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A Cheap Projector Makes Movie Night Magical

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If you want to duplicate the movie theater experience at home, you need a projector. Not even the largest big-screen TVs can compete with the sheer size of the image produced by a projector. Even more tempting for film buffs is the fact that the newest generation of inexpensive home projectors features better resolution and brighter, more vivid colors than ever before. Are you looking for a good deal on a home theater projector? See below for our tips for smart shopping.

How to Select the Right Cheap Projector

Choosing the best cheap projector is often a matter of preference. All users have their preferences, and they can make the most of such designs by merely allowing themselves to enjoy better features and higher image quality. Even when the budget is limited, users can still consider the differences in some of the following features.

Lumen and LED Lights

Lumen capacity is often the first feature to look at for home projectors. But the good news is that this is actually based on a realistic approach. Many users can simply find their way across the multitude of options at hand simply by looking into the lumen capacity. At the lowest point, the lumen capacity of this price range is 1500. At its highest point, the strongest lumen output in this segment is around 3800. If the other features are as good as they need to be, then the highest lumen capacity is the better choice as it allows users to project movies, slides, and games even when the ambient light is not too low.

Video Quality

The video quality supported by projectors in this category is between 720p and 1080p. Full HD images are suitable for most users, and the capacity offers freedom for users who want to play movies and watch games. If the projector is only used for presentations at work, then the HD image capacity becomes less important.

To maintain the same image quality, users should also do their best to protect the LED light’s lens. Keeping it scratch-free is crucial. Keeping it clean and free from dust particles is essential as well. This is why it’s crucial to find the right storage solution, and when transported, it is best to be placed in a dedicated travel bag.

Adjustability and Controls

The adjustability and controls of a projector are important, even when on a budget. From a standard remote to full remote control, users can benefit from the simple experience. Volume and navigation controls should be present on most remote controls. They make the experience smoother and help avoid having to go back to the computer or smartphone to make audio or video adjustments.

Controls also refer to Keystone and focus adjustability. Finding the right angle is crucial. If users are not using a tripod, the setup angle is always going to be different. The focus also needs to be adjusted according to variables such as the wall’s length or projector screen.

Other controls include the ability to install various devices with the ports the projector has. This is why some of the best options allow full connectivity. However, given these products are mainly made abiding by strict budgets, it’s important to recognize that some extra might be needed. These extras include smartphone cables such as HDMI cables and adapters. For other types of devices such as laptops and consoles, users don’t need to purchase any additional cables or adapters. 


Do I Need a Projector Screen at Home?

A projector screen is not necessarily needed at home. Movies and games can be projected on the wall. But a dedicated screen could marginally improve the viewing experience.

Can I Play Games on a Projector?

All games can be played on a projector. Both PC and console-based games can be enjoyed on this type of large image display.

Is There a Difference in HD Video Quality?

Most cheap projectors offer either a 720p or a 1080p video quality. The difference is visible, especially when the movie comes from a higher resolution source.

How Long Can I Continuously Use the Projector For?

All projectors need breaks from time to time, as required by regulation. Most of them need to be stopped after 2-3 hours. It is advisable to read the product’s description for specific times.

Can I Use a Projector During the Day?

If the projector is used when the sun is up, its results might be limited by the LED light’s lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the images will appear.

Final Thoughts

With some of the best cheap projectors under $200/$100, users can watch their favorite movies. Starting with DVDs and continuing with streaming movies, projectors work with both options. Even playing games on a projector can be a fun experience. Connecting either a PlayStation or an Xbox console to the projector is possible. This changes the immersive experience of a game. From simulators to shooters, playing on a projector is considerably different from playing on a monitor.

But these cheap projectors can also be used at the office. Since most small meeting rooms are suitable for projectors, creating unique presentations is also possible. Workers can have their presentations on a laptop or an SD.

For more professional uses, such as at the office, it is also recommended to choose a projector tripod or flip-down ceiling support, making the projector more comfortable to work with when it’s permanently at the office.

But projectors can also be used as an educative tool at home. Looking through large images of maps can be interesting for children. They can learn about the countries of the world from a new perspective, which can entice kids to learn. At the same time, a projector can be used without too many other extras for entertainment purposes. Since most of them are easy to use, they can be operated by kids as well. The only safety requirement remains the positioning of the projector. Since most projectors come with powerful fans, they need to be placed in an area that allows for proper air circulation.