Best Cheap Table Saws that are a Cut Above


Wood is arguably one of the most commonly used building materials. It’s used to construct myriads of structures for household and work use. A table saw is a very convenient and useful tool as far as woodworks are concerned. It helps to cut pieces of wood into the required sizes precisely. Having the best table saw will ensure your woodwork stands out. A good table saw should make precise cuts and work fast. You can’t make the same cuts with a handsaw as it would be very tedious. Table saws are designed to work quicker and more efficiently.

As a woodworker, you need a good saw. There’s a wide variety of choice and price ranges for table saws that can get you confused. Which is the best? Which is more logical for you? The options are seemingly endless and you may not know which one is best suited for you, especially if you don’t know anything about their technical specifications. You shouldn’t worry, though. This review of the best budget table saws will help you narrow down to one that’s best suited for your requirements.

Features to Consider in Cheap Table Saws

If you want to have a quick and accurate cut of wood, look no further than a table saw. When buying a table saw the main thing you need to put into consideration is its power. A good table saw should have enough power to cut through wet timber as well as hardwood. However, certain features help in foreseeing the overall performance of a table saw.

Cutting Capacity, Cutting Depth and Bevels

You should test the cutting depth of a saw when it’s not cutting a bevel. This aspect helps in determining the accurate and maximum cutting at 0 degrees. In considering bevel cutting, you should ensure the base plate is adjustable. Look out for the adjustment allowance that the saw offers you such as 45, 50, or 90 degrees. The table saw should also feature a flush housing to allow it to cut very close to the edge of the wall. It’s necessary to look out for this as it allows you to cut the flooring to size with ease.


The blades are a primary factor to consider when shopping for a saw as they hugely determine the performance of your table saw. The blades will only be effective if they’re set at a correct depth of cut. The table saw will also perform best if only the correct blade for the cut is fitted, as a proper blade will enable you to achieve a precise and smooth cut. When purchasing a blade, go for one with a correct setting blade.

Consider the cutting depth also as it’ll determine its suitability for the job. You should also ensure that the table saw is equipped with a splinter guard to help in minimizing splintering of the board’s top surface. Splinter guard also enhances accuracy. When it’s lined up at the start and finish mark, the saw will cut with precision. A suitable table saw should also have a 20mm arbor as it guarantees the stability of the blade and hence, safety in the workplace.

Speed and Control

The speed of a table saw comes from the motor. Therefore, the rating of the motor is very helpful when buying a table saw. Having a higher motor rating is proof that the table saw will have its blades spun faster and hence a high RPM resulting in a better cut.

More power is also associated with more control. More control also gives you the ability to cut tougher materials. Furthermore, more control allows you to use bigger blades with ease. For instance, a 1500W motor will result in the swift movement of the blade as it spins. High RPM of the blade gives the user a greater chance of achieving an accurate and precise cut. So, when shopping for a table saw, look out for a table saw with the higher motor rating.

Physical Strength and Comfort Level

The ability to hold, control, and manipulate the saw largely depends on your strength. Since small table saws are lightweight, you should go for a powerful saw to avoid fatigue during small jobs. This also means that if you’re working in woods for a whole day, a lightweight chassis is of great importance as it also helps reduce fatigue. You should also ensure that you can easily shift the saws grip from hand to hand without losing its balance.


It’s important to have a clear line of sight to the blade. For optimum performance, the table saw should offer a view of the blade through its window, enabling you to assess the depth of cut and the line of the blade.



Amps and volts are used to measure a table saw’s power. High amps and volts mean that the cutting power will be great. For instance, if you’re looking for a site job saw, you should go for one with between 230 and 110-volts to avoid being disappointed.

Dust Extraction Tool

There’s a lot of sawdust produced during woodwork. Some saws come with a feature that allows it to extract dust and pull it away from the user. This extraction tool works like a vacuum cleaner drawing dust away from the saw.

On and Off Switch

Having electric brakes in the saw is an important feature as it helps the saw in reversing electricity in the motor, thus contributing to a precise cut. It’s highly recommended that you should choose a saw with an on and off switch. The switch should be easily accessible to make work better and more efficient. Besides, the switch should have a cover. This will keep you from accidentally turning the saw on and damaging your work area or cutting yourself.

Table Inserts

These are also known as throat plates. They’re often just pieces of metal or wood mounted around the blade. They’re leveled by the surface of the table and work by keeping the wood from falling into the arbor. Ensure that the table you have has these.

Best Cheap Tables Saws 2021 (Under $300 / $500)

1. DEWALT DWE7480XA 10-Inch Table Saw

Why we like it: The table saw features a Site-pro Modular Guarding System for an application-specific setup. This results in quick, accurate cuts saving you time to make tool-free adjustments of application-specific components.

Editor’s Rating:

Basic Specifications
The DEWALT DWE7480XA is equipped with a rack and pinion fence system that’s efficient at providing flexibility as well as accuracy when cutting pieces. Despite its smaller size, it has a respectable 24.5-inch rip capacity so even large pieces of wood and wood-based material can be sawed through with ease and precision.

The unit also comes with a Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. This means you can adjust the guarding components of the saw without the need of any tools immensely speeding up the workflow. The optional scissor stand can be set up or broken down very quickly as well, and although it doesn’t come with wheels, the DWE7480XA is compact enough to easily transport from one location to another.

The blade responsible for doing all the sawing is 10-inches in diameter and is made out of carbide that’s an extremely hard substance. The blade allows you to make bevel cuts, with the bevel degree ranging from 0 to 45. The blade arbor size is 5/8-inches. The saw also comes with a push stick, miter gauge, blade guard, and hardware bag. Keeping up with the minimum hassle philosophy is the onboard storage that houses the guarding components and all necessary tools.

The DWE7480XA has a powerful 15-amp motor. The motor provides this table saw with enough power to rip through wood and any similar material without much effort thanks to the no-load spinning speed of 4,800 RPM. The 24-tooth, 10-inch blade won’t let you down when it comes to those tougher sawing jobs.

Rip Capacity
When it comes to the rip capacity, the table saw sits on the lower end of the range compared to some other models. It’s a little under 24.5-inches proving to be more than enough for most applications.

As far as precision is concerned, the rack and pinions telescopic fence allows for easy locking and unlocking without any tools, and using only one hand. The less time you spend fiddling around with adjustments, the better. A stable and precisely adjusted fence is essential if you want your work to be of the highest quality.

Operation and Ease of Use
Thanks to the heavy-duty stand made out of steel tubes this table saw is sturdy. Despite being sturdy, you can still fold the stand and transport the table saw without much heavy lifting. You can also work on uneven surfaces thanks to the feet at the rear end of the stand that can be adjusted to fit the task at hand. The table is coated with a low-friction coating to ensure everything runs smoothly. This aids with smoother and more consistent cuts. To ensure smooth surfaces stay smooth at all times, there’s a 2.5-inch dust collection port that you need to attach to a vacuum.

The DWE7480XA is one of the best options if you’re looking for a small portable, yet efficient and powerful table saw. Power and portability usually don’t go hand in hand, but this unit is an exception. The blade is made out of carbide, and the low-friction surface of the table will make your job much easier.

  • It comes with a completely removable stand.
  • The rear feet are adjustable to level the table saw on uneven work surfaces.
  • The coating on the table reduces friction for smooth gliding of wood.
  • It’s compact and lightweight with a metal roll cage for job site durability.
  • The unit isn’t compatible with a dado blade set.

2. SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw

Why we like it: The folding stand makes it suitable for small space users interested in professional cutting. Therefore, it’s convenient for any room use and storage.

Editor’s Rating:

Basic Specifications
The SKIL 3410-02 is a compact and portable benchtop table saw made out of heavy-duty steel, making it a little heavier but also more durable. The saw measures 28.9- by 13- by 20.9-inches putting it among the most compact saws on the market. The surface of the table is fabricated out of cast aluminum, and the table relies on a 120-volt, 15-amp motor that’s surprisingly powerful giving out 5,000RPM. The spec on the motor proves it’s capable of handling pretty much anything you throw at it. The tool can cut up to 3.5-inches in depth at a right angle, and 2.5-inches at a 45-degree angle. Besides, it has a self-aligning fence that ensures every single cut is accurate and consistent. The saw uses a 10-inch blade, and the rip capacity (left and right) is 12-inches and 24.25-inches respectively.

Build Quality and Ease of Use
The fence and table are well made, so you’ll have no trouble getting the hang of cutting with this unit. All the markings contain precise measurements. Even if you’re a beginner, this benchtop table saw will go easy on you. It would be unfair to expect professional results from this saw, but if you’re looking for something that’ll do the job, it’s perfect. The build quality certainly surpasses the price of the unit, and that goes double for the stand. The same also goes for the onboard storage that makes it easy to neatly store everything away.

Safety Features
This benchtop saw has a riving knife to prevent kickback from happening. Also, the unit comes equipped with a blade guard that increases the level of safety while operating the saw. The guard features a quick disconnect mechanism, so you can attach or detach it in a matter of seconds. For added convenience, there’s onboard storage that can house all the necessary attachments and tools you might need.

The 3410-02 portable saw is a moderate performance saw with impressive levels of accuracy and precision. This is the kind of table saw that you go for if you don’t want to compromise on precision and accuracy. The performance deliverables of the table saw are still good enough. Moreover, this compact and portable benchtop saw are capable of carrying out all basic woodworking DIY tasks. It’s suitable for beginners and those who work with wood on occasion. The only big challenge with its portability is that it doesn’t have wheels. It’s arguably the best budget table saw.

  • It’s easy to set up and store.
  • It’s relatively light compared to other table saws.
  • The table saw delivers very accurate and precise cuts.
  • The motor delivers impressive speed on the blade allowing you to work faster.
  • It doesn’t come with a dust collection port.

3. DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw

Why we like it: Weighing in at 45-pounds, this table saw is rather light so you can take it practically anywhere. It’s also easy to handle in the middle of a job.

Editor’s Rating:

Basic Specifications
The main advantage of the DW745 is the fact that you can carry it anywhere and move it from place to place without any issues. It doesn’t weigh much, and it has a convenient base that ensures a firm grip. Safety is quite good, it’s easy to use, and it doesn’t take too much space.

One of the notable things about the DW745 is the fact that you can adjust anything without using any additional tools. The tool-free adjusting system makes this model worth checking out. It also has telescopic fence rails that allow you to position the unit to your personal preferences. Therefore, instead of you being one who needs to adapt to the environment, you can simply fine-tune the machine so that it fulfills your needs.

Dust Collecting
The DW745 features a dust-collecting port, but you won’t get much of it because the unit isn’t fully enclosed. Therefore, even though it can collect dust, that’s not something you should count on.

The safety mechanisms on this table saw are quite good. It has a convenient guarding system, blade guard, push stick, and miter gauge. This means there is more than enough security features to keep you as safe as possible. However, you shouldn’t forget to wear safety equipment, regardless of your expertise.

If you’re looking for a neat machine with good specification and an okay performance, the DEWALT DWT745 is the right one. It’s also a good budget table saw. The quality of the saw is also okay. DEWALT could have designed some of its aspects a bit better, but it’s nothing you can’t get used to. This is a worthy investment if you know what to look for.

  • It’s great for small and medium projects.
  • The table saw is easy to handle and use.
  • It features a dust collection port to make cleaning up simple.
  • It’s light and portable.
  • It features a powerful motor that makes it easy to cut through anything.
  • It isn’t large enough for bigger projects.

4. Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Why we like it: This is a very lightweight and compactly designed table saw that you can easily move around. It also features a conveniently placed carry handle.

Editor’s Rating:

Basic Specifications
The GTS1031 is compact and relatively light, and if you can handle its weight of 52-lbs you can carry it using one hand. At the core of this little unit is a powerful 15-amp motor that means you can rely on even when ripping hardwoods. It’s designed to cut as deep as 3-1/8” at a right angle while still being able to cut as deep as 2-1/4” at a 45-degree angle.

The whole unit is built around an all-steel base that makes it more durable. It also features a Squarelock rip fence that moves along the channels located on both ends of the saw. This means you don’t need to adjust it, and it’ll deliver a smooth and consistent cut every time. The device also has onboard storage that’s very handy. With onboard storage, you can safely put away just about anything including the rip fence.

Rip Capacity and Rip Fence
This portable table saw has a rip capacity of 18-inches that makes it suitable for medium-large sheets of material like plywood, hardwoods, flooring, lumber, shelving, and plenty of other applications. One of the reasons it can cut through all of this is its powerful engine that has a no-load speed of 5000RPM.

The rip fence is capable of keeping the ideal square alignment with almost no adjustment necessary. When adjusting the fence, all you need to do is lift the lever and put the fence in the desired position, then lock the lever down.

Safety Features
All the safety features on the table saw are modular meaning you can easily attach or detach them depending on your needs. It has a riving knife to prevent kickback. This occurs when the material gets stuck between the blade and the fence or table and then gets ejected back at high speed. The speed is high enough to cause serious injury to the operator, but a riving knife separates the material after it has been cut, eliminating the chance of kickback.

The anti-kickback pawls allow the wood to slide in one direction only: forward. Since all the safety features are modular, the pawls attach to the riving knife without much hassle. The blade guard can also be attached to the riving knife. It prevents you from coming into contact with the sharp blade, yet you get maximum visibility at all times.

Additional Features
The table saw is equipped with a 2” dust collection port but doesn’t come with a vacuum. However, it’ll attach to one in your workshop. The saw also comes with wrenches, a push stick, a miter gauge, and a rip fence.

The GTS1031 is a simple table saw for light-duty applications. It’s compact and durable thanks to all-steel construction, yet it packs plenty of power. The rip fence is easy to adjust and the safety features are highly modular.

  • It delivers a very impressive cutting speed.
  • It has a lockdown feature that holds the wood in place to ensure precise cuts.
  • It has a very powerful motor.
  • The smart guard and anti-kickback enhance the safety of the operator.
  • It comes in a very compact and durable design.
  • It’s very lightweight moving it around shouldn’t be a problem.
  • The machine is small, with a small rip capacity. It cannot handle huge blocks of wood.

5. Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw

Why we like it: The table saw is versatile and has a wide array of applications. It’s spacious, reliable, precise, and somewhat lightweight.

Editor’s Rating:

Basic Specifications
The RK7241S features a 15-amp motor that spins at a no-load speed of 4,800RPM. You can count on doing some serious cutting with this table saw including hardwood and pressure-treated lumber. To support the incoming lumber, the outfeed support works brilliantly and catches wood without the need for rollers, sawhorses, or additional tables.

The cutting capacity is 4 times greater than other models in its range. It features a 10-inch blade and a rip capacity of 30-inches with the fold-out fence fully extended (to the right of the blade). You also get 11-inches of capacity to the left of the blade. You can cut large sheets of material with this table saw. It has a cutting depth of 3-9/16″ at a right angle and 2-9/16″ at a 45-degree angle. The unit also supports dado blade sets that are 6-inches in diameter. The maximum the table can handle is 7/16-inch wide cuts.

The table saw offers unmatched precision with each cut thanks to Rockwell’s LaserGuide technology. The principle behind it is very simple. The true cut line indicator makes sure the cutting is done with maximum precision. The line of the laser automatically adjusts to the arrangement of the blades which is a great idea if you want to make bevel cuts.

Operation and Portability
For such a powerful and feature-packed table saw, the RK7241S is extremely easy to operate. It has integrated wheels located on the left side of the unit. The extended leg then doubles as a handle that allows you to push or pull the saw around with ease. Moreover, this saw comes pre-assembled so you can use it right away. The unit isn’t feather-light, but at 88-lbs with the stand, it’s far from being heavy. It also features a dust collection bag located underneath the table. It won’t keep your work surface 100% clean at all times, but it’s better than putting a box under the table.

Build Quality
The build quality of this table saw is excellent, which is something many people who have bought one rave about. Rockwell has made a quality product that’s sturdy enough for continuous heavy-duty use.

The RK7241S has some features that set it apart from other similarly priced units. It comes pre-assembled with the stand already put together. It also comes with a dust collection bag which is a nice touch. The centerpiece of this table saw is laser technology that makes sure the accuracy of each cut is flawless. You get power, portability, and precision all in a single unit that’s well-made and cleverly designed.

  • It features an adjustable laser.
  • It comes with a dust-collecting bag.
  • It has an expandable fence.
  • Some parts are made of plastic.
  • The foldable legs tend to get unstable after a while.

6. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10-In Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

Why we like it: This is the only table saw with a brass-geared worm drive. It also has a dual-field motor that delivers impressive power and cutting speed.

Editor’s Rating:

Rip Capacity and Fence
The SPT70WT-01 includes a rip capacity of up to 11-inches. This isn’t much but the table saw includes an extension feature that gives you up to 25-inches of space to rip through materials. SKILSAW has played it safe with their ripping capacity, at a size that’s standard across the table saw class. Due to its extension ability, the table also offers more sturdiness for your material. The rip fence can also take a good amount of pressure, meaning you won’t have to worry about it sliding out of place.

Cutting Depth
This table saw includes a cutting depth of 2-3/10″ at 45-degrees and a depth of 3-1/2″ when cutting at 90-degrees. The depths these cuts allow for when partnered with the impressive motor, enable you to rip through woods at ease. The bevel allows for rapid switches from 90-degrees to 45-degree angles. This can be made with a simple movement of your hand, locking in solid.

SKILSAW has designed a dual-field motor, at 15-amps. This allows the motor to reach a speed of 5,300RPM with no load. This speed is unmatched by the majority of table saws that are currently available and will allow you to cut through woods at an impressive pace and quality. Most tables saw motors are attached directly under the blade, yet with this table saw, the worm drive feature isolates the motor.

Dust Collection
The table saw includes a port on the back that fits a standard 2-1/4” shop vacuum hose. The collection of dust in this model is quite effective, yet the port is unable to extend past the frame of the table saw. This is an easy fix though – if you can fix up a previous extension tube, this can be attached to the port.

The SPT70WT-01 is an amazing table saw. Though it’s limited regarding the amount of load it can handle, it offers the most convenient features. The table saw comes with all the features you’d expect from a table saw of its caliber. It’s arguably the lightest table saw you can find with its kind of performance.

  • The saw delivers impressive power and cutting speed that allows you to work faster.
  • The on-tool storage features ensure a true cut.
  • The table saw is lightweight hence portable.
  • It delivers very accurate and precise cuts.
  • The table has a rather low-rip capacity. It may not be able to handle very thick chunks of wood.

7. Hitachi C10RJ 10” 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw

Why we like it: With a cutting speed of at least 4,500RPM, nothing will hold you back from getting the job done in minutes. The table saw is designed to give you freedom in your work and the ability to manage your time.

Editor’s Rating:

Design and Build
The C10RJ impresses from the first glance. The quality if its construction leaves no doubt that it was created for professionals. The table saw is made of high-quality parts. It comes with a convenient caster platform stand and boasts of quality construction with sturdy, foldable legs for easy setup and breakdown. These legs are quite stable while in use. The durable wheels fixed on the stand ensure easy maneuvering on all terrains. Thanks to the on/off button located within easy reach, this user-friendly table saw is easy to turn on and off. Moreover, it incorporates a circuit breaker as an added safety feature.

This portable saw comes with a high-power 15-amp motor that generates up to 4,500RPM. The saw has been calibrated for working with all types of wood. At the same time, the blade is fast enough to rip through softwood in a breeze, which is just what you would hope for from a high-end tool.

Cutting Capacity
An ample cutting table means that it’s possible to cut larger pieces, even on the go. The table measures 22” by 28-3/4” and comes with an extendable top that provides a 35-inch rip capacity to the right. All this is possible, thanks to a reliable rack-and-pinion system and rotating fence mechanism. Besides the ample cutting space, this portable saw boasts of generous cutting depth. You can work with almost all types of lumber boards, as long as they don’t exceed 3-1/8-inches at 90-degrees. The C10RJ also has the tilting capacity, performing bevel cuts at 45-degrees at a depth of 2-1/4″.

Dust Management
The C10RJ comes with a convenient dust port that collects dust in a collection bag. Alternatively, it connects to your vacuum cleaner for simpler and easier management.

This table saw features a soft start that starts the blade at a lower speed and progressively increases it until it reaches the maximum RPM. Another great safety feature is the electric brake that stops the machine instantly in case of danger.

The saw boasts of solid construction and comes with a stable stand having sturdy wheels. It also allows for multiple adjustments. Reliable dust management ensures that you’re not hindered by dust while working. The table saw also provides an ample work surface, has a strong blade, and is even capable of performing dado cuts.

  • It’s highly portable.
  • The table saw features a space-saving foldable design.
  • It has an adjustable rip fence.
  • It offers convenient high-speed performance.
  • The cutting table isn’t even.
  • It’s difficult to tighten the rip fence after adjusting.

8. Rockwell RK7323 BladeRunner X2 Tabletop Saw

Why we like it: The RK7323 features a design that’s compact and easy to carry around. It’s also simple to set the table saw when you get on site.

Editor’s Rating:

4-in-One Tabletop Saw
The RK7323 BladeRunner X2 is a 4-in-one saw that you can easily interchange with the tool-less blade. It’s a portable model that’s relatively light when compared to other versions of miter, jig, table, or scroll saw. Whilst the incredible detail of accuracy that a scroll saw requires for these particular cuts, it’s a good point to note that this is a universal saw. You can still make cuts that are intricate and complex, yet the accuracy that a scroll saw is renowned for hits the mark slightly within this model.

Motor & Stroke Length
As this is a tabletop saw built with four applications in mind, the motor is designed to handle all this output. At 3,000RPM, you’ll find that the X2 is a beast when making scroll saw cuts. This gives you more materials to work with, as the motor can rip through these materials, such as OVC, ceramic tiles, thicker pieces of wood, metal, and fiberglass. The stroke length is a respectable ¾”, which is good for the application in scroll cutting.

Cutting Capacity
An ample cutting table means that it’s possible to cut larger pieces, even on the go. The table measures 22” by 28-3/4” and comes with an extendable top that provides a 35-inch rip capacity to the right. All this is possible, thanks to a reliable rack-and-pinion system and rotating fence mechanism. Besides the ample cutting space, this portable saw boasts of generous cutting depth. You can work with almost all types of lumber boards, as long as they don’t exceed 3-1/8-inches at 90-degrees. The C10RJ also has the tilting capacity, performing bevel cuts at 45-degrees at a depth of 2-1/4″.

Onboard Storage
Since this tabletop saw is built for many purposes, you’re not going to need all of those blades for one application. It’ll be possible to store them inside the onboard storage compartment. The onboard storage is a feature that perfectly fits within Rockwell’s lightweight design.

Inclusive Dust Port
With a powerful motor at its core and a myriad of cuts you can make, things can be messy very quickly. Dust can begin to clog the surface and internal components, reducing the lifespan of the saw. With the inclusive dust port, you’re simply able to connect a fitted vacuum and have the dust safely removed.

The Rockwell X2 R7323 would be a great addition to your inventory and can replace a few tools in its multi-use, lightweight design. It’s perfect for those who need these tools in their arsenal and is a relatively cost-affordable option when compared. However, if you’re buying it purely for its scroll saw feature, it may be a better option for you to buy a specifically designed scroll saw to get the utmost quality out of your work.

  • It’s quick and easy to install.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • The table saw can cut a wide range of materials and stock.
  • It’s compact, lightweight, and easy to carry to the worksite.
  • It features tool-less blade changes.
  • It lacks precision when making certain cuts.

9. Delta Power Tools 36-6010 10” Portable Table Saw

Why we like it: The blade has a retractable design as it can completely sink inside the table and leave the top clear. This lets you remove any dust or wood pieces stuck on the surface without injuring your hands or coming close to the blade.

Editor’s Rating:

Basic Information
The Delta 36-6010 can take on difficult cutting tasks thanks to its impressive stability, the power of its motor, and its overall design. Minor assembly is needed but if you’re good at following instructions, putting this power tool together would take less than an hour. Opening the box would give you 14 parts that need to be put together and they come with 11 smaller bags of bolts and nuts.

Equipped with an easy to access on/off switch, Delta made sure that this machine represents the brand’s adherence to safety standards. It operates with easy and you can easily see that Delta made sure that accuracy is their top priority because of the precise cuts that the 36-6010 makes.

One of the best things about this power tool is everything is in place. The push stick and blade guard have their storage areas right under the table. This makes it very easy to move and to pack if you’re planning to work outside the workshop. The cord has its proper place too and it’s stored securely when you’re moving this piece of machinery.

It’s also equipped with a rear extension table giving users more room for their materials. This is a well-thought-out feature that makes working with the 36-6010 more convenient, especially if you’re handling longer and heavier pieces. The saw has a maximum cutting depth of 3.5-inches at 90-degrees and 2.5-inches at 45-degrees. It also has a safety feature that prevents the miter gauge from being displaced when in use. Added safety features include the front and rear locks on the fence.

The 36-6010 is a great option for those who want an easy to use and easy to clean saw that offers enough support for the construction tasks that need to be done. It’s a reliable machine that’ll have you cutting and ripping for years to come.

  • It has a built-in cord wrap that keeps the power cord out of your way.
  • The aluminum tabletop extends to give you more space.
  • The blade sinks into the table for easy cleaning.
  • It has a large and convenient power switch on the saw’s front.
  • The included arbor may not be completely square or flat.
  • The fence doesn’t work well when you extend the table.

10. Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Bandsaw Kit

Why we like it: It has an LED light which is a great feature, especially if you work in a dim and dark area.

Editor’s Rating:

The most notable advantage is the fact that you can use the unit with only one hand thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design. The handgrip is okay, but it could have been designed much better. The 1-5/8” cutting capacity is decent, but it’s nothing one should be particularly impressed about. Although, it certainly isn’t suboptimal, by any means.

The 12V battery is quite good and it’ll yield approximately 150 cuts until it needs a full recharge. The number of cuts will solely depend on what materials you’re cutting and how thick you are. The battery isn’t heavy or cumbersome and it doesn’t take much time for a full recharge cycle.

Additional Features
Because this is a relatively simplistic version, there aren’t many notable additional features. The one that stands out is the LED light. It’s a great feature, especially if you’re working in a dim and dark environment. On top of that, it illuminates the cut allowing you to pay attention to the accuracy of your cut.

If you’re looking for a mid-range unit with a couple of useful features, this one might be a good solution. It’s affordable, compact, and efficient. Due to some limitations, this isn’t the best for professionals. Occasional users shouldn’t have too many issues with the 2429-21XC.

  • It has a compact design.
  • It’s lightweight and thus easy to carry.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It cuts quickly and accurately.
  • The included blades are of poor quality.