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What to Look Out for When Shopping for a Stroller

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Shopping, going for a walk, or traveling with your baby is just easier when you have a great stroller. Not only can a stroller totally save your back compared to having to carry your baby, but it also provides a place for them to stay securely strapped in and gives you a convenient place to store your essentials while on the go.

No matter the destination, you can find an inexpensive stroller to match. Maybe you want a stroller that folds up for easy travel and storage. How about a stroller with a large front wheel for jogging? No matter your needs, the guide below will help you make sure you get the best deal on a stroller to fit your lifestyle.

What to Look for When Buying a Cheap Stroller

Now that we’ve concluded with the product reviews and you’ve got an idea about some of the best strollers out there today, here’s an extended buyer’s guide to go over any questions you might have before purchasing a new stroller product for your child.

Types of Strollers

There are several different kinds of baby stroller products for sale today:


These are the standard strollers that have been around for decades. They are multi-use, durable, and butter-smooth when maneuvering (due to their four-wheel design).

These kinds of strollers will be heavier, obviously, due to their enhanced durability and build. But, there’s no doubt that they will take a beating and keep on moving. The Kolcraft stroller at the top of our list is a traditional stroller.


Lightweight strollers, also sometimes known as “umbrella” strollers, are light, compact and foldable, making them perfect for storing in any sized vehicle.

Ultimately, the stroller seat is going to be smaller and less comfortable by design, especially for older children. These strollers aren’t meant for long-distance or even long-term use, but for short “get up and go” style trips to the grocery store and back. The GB Pocket A is an excellent example of this type of stroller.


The name may have tipped you off, but jogging strollers were made with the jogging/running parent in mind.

Most of these strollers have a three-wheel setup, with the front wheel being fixed for maximum safety. Lots of these strollers also have hand and foot brakes for easy stop and go action.

The main issue with these kinds of strollers is that the fixed wheel portion makes everyday use (that isn’t relegated to running down a sidewalk or in a straight and narrow line) kind of a drag. Additionally, they can be rather bulky in their design and can usually be a bit too big for most car trunks. The Babytrend Expedition Jogger is superbly priced.


Frame strollers are, simply put, a frame for holding your child’s car seat that doubles as a stroller. It’s a great budget option for newer parents and is extremely lightweight and compact, which means it can fit well in most small-sized vehicle trunks.

It’s not a traditional model, but it’s a great starter setup for child-related locomotion. Still, your kid will probably outgrow it relatively fast as they generally only hold infant-sized car seats.


This is probably what many folks think about when they ponder purchasing a double stroller option.

Simply put, this is a baby stroller that has two seats attached to one another in a side-by-side manner. The design gives it the advantage of being very maneuverable compared to a double tandem stroller. They also will usually have a fair amount of storage space beneath the seats as well.

There are some disadvantages to this dual stroller setup, though. These are bulky contraptions, and most of them will not fit through doorways easily. On top of that, many of them won’t even fit in the trunk of a small family car that well either! If you’re looking for a budget double stroller, this one is our favorite.

Double Tandem

Tandem strollers are unusual-looking, but they have some serious advantages to a double stroller.

Because both children sit in front of one another, the tandem stroller is narrow by design. This allows the stroller to fit easily into doorways/narrow apertures with relative ease.

There are a few downsides to this particular kind of stroller. They can be a bit heavier than traditional single strollers, which is to be expected. Also, due to their overall length, turning a tandem stroller can be a bit of a pain when maneuvering them properly.

Another word of warning. Some of these stroller varieties also give the child sitting in the back limited leg space, so consider that before purchasing! The BabyTrend Tandem Stroller is the best cheap one available.

Travel System

Travel systems are the full package. These sorts of sets come with everything you need to get you and your child road-ready out of the box. Generally, they come with a car seat, a base for the seat to sit firmly in, and a stroller.

On top of that, each piece is made to fit together by the same manufacturer, so you don’t need to worry about whether piece X fits with piece Y. Although there are no travel systems on this list, the Graco purchased with any of their car-seats gives you a travel system.

Safety and Baby Strollers

Safety is a huge component when it comes to keeping your child safe and secure. This is doubly important when choosing the best baby stroller out there, especially if you are on a budget. Here are a couple of critical points on baby strollers and some things you should look for as far as safety is concerned.

The Harness

The harness is probably the most important component of a baby stroller there is. Make sure it contains a five-point harness instead of a three-point one, as they are considered less safe nowadays, mainly because they do not attach snugly to your child’s hip area.

You’re going to want to continually be checking the harness on your stroller regularly for any concerns. A big one is making sure that the buckles of the harness snap into place appropriately, keeping your child safe and secure.

“Pinch Points”

Pinching one’s toes and fingers was common when we were kids, but obviously, we don’t want our children to go through the same wear and tear as we did.

Before getting a new stroller, be sure to check for key “pinch points” where your baby could possibly pinch themselves while you aren’t looking.

Is There a Canopy?

The sun can be a real nuisance for a child that’s restricted to a baby stroller. While you can apply sunscreen to their skin, it’s better to purchase a stroller with an adequate canopy for those overly sunny days.

Buyer beware, though; some canopy systems seem to block the sun at first glance, but don’t keep Ultraviolet (UV) rays from hitting your child’s skin, so be sure to determine that before making a purchase.

The Brakes

The brakes on a baby stroller are considered a pretty important standard feature to be concerned about. You don’t want your stroller rolling away with your baby in it!

The braking area on a stroller is generally located on the rear wheel area. Be diligent in checking the brake system on a somewhat regular basis to have peace of mind.

Has It Been Recalled?

Child-related products are always being observed, tested, and re-evaluated for various issues. If you’re concerned about a particular purchase, be sure to check an authoritative source on recalls for all kinds of consumer-based products, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list of the best strollers under $100 and $200 has proven informative and helpful for you and your quest to purchase the best product for your family. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a great baby stroller. These strollers are from quality brands with fantastic track records, and they have all been road-tested time and time again.