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Level up With a Cheap Gaming Headset

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In an intense, competitive video game, communication is often the difference between winning and losing. That’s why voice communication is a requirement to compete at a high level in games like tactical shooters, MOBAs, and multiplayer strategy games. Even casual gaming is way more fun with friends. That’s why we think every gamer deserves a good gaming headset without breaking the bank. Thankfully, there are lots of inexpensive gaming headsets on the market that provide great sound quality and a lot of other features.

What to Know When Picking Out a Gaming Headset

In choosing gaming headsets, there are several factors to put into consideration if you’re to make a rational decision. We’ll discuss just a few of them.

Gaming Platform

Before all else, consider the game genres you like as well the platform you use to play them. Is the headset in question compatible with your platform? Is it compatible with your hardware?

Some manufacturers have done an excellent job of designing multiplatform headsets that can work with PCs, MAC as well as consoles like Xbox and PS4. Plus, these headsets capable of working with multiple platforms are pretty cheap.

Open or Closed?

If you hate distractions when working or don’t want to make noise for others, a headset with closed ear cups is your best bet. However, you’ll have to deal with sweaty or warm ears.

Headsets with open ear cups are okay for those who don’t play in noisy surroundings. Although those around you will still hear minimal sounds emanating from the sets, they’re perfect for keeping your ears cool.

Comfort & Functionality

Pro gamers usually play for long hours, sometimes overnight. As such, you need headsets that are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended durations.

Headsets with ill-fitted headbands or even ear cups will make your gaming really hard. Headsets with leather ear cups but no mesh might feel durable and luxurious at first. However, if used for long durations, your ears will be all sweaty and hot. Something soft or spongier yet robust will do for ear cups.

Also, check that the gaming headset has a padded headband. Imagine the discomfort of using a headset with plastic and metallic bands with no headband padding for hours on end.

Quality headsets have been built with premium but lightweight materials. If possible, a headset should be adjustable so it can conform to the size of your head. It shouldn’t fit tightly but rather rest gently for your comfort.

Spare Parts Availability

We all want a quality built and comfortable headset that can last a couple of years. However, with continued use, things like the earbuds will wear out. How easy is it to find a replacement for any part of the headset?

The Headset Features

Headsets come with different features. But you want to get a set that has all the features you want for your gameplay and maximum comfort. Does it have soft ear cups, a retractable/detachable microphone, soft headband, adjustable headset control, connectivity, etc.?


The price is also an important aspect to consider when shopping for your headsets. You’ll get very good quality wired gaming headsets for under $100 and even under $50.

Although you’ll still land a quality headset just below $100, premium ones, comfortable and with excellent sound quality, will cost you over $100.

Basically, the rule of the thumb when choosing a headset is to make sure it comes with features you prefer as a gamer and offered within your budget.

Wrapping Up

Every serious gamer out there understands the importance of sound. A quality gaming headset will boost the quality of sound and get you fully immersed in the gameplay. It gets better than that. If you happen to participate in multi-player games, then you can use the microphone to communicate with your gaming buddies miles away. We hope you’ll find an excellent quality, comfortable and affordable gaming headset that’ll advance your gameplay.