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Finding Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds That Sound Great

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Despite what Apple devotees may tell you, AirPods are not the only way to listen to music around the house, while running, or while on the subway. In fact, the popularity of Apple’s rechargeable Bluetooth earbuds has inspired several companies to get involved and create some pretty impressive options of their own.

The good news is that competition only benefits us as consumers, and the result is that we can score some pretty great wireless earbuds without having to spend a lot. Keep reading for our tips for shopping.

What to Know About Buying Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds

Choosing earbuds isn’t complicated. It should always be fun as you are going to use the earbuds for entertainment. In many cases, you might also use them for work, and it is where call quality is essential as well. But since the earbuds are useful while doing sports or while driving, it is important to have a safe design that remains in position and hassle-free.


The comfort of earbuds is highly debatable; this is mainly because each ear is different in size. So if they feel comfortable for one person, it doesn’t mean they will be comfortable for you.

It is why you see many starter packs that come with different sizes of ear tips. They work great when it comes to the ultimate fit, and they are recommended for all users. These tips are often categorized in small, medium, and large. But they can also prove useful if you plan to lend your earbuds to a friend or a family member.

The comfort is also influenced by the way they are designed. While some ear tips go into the ear canal, other earbuds use designs that transmit through the bone to the auditory nerve. It is why you need to pay attention to the design and what is most comfortable for your ears.

In case you have narrow ear canals, you can even experience pain and irritation with large earbuds. The good news is that there are many great solutions to consider. Many users find the designs which use memory foam to be the most comfortable. But at the same time, even these designs can be categorized by size.

Battery Life

Battery life is among the top features to consider with earbuds. It generally varies from 4 to 11 hours, and it is vastly different from design to design. Largely influenced by the battery’s physical size, the battery life is among your priorities as a user. If you are a regular gym-goer, having a battery life of just a few hours is fine.

If you cycle for tens of miles, you may need earbuds with longer battery life. At the same time, if you plan to use them at work, you might need to go through a full 8-hour day on a single charge. It is why you should consider the options you have when it comes to the ultimate freedom and the ability to maximize your battery performance with tips such as lowering the volume.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is also highly debatable. Even devices that advertise HD sound quality might be lacking in actual value. But some of the best cheap Bluetooth earbuds offer impressive audio quality, which is comparable to what you can find in mid-range and high-range designs.

Some earbuds can even be adjusted through dedicated apps, especially when it comes to bass control. But most solutions on the market are not made for the most impressive sound quality but rather to offer a good return on investment with a balanced approach.

Other factors can also influence audio quality. For example, it can be affected by things such as exterior noises. It is why noise-canceling designs are so popular in this category. But other problems can arise from the actual range of the earbuds.

It is why you will see most products struggling to maintain music clarity past the 30 feet mark via Bluetooth. While there are a few exceptions, it is really hard to find solutions to work with due to other wireless devices interfering with your earbuds.


It is not an issue with most solutions, but durability can be poor. The biggest durability enemy is sweat. It damages the earbuds over time, and it can be one of the issues users struggle with. Water protection designs are recommended in this situation.

It can also be a good solution to look for such designs if you are wearing the earbuds outside the house or the office. If you run outside, it is highly likely to run in the rain from time to time, and you want to minimize the risks it comes with to your earbuds. It is also the case that they can fail in terms of sound clarity during the rain, and it is why you want to invest in products that tackle this issue with proper sealing.


The versatility of the earbuds is a problem. While most sports designs are made for active people, not all solutions can be used in an office environment. At the same time, not all compact solutions made for the office worker can be used while in the gym.

 So what is the best solution for ultimate versatility? It is often recommended to choose the design which is made for the most demanding activity. If you plan to go to the gym after your office hours, it is recommended to choose a sporty design as they tend to stay on the ears better. If you only go to the gym sporadically, an elegant and compact design is recommended for an office environment.


Not all earbuds come with built-in microphones. You will need to establish if you need one yourself. While the price difference is not considerable, it is often recommended to choose the solution that works best for your needs.

Taking calls is very easy with the earbuds, and you should only invest in a design with a microphone. At the same time, by doing so, you will not need to upgrade anytime soon just because you realized you don’t want to take your earbuds off when you have an incoming call.


With so many fantastic designs, it isn’t easy to establish what works best for you. But it is time to choose the options which work for your needs and your outfits as well. If you have a certain favorite sports outfit, you can pair it with your earbuds. Some manufacturers even offer earbuds in different colors for this purpose. It is also true that most designs are unisex, and they can be differentiated by color.

Earbuds FAQ

If you are still unsure about which earbuds to choose, there might be a few questions you have to get a better idea of your purchase.

How Long Do Earbuds Last?

Earbuds last for about 7 hours on average on a single charge. Most modern designs are made to be charged between one and two hours. While there are solutions that work great even longer, you will find that they might even struggle to maintain sound quality past this mark. It is often the audio quality that has to suffer as your batteries are nearly empty.

Can I Connect Earbuds to My Android Phone?

Some earbuds can only be connected to Apple devices. Others can only be connected to Android devices. Each product comes with compatibility information in the product description. If you have multiple devices on different operating systems, it is recommended to choose a versatile solution that can handle both systems.

How Long Do Earbuds Need to Charge?

An average product can be charged in about an hour. In some cases, full charges are not required. But good battery practices involve charging fully every time. In some cases, the batteries can be charged within an hour, but it largely depends on each design to see a shorter charging time. Fast charging is not available in budget designs.

Can I Connect Multiple Devices to My Earbuds?

Most earbuds cannot be connected to multiple devices. But some designs can work with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. The principle is simple. You connect to the first device and then switch off the Bluetooth connectivity before pairing the second device.

When the second device is paired, you can switch on the Bluetooth connectivity for the first device and have two connected devices. It can be useful when you pair your personal phone and your work phone. At the same time, it can also be helpful if you want to connect a tablet or a phone. It proves to be a great choice for handling multiple music, news, or podcast sources.

How Can I See the Battery Status of the Earbuds?

Most devices come with some type of low battery indicator. It can come under the shape of an LED indicator, but it can also come integrated into your phone’s display, just like your smartphone’s battery. If you do not have a battery indicator, it is recommended to keep your batteries fully charged before using the earbuds.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best cheap Bluetooth earbuds, it is worth looking at the endless options on the market. Various designs and features make each product different. But in the end, you might need to make a choice based on what you need, rather than what other users need.

It is why the audio quality should reflect your expectations together with the battery life. The practicality should also be according to what you might be used to from other devices. Simply charging the earbuds in their storage box is now possible. Furthermore, it is also recommended to work with solutions that allow you a good overall return on investment with balanced characteristics. It is why you can choose designs made with comfortable materials that do not damage your ears.

 Your earbuds should also come with a minimum product warranty. Having them covered by the warranty also reassures that the products are replaced in case of any manufacturing defects, especially in the affordable range. Most importantly, the earbuds should come with a clear sound that is constant even on low batteries.