Throne of Games: Why You Should Own a Gaming Chair

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Many gamers seem to disregard the need for decent seating when coming up with their gaming setups. Even though they will spend many hours a day playing or working while sitting in them, they often pay little attention when choosing a chair to enjoy their latest rig. Not only are gaming chairs comfortable and look cool, but there are also health benefits associated with an having an ergonomic chair to sit in.

This article is going to go over the basics of gaming chairs and what to look for when buying one.

What Is a Gaming Chair?

Many gaming chairs are essentially office seats that are upgraded in order to improve the gaming experience while providing ultimate comfort. Although the design of the office chair provides comfortable seating for the occupant to concentrate on their tasks, a gaming chair usually has a great visual theme or appropriate support for a player’s seating position as they frantically mash the keyboard to gain an edge.

Gaming chairs come in different shapes, sizes, and themes, with the popular models upholstered in different leathers and fabrics. The main aim of gaming chair design is to delay or avoid the onset of stiff muscles and a bad back after prolonged periods of playing.

Some seats also incorporate an audio system, which enables the gamer to completely immerse himself in the gameplay. Regardless of whether you are a casual or veteran gamer, your health will benefit using a gaming chair. A comfortable chair with decent ergonomics will offer you many advantages and will help you avoid or deal with back pain.

Types of Gaming Chairs

The most popular types of gaming chairs are the racer, PC, and rocker.

Rockers allow users to rock softly in their seating position. Although these models are comfortable, they are not ideal for serious gamers as the rock could tilt your position as you play.

PC gaming chairs have pedestal seats placed on the load-bearing bases and columns. The pedestals elevate gamers several inches above the ground and have swivel capability. The big benefit of the pedestal chairs is that they enable gamers to customize and lock their seating position for optimal view of the display.

Racer gaming chairs design resemble the actual bucket seat in racing cars. They’re very comfortable but not adjustable, and lack the optional accessories and cushioning offered by the advanced PC designs. A decent racer gaming chair is ideal, however, if you love playing Forza at high def with a steering wheel controller and want maximum authenticity.

Things to Consider in a Gaming Chair

Here are the main considerations to keep in mind when looking at a gaming chair for your gaming room, office or Twitch stream set up.


Ergonomic design is important for computer gamers who can take advantage of the critical features like armrest adjustments and extra lumbar support. This video has more details on what to look out for in an ergonomic gaming chair.

  • Elevation adjustment – a feature in a good racer or PC gaming chair.
  • Height-adaptable armrests – although not all chairs support this feature, this helps decrease the strain on your arms and shoulders.
  • Tilt mechanism – this fine-tunes the backrest to allow you to rest gracefully.
  • Backrest angle latch – this locks the angle of the seat at your ideal posture.
  • Seat sails – these allow the seat to slide forth and backward as the backrest tilts to enhance flexibility and comfort.


The upholstery for quality designs is either synthetic webbing, leather, or microfiber cloth materials. It is desirable to choose material that adapts wells to your local temperature.

Look for breathable, mesh-type material if you are susceptible to sweating or getting hot, as it allows the body expel the heat efficiently. Consider a leather or synthetic leather material if you usually have more inactive sessions that make you feel frosty. These are more proficient at holding heat and warming individuals who are prone to feel cold.


Although the quality of the design isn’t essential, you will undoubtedly enjoy models that invest more in looking good. You may be looking for a chair that matches your gaming sanctuary at home. Synthetic webbing or dark leather is ideal for you if you are a minimalist.


Gaming chairs come in different themes. If you want a pedestal chair, then consider the styling for appearance and comfort.

If you attach your console to a big TV as you play, then you may require a rocker. These give you a lot of comfort for this purpose. However, if you have a desk and require a chair that will work near your console, then consider either a PC or racer gaming chair. Racer design provides a decent general-purpose pedestal chair that is normally sturdier and steadier, but also more immobile and heavier.


Although most of the gaming chairs upholstery is in leather, the finish in most chairs comes from various hardy fabrics. Gamers in warmer climates may have to consider this since the buildup of heat and sweat can result in discomfort.

In such a case, consider a seat whose upholstery is in mesh-type or microfiber materials. The many pores in these materials ensure the chair does not get sticky with sweat. In cooler areas, models with loft filling help warm your back. The downside of the breathable upholstery is that it can be hard to clean.


The position of the armrest makes the difference between proper and poor posture. Armrests with too high minimum elevation force your shoulders to work in counteracting the rise resulting in some pain when the posture is held for long and results in strained shoulders.

Then again, when the armrests are too low, you are likely to bend forward when using your computer. Designs of armrests that allow you to adjust them will help you avert this problem and avoid early onset of disorders associated with poor posture.


Some models, like X Rocker gaming chairs, incorporate audio systems capable of connecting to your Pc or console. If you want to invest in a model that provides immersive sound experience, ensure first that the audio sources you want to connect are compatible with the model you choose.


Most gaming chairs seem to be bulky and consume a sizeable floor space. This can be problematic if your floor space is limited. Some companies like X Rocker redress this concern by using lightweight folding frames in their designs. The lighter chairs are easy to move and take minimum effort. Many can readily fold for an expedient storage when not in use. 

A Note on Price

Although gaming chairs under $100 are mainly entry point chairs, they are ideal for showing you why you require a gaming chair. For around $200, gaming chairs provide great features and are more durable. So, whichever design and price suit your needs and budget, go ahead and enjoy your long comfortable gameplay sessions.

Sit Back and Relax

A gaming chair doesn’t make a great gamer, but it sure helps. Not being hunched over or having a sore back as you play will help you make those pixel-perfect jumps and keep your crosshair steady. So kick back, get comfortable, zero in – and get to the next screen.