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Watch Your Favorites on a Cheap Smart TV

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In the not too distant past, the only way to get content on your TV was a big rabbit-eared antenna. Depending on where you lived, you would be lucky to have even a dozen options for what to watch on any given night. Of course, thanks to the internet, your choices in content today are relatively wider, and thousands of high-definition TV shows and movies are available on demand.

Of course, your old TV can’t access all of this content by itself. That’s where a smart TV comes in. A smart TV includes all of the electronics required to access Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and many other content providers built right in. Keep reading to learn more about finding a good deal on the best smart TV for your house.

Before You Buy a Cheap Smart TV Under $200

Choosing the best smart TV for under $200 is often about finding the right compromise between various features. Many TVs made today offer good image quality. Still, the difference can come in connectivity options and other characteristics such as the number of ports and wired connectivity options. Here’s where to start.

Image Resolution

The image resolution is the first thing many users care about. The main option on the cheap smart TV market is the 720p resolution. Occasionally, TVs offer 1080p video resolution. This is why 4K image resolution is not provided in this bracket. However, HD images are offered by valuable brands, and it may be enough for the smaller displays of the smart TVs.

But image resolution on its own might not be enough to prompt a purchase. The connectivity options and the included extras may make the difference instead of only going over to the first 1080p option.

The image resolution is also important when it comes to certain types of programs. Those mounting the TV set to watch the news might not care as much about image resolution as those interested in watching sports and movies.

Image Processing Technology

LG has TripleXD Engine, Samsung has Ultra Clean View. All manufacturers offer some specific image processing aiming to improve image quality. This may come in the form of processing software made for dealing with grainy images. But it can also come in contrast improvements, which is specifically nice in high-contrast images such as with sporting events.

Image processing tech can also make the difference between two cheap smart TVs that look the same on paper. This is why it can be essential to find the best solutions for better overall functionality, especially when it comes to crisp images, as all users can interpret this in different ways.

Wireless Connectivity Options

Wireless connectivity options are usually limited to WiFi. In some cases, Bluetooth can be added as well. This is why it can be important to look at the best solutions for smart home integration. Bluetooth is not really needed for most users. But those seeking to integrate various tech such as Bluetooth are among those most interested in smart home devices.

Installing new smart lights or baby monitoring cameras can be made with integrated solutions such as Alexa. This is why it’s important to understand all of the options when it comes to smart tech. A TV is not going to control these devices unless it comes with such compatibility such as built-in Google Assistant. In many other cases, such devices would still be able to integrate many smart home functions.

Wired Connectivity Ports

Wired connectivity cannot be overruled. In many cases, there are no better options than using quality video cables. For example, those who play games on consoles know the importance of quality HDMI cables for good video rates of transfer.

This is why HDMI connectors are included with the best cheap smart TVs. However, their number varies for up to 3 ports per TV set. It is important to understand that all of these ports can be connected simultaneously. The video source is selected only when the devices are in use, making the entire connection process more straightforward. 

USB ports are also added on some TVs and can be used to store movies or music. When a USB port is present, the flash drive can be plugged directly into the smart TV. USBs can also be used to store presentations; this means that TVs with USB drives are also useful in an office environment. Even if the TVs are inexpensive, this doesn’t mean professionals can’t use them. It is why they can be suitable for small meeting rooms. In other cases, it is important to distinguish between the TVs used at the office for surveillance purposes, which are even smaller and those used in meeting rooms.

Included Programs

The included programs of the best cheap smart TVs are often worth the investment for those seeking the best value for money. Since the budget is already limited, such TVs can offer the best return on investment. It is where these TVs offer one of the best solutions for those who do not want to deal with monthly subscription plans, such as those offered by Netflix or HBO.

It is also important to find the best solutions when it comes to paid streaming channels. These subscription packs usually don’t come at a discounted rate for certain TV brands. The full price is paid with most of the premium streaming channels. YouTube is one of the free video streaming options compatible with smart TVs. However, it will still display ads in its free version. 

Voice Control Compatibility

Voice control is one of the functions which is still growing. Not all users like it. However, those who are already using voice controls are unlikely to go back to a simple remote control operation. Voice controls can look for movies or browse the web for information.

Smart homes can also integrate various other commands to control the devices around the house. Amazon’s heating solutions can be controlled by voice. Raising or lowering the room temperature can be controlled with this feature. This is only one example of what can actually be done when looking for the best smart home TV voice control integration.


Which Size of Cheap Smart TV Is the Best?

Cheap TV sets are available in various sizes. They are not as large as expensive TVs, but they are usually around the 32” size, which is suitable for a small living room.

Do I Need Voice Controls?

Voice controls are not integrated with all smart TVs. However, having access to Alexa or Google Assistant can be among the top options for better comfort and immediate controls.

Which Apps Are Best?

Some apps are integrated with smart TVs. Others control apps via their own integrated software. The good news is that most smart TVs integrate plenty of full-screen apps to try.

Are Free Online Channels Worth It?

Free online channels are worth taking into consideration. The main difference is that there are no monthly subscriptions to worry about.

Do I Need 720p or 1080p?

Not all cheap smart TVs support full 1080p video resolution. Others will only work with 720p video resolution. The differences are small, but they are visible the larger the TV gets. However, an informed choice should also take into consideration aspects such as compatibility options.

How Many HDMI Ports Do I Need?

HDMI ports are offered in different numbers on cheap smart TVs. They can vary from 1 to 3, and they represent a good method of quality video transfer, especially from laptops, PCs, and gaming consoles.

Final Words

Some of the best cheap smart TVs under $200 represent a selection that are easy to work with in return on investment. They offer good video quality and compatibility with multiple other features for a low price, which allow great results in terms of user experience.

Smart TVs also integrate multiple apps, which makes streaming even more effortless. Many users have the freedom to select solutions that are easy to work with, especially those that are free. But the good news is even paid solutions such as Netflix are easy to setup. Login data is automatically saved on the TV, and it does not need to be entered after each power off. Going for a full list of features backed by 1080p video quality might be hard for cheap smart TVs. But as seen above, this is not impossible.