention to the unit’s continuous power or RMS rating. Two main groups of subwoofers are in the market – passive and powered subwoofers.

Passive subs are powered by an external amp while the powered units have their power source. A quality subwoofer that will offer you real heart-thumping bass can go as low as 20Hz while the crossover frequency should be about 100Hz.

Also, you should check the amplifier wattage since the higher the wattage, the more powerful and effective the bass. If you want to make the earth move, you can go for a high wattage amp if your budget allows.

In addition to this feature, a powerful down-firing subwoofer can shake your living space, and if you have neighbors downstairs, your unit can be a source of the disturbance. A down firing sub will radiate the bass downwards on the floor while a front firing unit will radiate bass from the side or the front.

As much as you enjoy earth shaking booming bass, ensure that your choice will not be a source of disturbance to your neighbors. Therefore, make sure that you consider the mounting and the sound radiation construction of your unit.

Seal Versus Ported, Which one sounds better?

The enclosure is the cabinet that houses a subwoofer and can either be sealed or ported. The design can dramatically affect the performance of a unit. The sealed enclosure that is also known as the acoustic suspension and doesn’t move air giving it quick and tight bass.

On the other hand, ported enclosures or bass reflex feature a built-in outlet that allows air to move and extends the bass response for low rattling output. Ported units are more power efficient but not as accurate as the sealed enclosure types.

Also, the ported boxes are more significant than the sealed enclosures. However, neither is better than the other – your choice will depend mainly on the application. For instance, if you want to listen to audio tracks with acoustic genres like jazz and classical music, then we’d recommend an acoustic suspension for clean, hard-hitting bass.

Besides, if you prefer rock, hip-hop and also need to listen to movie soundtracks, a bass reflex unit would be an excellent choice.

When Should You Consider a Wireless Subwoofer?

The inclusion of a wireless remote subwoofer makes your life more convenient. When you connect your sub to a home theatre system, you expect running cables from one part of the room to another. Tangling wires and cables are not an exciting site and can be a source of hazard to you and your family.

Today, more and more subwoofer companies are opting for units that feature remote control function that allow you to adjust the settings without leaving the comfort of your seat. Additionally, a wireless unit will receive a signal via a transmitter that connects to the receiver.

Also, there’s a wireless kit that is available in the market right now that can convert any subwoofer unit into a wireless unit. Make sure that you get a power protection device that will enhance the durability of your sub.

Custom Sound

Subwoofers that feature pre-set sound can be very useful as they customize the unit’s bass frequency response and output depending on what you’re listening. Some subs will allow you to indicate where you can place them like in the corner, in a cabinet, in the mid-wall e.t.c.

High-end units will feature built-in microphones that sample your surroundings and adjust the output to match the room acoustics.

Tailoring Your Subwoofer For A Balanced Chest Thumbing Bass In Your Living Room

At the end of the day, as much as you have factored in all the features of a quality subwoofer to meet your entertainment needs, it’s important to see how the unit will integrate with your home theatre system or external speakers.

To achieve a bass distribution in your living room or a space that you need to enhance sound, you can have a dual-sub setup to reproduce the lowest tones. A home theater receiver features an RCA output that allows you to connect a subwoofer. Some receivers feature two subwoofers outputs where you can add a second unit to your system.

Some subwoofers feature cool technological advancements that allow you to shape your unit’s sound to match the room acoustics. Such subs come with onboard digital signal processing controls with a room-correction software that can tailor the sound to get an aggressively booming performance.

Other units in this category of best cheap subwoofers feature a simple, effective way of dialing into your sub through an app in your mobile device. A sub with an inbuilt microphone captures a near-field measurement of your subwoofer and compares the sound from different parts of your living room to automatically provide you a smooth EQ curve for low rumbling bass output.

These beneficial features we have discussed in this guide will assist you in purchasing a subwoofer that will indeed offer you the performance you desire.

Final Words

Before you begin shopping for a subwoofer, you need to establish how much power you need. Bass is the bedrock upon which crisp, clean and surround sound manifests for any entertainment unit. It’s the bass that rocks you up and grabs you right in the gut. There’s a lot that goes into building a bass system, so, finding the right package for you can be daunting. You also need to find the perfect place to place your subwoofer.

However, this guide will give you insight into the best ten cheap subwoofers that are a budget buy and at the same time offer you high-quality features. According to your entertainment needs, these subwoofers will provide you with a full, crisp performance every time.